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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

[Role list and descriptions posted, see Page 4’s extra info.]

Evening comes, and sundown follows. The second night. The assembly, at the principal’s command, comes together in one of the dorm rooms instead of the hall. It’s very evident already that, from the person in the noose, a suicide was committed here. “Not exactly something I’m happy with, because I didn’t orchestrate it, but you got what you wanted. Happy now?”

Indeed, exactly the same person who had been voted and marked for death caused his own death. Among his belongings, a well-recognised defibrillator. “That’s all, ‘folks’.”

Sabin7, the CPR Doctor, suicided at sundown.

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RPG Signups

Still ready, willing, and able, so far as time shall permit…

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

[…er…yes. Title updated.]

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

A string of unrelated issues is what happened, barring my part to continuing the game. Henceforth for estimated countermeasures cycles will be 48 hours. Now:

Dawn came, and morning followed. The first day.

Fourteen of the sixteen students came to morning assembly. An air of mystery hung on the air, but it was not really placeable. A message which sounds forced and pre-recorded (though with some editing) plays over an intercom: “The first morning, is it…you may have head this school is a terrible place, and people die here, and whatnot…what you heard is almost right! This school isn’t a terrible place, but people do die here! (Pause) Two (pause) of your term’s set of students, today. The statues speak for themselves.”

On stage, where the previous curtains now show eight statues in a line on either side of a large (but empty) tank, two don’t look quite normal. The first (eleventh from left) has a bullet wound through the forehead, from which blood trickles down onto a stethoscope. The other (fifteenth from left, second from right) has electrical burns, as if a defibrillator was used without due need, while the figure itself carried a number of devices on its person meant to distract and dissuade from directive.

Some students grieved the apparent tragedies; none contested but few wept freely. There is nothing much else to do but move on…

NimbuhCloud26, the Doctor, was killed by the Overeager Vigilante.
Squidward568, the Roleblocker, was killed by the CPR Doctor.

Timer – ~48 hours.

[Role list and brief explanations also out within this time.]

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Topic: Forum Games / ~{Mafia}~ That Halloween Mafia (Day 2)

Color me firm. Or some anagram similar to it. In a shade of red, of course.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game] Psychosi Mafia - Game Over (see thread for winners and some shocking information)

[I have no regrets. I think. Good luck to everyone!]

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Topic: Forum Games / ~{Mafia}~ That Halloween Mafia (Day 2)

Signed on the underlined line.

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

[This is about thirty-six hours late. Sorry.]

== chronoFire [CF] began pestering interestedVehicle [IV] at 21:25 ==

CF: Hey there.

IV: o||, ||ey duude!

IV: ||ow did t||e download go?

IV: is t||e game cool?

CF: If it finished, it would be. I swear, it’s worse than trying to run a replicating .bat file.

IV: wow duude! it’s been going for like, 3 ||ouurs now?

IV: even torrenting t||at one .gif t||at was 5 ||ouurs long took s||orter t||an t||at!

CF: I know. Normally my computer works fine…

CF: Maybe it has to do with the other strange things about the game.

IV: probably bro!

IV: w||y else wouuldn’t it even s||ow uup on t||e freakin faqs?

IV: crazy kid muucked off too i t||ink

CF: Hey, it’s moving! Oh, heck, I probably jinxed it.

IV: ||ow abouut now?


CF: Great!

== interestedVehicle [IV] runs outside. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] engages strife with sister. ==

IV: i got it

CF: Nice.

CF: Much trouble?

IV: nope, not muuc|| duude!

IV: seems simple enouug||!

IV: juust puut in t||e disc and wal-||aw!

IV: in my dreams, i am t||e game. its me.

CF: Ah. Up to ninety-five here.

IV: o||, wow! 35% already duude!

CF: …I hate my computer sometimes.

IV: and 40% man!

IV: and 41%

IV: jeez youur compuuter is pretty slow tb|| duude!

CF: I know. Got an update disk to help the problem along with the beta, but didn’t find it until I’d started the install.

IV: aw, t||at suucks!

