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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

I’ll refrain from responding to the parts about me, seems like you were trying to make some sort of point but it didn’t really go anywhere.

Israel First Right or Wrong agenda that Zionism demands

Do you have a source for this Zionist agenda? Are you in charge of the categorization of Zionists for the International Institution of Zionism?

The Nazis used to be a party in Germany. Today, you can pretty much label anyone you disagree with as a Nazi, as the word has devolved into an insult. Similarly to Zionist, yes. Zionists were part of a group of Jews that supported the idea of having a Jewish state in the area of Israel. This has already happened, and once it had, the term Zionism lost its meaning. Since then, I have mainly seen the term used by Pro-Palestinians like yourself to describe and undermine the arguments of those who disagree with them. I guess that’s where you were trying to go with me too.

Perhaps an argument can be made that Zionists are those who believe that the entire Palestinian territory should also be a part of Israel, but MyTie clearly never said anything close to that.

As for whether or not MyTie is a Zionist, it doesn’t matter. Something that is obvious to me, and should be to you as well, is that not agreeing with someone is not an excuse for name calling. You can insert insults into your arguments, as I’ve seen plenty of people, including MyTie do in this forum. But responding to his posts with only insults and sly remarks is just flaming him, and is not OK. Not sure how you’re failing to grasp this. It’s not OK when Softest does it, nor when MyTie does it, nor when you do it.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Originally posted by softest_voice:

But both sides you guys! Both sides!
The status quo is obviously the only way to do this, right guys?

LOL, keep beating that horse, MyTie. Keep telling us how you’re for both sides, but the only solution is for everything to stay exactly the same.

Oh, and when you write off educated, critical evaluation of the whole thing as “America hating”, you really are displaying how fucking willfully ignorant you are.
“Fuck off”?
Sure. There’s obviously nothing to see here; just more zionist bullshit behind a veil of tuo quoque bullshit.

“Your opinions are not the same as mine so I am going to call you names”

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

Why are you so anti-sematic.


Amusing errors aside, it’s particularly ironic to use the last ditch defense of the hardened zionist (“You’re criticizing Israel? Must hate Jews!”)

MyTie’s post was a sarcastic response to softest’s name calling. MyTie realizes that softest’s posts make him anti-semitic about as much as his own posts make him a “Zionist”.
Wasn’t sure if you were serious or just didn’t get that.

As for the term “Zionist”, I believe it used to have meaning but has since devolved into an insult and a way to devalue a person’s argument, much like the term “Nazi” before it.

As I believe I’ve said before in this thread, this forum is for discussion. If you don’t feel like discussing a certain issue, that’s fine. Don’t post in the thread about it. But calling each other names is not fine, and is far from discussion.

God, every time I try to edit this it deletes my whole post. Damn it Kongreagte!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Obama's Tears

Of course his tears were fake, everybody knows Reptilians can’t cry.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

Now, for my position: The bigger guy shouldn’t knock out the littler guy. Why not? Because it doesn’t solve anything. The bigger guy should do everything he can to make friends with the littler guy, but also should remove the bag of shit from the scene. And, the little guy is a fucking dumb ass for picking on a bigger guy with no hope of getting rid of him, and no hope of ever winning a fight against him.

Except the bigger guy DID steal the little guy’s room. So that bag of shit the little guy is holding is justified – why should he trust anything the bigger guy says?

That’s sort of the flaw in your approach. You’re trying for political realism, ie. “who cares how the argument got started?”, except that doesn’t actually work, because both sides DEEPLY care about the historical roots of the conflict, because either the palestinians are just misbegotten arabs trying to coax some world sympathy, or the Israelis are landgrabbing colonialists. There is no middle ground in some arguments. Yeah, both sides ARE gulity of plenty of shitty stuff. But your entire criticism of Israel comes down to “They should be nicer occupiers,” while refusing to acknowledge the legitimate complaint that the palestinians: They were there first. And they WERE there first. The whole concept of zionism is that it’s a break with the past. Yes, there have been an unbroken line of Jews living in Palestine, no question. But the Zionists that actually brought settlers over were european immigrants whose ancestors hadn’t lived there for hundreds of years. They were colonizers.

