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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

for incov
Okay, we had some problems with our DATA-center, that is why the game was unaccessble. Sorry for inconvenience, we will give your ounces back.

So you will give back ounces so easily for your server being down, but you think it’s ok to take my 50 ounces for a bad description and impossible task on koyar. This is not the proper way to treat your players.

Here is a challenge for you Bytex. Take 100 random battles against players +-3 levels away from my level (level 105). Choose ANY CARDS IN THE GAME for your decks. See if you can win the 100 battles within 1:30 without cheating. Of course you will not be able to because it is impossible.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Are there prizes handed out for correct answers in this quiz?

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / For Bytex: Koyar Quests

Originally posted by clchan:

it has nothing to do with fairness. in case you dont already know:

Originally posted by bytex:

The real ungar can always fight the enemies in spite of them having 2 same promos in a squad. You have your tactical skills and no one can be better that you, no bot is equal.

:p I’m not sure Bytex realizes you are joking.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / For Bytex: Koyar Quests

Bytex, please understand I use the term “steal” to make a point. Of course they were not stolen. :) You should also understand I have played this game for 2.5 years and am a big supporter and fan. I make criticisms to help the game.

For this matter, I think you have to consider my account. Just look at my cards (~340k of them!) I have the best possible cards in the game. The BEST POSSIBLE CARDS IN THE GAME. Every promo at * * * and multiple copies. I make the BEST POSSIBLE DECKS IN THE GAME.

And, the decks that I fight against, it is IMPOSSIBLE to win more than 2 out of 3 times. Impossible. Not hard. Impossible. Why? Because battles are random … this is totally normal.

2/3 wins means 1 loss, or -3 mana, for every 2 wins. So 100 wins = 50 losses = -150 mana, just by itself. The LOADING TIME FOR CAULDRONS ON KONGREGATE is too slow for it to be possible to fill my mana, and fight 150 times, within 1:30. IMPOSSIBLE.

The statistics work for OTHER players, maybe, who play against opponents with weaker decks. But it is impossible for me.

Now do you understand the problem?

And let us not forget the most important part:


How is it fair to take my ounces without telling me the correct information? And then giving me an impossible task? How is it fair?

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / For Bytex: Koyar Quests

1. The Koyar Quest says fight against “random players.” I pay 50 ounces to win 100 ounces. 100 fights in 1:30.

2. The players are NOT RANDOM. They are all at my level, which means top players in the game.

3. Even with the BEST POSSIBLE CARDS IN THE GAME this is IMPOSSIBLE TO ACCOMPLISH. It is not possible to beat top decks at a rate of 100 in 1:30, because of the random nature of battles, and because of the mana limit.

4. 50 ounces have been STOLEN FROM MY ACCOUNT through this FALSE ADVERTISING. I should report this to Kongregate community services. Bytex should restore my 50 ounces immediately.

Bytex needs to fix the Koyar quests so that they are possible — it is ABUSIVE to have your players give you paid currency and then try an IMPOSSIBLE quest.


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To answer some common questions in chat recently:

- When you add someone as a governor, you automatically become that person’s governor also and get the 300 imperial reward for doing so.

- As stated above, you can un-friend someone any time and it does not affect your governor status. In fact it has no effect whatsoever in the game.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / ** Sir V's PROMO CARDS GUIDE **

Thank you for the additions. Yes, I left those two out as an oversight. Your lists are really useful for Koyar battles!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / ** Sir V's PROMO CARDS GUIDE **


Ranking Points / Total Promos

95 / 28
85 / 28
81 / 27
67 / 25
90 / 30
69 / 24

Average Scores by Element
Swamp = 2.68
Neutral = 2.88
Dark = 3.00
Plains = 3.00
Mountains = 3.04
Forest = 3.39

It’s obviously not that scientific, but these numbers are not far off. Swamp has the strongest cards overall (not surprising). Dark, Plains and Mountains are all close together. Forest is by far the weakest. Interestingly, Neutral promos tend to be very strong even if they can’t be used alone.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / ** Sir V's PROMO CARDS GUIDE **


[ 1 ]

001 N Koyar Commander
002 M Dwarf-scribe
003 P Orc Warboss
004 D Lord of the Crypt
005 S Coatl
006 P Great Catapult
007 S Khalniada
008 D Kaleghos
009 M Heart of Mountains
010 D Demon of Nobility