CF: Out of sheer boredom, think I’ll start using prime numbers for normal numbers.

IV: wow, t||at is deep duude!

CF: How’s the install going?

IV: 80%!

IV: t||is is gonna be so RAD bro

IV: we’re gonna start at t||e same freakin time!

IV: i t||ink it says youu’re my “server” player or somet||ing?

CF: Something like that. You heard from RM?

IV: not at all bro D:

CF: Dang…

CF: Wonder what’s keeping her…

IV: 90%!

CF: Ninety-nine, and these shapes are crazily fast…

IV: 99.612%!

IV: no wait, it went backwards.

IV: 99.413%.

CF: …uh…

CF: Not going to ask how that happened.

IV: o||, okay, w||at t||e ||eck…

IV: 99.1025%

CF: Mine seems to, at a glance, be rising proportionately.

IV: now it’s 99.99999999%?!

IV: 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%.

IV: t||is is redonkles!

CF: Done! Now more seizure flashes, apparently.

IV: me too :D

CF: …and then darkness…a logo…and…

IV: ||uu||… it says my player is offline. ||ow abouut youu?

CF: This is going to sound way weird, but it’s a camera view of you and your room. No joke.

IV: woa|| man, t||at is deep

CF: Seriously deep.

IV: t||is a creeper disk or a game? O.o

CF: My thoughts exactly.

CF: A whole bunch of menus, too…

CF: Oh, and a cursor which looks like the house in the logo.

IV: ||uu||.

IV: game, i guuess?

CF: Yep.

== chronoFire [CF] tries clicking on the player. ==

IV: duude, did youu see t||at?

IV: for some reason, my entire vision went red for a sec.

CF: …uh…

CF: Note to self: Don’t click player.

CF: A menu here shows a huge table with…I guess they’re items. Look like gemstones, but apparently the capacity is limited and we haven’t discovered many yet.

IV: weird.

CF: All right, what else…

CF: Looks like we get some free stuff! Score!

IV: wait, free STUFF?

IV: w||at do youu…

CF: I don’t know yet, and I’m sure as heck not touching it yet.

IV: n-no, try it.

IV: see w||at t||e ||eck it does…

CF: Eh, fine, if you say so.

== chronoFire [CF] puts something labled a ‘Punch Designatrix’ against a relatively clear wall. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] makes the largest and most startled face you have ever seen a 13-year-old ever make. ==

CF: Did that just…

IV: go on, what other stuff is there dude?

IV: t||is is so cool!

== chronoFire [CF] puts ‘Totem Lathe’ against another uncluttered wall. ==

IV: woa|| duude?

CF: Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

== chronoFire [CF] sees that they’re running out of space and an option to expand. ==

CF: Hang on a minute, your room’s getting crowded…

== chronoFire [CF] makes the room about fifty percent bigger. ==

IV: o|| duude

IV: duude we can take over t||e world wit|| t||is man

CF: Yeah, expect a slight problem.

CF: Doing that used some of the blue gem, our main resource, ‘Build Grist’.

IV: o|| duude, t||at suucks.

CF: There’s got to be some way to replace it.

IV: i bet we get it from loot or somet||ing?

CF: Probably.

IV: any ot||er stuuff? ||ow do we actuually uuse all t||is cruud youu made?

CF: Working on that, and yeah, there’s more.

== chronoFire [CF] puts ‘Alchemizer’, ‘Pre-Punched Card’, and ‘Cruxtruder’ in new space in succession. ==

CF: That’s about it, I think…

IV: duude, is t||at a cap on it?

== interestedVehicle [IV] tries to pull off the cap of the Cruxtruder. ==

CF: Yeah. Try the wheel?

IV: ||uu||.

== interestedVehicle [IV] tries the wheel. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] shakes it. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] knocks over a painting on the wall. ==

CF: Dang. Hey, isn’t it afternoon?

IV: y-

== interestedVehicle [IV] accidentally opens the cap with the painting. ==

CF: That worked! Somehow.

IV: woa||, w||at is t||at brown t||ingy?

