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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Drakensang Online] Errr any tips for this quest?

This might not be the fastest way but it enabled me to kill him on my first trip to the crypts as a caster:

First I cleared out the area to the right and below of the square “room” he is in, staying away from the entrances. Then I went in and lured him out, staying close though so he didnt run back and regen his hp.
After that I just ran in circles casting my fireballs.
If you want to go safe: keep running until he does his ranged attack (he stops moving and swings his weapon around) since he targets the spot where you stood when he started that attack you have time to shoot 2-3 fireballs at him if you move a little bit to the side.
If you dont mind a little extra risk: you can shoot a fireball off when your decently far away from him, he will probably catch up to you and start his attack, but since it takes a bit to charge up you evade it if you move immediately after shooting off that one fireball.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombies Online] Find friends here!!!

Add me please – Add me as a friend :)

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Topic: Call of Gods / spellcasters can double strike ?


i first thought that double striking after killing a stack was impossible as well, so I asked in the chat and got the answer that double striking after killing a stack was possible.
During my remaining battles that day I paid very close attention to any double strikes and guess what i found: one of my archers units managed to kill one stack and attack another stack in one turn.

I already know that you will disregard my opinion since people tend to only listen to those whose opinions concur with their own. But maybe others who read this topic will have a more open mind and realize the truth of the matter.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance & Update

creating a character in server 3, refreshing and then going back to server 4 worked for me

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?

Looking for guild. Lvl 24 shop, all 4 crafters around lvl 30 (29-32), active. (got one now, thx)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Post Active Raid Links Here

Arctis vanguard