[ 2 ]

011 M Fire Slaves
012 S Pandalus
013 D Butcher
014 F Naltamenel Gate
015 N Thull-Bagar Tower
016 D Black Widow
017 F Shining Shield
018 S Lord of Pain
019 P Tannarkh
020 S Goblin-sorcerer
021 F Cupid
022 S Elder Ikhve
023 S Zaffara
024 M Naga Leader
025 D Grave Phantom
026 D Tiamat
027 P Irresistible
028 N Angel of Retribution
029 D Elitry
030 N Irkian
031 M Caves of Khanerang
032 N Arrani
033 P Mage of the Salamander Order
034 S Sibio
035 S Will-o-the-Wisp
036 N Zaranda Executioner
037 M Naga Queen
038 P Condemns
039 S Mage the Dreamwalker
040 N Insatiable Blade
041 M Archmage
042 S Urtide
043 P Jinn
044 F Lurking Squad
045 N Uriel
046 M Almena
047 S Oruna Priest
048 P Orc-Champion
049 S Forkiada
050 D Xedden

[ 3 ]

051 P Bagatur
052 P Arimas
053 M Armored Dwarf
054 S Neura
055 N Invisibility Cloak
056 M Dirr
057 D Tecton
058 D Archdemon
059 M White Moon Children
060 N Riehsa
061 D Rounda
062 P Armadon
063 D Agvares
064 N Temple Assassin
065 P Bronze Dragon
066 F Dark Druid
067 P Orc Sorcerer
068 N Rusty Dragon
069 D Kolobok
070 N Dragon of Chaos
071 D Demonologist
072 F Talix’ Guards
073 P Beast of Rund
074 S Vilia
075 S Little Dragon
076 D Quickling
077 M Sayvar
078 M King of the Dwarves
079 D Garkain
080 M Spring Knight
081 F Golden Dragon
082 M Hek
083 S Green Dragon
084 F Gray Alv
085 P Fire Dancer
086 F Tandid Sorcerer
087 D Witch of Wasteland
088 N Arrowthrower
089 F Iridus
090 N Phoenix
091 P Rimal
092 N Scarlet Adept
093 F Elven Blade
094 F Belarra
095 P Orc Bully
096 N Firewurm
097 M Ghostly Squire
098 F Runneh Witch
099 M Helda
100 N Knight Errant

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / ** Sir V's PROMO CARDS GUIDE **


Note: This just lists cards by TIER, in elemental order. For individual card ranks see the third post.


[top-10] best


Dwarf-scribe, Heart of Mountains

Orc Warboss, Great Catapult

Coatl, Khalniada

Lord of the Crypt, Kaleghos, Demon of Nobility

Koyar Commander


[next 40 / 100] great

Cupid, Lurking Squad, Shining Shield, Naltamenel Gate

Fire Slaves, Almena, Naga Leader, Naga Queen, Archmage, Caves of Khanerang

Jinn, Condemns, Orc-Champion, Irresistible, Mage of the Salamander Order, Tannarkh

Lord of Pain, Elder Ikhve, Will-o-the-Wisp, Urtide, Oruna Priest, Zaffara, Mage the Dreamwalker, Goblin-sorcerer, Pandalus, Forkiada, Sibio

Black Widow, Grave Phantom, Elitry, Xedden, Butcher, Tiamat

Arrani, Angel of Retribution, Zaranda Executioner, Uriel, Insatiable Blade, Thull-Bagar Tower, Irkian


[bottom 50 / 100] good

Dark Druid, Iridus, Runneh Witch, Tandid Sorcerer, Golden Dragon, Gray Alv, Talix’ Guards, Belarra, Elven Blade

Dirr, White Moon Children, Armored Dwarf, Spring Knight, Ghostly Squire, Helda, King of the Dwarves, Sayvar, Hek

Bagatur, Arimas, Armadon, Beast of Rund, Fire Dancer, Orc Bully, Bronze Dragon, Orc Sorcerer, Rimal

Neura, Vilia, Little Dragon, Green Dragon

Agvares, Rounda, Archdemon, Tecton, Witch of Wasteland, Kolobok, Demonologist, Quickling, Garkain