And if we lived 60 years in the past those arguments may have mattered. But Israel IS a country and DOES have lands and millions of citizens living on them TODAY. The argument for whether or not Israel deserves to exist is null. It exists. So his argument is not flawed, your argument is. The real problem is not whether or not Palestine or Israel deserve to exist. THEY BOTH DO. The problem is: “both sides DEEPLY care about the historical roots of the conflict”.

The people refusing to let the fucking past go. The people who believe that the entire area belongs to the Palestinians or to the Israelis. Those people are the problem, those are the people that inhibit peace in the region, and unfortunately those people are currently the majority in both Israel and Palestine.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

But I don’t turn around and play the apologist immediately afterward.

What? Yes you do.


Good points from beau and jan about the political problems within the Palestinian camp.
Infighting, combined with assassinations carried out by the Israelis, ad there’s pretty much a constant power vacuum.

Rationalizing Palestinian violence.

More Israeli reaction to UN status

Tell me again about how the Palestinians should just seek a peaceful resolution.

More of that.

I think the first step in accepting MyTie’s posts is to realize that you are biased towards Palestine softest. I don’t know why it bothers all of you so much that MyTie isn’t.

Perhaps you guys should try to have a discussion about his opinions rather than completely ignoring them.

This place is for serious discussion, you are supposed to discuss opinions, not bash people who don’t conform with your view of the world until they leave.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Sure, they have an army to enforce the law, but that doesn’t stop renegade groups from breaking the law. They have no way of ensuring that the headbangers don’t start firing rockets again, and no way of stopping it completely.

But that wouldn’t matter if they denounced terrorism and actively worked to stop it. If they did that, The world will stop viewing them as a terrorist organizaion, regardless of whether some people are still trying to fire rockets at Israel or not.

Trust, or rather the total lack of it. To get the parties round a negotiating table again (which I see as the only possible long term solution), it helps if a few concessions are made by all sides to show a bit of willing, to oil the wheels. Something small on both sides would probably suffice, but what has Hamas got other than an end to violence. A permanent end to it is the purpose of the negotiations, and it’s unrealistic to expect Hamas to concede that unconditionally before anything has been discussed.

I haven’t talked about peaceful negotiations between both sides, because currently, that cannot happen. The only way to get peace is for the world to pressure Israel into agreeing to it. Everything I’ve said the Palestinians should do, I meant they do for the WORLD, not for Israel. Once the world sees they are ready to be their own self governing country, they WILL support them, whether Israel likes it or not.

I would have thought that it was in their long term interests, but it looks as if they prefer the ethnic cleansing option, certainly as far as the West Bank is concerned.

It is in their long term interests, obviously. But the people who realize that are in the minority. Don’t know about the ethnic cleansing, it’s not like they’re murdering people in the west bank and taking their homes, they’re just letting people set their own homes on lands that do not belong to them.

That depends on what you mean by Israel leaving them alone. Does that include lifting the blockade and allowing the free movement of goods and people, allowing the tens of thousands of Palestinians who used to work in Israel to look for work there again, a stop to military incursions

Yes, that’s what I meant.

But while the public on both sides may say they are against a settlement, once advantages start to materialise they can change their minds very quickly.

I agree, but that would take either government to agree to negotiate. But neither side wants to.

But why should governments reflect popular opinion anyway? They frequently don’t. Every time they implement a tax increase they are going against popular opinion, but it doesn’t stop them doing it. It’s a government’s duty to ignore public opinion and do whatever is best for the country. And is that really public opinion anyway, rather than some conveniently perceived public opinion conjured up by the governments on both sides?

The governing parties for both sides (Hamas and Likud) were voted for because of their ideologies. Hamas’ Ideology is that Israel should be terrorized, while Likud’s ideology is that Israel should not take any of the Palestinian’s shit. These are who the people of both sides gave power to. And as I’ve said, I don’t know what it would take to show these people their stupidity.

And none of this has much direct bearing on the West Bank. How would you deal with that?

Currently, the west bank isn’t the problem. The event that inspired this thread in the first place proves that the world is for the peaceful approach that the west bank government has taken. The problem is that Gaza is also a part of the Palestinian country to be, but it is ruled by Hamas. Both of these sides need to unite and Hamas need to stop their aggression in order for the world to be able to fully support them and start pressuring Israel into making agreements with them.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Actually they don’t. They arguably have the power to stop their own people, but they don’t represent all Palestinians in Gaza. It’s bandit country, and if other groups decide that there will be no surrender and they will fight to the death, there’s not a lot that Hamas can do about it.

