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Topic: General Gaming / the creation of epic battle fantasy 5

These “suggestions” are just so cringeworthy, lol.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Congrats to "The Wicked"

That sounds like a cool guild name. I like wicked.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's happened to Kongregate?

Originally posted by MrCatastropher:

I agree that there are a lot the idle games and the many progressionbased games, they are not bad but I would like to have more skillbased games and games don’t try to force money out of you. So thats why took on my sparetime make a game that focuses on just pure gameplay rather than meta.

It will be available on kongregate in a week or so

Sorry for the selfpromotion but thought some might find it interesting

I played the game and I found it to be quite enjoyable. I do think there should at least be a save station every 10 levels or something, quite difficult for unexpecting players to avoid getting rammed hard later on.

Come to think about it, a lot of recent non-idle games have only been getting 3.5 stars. I think developers are slowly starting to relearn how to make good flash games.

These three games currently have my attention, haven’t been seeing those types on Kongregate lately. I think we’ll eventually start seeing 4-star+ masterpieces again one day on this site.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Whooooah what happened?

Originally posted by Lookda:

Moon is f*ck’d

Was enjoying the very slow pacing. OKay, I might be the only one here that liked it… but now: I gain 10x the number of angels in 5 minutes play (before even getting the chance of clicking the relatively free upgrades). Reset, and again in 5 mins a reset.
Do you devs call this “rebalancing”? Yes, it is definitely a rebalance, but let me say “a BAD one”.

I don’t know about you, but the gap from 1400-2800 oxygen is taking me ages to obtain. I think this change is better than waiting 6 months just to get 100 Lasers (my experience). Perhaps what they did with the moon isn’t the best, but its certainly much, much, much better than how it was before.

Anyway, people will complain no matter what happens. Those 5-6 months (right before the megabucks update) were the absolute lowest this game’s ever been imo, and I’ve played this game since it began.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / Crashing

Evil grandmother keeps crashing any browser I use… Illuminati confirmed.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Mars Fully completed! 100% Unlocked

Wait, what? Didn’t this update come out yesterday/today or something? You must be a big casher :P.

(Or maybe a hacker, but I won’t go to those conclusions just yet.)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / HHG are also working on other games.

In case anyone is wondering, the updates may be quite slow here because one of the games that they’re working is an idle/rpg/ccg game called Deepest Dungeon:

Its in alpha but they reply to most comments that the players make. Recently they’ve created a massive update on July 10th which involves designing over 700 cards as its new prestige system.

That “may” explain why this game has lately been slow-paced when it comes to updates, but I can’t guarantee that. Its just an explanation I came up with since I’m seeing a lot of people who are curious about what they’re working on right now. Their attention has simply been divided.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / How useless would Elves be without an auto-clicker?

Originally posted by Cunari:

Another thing is excavations. Since there 1% click rewards is multiplicative of the standard faction earnings, they benefit more from excavation FC’s from other factions(titans FC boost is additive to the existing ones so it isn’t as good).

So as excavations increase and clicks increase eventually(reallllllllllll eventually) elves pull out in the lead…

It would take a couple of years without the use of an auto-clicker, wouldn’t it?

Besides, I thought it was the undeads that would pull out in the lead if one were to use them long enough. It seems strange that Elves would be the same.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / How useless would Elves be without an auto-clicker?

Originally posted by Clarrisani:

You use an auto-clicker?

Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit I do. I’m sure a lot of people here do as well, lol. This game is different from other idle games I think, because it seems almost viable to use one, yet its not very game-breaking at all.

I just noticed how the moon blessing reward is based on clicks, which would take ages to make the elves as useful as the other five vanilla factions.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / How useless would Elves be without an auto-clicker?

I’m a little curious because I heard its not all that impressive even with and auto-clicker. I think it would be worse if you had to manually click on the treasure chest.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Developers?

It seems that you’re still not willing to refute my post. That’s fine, I respect the fact that you’ve conceded. Let’s agree to disagree, we can become good friends.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Developers?

