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Topic: Kongregate / Why so much Idle?

Seriously, 5/9 of the ‘hot new games’ and just before coming here to post, 7/9 are Idle Games.

I get why they’re addictive, I like them too until I get bored of the repetition

but why so goddamn many? and why does Kong seem to be pushing them so hard?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] Official: FO Help and Support

Where do I get the Dark Knight Mask?

I need one for T2 crafting, but I can’t find it anywhere and didn’t make it at T1

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Depends how you’re looking at it.

Characters? Who’re we looking at.

MC vs Young Annie? = MC wins.
MC vs Yoda = Yoda.
Johnson vs Yoda = Johnson (Seriously that guy must be a clown, he just doesn’t die)

Or are we looking at technology?
Halo has regen armor and whatnot, but it’s like the SPARTAN vs Space Marine all over again, they’re just leagues apart, you can “But MC is LUCKY!” all you like, a SM will just curb-stomp a spartan without even trying. Humans in the Halo universe are a predominantly colonial space-faring force, it’s why they lost the wars so hard, they weren’t prepared for an interstellar war, by comparison, in Star Wars, every space-faring race is part of the galactic community and thus has interstellar battle capabilities, by all reason even the most pitifal Gungan fleet is a match for Halo. Or if we include the covenant armada, certainly prepped for war,then we include all of the empire’s stuff, the Death Stars, the Imperial Star Destroyers and so on, again, the entire covenant fleet could glass a planet, a single star wars ship could DESTROY the planet.
Or do we look at tech on a galactic scale? Halo has the titular halo rings, and the Arc in extra-galactic orbit, however the Star Wars universe has NUMEROUS weapons capable of destroying stars, planets, entire systems with ease, Death Stars, Sun Crushers, Galaxy Guns and Eclipse-Class Star Destroyers were all weapons that could be and WERE used to repel the Yu-zhang Vong, a galaxy wide invasion. Halo might have been more powerful, but it would never have been used, the rings are weapons of terror and utter last resort, and humanity would allow invaders to control the galaxy before they used it.

Or are we talking bad guys? Halo has a near omniscient, parasitic, trans-galactic plague that is essentially as close as reality gets to a god, that has existed for eons and wiped out at LEAST two hyper-advanced precursor cultures in one galaxy alone, and is implied to have retained knowledge of countless other absorbed galaxies that can only be /slowed/ by wiping out all intelligent life in the galaxy. Star wars has The Emperor, who arguably was simply chaotic good, and trying to save the galaxy from the Yu-zhang Vong, and the Vong themselves, as well as various other incredibly powerful force users who, nevertheless, are ‘only human’(oid)

So, it varies. If we’re going with characters, Halo probably wins, an omniscient ‘Gravemind’ is substantially worse than anything Star Wars has to offer, and IMO the precursor races backstorys wins my vote over the ‘history of the sith empire’. But if we’re doing a “what if x-fought-y” battle, most of the time Star Wars will win for the same reason Space Marines always win. they’ere more advanced. It’s like pitting a medieval knight against any reasonably well trained modern man, the modern man will ALWAYS win, purely because he’s naturally healthier, fitter, and will understand what’s going on, while the medieval guy will be dying of bubonic plague at the time.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Two Legends, one round.


For all the ’there’s a way to trick it into working’ people out there, I got them in one round on level 11 (dunno the name), playing normal, with four Tech Centres (20% chance for rares), all I did was spam Taunt through the level.


Topic: General Gaming / Open world games?

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

What is the difference between Aegis Barriers, Infinite Fortresses and Walls? Which is better etc?

I can only see the walls being useful for sides, and I don’t get why people are putting Infinite Fortresses in as all, since Aegis barrers would be better I though for the reflect ability? Surely more HP doesn’t beat reflecting bullets back at stuff?

Also, Can someone explain the differences between Assassins and Grand Blasters? I’d assumed Assassins are better, they cost more to unlock, but Grand Blasters appear to have higher damage anyway.

P.S Just got an Arcane Wrath…are these worth anything?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Farming, pot or not?

For farming equipment and pots, is it a really bad idea to pot up (In terms of chances, NOT because I’ll lose the pots when dying)?

I was thinking of potting up my Necro’s dex to farm a little faster, but I’ve heard using pots and a few other things lower the drop chances from the gods.

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Topic: General Gaming / SWTOR opinions?

Such a pity…it really did look like it had potential, ahh well, I’ll just have to settle for the awesome cinematics.

Oh, and Lucas haters, you might like made me laugh for a good while.

And Mossy…I’m not sure what that has to do with anything? I played enough, sufficient to know it could very easily be a solo game. PvP consists of creating the best character you can and hitting the correct sequence of buttons (usually Stun, AoE damage, normal damage, repeat) Hoping that they all work correctly and before he can hit his own sequence. My point is, there’s absolutely no engagement in it, what the opponent does is entirely irrelevant, you just keep doing the same thing. TOR trailers gave the impression of dynamic combat, where players actually responded to what the others did.

Oh, and don’t try to turn this into a WoW fanboy flamewar, I really don’t care. I’ve gotten the answer I didn’t want, but it’s an answer nonetheless, and it wasn’t from your idle jibe.

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Topic: General Gaming / Crash Bandicoot Or Spyro The Dragonfly!?

Saybox, clearly you’re 13. Back before everything demanded internet (i.e 2 years ago) you could buy games in a store…and in those shops they had the consoles set up, arcade style, for kids to play on.