Rusty Dragon, Dragon of Chaos, Arrowthrower, Riehsa, Phoenix, Scarlet Adept, Knight Errant, Firewurm, Temple Assassin, Invisibility Cloak

h1. TIER-4 lesser cards

Elder Druid, Tantead, Kelpie, Sky Keeper, Elven Warrior, Elven Archeress, Ranger, Irtol, Snow Maiden, Soul Catcher, Ruzarkh, Willrain, Berreyg, Falcon Eye, Elven Sniper

Bagrakh, Varangian, Snegurochka, Heavy Cavalry, Rune Interpreter, Ice Troll, Cverg Wizard, Sturmir, Lightning Thief, Clan Elder, Verafiora

Scarlet Dragon, Apprentice Wizard, Snake Priest, Earren, Camia, Gladiator, Morrag, Chelubey, Beleghos,Toa-Dhana Power Staff

Kraken, Jormungand, Great Worm, Blowzyg, Taria, River Knight, Santasssnake, Submission Bracelet

Ifrit, Ghor the Forefather, Cemeteries Host, Girhilla, Blood Dragon, Leviathan, Mammon, Nahoru Scavenger, Devourer of All, Burned Soul, Shax, Chaosphotum

Apostle of Pain, Volot, Night Assassin, Carouser, Alpha Dragon, Rainstorm Bow

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / ** Sir V's PROMO CARDS GUIDE **

Notes about this guide:

• No heroes are included.
• This guide is not intended for new players. If you are new, use any rare cards you have.
• All considerations are made based on fully evolved (in most cases three-star) promos.

Tier Key

The top 10 cards in the game.

The next 40 best cards. Use them if you have them.

The rest of the top 100. Use them also but favor the top 2 tiers.

Don’t use these cards unless you specifically want to for your deckbuild.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Heroes to enhance

Top heroes in the game:

Forest: irrelevant

6-0-1 Teya

7-0-0 Jabul
6-0-1 Afary

7-0-0 Mirghat

7-0-0 Fallen Xedden
6-0-1 Kuonti

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Way to turn off barbarians?

Really the only utility of barbarians is that when trying to conquer the island of an inactive player, if the player left a very strong garrison behind, it will be easier to conquer lands that barbarians have sat on in the meantime.

In general the concept is pretty standard for these types of games … they want to counter-incentivize you from being mostly inactive and just logging in once a day to collect income. This way you have to stick around each time to knock out the barbarians. Annoying but par for the course.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

I think two things are obvious.

1) Cross-server play is very good (the best thing about Berserk) and should be restored as soon as possible.

2) The level of rewards for Platinum league were too high. Getting 1000 ounces every two months turns a player into someone who will never buy ounces, and Bytex will never make any money. It is unreasonable to expect or want such high ounce rewards — the unique cards are good enough. The rewards in ounces should be divided by ten, or similar.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

I want to add that I think this is a very nice idea, you just need to change the numbers so that it makes sense.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

500 battles for 75 ounces is an insane idea and not at all worth it. 500 battles with 1 battle per minute is eight hours of fighting. How many players in Berserk have ever fought battles for 8 hours in a row?

You need to adjust the numbers. Something like 20 ounces for 25 wins would make sense. Right now it makes no sense. It is a waste of an update.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

Hi guys,

I appreciate all the kind words. I have been gone from the Tyrant community a little while but was here with IFS and really enjoyed this game actively for a while. I would never want to do anything rude or harmful to this great community!

Anyway I think most of people’s questions were already answered in this thread, so we don’t really need it anymore. Please if you have questions, just pm me! I would be happy to have a private conversation and keep the Tyrant forums for Tyrant topics only.

Thank you to LDV and Ralkk both for moderating the thread in a courteous and respectful way!


Sir V

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

Originally posted by supermooo:

Ignore the trolls Sir_Valimont. I am definitely interested. I am not the most strategic person, so not sure if the game will suck me in, but I am definitely leaning towards giving it a try, and I am interested in the questions and answers that are coming up.

How can we play right now if we want to? All I could access was the tutorial. As a person who likes to learn by playing I found it a bit annoying.

What we have up now for the public is just the tutorial, I’m afraid. We’re doing this whole public push (which includes presence at cons like Gen Con where I am right now) as a first step towards our Open Beta coming in October.

