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Topic: Card Monsters / Are You Experienced

VA: Hi Welcome to the Palladia Veterans Administration, how may I assist you?

CB: My name is Chimpbow, I am a veteran of the Kurtey, Mushrhum and Northern Storm campaigns. I was wondering about job placement programs, do you offer any help in that area?

VA: Of Course! Wow the Kurtey, Mushrhum and Northern Storm, you must have seen quite a bit of action…

CB: Yeah I figure we took down 9,000 Shrhums, hundreds of Kurteys and saw a fair share of horrific things in the Northern Swarm…

Don: Chimpbow? Is that you? It is you! Level five, wow, they call you Simian Shooter now don’t they?

CB: Oh hey, Don… yeah I guess, how have you been?

VA: You two know each other? Fight in those swarms together?

CB: Yeah…

Don: You could say that. While I was out there Shell to the wall in a never ending enlistment, I mean Swarming EVERY DAY, monkey-man joined in for a few weeks.

Don: I don’t think I ever saw him pop that pea shooter once, sac’d every time… isn’t that right “Simian-Shooter”.

CB: C’mon Don you know it’s not like that.

Don: Sure Simian whatever… me, Sharknight and Lapia we got dirty, we killed those guys, their blood is on us, the scars are on us…

Don: You got your level five. You know Shark is still level one? Do you even care… I gotta get out of here, see you in hell you dopey monkey.