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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 300%-400% anti-idle speed

It’s a 100% progress bar increase. No matter the cost this upgrade should be a top priority.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Rings

You get them from Corruption (the red envelope that appears every xx:15 and xx:45, just click it to enter Corruption.

Another and easier location is the Secret Dungeon.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Petition] Arcade balance changes

Keep the games as they are, but buff the rewards. Arcade is not worth learning at the moment. Why bother with a few achievements or quests when you can’t even get decent exp or anything from arcade compared to BA that doesn’t require any practice.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Final Balancing - YOUR help is needed

Since I want to be useful and contribute to this fun game I will go ahead and make some effort to share my thoughts. I have ascended 7 times and I am about level 6000 at the moment.

1. They were great. A lot of the things were grayed out or unusable at the beginning so I didn’t get lost. I immediately wanted to unlock all the buttons. The start for the game is great and I don’t feel like it needs any changes.

2. I immediately understood all of it, but it should be made more clear about garden trees giving BC and how the plots can level up. I cannot comment on BA as the beginning has changed so much since I started playing.

3. Not really. I like the quite slow start, it makes it feel more awesome when you start getting more boost and levels as it feels like you are learning fast. I don’t think any changes are necessary. There shouldn’t be too much text around, much of the fun in this game is trying things out.

4. Just skip the wait, I never found this an issue, it’s only 1 minute.

5. At about 2300% most of the time. I use idlebot almost all of the time so I used idle mode depending on idlebot.

6. It should give much less on idle mode but on anti-idle it should remain the same.

7. They are pretty good, anti-idle should be much faster than idle mode obviously.

8. It’s great goal for newer players. It takes quite a long time to max them both in the beginning so it keeps players busy and interested.

9. Temp max boost is dumb. The moment it’s on it drains before anything has time to happen. Even if I get 1000% temp boost it’s all out before I even notice.

10. I don’t even know the difference between temp and elite temp boost. It should be changed or just simply removed.

11. At first it’s well done, but when you gain epic skills and a decent killing rate in BA you will never be below maximum again. It should be balanced for higher level players as well.

12. Yes. Ants should be more powerful though, even if I spray them or not it makes little difference. There should also be an ant sprayer from the very beginning. I was frustrated because I hated those things and I had to kill them one by one before I got the sprayer and it wasn’t fun. Felt like a chore.

13. Temp max boost should have some changes instead.

14. Used to be significant. Now it’s more like 3% for exp and coin gain. The garden loses all of it’s effect after the first ascension.

15. Less exp, more coins. To make garden useful for higher levels players I would increase the max levels for the garden plots, but make them really slow to level up.

16. I used to use blue while garden was still useful. Now I just use red trees because it’s better than nothing and I don’t have replant them all the time.

17. The first half of the trees should be cheaper. Many players make the mistake of not buying the plots because they are expensive.

18. They are pointless and don’t really do anything. Ever since the adventure where I could sell them stopped using them at all.

19. It’s worth using, but 90% of the trees are useless. No one wants to wait 4 hours for a crappy tree. I only use about 3 different types of trees and there are like 80.

20. Seed #1.

21. Yes, it’s totally fine.

22. The system should be just removed. It’s complicated and doesn’t reward the player at all because most of the seeds are useless and the best ones can be acquires without breeding.

23. All the another garden trees that take more than 2 hours should be removed.

24. Randomfruits are the one things that makes the garden worth the trouble. They are fine.

25. It’s a great source of them, but it’s never really made clear you gain them and you won’t notice it.

26. Areas like the Dark Portal and Mystic Path are just pointless and annoying. They only seem to exist for the quests.

27. Darkruler is too cheap for such a powerful weapon. It’s cost should be doubled at least.

28. Reflect skills are absolutely useless. I’m also not a fun of Coup de Grace.

29. Green bonus is either spawn rate or exp. These are the most important and will most of the time reward more than having extra damage.
For orange bonuses it’s usually crit damage or nonboss damage or such. Anything that increases damage directly.
The purple ones are just weak. I usually just put something in them because they exists, but they are just so weak.

30. No.

31. In Spooky Crypt I use the Pharaor and in harder areas I use CHAOS. And obviously invisible X. Others are just there for me to master, which is a fun part of BA for me.

32. Not really. When you have the skillbooks and stat bonuses the drops aren’t anything special. The coin drops aren’t worth anything, the rare materials are too rare to matter in this case and everyone hates the pendants.

33. Yes. Now it’s all about mining. Fighting higher level monsters is only rewarding for the exp not the drops. The drops feel the same for all levels of monsters.

34. It’s fine I guess, nothing to complain about.

35. Mining is boring. It should be more like a minigame where you had to time your swings for better rewards and faster kills. Now it’s just a boring version of BA.

36. That would make feel forced to mine every day. Instead you should consider what I said above like making it a sort of a minigame. Something like perfect catches in fishing, perfect mines or something. Something to make the player have to at least do something.

37. Spooky Crypt is still too powerful, but the nerfs have made it all right for now. Dark Pyramid is ridiculous for lower level players.

38. I like Robacon, doesn’t need any changes.

39. The BA is too good. It’s years ahead of everything else in the game in content and updates. The whole game is based around it pretty much. Doing everything else is inefficient because the rewards from BA can easily be 10 times better.

40. Much, much, much more! The button is very weak and useless and it’s even boring. It’s not worth it learning to perfect click when you can gain 10 times more from BA even at lower levels.

41. Needs much more. I think the button should be by far the best method to make BC at higher levels if you are skilled at it. Right now the button doesn’t reward players from being able to land perfect clicks, instead it punishes those who can’t.