== chronoFire [CF] looks at spazzy floating ball of energy. ==

IV: t||at is so trippy.

== chronoFire [CF] writes down a note that it looks like the circles from the install. ==

CF: Yep.

CF: Looks like there’s another thing inside.

IV: t||is t||ing is pissing me off so muuc||, flying arouund and stuuff!

== chronoFire [CF] uses cursor to pick up dowel and set it out. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] throws old childhood bear thing into the kernelsprite, trying to fend it off. ==

== ChronoFire [CF] blinks at flash and then looks on with confusion. ==

CF: …what…is that thing?

IV: it is a bear now.

IV: it is a floating bear and it keeps growling at me.

IV: t||is is really freaky duude

== chronoFire [CF] picks up a golf ball and throws it at the bearsprite. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] grabs it. ==

IV: woa|| woa|| no duude! t||at is my luuck-e|| golf ball!

IV: we gotta puut somet||ing, like

IV: meaningfuul

IV: into t||at t||ing

CF: Okay, okay. You have any ideas? ‘Cause I’m not even there and it looks menacing.

IV: well

IV: i couuld uuse my mom’s as||es or somet||ing?

IV: it’d be awesome if i like, couuld talk to my mom or somet||ing.

CF: As weird as that sounds, I’m not putting anything past this game.

IV: yea||, probably.

== interestedVehicle [IV] throws the ashes into the bearsprite. ==

== chronoFire [CF] writes things down so he can start making an FAQ which will hopefully go longer than the currently incomplete ones. ==

IV: duude, t||is is redonkles.

CF: I’ll believe almost anything at this point.

CF: What’s going on? Looking outside at the moment.

IV: i’m talking to my dead mom

IV: its

IV: personal.

CF: Okay, okay, I’ll stay out of it.

== chronoFire [CF] looks at some of the things they’ll have once they have more resources. ==

IV: duude, i wonder w||at all t||is stuuff does?

== interestedVehicle [IV] walks past window while pacing and notices the meteor far away. ==


CF: …?

IV: look at t||at

IV: look look look

IV: ga||

== chronoFire [CF] zooms out. ==

CF: …woah…woah…woah…

IV: t||e timer on t||e tuube t||ing says…

CF: …The Cruxtruder, of course, it had a timer…

IV: alrig||t, it looks like i can puut t||e card t||ing in t||is, and t||e brown tuube, too…

CF: A carving device. Ingenious.

IV: aaand

IV: it goes on t||is t||ing?

IV: wonder w||at ||appens if youu try to mix cards…

IV: anyway

IV: poos||

CF: Maybe we can try that sometime when there’s not a meteor heading for your house.

== interestedVehicle [IV] creates… ==

IV: is t||is

IV: t||is is like, a brown compuuter?

CF: …far as I can tell.

== interestedVehicle [IV] throws up and catches lucky golf ball. ==

CF: What happened to that ghost-bear-mother thing?

IV: rig||t be||ind youu.

IV: aaand

IV: Now, IT is..: TIme;.

IV: To:::::


IV: He,s t||roing uup t||e ball.

IV: Hes, ready for t||e pit||c!#

IV: and HES< GONG\

== interestedVehicle [IV] throws the golf ball at the computer. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] enters the Medium. ==

== chronoFire [CF] watches with interest. ==

CF: …what…just…what…

IV: Land of Rolling Hills and Soda

IV: woa||

CF: Way, way out there.

IV: duude, i can see ||ills and beverages for freaking MILES.

CF: Oh, hey, news pop-up thing…

IV: is t||is entire planet t||is way?

CF: …uh…looks like it…

CF: …and more importantly…

IV: O_0

CF: “A meteorite just hit in Eugene, Oregon. It seemed to destroy the house it struck, but did no other major damage.”

IV: woa||, seriouusly??

CF: Yeah.

CF: Think it’s pretty safe to say those were one and the same.

IV: definetely duude.

IV: woa||, is t||at a freaking imp?!

IV: duude ||as bear fuur!

CF: Woah…

CF: Any balls with you?

CF: Could be dangerous.

