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Topic: Technical Support / I can't buy kreds.

I can’t buy kreds for the main parts of the site and when i tried to goto the games that lead to the buying pages the game screen just went grey and it froze but all the other buttons and links on the page worked just fine.I always read of things like this happening to others then they find out its just their computer but with this same one i’v had for awhile now never ever had this problem on any other site.sooo maybe some people could look into this and help me out or fix it?Also when i goto press this buy kreds buttons anywhere they are clickable you wouldnt believe how many times I’ve refreshed and restarted this computer.SO someone figure out what I can do.

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Topic: Off-topic / Things you think you only do.

Originally posted by Corando:

Watch history channel

history channels awesome!XD
But i mostly do…
clean a buster blade every week (original form ff II,authentic)
hate the movie Avatar(it sucked the 2nd and 3rd time i watched it)
watch Metalocalypse every day it on.
believe in demonology and witchcraft( i seriously do no joke).
know exactly what you would for a klondike bar.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If a Zombie Attack were to happen...

i think its just a matter of survival in a time like that(totally obvious).i would grab my 4 ft. long 17 lb. buster blade(suprisingly enough,they did make them),my dragon dagger, and my dual blade guantlet(like the things the shredder guy(tmnt very long time ago)wore but the blade a a little longer.i think the buster blade is a great choice even though attack speed is limited because zombies really dont move that fast form what i’ve seen.i’d grab my step dad 9mm and the rest of my knives and cut a taly marks into my arms for each one i kill(not the depressed emo cutting!)since there wouldnt be much people giving tatz lol.then would be a good time for once that i collect medieval weaponry.what doesnt make sense is that everyone talks about breaking into some military bases and taking they’re weapons…ya think you could just walk into a place like that with maximum secrrurity?i know this is about some fantasy zombie crap but atleast be a little realistic.also i dont think zombies would survive so long with out a food sorce for long long periods of time…like…a few years?lol.and the zomieland movie what like that.logical.
and if i had a car and well i would do the same thing to everyone zombie i drive by(swing the door open as i drive lol!)a lot more funnier then just plane ol’ runnning them over.then like in shuan of the dead(hilarious movie)i would take refugee in a bar with an arcade game and lotz.lots of cold beer and line the doors and windows with barb wire i take off of fences with some bolt cutter from the shed>if you s\ask me…..that sounds like a great idea.