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Topic: Off-topic / Vegard took the bait.

Vegard is a mod now?
Better stop leaving OT for 6 months.

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Topic: General Gaming / who thinks dragonfable should be on kong?

Originally posted by haha77:

why do people talk about runescape on a df thread, yeah im talking about runescape now but thats because i like runescape and dragonfable, runescape has no reason to not be on kong, and dragonfable does not have a reason to be on kong, and ive heard some people say runescape sucks well haters they won the golden joystick awards 2 years in a row, and this year they were nominated for the worlds best free mmorpg, yeah guys runescape does suck ?, i dont see a reason why runescape shouldnt be on kong and i dont think there is a reason why dragonfable shouldnt be on kong, if u hate dragonfable so much why dont u make a a rpg that is as successful as dragonfable.

It’s succesful.
But only 12 year olds play it.
With that in mind.
You are now 12.

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Topic: Off-topic / Bronies or Weeaboos, which would you want here?


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Topic: Off-topic / OT's League Of Legends Thread?

Originally posted by SquareOne:
Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

Meh, it’s okay.
You know which champions I can use as bots?
Also, is Mordekaiser decent?
I don’t even plan on playing competitively, so I don’t really mind using a shitty champion.
He just looks awesome, and I enjoy the references in his ability names :P

Morde es the best, #1, best, shield es always win, never loose.

Also, my IGN is BtSq1 if you want to add me


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Topic: Off-topic / OT's League Of Legends Thread?

I’m bjerne on Lol.
EUNE server.
Level 30.

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Topic: Off-topic / Has anyone noticed Omegle's new button?

Question to discuss:
Have hot cybersex so i can fap to something.

Stranger 2: no
Stranger 1: fap?
Stranger 2: masturbate
Stranger 2: >.>
Stranger 1: kk

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Topic: Off-topic / How old are you?


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Topic: Off-topic / OTers that you hate


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Topic: Off-topic / Do you play an instrument? And if you do, what instrument?

When i was like 8-9 i played some random instrument. I don’t know what it’s called i English but in Swedish it’s “Fagott”.

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Topic: General Gaming / Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Ideas #2

How the Multiplayer will be: CoD4.

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Topic: Off-topic / What kind of monitor do you use?

On my TV.

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Topic: General Gaming / Are there any features that you'd like to see in my newest game?

Add boobs.
Welcome to the front page.

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Topic: Off-topic / My sister broke my headset.

Give me ideas for revenge.

Originally posted by Angried:

Older or younger sister?

In both cases – mass attack with water… I’ll guess… And then stole her stuff from toilet!


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Topic: Off-topic / Honesty Thread: your sexuality?


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Topic: Off-topic / Laptop Help.

Originally posted by hello5666:

Hey lrn2edit. Also I have about 2.1GB space left and I can play RS a massive MMORPG without freezing and having to log out by F5 or going to another page.

Waaait, you play Runescape?

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Topic: Off-topic / What if Germany had joined the allies in WW1

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Topic: Off-topic / Everyone is now physically their Kongreagate avatar

Get laid.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is the most mature person in OT?


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Topic: Off-topic / I listen to other music then Rock/Metal.

Let the hating begin.

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Topic: Off-topic / who would win vampire or werewolf

Originally posted by dingdong101:

what would happen if a a guy was fighting a vampire, and was a lycan, but didnt know it, was bitten?
would he become a werepyre?or would he just like… die

He would become Edward and crave for dick instead of blood.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's The Worst Way To Die?

Getting a kill and surviving with 3 hp but then you see a small blue ball slowly coming against you.
You shout FFFFUUUU purple caster minion as that small blue ball takes out your last hitpoints.

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Topic: Off-topic / What games do you play?


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Topic: Off-topic / I had pancakes with chocolate syrup for breakfast.

Originally posted by King_Matt:


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Topic: Off-topic / on topic

heres that forum

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Topic: Off-topic / How To Be Women

Like this?