Actually, they do. Following the Battle of Gaza Hamas gained political control over the Gaza strip and ousted Fatah. They have an army with which they can enforce law, and stop terrorist attacks, just like they used it to take over Gaza in the battle of Gaza.

If Hamas renounced terrorism and got no concessions from Israel, politically they are dead.

I agree, and that is because the majority of Palestinians, just like the majority of Israelis, do not want peace, but rather to gain territory they do not currently occupy. That is why a terrorist organization is in charge of Gaza, and not a peaceful one.

Other than that, the Palestinians really have nothing to offer. How terrorism affects their standing in the world is not the issue. In their view, without it the Palestinians will become the forgotten people again.

Why do they need to offer anything? If all they want is for the world to recognize them as a country, I would think that they WOULD care about how the world views them. And if they go to the U.N and get recognized as Palestine, the country, separate from Israel, I would think that they wouldn’t have to worry about people forgetting about them.

Now a ceasefire of some kind is a prerequisite for Israel to enter into negotiations. In order to get that, the Israelis are going to have to come up with a pretty big carrot, which they are showing no signs of doing, not that I can see anyway. They seem quite content to wage a war of attrition and force the Palestinians to move out over a period of time. As I believe someone pointed out earlier, they want the land but they don’t want the people who are currently living on it.

I get the feeling that you haven’t really been reading my posts. Let me quote myself:

If Israel leaves Gaza alone, Hamas wouldn’t have a reason to attack Israel. And if Hamas stops all attacks on Israel, and denounces terrorism, Israel won’t have a reason to attack Gaza. But neither side is willing to do that.
This of course is VERY difficult as the majority of the Palestinians and the Israelis are unfortunately against peace. I really don’t know what sort of catastrophic event needs to happen to make all these people realize how stupid they are, but until then, the governments of the Palestinians and the Israelis will continue to reflect the popular opinion of their respective people, which is to not cooperate with the other side.

Israel is not interested in ending the conflict because it allows Israel to continue cultivating its illegal settlements which is what the majority in Israel want. Hamas is not interested in ending the conflict because the majority of Palestinians want Israel to not exist.

I personally believe that Israel has less incentive to stop, because it suffers minor consequences. But unfortunately the only way to rally the world against Israel’s actions is for Hamas to stop its violence, thus denying Israel of a way to blame their actions on Palestinian actions.

So again: Both sides are at fault. Both sides CAN end this conflict. Neither side WANTS to end this conflict. This makes me sad. The end.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

No, i claimed that Israel claims the rights of an occupier and is one according to International Law.

OK, not sure how that is different.

Why can i not fault Israel for its wrong doing, without faulting the Hamas(at first it was the Palestinians in general) for what they are doing wrong?

I simply referred to Hamas as Palestinians, which they are. Obviously other Palestinian groups do not fire rocket at Israel. And yes you can, I just think you are wrong in doing it.

Fairness? By all fairness nothing the Hamas does legitimates or even rationalizes Israels actions. Even though the Hamas are clearly bad guys from the get go. Being worse than the Hamas is quiet an achievement, considering it is outright an terrorist group.

You may not agree with Israel’s actions against Hamas but the fact remains that if Hamas wasn’t a terrorist organization to begin with, Israel would have 0 international backing towards any of its actions. And you can’t tell me international backing doesn’t matter to Israel, they were ready to invade Gaza again last month, but they didn’t, due to international pressure.

2. Hamas is primarily funded do to there being a conflict in Israel. They like the current Israeli Government have an self interest in keeping the conflict going. So sure the Hamas is equally guilty in wanting this conflict to continue, but the Hamas is certainly much weaker. How exactly does the Hamas stopping its crimes stop Israel from preforming its crimes?

As I said above, Israel is backed by the western nations. It has financial dealings with most of them. If the Gaza Palestinians presented themselves as helpless and peace seeking, Israel would cave to international pressure and at the very least have no reason to blockade Gaza or target anyone or anything in it. So Hamas might be weaker but they have just as much opportunity to end this conflict as Israel does, and therefore should suffer just as much blame. And I just want to remind you that they were elected by the Palestinians. It’s not like they couldn’t overthrow them if the majority didn’t agree with their actions (as evidenced by the arab spring). So maybe the Hamas has a self interest in keeping the conflict going, but do the Palestinians? As I said in an earlier post, both of the majorities of the factions are at fault here. The majority of Israelis don’t want peace because they don’t want to go back to 1967 borders, and the majority of Palestinians don’t want peace because they want to gain control over more territory than they currently occupy.