To answer some others — it’s just a plain fact that Tyrant is a very different type of game than ours. Personally I like games like Tyrant a lot, but also games like ours — but that doesn’t mean everyone will agree. I’m sure lots of guys won’t be too interested, and heck, tons of my card-playing friends here on Kong (I have about 5000) don’t like our style of game. That’s perfectly cool! I’m still planning on being active in the Kong games and still happy to be a part of this community. Just also glad to share our work with anyone who could be interested.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

Originally posted by yeasy:
Originally posted by Satya007:

Advertising your game in an another game’s forums is not very… Polite.


I am a long-time Tyrant player and member of these forums and have the utmost care for being respectful. You will notice I have never advertised our game on any Kongregate forum including this one until now.

My thread here is not an “advertisement.” It is a response to a thread started by Tyrant players that I only found out about because of a Google alert that our game was being talked about. This thread answers the questions they asked … it does not go into any other details about our game or solicit you to play.

If you have a problem with us talking about our game here you should reprimand the Tyrant players who brought it up on their own. That said, I am happy not to talk about it either if it’s going to cause a problem for you.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

Originally posted by Pats133:

You never answered my question. Will you put it on Kong? that’ll make me so much more likely to play it.

Sorry I missed that one. :) It’s tough for me to commit to being on Kong because pretty simply we haven’t come to any agreement with them yet. But, we’ve talked a bunch, and our tech is compatible, so it’s a definite possibility. Also I have a long history with the site as I mentioned above. If we did come to Kong it would most probably be this Fall/Winter.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

Originally posted by lonelyterrorist:

Hi Sir_Valimont, I read somewhere something like if your cards die, you can lose them for good? Or to other players.. can you clarify this?

Also, was wondering if we start playing the demo will our shizz get transferred to the full version when it’s released?

Thanks for the q’s!

The goal of Chromancer is not to kill the opponent. The opponent doesn’t have life points in the first place. The goal is to destroy his deck, his pool of resources, and his discard pile. If you destroy all 3 you win, but if you destroy any of them it also stops him from using them. So, if you destroy your opponent’s discard pile then when he uses up a card — like playing a spell in the game — instead of getting discarded, it leaves play permanently. This does NOT mean the card leaves your collection — it just gets “banished” from the game so it can’t be revived from your discard pile. We would never erase a card from your account that way of course.

During our alpha and beta sessions we have allowed players to deckbuild using whatever cards they want, but we also have given away some promo cards and packs of cards that are “locked” in the player’s account until we launch. So, yes, anything you earn on your account now like cards or packs of cards will be permanent things you can use when the full version comes. (And you can trade those things to other players too if you like).

Originally posted by Caad:

chatrooms might be the most important element for the success of your game! do you have any?

We do have a chat that works in our game lobby and in games. We are going to have it work for all the tools on our site. I agree with you 100% that this is a super important feature! I’m also expecting us to have several chat channels so you can communicate easily with just your clan, just a trading channel, etc.

Originally posted by BadMisterFrosty:

Looks promising, very interesting in trying it out. What is the in game economy like? Is all content accessible for free players by grinding and can be sped up by paying money? Or is certain content only accessible by paying money?

Originally posted by Maharid:

- Being like real CCG there will be a limited amount of a certain card, not all players can have it, it will never be reprinted every time so it will be not possible for all players to get a full collection and it will be really difficult to get a really strong card not available anymore.

Thanks guys these are really important questions.

Let me start my answer by telling you: The members of my team (including me) have been lifelong, dedicated card game players. Some of us have competed at the highest levels internationally in card games. I personally have a long history of card game playing here on Kongregate for example (Elements, Tyrant, Berserk, Ederon especially) and with a lot of success in each.

We are card players and we HATE pay to win. WE HATE IT.

Our cards are persistent virtual goods so there are limited amounts of certain cards, yes. But that is the EDITION of the card Maharid. In other words there is a limited number of FIRST EDITION “Red Hordeling” cards, but there will be many more Red Hordelings in the later additions. A new player can easily get lots of new Red Hordelings, which function 100% the same when playing the game. But, maybe they have different card art, and they will have different values to a collector. That is how we preserve the value of people’s collections without harming the integrity of the game.

