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Topic: General Gaming / [Save the Earth] Upgrades and how they Apply!(possibly bug also?)

Not a bug. A feature.

At later stages you have to choose which of your troops to maximize and upgrade right from the start – to accumulate early game RPS, and which you leave behind till you can purchase special upgrade.

The same applies to sequential buffs – while they’re not quite powerful for those units, for AA jeeps, whose special upgrade works as a multiplier – you really should try to max seq. boost from jeeps before any upgrades to AA jeeps.

The jeeps a there, so you can go without loosing important stuff(i.e, when your passibe bonus hight enough, you can pass all upgrades for soldiers,getting 125s. 25rocketman, 5 mortars, 1 jeep – then upgrade jeeps all the way and freely buy AA jeeps)

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Topic: General Gaming / [Save the Earth] v0.9.6

It’s good that RP offline is instant now. But the real problem is passive bonus while offline – it takes quite a while now for it to grow to it’s true value after a long time out of the game.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Save the Earth] wealth or wisdom?

Wisdom is the cheap way to get medals since it gives insane boost to resources. So, you’d better consider wisd for ranks 20-25 – since at those levels the higher the rank – the faster you get levels at max everything and medals are not insanely pricey yet.

Yet only Wealth helps to grow your passive bonus to resource generation(and it’s huge!) currently I have about 50/50 division of click/idle resource growth. Thus wealth guys translate to about 50% boost in passibe bonus growth – which is much better than rp and blackmarket at this point.

It seems that you just have to decide what you want more – faster medal this time, or longterm boost. Unlike thunderf69 at 27 rank i Have 1,5M boost. So that’s nice, I suppose.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / game gets boring when you hit 1.8k newspaper

In my opinion, what really depreciates the experience – are updates. What now takes weeks to achieve – will be made in a matter of hours after next update. It’s better to drop the game off completelly until next update.

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Topic: Collaborations / Creating The Team!

I could be AS3 programmer(still inexperienced, but ready to learn) and script/storyliner – i’m into roleplayng and like to be DM, so in this i have some exp. But my english is’nt good, so someone will have to translate it from my english to more classical one. :-))