Personally i find it clear that the Hamas has no real way to end the conflict on their own, while Israel has. I also find it clear for everyone that the Hamas is a terrorist organisation and as such one should not await much if anything from them.

As I’ve said earlier, they do have a way, just as Israel has a way. If Hamas stops the terrorism, Israel will have to stop any actions they are taking against the Gazans (perhaps even the illegal settlements. I’m sure there isn’t as much international pressure against that issue partly because of the Palestinian’s choice of government).

A reminder of how the current blockade situation started in the first place:
The 2006–2007 economic sanctions against the Palestinian National Authority were economic sanctions imposed by Israel and the Quartet on the Middle East against the Palestinian National Authority and the Palestinian territories following the January 2006 legislative elections that brought Hamas to power.
Israel and the Quartet said that sanctions would be lifted only when the Palestinian government has met the following demands:

  • Renunciation of violence,
  • Recognition of Israel by the Hamas government (as the PLO had done), and
  • Acceptance of previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority.

Following the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip in June 2007, Israel and the Quartet countries eased some of the sanctions on the West Bank, in order to support the Fatah government, while at the same time tightening the blockade of the Gaza Strip, in order to put pressure on the Hamas administration.


That’s all they had to do, show that they wanted peace, and not war, and eventually, with Israel having no reason to blockade or attack them, they would be left alone.

Both sides CAN end this situation, but choose not to. Claiming otherwise is just wrong.

As for beauval-

So do I, and I’ve not claimed anything else.

That was addressed to Johnny

The 1967 borders include the Golan Heights

That has nothing to do with the Palestinians, and belongs to the Syrian peace negotiations. By 1967 border I meant that Gaza and the West Bank are not a part of Israel. They can even say that they don’t recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in that statement, it would still show that they are FOR peace and not against it.

Also bear in mind that Hamas does not represent all shades of Palestinian opinion. It is one of many groups vying for power and influence, just the dominant one at the moment. If Israel really wants peace, it will have to deal with a lot more groups than just Hamas if the peace is to last.

Currently, Hamas represents the government in Gaza, and Fatah represents the Palestinian government in the West Bank. As the people who represent the Gazan Palestinians, they have the power to stop the terrorism and enforce law upon them.

It’s the only card they hold.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Only card they hold against who? I can’t see how their terrorism can possibly be beneficial to their standing with Israel and the world.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

I never claimed my sources were not biased, only that they represented Israel’s stance on the matter. I understood Johnny’s statement wrong, and was responding to Johnny’s claim that Israel claims to be the occupier of Gaza, while he in fact meant that he thinks of Israel as an occupier of Gaza.

Now that I understand his statements I can respond to them:

Yes, you can fault Israel for the air strikes if Israel as the occupier of Gaza is responsible for policing of the territory. But I disagree that you can fault them while not faulting Hamas. What you are saying is that there are two solutions to this problem: Israel re-invades Gaza, either to bring down the Hamas and delegate power to Palestinian institutions or to enforce its own military policing, and Israel dropping all control of Gaza’s airspace and coastline.

But you are ignoring the fact that Hamas is not powerless in this. Thinking that they are justified to resort to terrorism is preposterous. Hamas has the option to cease all hostilities towards Israel, denounce terrorism and accept Israel as a country by its 1967 borders. This is a viable and possible option for Hamas, but they choose the option of terrorism instead. They are equally as guilty in wanting this conflict to continue as Israel is.

The only point I am trying to make in this thread is that both of these factions are guilty of the situation they are in. Both of these factions have ways in which they can end it, and both of these factions refuse to take them, and refuse peace. That is all.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Originally posted by JohnnyBeGood:

And yes i can fault Israel for the air strikes without faulting the Hamas and other radical militant groups for the rockets. To understand this you have to know that by international law an occupier(which Israel claims the rights to, even over Gaza after leaving and locking it up from outside) is solely and ultimately responsible for the policing of the territory. This means two things:
1. if it delegates this power to institutions made of people of the occupied territories like the PNA, Fatah and Hamas then its responsible for the actions these groups take or not take in regards to the delegated power.
2. As the one responsible for policing the streets, using air strikes except on a target thats an immediate threat, is simply murder. Israel is actually obligated by the status it claims as occupier to go and send the police(which maybe military police and equipped as such) to arrest and bring to trial the suspect terrorist.