If you watch the game preview (the third video link at I talk about this at length during the interview at one point. If you’re interested in how we’re really free to play and not pay to win, watch it. After all, having to spend 60,000 hours of your time as a free player does NOT make a game free. It just means the developer does not value your time. We hate that. We will never, ever, ever do it to you or anyone else.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:

is there any PvE style that is like faction wars?

i love that in tyrant i dont have to wait for the other person to take their turn and i can just play when i have time and stop when i dont (Even if it is mid-battle)

I personally think faction wars — the way they were run — is one of the best qualities of Tyrant. We will have clans and similar types of group battles, as well as all kinds of tourneys. One important difference is we are a trading card game — every single card (and packs of cards, or online currency, or membership vouchers, or any number of things) — is tradable.

We’re more a strategy game than Tyrant. Taking turns asynchronously is something we might implement in a simple version of the game we might launch for mobile for example but is not that easy with our current setup.

Originally posted by OgreSean:

Game looks horrible

Are you sure your name isn’t TrollSean?

Our philosophy has been to show players the game before it’s ready. It doesn’t look as good as it will. It’s also quite different from Tyrant. If you’re unclear on how it’s supposed to work, the best thing to do is watch the videos on the splash page at

Originally posted by Footballpwn:

The Art is good and MTG-esque the gameplay looks like a chopped up version of farmville…

Thanks, we’re really proud of the game art! Did you check out the Workshop on the website, where we showcase card art from time to time?

The UI continues to improve … we want it to end up being easy to play and not slow like Farmville. Actually if you know how to play you can play very fast (but you’ll find yourself taking a bit of extra time to think about all your moves).

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

More info this evening when I have some time to write it. In the meantime please post any questions to the thread. :)

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Chromancer: Message from the dev

I posted this thread to respond to the questions of many of my fellow Tyrant players that were posted in the thread they created about our game.

IMPORTANT LINKS: – Check out the videos at the top of the page, especially the two interviews, to understand what we’re talking about.

Check out some of the game’s artwork:


QUICK INFO (see next post for more complete info):

- Chromancer is a strategic online CCG more like Magic the Gathering than Tyrant.
- The game is completely FREE to play. Free players can own 100% of what paid players can own, and it is a 100% open and free trading economy on all items (cards, packs, online currency etc). We hate P2W and will never have it.
- Deckbuilding and strategy play is really important.
- It’s browser based with no download (JavaScript not Flash or Unity) and might end up on Kongregate soon.
- The official launch is coming in October (Open Beta) so things you’ve seen before are probably Alpha and don’t look as good.
- You can play a demo / tutorial of the game RIGHT NOW just by going to and clicking the PLAY FREE DEMO button. Works in any browser on any device.

I am the lead game designer. I am currently at Gen Con and can only respond to questions in the evenings (but please ask in this thread). Ralkk is a good friend and can also answer your questions!!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by bytex:
Originally posted by Sir_Valimont:
Originally posted by Sir_Valimont:

Bytex, for some reason my mana has been reset by a bug to 31 … I had around 700 or more (I don’t remember exactly) … can you please restore it?

Originally posted by bytex:

Sir_Valimont, we have restored your mana. Sorry about the issue.

Originally posted by bytex:

Master4sure, Sir_Valimont, the programmer has been busy yesterday though it does not excuse that we are late with our promise. The mana has been restored.

Originally posted by bytex:

Sir_Valimont, I am afraid our programmers haven’t found a way to restore your mana.

Hi Bytex,

I recently saw that getting mana as a prize from victory is working again. I was able to have 36 on my account today, and it stuck. This means you can finally restore some players’ mana that was erased by accident so many months ago! Could you please restore my 650 mana. I also know Master4sure lost a lot of mana this way.

Thank you!

As we can see, now your mana is 31. Can you please inform us when this bug appears again?

You do not understand.

Before, I had 700 mana, and it was lost because of a bug on the Bytex server. Bytex tried to fix the problem many times (see the quoted text) but it always failed. You tried to give me 650 mana and then it would erase itself and become 31 again.

Recently, I got a secret chest with 5 mana and I was able to get more than 31. So, now I should be able to keep mana that is restored to my account. So, you should be able to fix the original problem.