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Topic: Rise of Champions / New Character Class?


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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Rating system!

What is the rating system based on? I was wondering because I got on top 10 rather easily :P.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Tournaments!

Its back to 5-150 for rooms, I think they’re noticing the mistakes they made. Thank you Javelin and chemoday :).

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Famas???

I’ve only seen like one person in the game to ever use a FAMAS. I don’t even remember how it fires but it seemed pretty good :P.

If I had to say, however, the FN F2000 is as closest to the FAMAS as it can get. Damage is definitely not everything, because I can easily put many other Assault Rifles over the Ak-47.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / PG Mark III stats (not my gun sadly)

Base Stats:

Dmg: 35
Accuracy: 26
Firerate: 870
Reload: 2.5s
Capacity: 30
Ammunition: 120

All and all, its an amazingly good gun. Especially that accuracy… That accuracy is to die for. Kudos to those who were lucky (or wealthy) enough to get it. :)

I’ll try and get a picture of what the actual bullets look like the next time I fight him. Idk how to describe it, basically shooting yellowish orange sun-shaped waves at the enemies :P. Mini-meteors, maybe?

Note: It apparently only appears in the shop once you get the gun from the roulette, so the shop kinda doubles as an inventory.

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Topic: Idle Conquest / Story

Put the bits of info and dialogue you find in the game and post them here!:

-Touria was named after Catherine’s great great great grandmother who was renowned for her kindness

-Touria and Astrilla have been neighbors and friends for centuries

-Omana nearly conquered the world at one point

Etc. :).

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Combo Farming needs to stop

Person in the first picture was level 24 yesterday and now he’s level 51.

Person in the second picture was level 50 at 3 AM, level 55 at 4 AM, and now he’s level 59.

The only way to get them banned is by video-recording, I’ve done it before on a different game made by JavelinOU. If you guys ever see suspicious rooms with the name “Kombo” or “combo”, etc., I suggest recording them and reporting it to Javelin. That’s really not cool, honestly :/.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / game killing glitch

The Bone crusher was at one point a level 20 weapon I believe, before price change (or was it level 25?). As for the invincibility hack, sad how Javelin is going to let that go. He’s probably afraid to ban one of his “homies” :P.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Wall Clippin hax

Originally posted by Torianator:
Originally posted by Smokescreem:

I’ve seen,and killed him without paying much attention.
Kid was hiding out in our base,just hid under the ramp,popped up and fired SMAW twice,dead. Basically a free kill to me,but a huge problem for others.
Btw,that’s called a glitch,not a haxorz.

it actually IS a cheat.

What a dumbass o.O…

Who would film themselves cheating?

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Fate Night!

Originally posted by Torianator:

lately a casual game looks like this:
10 guys are complete fragfood. 5 people have some kills, 2 guys have more kills than deaths, and then there is the grim reaper: has a 500/0 k/d ratio, missiles and lasers flying all over the map.

Not to nitpick or anything, but isn’t that how it is when level 0s join a level 15+ room :P? Besides that I agree with everything else. I wouldn’t mind having the SMAW banned in those maps ^^.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Update notes!

I suggest adding achievements to the ctf maps and removing the level 0-9 cap. I understand what you’re trying to do, but it severely limits the amount of battles the upper players can obtain, making leveling take longer than it already is; even with x3 exp. After all, the level 0s don’t have to enter the high level room, there are plenty other rooms at their level: its their own fault if they do so.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Profile Bug

I had the same bug until I restarted my computer, now it works fine for me.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Wall Clippin hax

Yes, I believe “BAD BOY” did a guide on a few glitchy areas that can be shot through on the actual forum; supposedly only a pistol and an SMG works, however. If he’s doing it with an Assault Rifle then he knows something else that we don’t.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / is there a message devs?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re looking too deeply into it. There really isn’t much to it.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / most idiotic login bonus ever

I believe its programmed for every player to “miss” it at least once. It happened to me only once on the 4th day so I didn’t get the 1 gold, but it didn’t hurt my consecutive log-in achievement in any way.

But yeah, your title caught me off-guard. I didn’t think someone would actually complain about the log-in bonus when many games don’t have it at all, lol.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Exp Rebalance

I agree with you. They should add some kind of “Battle Rating” system that can gauge someone’s overall stats, implants and everything.

I know from experience because levels 7 to 10 were absolute Hell for me.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Technical problems

This made me extremely angry. 60 kills and 45 frags left to go until the battle ends… Then what? My ping was perfect, and I get this error for the very first time… And they couldn’t have chosen a better time!

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Technical problems

’Nuff said. I perma-die on a map then get disconnected after a while. :/

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Pay 2 win :/

Nothing in this game needs to be paid for. Silver is gotten by playing the game, and many decent guns can be gotten with silver. “But what if I want gold?”

-Daily login

And as the above poster stated, you start with 10 gold the moment you long in. 7-days with the Desert Eagle is enough to get you pretty far if you play well.

Its hardly pay to win. All you people need to do is look past the colorful letters for a change and stop joining rooms with level 10+ in them. I see so many level 0s going into rooms with more experienced players claiming its p2w when 90% of the time no one inside actually pays. Also, everyone dies at the same rate unlike its predecessor, as you cannot upgrade your hp. Sure, there are implants, but those are quite easy to afford and break after a certain amount of damage has been sustained.

Again, the ones who claim its pay-to-win are either haven’t played more than 5 minutes and only looked at the shop, or are dumb enough to join high level rooms that are beyond what they can handle. If you want to see p2w, just go play r2games.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Global update - PRICE REVOLUTION!

Edit: I messed up my post, meant to edit the above one…

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Global update - PRICE REVOLUTION!

Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t purchase a single weapon yet! Been using a TT since lvl 0, now I’m lvl 7 :).

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Suggestions & Feedbacks

When armors come out, I suggest none of them to be permanent. I can almost guess that the armors will be something like artifacts, but hopefully they won’t be permanent; otherwise this game will repeat the same mistake that TDP4 made with the P2W stuff.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / is this game first person shooter?

Originally posted by runeman64:

or i wont be playing it bacause of lack in effort of making it better

Lol, typical call of duty faggot right here. Not sure why anybody would waste their time responding to his question when he won’t so much as to even give it a try. Somehow not being an FPS means not much effort was put in it, smh.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / Remove lying weapons on maps?

I say keep ’em. ;)

Its fun to fight over the big weapons on maps like Reactor or Locator, when both parties have some experienced players to fight for them.

Besides, that’s like the only way to level “quickly” at this point, unless you’re skilled enough with the weaker guns to constantly get combos.

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Topic: TDP5 Arena / pay2win bullshit

Butthurt enough to start a thread about it, huh? :P

He never reads the forums as far as I know, you better PM him instead.