Israel does not claim to be occupying Gaza. In accordance with the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian Authority took over the administrative authority of the Gaza Strip (other than the settlement blocs and military areas) in 1994. After the Israeli withdrawal on 12 September 2005, the Palestinian Authority had complete administrative authority in the Gaza Strip. The whole point of this was to let the Palestinians govern themselves and end the occupation of their land.

Foreign Affairs Minister of Israel Tzipi Livni stated in January, 2008: “Israel got out of Gaza. It dismantled its settlements there. No Israeli soldiers were left there after the disengagement.”

There is no legal basis for maintaining that Gaza is occupied territory. The Fourth Geneva Convention refers to territory as occupied where the territory is of a state party to the convention and the occupier “exercises the functions of government” in the territory. Gaza is not territory of another state party to the convention and Israel does not exercise the functions of government in the territory.

Article 6 of the Fourth Geneva Convention explicitly states that “the Occupying Power shall be bound for the duration of the occupation to the extent that such Power exercises the functions of government in such territory….” In other words, what creates an “occupation” is the existence of a military government which “exercises the functions of government.” This is a confirmation of the older 1907 Hague Regulations Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land, which state, “Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army.” The Hague Regulations also stipulate: “The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised.” What follows is that if no Israeli military government is exercising its authority or any of “the functions of government” in the Gaza Strip, then there is no occupation.

As I said before, if Hamas denounced terrorism and policed Gaza, Israel wouldn’t have a reason to air strike Gaza, and would suffer international backlash if it did. But neither side is willing to back out of this stupid war, so no, I don’t think Israel is more at fault here then the Palestinians.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Originally posted by JohnnyBeGood:

Over 1,456 rockets were fired at Israel between November 14 and 21. Notice the difference when there is a war going on? The extra rockets in October (wiki says 17 rockets and 8 mortar shells in September from Gaza)where themselves already a retaliation against an Israeli air strike that murdered Abdullah Mohamed Hassan Maqawi and injured 11 others.
The Hamas does not control all militant islamistic groups. Having a cease-fire does not mean 0 attacks.

The scale of the war being small does not make it a cease-fire. You said Israel broke a cease-fire, and I asked you to specify what cease-fire.

My point here is simply that you cannot fault Israel for the air strikes while not faulting Palestine for the rockets. You can’t decide who started it, because there has never been an actual cease-fire, since both sides (Israel and Hamas) refuse to negotiate with each other. Don’t let your feelings towards Palestine cloud the truth, like punisher has. There is no right side here. Israel has illegal settlements, and Gaza is a breeding ground for terror. The solution is not “Israel should leave the Palestinians alone and let them be a country”. This isn’t a one sided affair. Both sides are in the wrong and need to stop being in the wrong.

If Israel leaves Gaza alone, Hamas wouldn’t have a reason to attack Israel. And if Hamas stops all attacks on Israel, and denounces terrorism, Israel won’t have a reason to attack Gaza. But neither side is willing to do that.

This of course is VERY difficult as the majority of the Palestinians and the Israelis are unfortunately against peace. I really don’t know what sort of catastrophic event needs to happen to make all these people realize how stupid they are, but until then, the governments of the Palestinians and the Israelis will continue to reflect the popular opinion of their respective people, which is to not cooperate with the other side.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palestine being recognized as a separate state

Originally posted by JohnnyBeGood:
Israel for example being the one to break the last major cease-fire by murdering a Hamas member and those around him at the time.

I am confused as to what cease-fire you are referring to. In 2012 alone over 400 rockets were fired towards Israel (before operation Pillar of Defense), with 166 in October and 91 in September, which I believe is what made Israel attack. I think I’ve read somewhere that Israel believed that the man killed was responsible for the constant rocket attacks, which is why he was targeted.