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Topic: General Gaming / screw league of legends

First off, LoL sucks, so no loss in hating THAT

Secondly, stable connection is a requirement to play. Getting a hissy fit because it stops you playing if you have a dogey connection is like having a hissy fit because you can’t install Crysis 2 on your Windows 97 computer.

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Topic: General Gaming / SWTOR opinions?

I’ve definately been swayed by the cinematic trailers!

But has anyone actually played The Old Republic? is it any good? I’m always tempted to go for things like this but they always end up failing abysmally. RPG games are stupidly linear with no real choice or difference for directions, and MMO games like TOR imply versatility and engagement, but are ALWAYS just pointless grinders.

It’s not that I hate ‘grinding’ it’s a natural part of leveling, it draws a game out, but doing it is so often dull. Runescape, Eudemons, WoW, they’re ALL essentially ‘press A to kill’ with the occassional ‘press B every 10 seconds’. TOR gives the impression it might actually make Combat more interesting and involving than simply following the ‘pvp’ option and building something specifically aimed to press a key combo.

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Topic: General Gaming / Spam from Runescape

Sounds Phishy to me (Ba-dum-tsh!)

By and large Jagex wouldn’t do something like that in the old days.

However now-days I wouldn’t put it past them, they’ve become such money-grabbing scumbags I can easily imagine them spamming people who haven’t played in awhile tot ry and get them to buy membership

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Topic: General Gaming / Crash Bandicoot Or Spyro The Dragonfly!?

Absolutely Crash, and for one reason.

It’s a classic.

Both are absolutely awesome, best games EVER. But Crash, crash went through 3 games, then a racing spin off (absolutely amazing..WAY better than Mario Karts) and a few others like some bouncing pogo game. But they were all ND,all epic and all hours of fun to play that I could actually convince my family to join in with. It’s only had 1 REALLY bad sequal created by a non-ND company as far as I know)

Spyro was equally awesome, the first three games are a highlight of my childhood (it was recent, sue me!) But on the PS2 and 3 it got progressively worse..particularly because I think they made an effort of trying to keep the blocky psone graphics, and it just didn’t work, long story short the franchise is pretty much dead because it got whored out so much to anyone who’d pay up.

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Topic: Kongregate / I can't believe it's almost been a year....

Uhhh, it’s 2012 so probably something to do with the apocalypse….

Like you log on and discover you’ve been Reverted to Level1 and all the Impossible/Hard badges have been undone

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Aha, Fireseal, you sir, are a God!

From Dust is exactly right!

And nope, the other one is Aztec God Game. But thanks nonetheless, I found it by searching for populous

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Looking for a console or pc game.

I saw the trailer and a mini demo I think a year or so ago on a game review show.

It’s a sandbox game, where you get to play around with the enviroment, add dirt/stone/water/lava and suchlike, and the graphics looked VERY good.

Secondly, there was another, similar but onlline, game. In this you were a god making your tribe wage war, you could build up and remove the ground, on large flat expanses of land the tribe built bigger and bigger houses. and they couldn’t swim, so if you took away the ground from the enemy they drowned

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Topic: General Gaming / PS3 better unique games than Xbox 360?


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Topic: General Gaming / PS3 better unique games than Xbox 360?

Now first off this isn’t a “Which console is better” Thread, I know PS3 is better, it’s a simple fact, the Ps3 is more powerful. Plus I already have a 360.

I’m at uni, and couldn’t bring my 360 with me, but am wanting to bring a console back with me in the new year. The obvious option is to just bring my 360 and the handful of games along.


My sisters adore it, and by and large it’s replaced the household dvd player. Plus I kinda feel crap for getting it. I got it at £180 when ps3 was still £250 and have come to realise it pretty much ONLY does FPS games, while the PS3 has a more diverse range.
There’s also the benefit that for Xmas I was planning to give my sisters a ‘loan’ of the xbox for 12 months (And a game they want, sorta thing). Then next year I can always offer to sell it to em for cheap.

However, it’s still £180 to £200 on a Ps3, and I’d need to get games.

So! Finally, the question (And the TL;DR)
Are the games only available on the PS3 worth the effort of getting it? Are there ANY games out ONLY on the 360? Because games like Halo and GoW, I can get and play on my laptop, no console even needed there.

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Topic: General Gaming / Solid Snake vs Master Chief!

Originally posted by Trigger_Happy_XD:
Originally posted by BaconFromHell:

But snake has a RAIL GUN! I am pretty sure that would destroy MC’s armor… i mean even a few bullets depletes the shields.

If he could hit him. MC is fast and he’s got a pretty high jump. It’s not easy to hit a target that would move like MC.

Yeah…no one moves like MC



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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] zombies are wining

The Zombie horde marches forever! Zombies don’t starve, eating humans is just a delicious past time!

And to join? Surrender your supple shell to our hungry bellies, stand before us while we devour you and bring you into our ranks…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] AFK should reduce Rep

every three turns, more than enough time for people to return from a piss

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] What is this error?

It’s called crappy programming, I swear if another week goes by with this stupid inability to connect or constantly connecting me to already full games? I’m going back to Shellshock

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] Shooting through walls

Naah, it’s a tactic, just like using the fact bombs are square and can be used to ‘slide’ down walls rather than bounce

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Topic: General Gaming / Pwong 3

Casts Ressurection

Hear Hear!

How about an additional mode allowing you to play MP3’s with the ball release tied to it?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Upgrades

so…. is it better to buy green and upgrade three times or get orange stuff?