IV: yea||, i wis|| i couuld like, uupgrade t||ese.

== interestedVehicle [IV] captchalogues a box of matches. ==

IV: i juust ||ad t||e best idea ever.

== interestedVehicle [IV] combines box of matches and lucky golf ball to create Explosiball. It costs 6 Build Grist and 2 Shale per ball. ==

IV: woa||, w||y isn’t it making one?

CF: Shale. Purple gemstone. Don’t have any.

IV: ||uu||.

CF: There’s absolutely nothing here which says how to get some.

== interestedVehicle [IV] throws a golf ball at an imp. ==

IV: woa||, is it dead?

IV: o|| my god i juust killed somebody.

== interestedVehicle [IV] obtains 5 Shale and 12 Build Grist. ==

IV: woa||, did i juust get guus||ers?!

CF: I don’t mean to sound like I don’t care, but I doubt the imp counts as much of a living being.

IV: yea||, i guuess.

CF: …and…those look similar, but I doubt they’d taste very good.

IV: youu’ll be missed by youur parents or w||atever, guuy.

== interestedVehicle [IV] makes 2 Explosiballs. ==

IV: now t||ese look pretty awesome.

CF: Yep.

IV: simply can’t wait :D

CF: Don’t have to. Two imps, nine o’clock.

== interestedVehicle [IV] throws both balls simultaneously, missing the left one horribly. ==

== interestedVehicle [IV] obtains 5 shale and 11 build grist. ==

CF: Eleven…aw, dang, we have a cap.

IV: wow, ||ow muuc||?

CF: Twenty.

CF: That’s pitiful.

IV: dang :P

== interestedVehicle [IV] kills one more imp, levelling up. ==

== chronoFire [CF] picks up grand piano and drops it on a third imp. ==

IV: s||ikes, duude, t||at piano cost like 3,000 dollars :P

CF: If I can pick up a grand piano with my mouse, I’m not really concerned about fixing it.

CF: It won’t be hard.

IV: yea||, i suuppose so. youu’re t||e kind of guuy w||o can fix pianos XD

== interestedVehicle [IV] levels up! ==

== chronoFire [CF] watches as his friend and the piano both level up. ==

CF: I’ll work on the house as I can.

CF: Might have to go do something in this world.

IV: yea||…

== interestedVehicle [IV] ceased pestering chronoFire [CF] at 23:37 ==

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game] Psychosi Mafia - Game Over (see thread for winners and some shocking information)

I presently have no mafia ties, which I can say (as I usually do) with complete honesty. Assuming that, then, I can’t vote for Reaper, which would be my first course of action, my alternative action is tails for the coin flip.

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

Reserved for further information.

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

Reserved for further information.

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

Courses offered:
Cryptographer - Codes and Their Meaning + Gets cryptic script from me each night.
Cult Leader (Zeta) - Religion Basics + Recruits and tries to expand cult to take over.
Cop - Criminal Justice + Can investigate someone each night to learn their role.
Roleblocker - Distraction Techniques + Can prevent a night action from taking place.
Mafia Member - Malevolence: A Way of Life + Kills someone each night with partners and tries to gain majority.
Vigilante - Sniper Training + May kill someone each night.
CPR Doctor - Ten Thousand Uses for a Defibrillator + May try to save someone each night. It they were not in need of saving, they die.
Mafia Member - Malevolence: A Way of Life - Kills someone each night with partners and tries to gain majority.
Mafia Cop - Criminal Injustice - Works with partners to gain majority, may learn someone's alignment each night.
Jailkeeper - Criminal Security - May both protect and roleblock a person each night.
Doctor - General Medicine - May protect someone from being killed in the night, each night.
Cult Leader (Zulu) - Religion Basics - Recruits and tries to expand cult to take over.
White Mage - Magic in Medicine: A Holy Unity - May protect (which lasts two nights).
Overeager Vigilante - Air Force Academy Transfer Classes - Must kill each night.
Caterer - Serving Food and Looking Good - May learn of someone's food order each night.
Naive Doctor - Medicine Basics - Believes self to be a normal Doctor but has no protection ability.
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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

Enrollment List, Symmester 2:

1. undeadcupcake3
2. Borntorule
3. reaper765
4. tracymirkin123
5. Sabin7
6. Vara
7. AdeebNafees
8. Bluji
10. N1NjA546
11. NimbusCloud26
12. RiddleOfRevenge
13. djrockstar
14. ElLocoXII
15. Squidward568
16. Woon1957

Role lists and other general information to follow. As the introduction for the first night is essentially the same, I will not repost it. Know this, however: There are two cults this time around.

