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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / The new gear bragging thread (post pics)

$300 for 200

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / The new gear bragging thread (post pics)

$1,200 for 200

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Topic: General Gaming / What is you fav pokemon game

pokemon blue because my blue turtle can use ice beam around level 70+ while in later generations it can not and mewtwo was the best there as well ><!

My best mod is Life of Guardian which is ruby mod and you can found it at pokecommunity dot com. This mod has different stories from other mods and other pokemon versions, Also, how it ends, gameplay, how to catch legendary and many. It is really different while others is kill all 8,16,18, etc. gyms beat all dark oraganizations, show pro to all elite 4 and old champion. However, this mod is not that and you don’t need to get all badges to reach the first ending and “Further more”, After the first ending there is still the real ending which is even better than the first.

Speaking of gameplay in this Life of guardian mod, It is so tricky. You don’t need something like level 100 team and even you have level 100 team it doesn’t mean you can beat foes.

There are also series of itself which is known as ruby destiny series, that is
Reign of legends – beat 8 gyms like normal then keep catching all legendary pokes until the last one and that will make the events in Life of Guardian.
Rescue rangers – it happened before the event in Reign of legends and make the events in Reign of Legends and Life of guardians. This mod is tricky one. It has tricky fight that you have likely level 1 pokes vs their level 100 team in double battle.
Life of Guardians – It happened after Reign of Legends but in different timeline. why? you should play Rescue Rangers and you will know that.

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Topic: General Gaming / The overall best RPG Flash series?

I love the gameplay, there are many points to spend to try out many strategy but the game has weak stroyline.

nothing is excellent but just great, great enough to get the best overall if you consider all factor are equally important, that is, story is great, gameplay is great (unique a bit), graphic+sound was great at that time. (There is no way old games can win new ones by considering graphic factor)

-Max Mesiria, the easy, yet brutal RPG?
This is the very first RPG game, which is likely called the game that is in 1st gen of new vision of flash game. If it was that time, this game was at the same score as mardek but the younger version.

-Hands of War, the bare-bones, reliable RPG?
Storyline is weak, gameplay is going down by time and graphic + enviroment have been almost the same. It is same same but a bit down.

-Monster’s Den, the never-ending trip to the depths of hell?
This game doesn’t impress me even a bit. The graphic is okay for me but other factors just gave empty feeling to me.

-Feudalism, the continent spanning crusade?
Is this RPG?

-Caravaneer, the post-global warming survival RPG?
It is not survival RPG. It is grinding pokemon-style game. It is too old to compare to others.

So.. my list should be (Overall)
1. Mardek
2. sonny
3. hand of war

So.. my list should be (Overall)
1. Mardek
2. sonny
3. hand of war=others are outdated or lacked some factors that can't be ranked into my list.=

So.. my list should be (Overall)
1. Mardek
2. sonny
3. hand of war=others are outdated or lacked some factors that can't be ranked into my list.=Why did it copy itself…?

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Topic: General Gaming / Is RuneScape Fun?

Runescape is all about grinding like others MMORPG.
So fun may not be from gameplay since MMORPG games, all, are about grinding.
You should consider it about graphic, sound, story or system whether you like it or not.

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Topic: General Gaming / Creepiest Boss or enemy you have fought in a video game.

Slient hill 1 = =
Can’t post though… It scared me a bit first times I saw..

Dead space isn’t scary at all. The first times I saw it, I thought it was a shooting monster game until near the end my friend told me that they are infected.

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Topic: General Gaming / Obliterate Everything 2

Last thing – some maps have power grid and boost your energy, if you have energy upgrade (energy efficiency) you don’t need to build reactor or generator at all.

Still – If you constructor base get destroyed, Don’t panic. If you have Super Carrier building, you are likely a winner and if you have physics labs, they will guarantee your win.
And if you don’t want to lose your constructor, you should wall around your base, build things for fun while Super carrier will take care everything in no time anyway.

Really last one now, if super carrier still doesn’t work, use Light Carrier, it should work now.
Well, if it still not, you should mass destroyer and if it is still not work, you are doing something wrong.

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Topic: General Gaming / Obliterate Everything 2

Difficult 70 reward 262
North east → make 1 super carrier station and many physic lab if you don’t have physic lab, make mass carrier.
South west → make 1 super carrier and wall around your base, if you don’t have super carrier you still can mass carrier to win and don’t forget to wall your base.
UPGRADE Wall will help so much in mid game.

If it is possible to create super carrier at start, these maps can be beaten by using super carrier if not, the only meaning is you are doing it wrong.

Every maps should be end so fast if not, yes, you are doing it wrong which is called “ineffective”.

Here are things that you should use
Tier 1
Fighter – Mass them at early game.
Intercaptor – In early game. some enemies mass fighter so use this ships to counter them.
Bomber – After using Fighters as meat shield, use bomber to end the game faster
Freeze Drone – Mass this ship when you face green infestor. They will freeze and slow everything down including infesting process. However, Freeze Drone is only effective in early game since after that the number of infested bullets and infested things will be increased.