There hasn’t really been a cease-fire since the rocket attacks started 11 years ago, as evidenced by the rocket attacks not ceasing.
A list of rocket attacks on Israel in 2010
A list of rocket attacks on Israel in 2011
A list of rocket attacks on Israel in 2012

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Guy behind Innocence of Muslims

Originally posted by jhco50:

Why would the administration prosecute the maker of the video and give him a year in jail if it is free speech? Why was he arrested in the first place?

He was prosecuted for violating the terms of his probation. From source:

“Mark Basseley Youssef admitted to four violations, including lying to his probation officer and using bogus names. In exchange, prosecutors dropped four other counts, including allegations that Youssef lied in saying that his role in the film’s production was limited to writing the script. Youssef was under a type of federal probation — known as supervised release — after being convicted in 2010 of bank and credit-card fraud, in which he was accused of causing $800,000 in losses.”

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Team @ WhatPulse

Originally posted by Kioyoh:
Originally posted by sellyme:

How Awesome Am I!?!?!?!?

Reality fail.

On topic, is it possible to run WhatPulse on two computers you are using at the same time? Like, having a desktop and a laptop beside you.

Go to, log in.

Go to My WhatPulse → Computers.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongrehate

The one thing that still bugs me is the fact that four stars is now considered good.

I’ve always found games rated 3.75 stars and above to be the ones considered good, A.K.A badge worthy.

People who rate all games one star for points, and fanboys of one game who rate all other games that could compete with it for one star.

I, and I’m sure that others out there like me, rate every game 5 stars, if only to give the developer a thumbs up for effort he put into his work, even if I don’t find the final product to be especially good.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I need help with a chinese character/s tattoo... and, no its not what you think...

Fun stuff.

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Topic: Kongregate / An idea to rid ourselfs of troll-alts.

I believe E-mail activation (and to an extent, IP bans) has not been implemented because Kongregate has yet to reach the point in it’s life where it can be very picky about it’s user-base.

E-mail activation would most likely deter a lot of users from signing up to this website, which would in turn hurt Kongregate financially.

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Topic: The Arts / AC's Herd'o'Sheeps

Ah, I remember, after years of re-reading that darn book, the satisfaction of finishing it and actually understanding the story. And finding out that the book I hated for years because I couldn’t understand it was actually pretty good. Next stop, the bible?

Also, challenge accepted!

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Topic: Kongregate / Company of Myself was stolen, but coming back for real..

Originally posted by generalvalter:

If you’ve read the end part thoroughly, you’d find that the present tense used is intended.

I’m not quite sure I understand this. It seems to be that the protagonist had been talking to a psychologist the entire time. If that were true, though, wouldn’t he use past tense? He’s describing events that already happened. I don’t think the levels unfold as he’s in the shrink’s office, he’s telling as story of things that already happened.

I think he is talking to the psychologist about himself, and the game depicts his monologue. The game you play is how he feels, not a recollection of events that had happened.

Overall I liked the game a lot, as it reminded of Braid, another very well made game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate, I Am Not Impressed

1. This thread made me lol

2. I wanted to go to Spes’(s) profile so I searched for it and found this, lol’d, and screenshoted for Kong’s embarrassment. fo shame:

(of course this is not a new problem, but rather the same one from a different angle :P)

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Topic: Kongregate / Pyro II Level Contest! Level Editor Inside

Damn the people who got their levels in the game, I can barely ace any of their levels =_=

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Help name a Kongai character



Marvehicular-manslaughter. (I wonder, does indirectly causing the death of two people by killing their spaceship count as vehicular homicide?)

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Topic: Kongregate / Jindo Avatar Week!

An avatar week that I don’t need to change my avatar for, finally :o

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ghosts Real?

Originally posted by Solidus:
Originally posted by Sweetchildren:

They are real I saw one in a library and I was like okay, 1…2…3 GET HER!

But then it turned into a purple demon face and I ran. Then Venkman made fun of me.

Now I don’t know if you’re serious. Before I just thought you were stupid, but now I think you’re trolling.

LOL Solidus my thoughts exactly. Obvious troll is obvious, initiate IGNORING protocols.

Dark, it’s a Ghostbusters reference.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ghosts Real?

Originally posted by Sweetchildren:

Oh, yeah Bsg, lets see some proof.

TheBSG does not need to prove anything, as you have yet to show us a source which claims that Ghosts are real and everything on Ghost Hunters is documentation of real ghosts.

And do you also think that everything that happens on “Heroes” or “24” is real? Just wondering.