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Topic: Spiral Knights / Welcome, New Kongregate Players!

Originally posted by Pantothenate:
I think a clarification of how crystal and mist energy works is extremely important for anyone thinking of putting Kreds into this game, and really poorly explained everywhere. Most places talk about crystal and mist energy as though they were completely different--like crystal energy was a currency, and mist energy was a timer.

All the energy is interchangeable. You can adventure using your cash-energy, and you can craft using the free-regenerating mist energy. Also, this gives both monetary and time-regenerative values to everything. So a few things to keep in mind:

- At the starter pack purchase rate, each point of energy is worth about $0.0027.
- A full tank is 100 units of energy, and takes 22 hours to fully regenerate. That means:
-- A full tank is worth about $0.27
-- The game gives away, as regeneration, just over a penny an hour.
- It also follows that, since the starter pack has 7500 energy, it's worth 75 full tanks, which is 1650 hours (or just over 2 months) of constant regeneration.

When you look at it that way, you see two things: Time-wise, paying into it might very well seem more worth it, but on the other hand, it makes free play seem considerably less fair than it might initially seem. There's been considerable boasting about how everything in this game can be done either free or pay, but consider it in context:

- To do a single dungeon floor (10 energy) costs a free player over 2 hours of regeneration, or a paid player about 3 cents
- For a free player to craft a two-star item (50 energy) puts him out 11 hours of regeneration. This is time taken away from actual gameplay, and makes crafting more or less completely prohibitive at the levels where it isn't downright impossible
- Crystal energy can be bought by free players, but you have to consider the suit-energy cost of dungeon-running for the required crown-money. Before even considering it, run an average dungeon floor, take note of how many crowns you got during your run, and plug it into the following formula:

[Crowns collected] / 10 = Crowns per energy Point Spent

Take your result, and then look the crown price of each point of crystal energy. Keep in mind that, beyond access to special items that cost over 100, crystal energy is _the exact same_ as mist energy. They're _completely interchangeable_. How reasonable an option does buying crystal energy with crowns seem now?

Hopefully this will give some of you a better sense of context. None of the explanations of energy, either in-game or in the FAQ, are really terribly clear, and it's always better to have some reference as to what things are worth.
I pretty much agree here.