42. The permanent reward increase should be cheaper and should give more boost for the reward. 200 purple coins for a 1% for an already low reward is ridiculous. I just feed them to my pet as none of the other things are worth the purple coins.

43. They are good, but I think some legendary boxes should be added into it too. It only seems to give bad mystery boxes. Something like having a streak of 20k and you can start making some Legendaries or something.

44. I guess it makes it more useful. It’s still quite pointless, but it’s still fun to have it there.

45. It’s way too rare. And it should give BC instead or have a chance to give them. It’s a very rare chance to gain a not so big amount of GC.

46. Arcade is probably the worst content in the game right now. It’s hard, boring and not worth the time. Increase the reward a LOT.

47. Whack-a-greg, you can’t be bad at that game.

48. Math master. It’s impossible to be good at it and you can’t score well unless you are actually a math master.

49. More on both.

50. I do run out if I actually play it, but the tokens are cheap enough.

51. Too much, it’s very hard to get thousands of arcade tokens for an insignificant upgrade.

52. Not at all. Waste of your time.

53. More exp, but should be based more on your average time. It should also give more reward for win streaks.

54. Item Fight is better.

55. Betting is the single most useless content in the game. It’s never worth it, you will always lose in the long run and even if you don’t it’s not rewarding. Just remove it please.

56. Considering there isn’t anything else to spend the stadium tokens at I guess so. Stadium tokens could be a material for BA to make them worth gathering.

57. Harder opponents should give better rewards. Now the middle level opponents are the most efficient.

58. It’s fine.

59. I think most of the cards are overpowered, but overpowered in a good way. Everything can be countered in one way or another.

60. Your career level and FCG rank should have a huge impact on your actual reward. Now they barely do anything. Time should not give any reward, beating a deck fast is already a reward in itself.

61. They are nice. A bit expensive but it’s not a problem once you have all the cards you need. Most of them are just hard to access with the high level requirement and slow leveling in FCG.

62. Yes, but not as much as it’s a great source of Blue Coins.

63. You gain exp in Lolmarket?

64. It’s ok, Lolmarket is probably the most balance feature in the game right now.

65. It’s great, don’t touch it.

66. If I am lazy I just spam town, otherwise titled zone. The zones are pointless, remove them or give us a reason to not go to the best one.

67. The FCG guy should give more FCG cash.

68. Always.

69. It’s a good option, but it’s also the only option as they are not worth using in the Garden.

70. No, you lost most of the time.

71. I don’t think so, I like collecting rep for better exp gain.

72. Same as above. Rep should work similar to the new Battle point system, giving you one time rewards for reaching certain rep milestones.

73. Barely any.

74. No it’s fine.

75. They are also fine.

76. Yes, at least compared to BA.

77. Very hard to unlock, I doubt most players are bothered.

78. It’s quite useless, fishing isn’t really powerful at all so I see no reason to limit it.

79. Very very high, but it’s ok because at that point there isn’t anything else to waste them on. They just should actually give something in return for the huge amount of coin.

80. Yes.

81. It should be.

82. It’s not well balanced, but it’s ok, careers are fun. Item maker is easily the fastest one to level up while arcade is the hardest.

83. Gem trader is useless, so is arcade. Most others are fine.

84. Great. Some feel very weak though, like fishing, gem trader and pet trainer.

85. Perfectly fine.

86. Activate with coins, sometimes bless them if I feel like it, but rarely.

87. Mega.

88. Whatever it is that I need, hard to tell.

89. They are fine as they are.

90. They are fine as they are.

91. Great.

92. Assuming you don’t buy a pet asap it takes no effort to keep it alive.

93. Bacon is very easy to collect in large amounts, but feeding the pet shouldn’t be a chore so if anything the bacon amount should be increased. If you want to encourage other foods, make feeding the pet give some temporary boosts and blessings for whatever you got the food from.

94. I wasn’t even aware there was such a thing. Since when?

95. 30% is fine.

96. Progress boxes, others I just get by playing.

97. Cards and unique enhancers.

98. Pixelated boxes are annoying, I just can’t get rid of them.

99. Nothing to really complain about.

100. Never.

101. BA should have a major nerf or everything else should have a major buff. BA in it’s current shape makes everything else in the game obsolete. One way to fix this would be to allow you to gain BA reward from other features, like using stadium tokens to buy BA items or access new areas.

102. I cannot answer this as I have only done a single hard ascension.

103. Same as above.

104. Double loot from BA.

105. The printer one. It should at least double printer speed.

106. Most are very awesome, can’t really decide. The good ones are all good.

107. Anything to do with boosts or the printer. One thing I just might add is that after you access hard ascensions you cannot access the hard rewards even if you ascend because you haven’t done enough mediums by the time.

108. Not at all.

109. Progress boxes? I don’t really understand this question.

That took quite a long time to write, but I hope you actually read it and think about these things.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Saying this again, when K+ allows for a name change, I’m in.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Game Called "Runescape"

Played RS for 10 years now and I can say the game is really going downhill and fast. If you don’t play already, please, don’t even try it. It’s no longer worth it. I still play it though since it’s the best timekiller I know.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I would like to be able to change my username if I have Kong+. We pay you money for things so why not a name change too? I could really use one.

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Thread derailed, mission successful.

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Smash Bros. Brawl

That is exactly the reason. Americans haven’t heard of Europe.

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Originally posted by im_a_winner:
Originally posted by Maggotz:

If you are from EU area I could probably play.

Well, I have no idea where that is, so probably not :p

Sorry, but I kinda had to facepalm hard here.

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Smash Bros. Brawl

If you are from EU area I could probably play.