Timer – ~45 hours.

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

All right. There’ll be the same people, plus the two who requested to join. Roles going out within twenty-four hours so we can start.

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

[My apologies for posting twice: Due to the update and actual working I thought it best to draw fresh attention.]


Finally heard from someone, but the conversation got broken off due to the device I use for IM running out of battery. The new messenger he introduced me to recently is kinda confusing, and more than once I've unintentionally changed those 'mood' settings...Once I get the battery charging again, I pick up where we left off, with his sister keeping him from reaching the game copy.

-- chronoFire [CF] began pestering interestedVehicle [IV] at 22:07 --
[10:09] CF: Dang...sorry to hear. Hope it's not too long before you get to it.
[10:09] IV: yea||, me too! been makin small talk wit|| people, t||ouug|| t||is one
guuy's suuper weird!
[10:09] IV: ||e doesn't even know w||at "parents" means!
[10:09] IV: i t||ink ||e's a foster kid or somet||ing.
[10:10] CF: Yeah, probably. 'Non frater non mater scit', as it were.
[10:10] IV: ||a||a! definetely.
[10:11] CF: you even know Latin?
[10:11] IV: nope!
[10:11] CF: Yeah, thought so.
[10:11] IV: ||e||
[10:12] CF: Anyways. The install has been pretty boring. Just a few rotating shapes...
[10:12] IV: yea||, i've been reading bouut it and can't find anyt||ing!
[10:13] IV: seems kinda suuspiciouus to me.
[10:13] CF: I'd agree that for all the noise any description is very, very general.
-- chronoFire [CF] changed their mood to DISTRAUGHT  --
-- chronoFire [CF] changed their mood to CHUMMY  --
[10:14] IV: okay, now ||e's officially crazy!
[10:14] IV: t||is guuy is accuusing me of being an alien or somet||ing!
[10:14] IV: ||e is totally mad.
[10:15] CF: Sounds like a nut. Where'd he get that idea?
[10:15] IV: no idea, buut now ||e's like, t||reatening me over t||e internet!
[10:15] IV: duude is so mad rig||t now for no reason!
[10:16] CF: Eesh. Creeper.
[10:16] IV: ||a||a, definetely
[10:18] IV: i wonder w||at t||is freaking game is abouut!
[10:18] IV: it's so weird to me, w||y wouuld a popuular game ||ave no gamefaqs or anyt||ing?
[10:18] CF: Other than the fact that it's coming out today, no idea.
[10:18] IV: ||uu||.
[10:19] IV: wait a sec
[10:19] CF: ...and what is 'Sburb' supposed to mean, anyways?
[10:19] IV: probably an abbreviation of suubuurb, buut t||e game doesn't seem like t||at :P
[10:19] CF: A suburb? Kinda mundane, if you ask me.
[10:20] IV: yea||, i know
[10:21] CF: 'Ab temporem incendet...'
-- chronoFire [CF] changed their mood to PROTECTIVE  --
-- chronoFire [CF] changed their mood to CHUMMY  --
[10:25] IV: okay, i t||ink google translate worked!
[10:25] IV: "from t||e buurn times..."
[10:25] CF: ...remind me why this confusing IM system you introduced me to is better?
[10:26] IV: it wasn't me w||o ||ad t||e idea, CE said i s||ouuld uuse it!
[10:27] CF: 'Time burns away,' was my intention, by the way. Non-human translators tend to mix up the words.
[10:27] IV: i see duude!
[10:27] CF: Egh. Guess I'll get used to using it eventually.
[10:28] IV: ||ow's t||e download doing?
[10:28] CF: Seventy-three, per centum.
[10:28] IV: i see duude! gonna be fuun or WHAT?
[10:29] CF: Should be.
[10:29] CF: Going to check again?
[10:29] CF: Maybe you can get it now.

