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Topic: Sonny 2 / Weird glitch

Originally posted by vesperbot:
Originally posted by IamDante:

Could you use this glitch to play the last 2 zones on easy and still get the achievement for beating the corruptor?

Yes, but you have to not train while playing on easy, like in the Legend requirement, and you have to beat the mayor on heroic after getting glitched (this ends up “naked”).

Oh you mean playing last 2 zones on easy? You can’t play Z7 on Challenging or less, and you can’t play Z6 on easy at all. But you can play up to mayor on easy, then glitch to heroic if you can’t do legend directly, you will have to pwn the mayor on heroic however.

I din use any training and i glitched it over to heroic. But later after I killed the mayor…I din achieve the Legend achievement either..