Tier 2 – After you get this, it is time to ignore tier 1
Light Carrier – Work on almost mid game maps. This ship will act like bomber to end the game fast and meat shield.
Destroyer – There are some maps that enemies use infested bullets, mass carrier or fighter or even some map that mass light carrier don’t work well. This ship will fix it. Build 1-2 Destroyer per game with lots of Light carrier work very well since Destroyers will stop massing things from enemies while Light Carriers destroy the whole base.
There is a map that need to mass only Destroyer too since it is mid – end game map. Light Carrier is too slow to fight. Destroyers will charge enemy so fast and even it get infected it will die because it will be in enemy base and get killed + infected at the same time.

Tier 3 – End game
Super Carrier – Yeah Supper Carrier and only. if you have money more than 2250 at start, Use Super Carrier + wall (if you need) and speed the process faster with physic lab.
→ This combo win every maps under its condition.

Turrets – most turrets are craps. Don’t use them if you are not near enemy base and you are not in duel.
Beam cannon – yes only and only beam cannon. There are some maps that you will start near enemy base! yes it is time to build beam cannon to destroy their base. After finish them, use bomber to end the game.

Auxiliary -
Wall – MUST UPGRADE, when you upgrade it, it will be SUPER POWERFUL. It is so much better than non upgraded one.
Physics lab – This building will faster everything. End the game faster, to sum up.

- Power efficiency, Heavy industry and structure regen first.
- Then upgrade the first line (All ship upgraded) and infest resist (It will rarely help but better than nothing)
- Then heavy barricade
- Then upgrade the rest and the last are about turrets.

- Many turrets = slow game, ineffective.
- Reactor and Genertor will not be important in all later level. Most, you just use all starter cash to mass something will be enough to win. Remember that building reactor and generator will make you spend more time.

Some info
- Green infestor – Weakness, fast firing rate, fast move speed things. the infested bullets are slow.
- Red (if I am not wrong) – Love to use black hole 1 hit KO thing but only 1 targets So using barricade to eat their black hole and fight back with mass carrier.
- Others are just not remarkable at all.

Hope this help.

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / Gold Metal Reward: What did you get?

The best of all that I got
From gold bar
2 dex
17 hp
13 charisma
18 speed
+7 charisma 102-180 shield damage
block 62%

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / Finally Beat All 20 Contenders.

I beat 20th Rome contender.

Level 56 56 56
>>> use defend roll (setting in team section)
tank : 300 def 190 speed
dual wielders : Both 200 str about or near 150 dex and 180 speed.

they are 5 skill types. I can beat the MP users type (the center line of skill tree)

All skills I used were boosting status that I needed, 4x combo and protect.

All enemies did were decreasing my morale, boosting their morale and berserk.

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Topic: General Gaming / demons in fairyland i need help with level 11,12 on very hard

archer tower is purely dps type. (This is the easiest way, I think)
beast tower boosts magical type so you need to use magic many times. (I won all badges with this)
Last one is really hard to use so many players use it in defending

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Meaning of Life

Life is the compound of cells
Some book says virus has life.

If you asked why I must born.
The answer should be no one can control yourself before being born so your parts are
combined and you were born.
every particles just want to lower their energy so they make a bond together. It is just diffusion but not particle it is energy.

The funny thing is after you were born.
There are many thing more than lower energy in each of your particles.

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Topic: General Gaming / QWOP run made easy now!

There are many games that are extremely harder than this game.
This game is QWOP. It is
Each QWOP is joint of each leg joint.
That is why you need to do QP and WO (one pushs the ground, the other drags forward)

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Topic: General Gaming / Book of Mages 3 suggestions

It would be so epic! if there was book of mages 3 :D

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Suicide

slave or not is not important.


you can change yourself no matter what it needs 1 000 times or 1 000 000 times.
No way it can be infinite.



STRENGTHEN YOURSELF, Get the job done!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Suicide

When you want to suicide, you can sacrifice everything or do everything before doing it.



(Your life is so worth that you can suicide to pay or clear what you have done)

LIFE CAN INCREASE ITS VALUE. THAT’s one reason why suicide is never a good solution for real life.


ONE OF THE TRUST IS … you will be decomposed and each of your parts will become other things.
(other thing like mind, ghost, bla bla bla you can add it)

suicide is not a good idea…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Kill everything.

Originally posted by Galdos:
Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

violence is fun.

all video games are about killing each other.

That’s not ture.
Violence video games just boom during 4-5 years ago until now.
when I was a child, there were not violence games that boom but platform, classic and heavy story video games.

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Topic: General Gaming / Looking For Good Game

or (same as die2nite but 50x players + some features that die2nite doesn’t have)

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Topic: General Gaming / MineCraft Vs. Terraria

I like terraria. It is really fun when admin spammed spawning boss to 100 or beyong and the age of sparta began!
Also, terraria can use to create nice pixel arts too + nice mechanical , electrical systems made by yourself for your epic bases!

minecraft is good, but it is about creating many things because it is 3D.