-- interestedVehicle [IV] ceased pestering chronoFire [CF] at 22:29 --
[10:30] CF: Guess he is.
-- chronoFire [CF] ceased pestering interestedVehicle [IV] at 22:30 --

Maybe I'll hear back soon. In the meantime, I check the rest of my currently eight-person contact list. Someone else seems to be online...

-- chronoFire [CF] began pestering grandArsonist [GA] at 22:53 --
[10:53] CF: Hey.
-- grandArsonist [GA] is now an idle chum! --
[10:53] CF: ...or not.
-- chronoFire [CF] ceased pestering grandArsonist [GA] at 22:53 --

Guess I just have to wait, again...climbing past eighty, creeping towards the nineties...

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

Originally posted by kilozombie:

Flame, what is your Pesterchum handle? Need to have some activity.

Originally posted by FlameFlight:

[Links are clear. Pesterchum, so far, is not. I’ll be working at making it work.]

[Difficulty with bending the program to my will, or even getting it started. Working on it.]

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

[Links are clear. Pesterchum, so far, is not. I’ll be working at making it work.]

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

[The low-grade computer and low-grade browser I’m using right now (out of lack of present ability for anything better) allows for seeing neither. So, despite the quote about a workman never blaming his tools, that would be my equipment.]

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

[…that was not particularly clear, seeing as I had no idea of its actual existence, not even from rereading the signups. Just saying.]

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Topic: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

[The questions, for the most part, still stand. I’m entirely assuming after the preceding post that – as the game author has in solitude written a two-person conversation – that that is allowable. However, the second question remains: May we choose our sylladices, will we evenbe using them, or…what?]

[Side note, and I’m not apt to make side-notes: Does this one thousandth, three hundred thirty-seventh post hold any special significance for its count number?]

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Topic: Forum Games / Realms SEMI-RP

I can’t say I can bring comprehension to everything you explained…

Is this, for the most part, an FG where we’re free to work on developing as we will, so long as we work on safely avoiding the toxin limit?

Do we have the avaliability to use pre-made races?

How quickly does progress move, what’s the measurement scale: What does an ‘aps’ equate to in realistic scientific and architectural progress?

I cannot join in good faith of being able to go by the system if I do not understand it.

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

If you’re already signed up you don’t have to re-register. Your names are marked in the Book of Death enrollment list.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game] Psychosi Mafia - Game Over (see thread for winners and some shocking information)

I’m not typically one for being anywhere near a band-wagon, but I am concurring: Better that we skip the first day so as to be surer of evidence.

My vote goes to no lynching.

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

Originally posted by Woon1957:

May i join the next round?

Approved. Symmester 2 will have two more students than Symmester 1.

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Topic: Forum Games / College Mafia III (Game) - R2 - Night 2 - Cycle 3

Evening comes, and sundown follows. The fourth night.

The five students file into the assembly hall, but tonight there’s almost nothing onstage save the statues. “My bidding tonight is simple. Finish your work, killers, you know who you are.”

With a flash, Bluji’s jacket is open and a silver dagger protrudes from above tracymrkin’s heart, or where it was…The former then takes out a pistol as does djrockstar, leveling the weapons on the other two students.

Two gunshots are all really necessary to tell the end to this story, though whether the Mafia members escaped the principal – whoever or whatever he was – to become surviving alumni is unknown to this day…Janitors in hazmat suits were seen going in the next week, and it really wasn’t all that long before the next symmester rolled around…

Victors: Mafia.

tracymrkin, the Cop, was killed by the Mafia at sundown. Borntorule (Vigilante) and Squidward568 (CPR Doctor) suffered similar fates.
Statuses of Bluji (Mafia Member) and djrockstar (Mafia Doctor): Unknown.

Time to next symmester (Round 2): ~48 hours.