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Topic: Game Design / [2011] White elephant game exchange sign ups

I actually find this idea kind of interesting, definitely a good source for inspiration.

This also seems like a great way to get games past the concept/too-lazy-to-actually-make-this phase.

I might want to toss my hat into the ring when this actually goes down.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#15] Entries and Discussion (theme suggestions now)

- story/ plot driven
- concept generated with this
- evolution
- light
- shadows
- playable in under 4 minutes

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Law and Hypnosis

A comedian/hypnotist is visiting my school in a few days, and this sparked some interesting conversation.
In a demo video for the performance, footage from previous shows was shown. In it, a boy was made to think he was a drill sergeant, and a girl was made to dance and sing to Britney spears.

What if that boy were to swear at the audience? What if he were to harrass or even hit someone? A drill sergeant might do something along those lines.

What if that girl were to expose herself/undress? Pop singers often act very sexually.

The main question is, who would be at fault? The boy/girl? The hypnotist? The school for sponsoring the event?

Axiom: Hypnosis is real, but not everyone can be hypnotized. It is not supernatural in any way.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#12] Entries and Discussion

I got 55-65. Fun to play around with, by making some quick circles you can make a little solar system around the cursor.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#6] Voting

+1 ratosh

i found the gameplay somewhat, although not incredibly, engaging; it was enough to waste a few minutes on. Art was fantastic, immediately drew me in. A little storyline would have made it excellent.

The extreme lack of polish in crossroads of light threw it away for me. Good, although not terribly original concept. good mechanics, but poor art took away from that.

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Topic: The Arts / Customize your pet rock.

couldnt resist.

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Topic: Game Programming / rope/cable?

@ringer— I tried your method and I encountered a problem. I can get the first rope section to face the enemy, but I cant attach the second one to the end.
Heres what i have so far:

The blue rectangle faces the yellow circle, but whenever I try to attach the second peice to the dark blue square(which is inside the rectangle movieclip), it doesnt work.
I figured out that its registering the x/y of the blue square as its position inside the rectangle movieclip. I dont know why thats happening.

Can you help with this?

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Topic: Game Programming / rope/cable?

Ive been searching for an answer to this problem but I cant seem to find one :/

This is pretty much what im lookin for:
Basically, the opponents fall from the top of the screen, I want the player to click them, and then rope appears going from player to enemy, player can keep moving and the rope continues to have the endpoints of the player and the enemy

It doesnt even really need to behave like rope; I just want it to have the two endpoints. Also, I don’t really want to use the drawing api because the rope wont just be a line, it will be more well drawn than that.

how can i achieve this?

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Topic: Game Programming / pixel art to flash

I feel incredibly stupid for not knowing this.

I created a sprite in PS on a transparent layer, saved it as a .bmp, and imported it to the stage in flash. It has a white box around it that i cant get rid of.

How do you bring pixel art into flash without it having this background? Does it need to be in a particular format?

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] GotW #13

Originally posted by Draco18s:

Why don’t you make the theme endurance, thus granting yourself a jump start on the contest, if the game is good you can spend the next 3 weeks making it awesome.

I actually really like this idea.

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #12

:( I misread the due date for this competition.
I have a decent game going, so I’ll probably still submit even if its too late to count.

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #12

Originally posted by jChapman:
Originally posted by Moly:

He’s running the contest, so he may have already made a game and then selected this theme just so he could submit it. We’ll let you enter, but I’ll be checking that your game isn’t of suspiciously high quality.

The theme was more or less made by cmech, I wouldn’t enter if I made the theme because that could give me an unfair advantage

crap. I’m not allowed to enter? I’m not really malicious/devious/industrious enough to have started a game in advance.

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #12

Originally posted by faiuwle:

Come to think of it, though, aren’t Escape-the-Room games all essentially like this? You’re presented with a door. You click on things semi-randomly until the game says “Yay! You escaped!” Game over. Blah.

true, but IMO its always more fun to come up with an original idea that is ‘outside the box’!

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #12

thanks jchapman!
My idea is still do-able now!

And thanks to the magic of the EDIT, nothing did happen…..

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Topic: The Arts / Nights Logos

Originally posted by ozzy123:

Well u did kinda steal… C’mon guys, lets do to him like we did to Jammio… DIE VORTEX REAPER DIE!!!

I lol’d

grabs torches and pitchfork

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #12


EDIT: Just keep walkin…nothin to see here…

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #11

what r u talking about woman?


I like this one.

that’s probably my favorite of the bunch I posted too :D

1-All games must center around one character pre-designed as a collaboration between participants- this’d mean we’d have a bunch of games featuring around the same a series out of nowhere. would be nice

I like this one the best, itd be interesting to see the different interpretations.

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #11

this was a difficult category this week; it was the first week where I was totally stumped for ideas.

Ideas for theme:

1. Game where at least half(or just a good portion) of the elements are random (randomly generated).
2. Game with NO text (this includes desriptions submitted with the game.) The player must figure out what to do by other means.
3. remake/redesign/spinoff of a classic or old console game.
4. Storyline based game.

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #10

Originally posted by xDaYx:

Wow this is a complete rip-off of my game- game title. . Anyway I’d suggest playing that to the end because I use 5 examples of this idea in that game, at the time I thought I was original ;P. Good luck guys.

take it as an homage to your greatness >:P

jchapman, can we use backgrounds, or does the back just have to be white? (I just mean backgrounds that wouldnt affect the game, just look nice.)

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Topic: Game Programming / [Voting] Game of the Week #9 [Results]

Originally posted by dasmitimsad:

No you’re not allowed.


1) I vote for Pacmonno, looks nice and is challenging (good way)

2) Cmech, because it was an interesting concept and you should really keep going with it. Does anything else happen after the race?

thanks! and not really, except every time you race the city champs they have a different speed/acceleration/color. I was rushing to make the deadline. I intended to make levels and an upgrade system. :P

1.pacmanno: I liked the little storyline and the gravity effects. The graphics were also great too. Overall it was a very fun game!
2. curiousgaming: simple idea, very fun interpretation. The music really added to it, and smestorp was hilarious.

It was a tough decision, but I picked curiousgaming over Mond because I found sandbagger to be kind of confusing. It looked great and would have been excellent if the sand bag position had been a little easier to control.

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #9

Originally posted by i3ane:

Nice Game Mond and cmech I held down all four keys and my speed got to 256 and then it froze my browser :P

It comes equipped with computer crashing capabilities.

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #9

if you have problems with the game working, just reload the page.
The adventures of a daring unicycle.

NOTE: theres not really a ‘win’ screen… its fairly open ended…

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Topic: Game Programming / [CONTEST] Game of the Week #9

Is it ok to use the mouse to continue dialogue?
I know the rules state no mouse, but it would simply be a ‘click anywhere on screen to continue’ situation. It wouldnt affect the gameplay and would just make it easier for the player.(the spacebar and arrow keys are already being used.)

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Topic: Game Programming / [VOTING] Game of the Week # 8

my first vote would go to jChapman because I thought the idea was interesting. It seems like a new take on an aiming system.
second would go to blank_64 because it was put together very nicely and was actually challenging on some levels, ha.
Great games everyone!

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Topic: The Arts / [Request] - Oxemon! (gotta catch yourself)

I know this died, but I just wanted to show everyone what became of this project. :D
Although the submissions were awesome, we decided not to use the wolverine and also change the company name (to Oxymon), so we had to find an alternative. We settled on a background I designed:

This is using my minor photoshop experience, ha. C&C would be appreciated!

Also: Thanks to everyone who provided help about printing and resolution. I really had no idea about that.