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Topic: General Gaming / If Caravaneer 2?

If caravaneer is released or prepared to be released, what should be things to be in game? Here’s my idea..
1. traditional buy and sell.
2. escape from robbers mode
3. own a business or factory! (like jewelers, cotton farm, farm or factory)
4. customizable stat upgrade.
5. terrain type advantage (take cover behind a rock or a tree).
6. ability to build outpost!
Please give some idea for the caravaneer 2 theory!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mud & Blood 2] Tales of War

It happened on April 5th, 2010! I got two badges (100 kills badge and wave 50 badge). It was in forest I think. I used my units to take cover in the trees! I got many points and got free units from crates. I bought my commando! They fought bravely. I even survived the german bombing without casualty by moving forward. One soldier that was left behind was saved by a tree. I bought a commando. I saved 4 incapitated soldiers (soldiers dying with <10 health)! I survived until paratroopers came in and overran us. I survived 54 waves and 200 kills! One of my starting soldiers have 3 up arrows and 2 or 1 u under it untill he dies (Master Sergeant)!