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you’d figure out that I’m actually supporting them. I was explaining as to why the others are complaining and how that can be mitigated. I’m well aware of the fact that HHG posted in this thread, but what’s your point? Believe it or not, the majority of the players who play this game probably aren’t aware of his email address, so it would still be a good idea to make update notices on how they are doing.

Its quite a simple thing to do, writing a short message that may take less than a minute; it should save them some grief from the onslaught of angry players. Of course, this is simply my opinion and you are entitled to your own as well.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Developers?

Originally posted by Fernet07:

I am not going to tell you how you stupid you all sound.

They are currently reworking the game so it doesn’t rely on unity anymore, and in the early days content needed to be changed more often.

And newsposts didn’t come every other day.

You know what I am going to tell you how stupid you sound,
you don’t know jack about programming and complain like little kids.

Have you cleared the moon or new earth yet? No you didn’t but if you did, you would complain that the game is too easy.
Pull your head out of your *ss*s!

Except no one in this thread is asking for new updates or to make the earth/moon easier. I’m pretty sure most players would be happy if HHG gave newsposts slightly more often. It doesn’t have to be longer than a sentence, just telling everyone that they’re doing fine; similar to a university student calling home to let their parents know how they’re doing. No one said anything about wanting newsposts every other day, but I think I speak for most by saying once a month isn’t enough. Something like “progress is going well” seems like it would be pretty decent enough. I played since the game began, so I recall them making posts like that.

I will admit that I find the moon a little aggravating since I’ve been stuck at the same spot for two months, but that’s because my x21 multiplier isn’t enough. Its no fault on the developer’s part if they want to make the game last a bit longer.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Developers?

If they truly left, they made a good decision. Quit while they were ahead.

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Topic: General Gaming / the creation of epic battle fantasy 5

Originally posted by Besseler:

Is it confirmed that EBF5 is being developed?

It is.

After he’s finished working on Bullet Heaven 2 (which has been in development for over a year now), he will go full throttle on the making of EBF5.

Originally posted by burntfires22:

This thread is the exact reason why the game shouldn’t have fans’ suggestions

I agree, some of those suggestions are just so autistic, lol.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's happened to Kongregate?

All of these game genres are fine, I’m not trying to bash them. Its just that there used to be a balance with all of these genres though, now its just 90% of one genre and 10% of the rest.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's happened to Kongregate?

True that.

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Topic: General Gaming / What's happened to Kongregate?

I feel like something strange happened to this site. Back in 2010, 2011, and 2012 there were always really good games every week ranging from action, rpg, platformers, adventure, you name it. Now all I see are puzzles, point-and-click, and idle games. Armor Games is different: they have lots of fun new games and practically no idle games. I refuse to join that site because their community is terrible imo, though. Is it because we’re more lenient as to which games we accept and don’t accept? What do you guys think?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [TDP5 Arena] Long loading time problems

Originally posted by Toolbuck11:

I loaded pretty quick for me but……IT"S ALL BLURRY!! I really can’t read any of the words

Its not blurry for me on Google Chrome, but if you want to play it on a different browser, pressing F12 while in-game makes it full-screen and takes off the blurriness

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post a picture of your luckiest/craziest characters here

Found both the Axe of Thousands and Wrath of God from two legendary chests on the same floor and STILL had 18 speed, one room before the final boss of act III suicide mode. Shiurath was schooled, suffice to say.

Also fought 6 Lieutenants on the same floor, which is quite rare; never had that happen before.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post Your Made Up Class Here!

I like your Shaman idea. To add to it I think some of the perks should be like “start with Scroll of Wisdom” or Scroll of Tranquility, since it would make sense with the whole peaceful Shaman-motive imo.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post your highest score for Tower run here

Some general tips for playing Tower:

-Never bite more than you can chew. Always have a Blink Scroll around in case you’re in a dead-end.
-Be familiar with all weaknesses and advantages that your class possesses, and take your time on each floor.
-As important as leveling is, its best not to use too many resources early on. Items become more scarce the further you ascend the tower, so that means that some fights should be avoided if they cause more harm than good.
-Don’t underestimate Dispel. All spellcasters are powerless before it, and the Archmage is essentially a free kill. Use it to dispell yourself from pesky status effects like poison or daze, or use it to dispell others of their buffs.