To sum up
- If you want pvp, fighting mobs → terraria
- If you want to build your empire , statue, etc. → minecraft
- If you want to create pixel arts → terraria
- If you want to build in endless space → minecraft
- If you want to play mods for the game → minecraft has more mods.

the number of players : minecraft > terraria
because minecraft is unique sandbox game which being sandbox game better than terrania
but it doesn’t mean that the number of players playing terraria is low. It is just a bit different.

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Topic: General Gaming / Most Difficult Game You Have Beaten

The hardest game for me is

warcraft 3 the frozen throne, custom campaign name : To the bitter end

I trained on warcraft 3 for 4 years, beat every maps except one, this campaign, knew many bugs and won perfectly many maps + campaigns…

Still, gave up on this map at last, left when final boss had 20% hp left before final boss was going to use more tactics on me, also I loss like 50+ times through the campaign.

Main reason this campaign is hard because to beat this campaign I need to click and command unit so fast (which I still can’t do that fast to keep everything perfectly fine) and almost single mistake results in losing a game.

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Topic: General Gaming / What is the best zombie game

Strategy coop multiplayer (text+flash)

MMO RPG skill-based style
*This is the BIGGEST zombie multiplayer+online.
you can check the traffic.

zone control style (no update anymore but I am still playing)

database simcity style (like travian)
The last stand dead zone

Adventure story-style
The walking dead

These game are good and I always look forward into them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombies Online] Game Guide

If A hire B, B only get 20% of money that A paid

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombies Online] Game Guide

Ps. It is possible to beat every bosses without bodyguard
also if boss uses melee weapon all the time, it is possible to have just hunters in team.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombies Online] Game Guide

Beta boss

= “Headless zombie” level 10
- He will stun you every 30 secs
- His abilities are the same as vega 2.0

Beta boss level 30

= “L.A.R.P.U.”
- easy
- if you don’t have bg, tanker needs to use force field and take about 260+ damage per hit but ment will fix that

= “Secret Cave”
- When you enter the under ground choose the following door
→ left door → right door → right door → 2nd door from the left → 4th door from the left
→ boss room
- for boss, there is a wall behind the boss which has a hole. you can use wall to block his stun every 30 secs. (stun damage isn’t high)

= “Omega Harbour”
-clear all enemies first
-For the enemies in boss room, one of your team need to go outside of every room then move along the north way behind the building then wait for the boss and shoot it from outside. S/he will do no damage and boss keeps evading but it doesn’t move so others can move in and clear all enemies inside boss room
- For boss, move to the orange car at south and lure boss here. If you get shoot, you need to run around the car to dodge
- the boss has 2 skills
1. is special 1 target shot. its tail will glow red and shot. what you need to do is using car to block it
2. is solar deadly Area of Effect skill, if you get hit even prolonger doc can’t heal you fast enough. so if you are targeted by the boss… you need to use car to block damage

= “Wetlands”
- I used exploit to beat him
- I have not tried with full epic end game group yet due to the number of players problem in gunshine.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombies Online] Game Guide

= “Seven Deadly Sins”
group suggestion for beating Dr. Evil Emmett “bg hunter doc doc”
possible group “doc XX XX XX”
- if you are targeted by wrath or glutton and you are not bg, try to snipe the boss as far as possible.
- Always kill the enemies that boss spawns
- for chimera, it has bixie skill which decrease target’s armor by 50%. you can run around if you can’t endure the damage

-for Dr. Evil Emmett, you need full epic end game group, bg has decent hp (12k+) (lower hp can do but risky)
, docs have prolonger weapon, hunter has crazy damage per second (should have 1000+)
emmett will use poison after the first when the previous poison cooldown reach 7 o’clock so it is time to dodge for docs

In the boss room, there is glass wall and desk that you can use to block his poison

during the fight, he will spawn only 1 prototype chimera (elite) which can cast bixie and decrease target’s armor by 50%
if the tanker is hit by it, S/he may die
because bixie -50% armor + emmett poison -80% armor = you almost have no armor left

emmett also can stun you for long time

=> If you team has doc with prolonger ONLY bg that has bulwark weapon can hold and manage the boss to attack only s/he all the time

emmett can heal himself so if you have low damage hunter, this fight may take forever.

During the fight, bg is stunned almost all the time

= “prison”
-prison is all about testing your team equiments that are end game or almost end game equiments or not
-for bomber, if you are hunter or doctor try to snipe him and dodge everything he throws at you

= “Maniac Mansion”
- For victor, you can try to run to the boss room and stun the enemies that are in your way.
- For hector, you may use specific position for easy killing. you can use car to block poison and the red wall at the north of the car to block poison. Hector will have a change to use poison again after the previous one 22 secs
- During hector fight, he will spawn 8 elites when he has half hp and order them to target your group. If your hunters are decent, they can take them down in no time.
- For bob, he has skill to reduce your maximum hp temporary by half (When you are in slow motion), to avoid this you just snipe them from far away and let only bg take that skill.

There is no beta bosses guide but I think that if you can beat all these bosses you can beat the beta bosses too.