Some tips specifically for Thief:

-It is a must to have high stealth. Its the only thing that the enemies can’t defeat no matter how strong they get. Speed is second on the list because there’s only so much speed you can get before you eventually reach a point where you’ll have the best equips in the game but enemies like floor 40+ wolves will still be faster than you.

-You will want to face as few enemies as possible at any given time. Major emphasis on taking it slow while walking toward a new room, and running back to the hallways or bushes if you feel you’ve attracted too many mobs. Get Shadow Mastery as soon as you hit lvl 6, and the “silent but deadly” perk is a must in the tower. In terms of gear I picked survival pack but the hp pot didn’t last too long; Naked Pack would be a good option since its easy to find weapons early on and the extra 2 stealth would be irreplaceable. Also, Flash Bomb isn’t a must-have skill but its highly recommended as well if you’re in extremely tight situations. It sometimes doesn’t work the way planned but still helps avoid death more times than not.

-Cockiness leads to death 9 times out of 10 for thieves. Past floor 40, enemies such as Acid Blobs hit 25 damage base and 45 damage with criticals. I myself got into a lot of trouble, surviving a hit from the Mother Wolf with 1 hp left, even though I could’ve used Scroll of Tranquility to avoid it happening. Even a single mistake can spell death at higher floors so its best to take precautions to avoid running into those dreadful situations.

-This tip is based on luck, but if you are fortunate enough to find both shadow walk and charm, keep them both. With the “silent but deadly” perk, its possible to have infinite stealthing with correct timing. Add charm to the mix and you won’t have to ever get your hands dirty again; I was fortunate to find Shadow Walk on floor 47 of the tower but this was evidently a very rare occurrence. This severely ties back in with the cockiness thing above of course. With these 3 skills its easily possible to make it to the end, though extremely time-consuming (took me about 6 hours total).

This is a picture of my guy on floor 64.

I’m not sure why my timer says 300:00 since it took me over 400:00 but w/e.

More tips in the future.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Potion Tiers Thread

I’ll be compiling a list of potions here:

Tier 1: Strange Fluid, Small Healing Potion (wet), scroll of mapping (paper), scroll of treasure-hunting (paper)

Tier 2: Scroll of Wisdom (paper), invisibility potion (wet)

Tier 3: Full Healing Potion (wet), Scroll of Tranquility (paper), Potion of Thorns (wet), Elixer of Time (wet), Spyglass (dry)

Tier 4: Tomb (paper), Invulnerability Potion (wet)

Tier 5 (Legendary): Carapace Potion (wet), Spellbook (paper), Orb of Renewal (dry), Scroll of Nova (paper)

Pics of legendary potion(s):

All of your gear will permanently be replaced with carapace armor and you cannot equip any new armor. The main drawback is that your stealth becomes -1 (so you can be seen 100% of the time), but your stats increase by a hefty amount: my alchemist became a walking tank inside the tower but became prone to ambushes afterwards.

Gives you a random spell. I got Leech when I used it.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Idle Conquest] The problem with the newest update

It seems that I’ve missed this thread, but that does sound like a good idea. Its unfortunate that this may very well be the game’s last update as they’ve hinted at a few times; and it also turns out very few people enjoy the update that they had spent months on. This may be it for Queen Catherine IV’s reign of terror/happiness.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Idle Conquest] 1st place officially forever

Originally posted by RocketZX:

you say you’re willing to listen but you aren’t listening, the players WANT faster conquering, seriously DO A VOTE, i’m damn sure most people want it back to what it was before

Did you read anything that he/she wrote? I’m pretty sure appealing to 80% of the players who want this change is better than appealing to 20% of the players who want it to stay the same. I don’t blame the players who have 800+ billion DKs for being angry, but its their fault for no longer treating the game for what it is: an idle game.