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Topic: Magic Barrage - Bitferno / Advance Guide

Is there a wiki somewhere?
This game is kinda bad at explaining how new features work, it just puts a bunch of arrows on the screen and waits for you to push buttons.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / intercept

Ion cannon is enough

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Topic: Battle Dawn / odd admin

so, basically, a camp appeared next to my relic (!) and it belongs to the admin.


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Topic: General Gaming / WoW Patch,Security And Your Kills


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Topic: Battle Dawn / wrekages?

What are they? Are they UFOs?

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Topic: General Gaming / What is the most disgusting, violent, gory game you've ever played?

dantes inferno anyone?
impaling demons with deaths scythie (transformed into a spear)
babys with dagger-like hands coming ouf of a giant half-deity’s breast?
tentacle-like stuff coming out of concubines?
crushing holy cross on demons faces?

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Topic: General Gaming / Saddest Game Ending

Originally posted by Umbreon_:

Ending to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.

yes, one of the saddest KH game

for me, zeldas are kinda “sad” even when the end is “happy”
TP is the saddest near the end when Midna dies but, right after she “resurrects” she runs away trough the mirror and destroys it. kinda kills me

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / why multiplayer games suck

i think he just wanted you to start a flame war

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Topic: General Gaming / WHO WANT'S FREE GAMES?

oh funny a bot that does actually insult too

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Topic: Off-topic / Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-Review

i dont remember all of those deaths :/

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do the liberal Democrats want to take guns away from Americans?

to trust the police

you got another problem

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do the liberal Democrats want to take guns away from Americans?

Why can’t they leave gun owners like myself alone and worry about their own affairs?

They have to change and make better the nation, or else why pay them millions of dollars?

I am a responsible gun owner

Not everyone is, and because of this this a change is needed.

I have no less than three locks with separate keys to get to the point where you can re-assemble one of my guns to use. I have a digital lock on my gun safe’s, plus extra protection on my high caliber weapons. For christs sake the last key to get into the big safe is in itself IN a safe.
It’s the parents who have terrible gun safety

I am quite sure a lot of people keep them in places easily accessible, for when the need comes, they (think to) have to be quick.

I am training my children to be safe around guns, to respect

Good, but there must be someone that teaches how to use them.
(reasons may be good or bad)

“If guns are outlawed, only outlaws would have guns”. bq.

True, but only in-laws can give them guns.

it’s a shame morons reduce freedoms for the rest of us.

yes, but wath can we do? can we kill them? no. they have rights, they are people.
can we arrest them? no, to be moron is not a crime. we cant do anything. because our rules give us freedom. I am free to go 200mph. after that they will make me pay, i will go to jail. bt i will be free again. i will DO it AGAIN. i will teach my childrens to be like ME. They will do it with their childrens. Its like cancer, you dont stop it and it will slowly take everything.

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Topic: General Gaming / Oilgarchy

actually the game never ends as you unlock a “man to oil” machine.
just spam it all over the states and as near as possible when the other one is landing(when landing occuped space is lower) and you will always fill the bar of oil demand. i got til 2400 but got bored and quitted. too bad you cant save

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Topic: General Gaming / video game piss-me-offs

cheaters, chat spammers, beggars, all of the above (exept spawn killer and shotgun). Camping its not really a problem for me, only if this guy goes to a place where i cant and stays there for more than 5 minutes in a 1vs1

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Topic: General Gaming / cheat sanctum

try this —→

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ya know, NewGrounds is putting badges on games RIGHT NOW while we are talking…..

no to newgrounds?
TIP: skip the 2 intros and play the movie (to skip the first scene is your choice)

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Topic: General Gaming / runescape

cant we just close the thread here? .

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Topic: General Gaming / what if runescape and world of warcraft had a fight???

posted by slasher:
There is so much variety, 10 races with each a different storyline splitting the 10 into 2 groups, the allies and the horde (horde rules). Then you get to pick the class, there are 9 of them with the acception of having a lvl 50 you will unlock the hero class: Dark Knight. Every class has its own unique skill and purposes. Warriors for main tanking, paladins for off tanking with their warrior/magic like abilities. Mages for food and area of affect pwning. Druids can be 3 things at once. Preist and Shaman healer (shaman is good for healing groups, preist good for healing important people). ect. With way over 3000 quests, you can basically spend your life on this game. Once you beat one character, you can start a new one with completely different way of playing.

this is the main difference.
at the end in runescape everybody will look the same.
only 3 classes: melee mage range
In WoW too, but there will be more than 10 classes and THIS is important.

Another annoying thing about runescape is that you actually have only to click.
click…click…click…. this is obiviously an advantage for those who lost an arm somehow but for me is really annoying.

TOXIC:RS is suitable for those who fit in with the 7 year old community
well they are in WoW too, the only difference is that in WoW they cant pass the river :P

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Topic: General Gaming / Help on neverending light.

does anybody found all the spite lights?
if yes, wath do they do at the end?

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Topic: Remnants of Skystone / Remnants of Skystone Alpha Testers Wanted

i’ll test

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zening] Alpha Testers Wanted

im in.
i’ll test

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Topic: Kongregate / Argue Beta Testers

i will test

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Topic: General Gaming / why there isn't more "the torture game2"

i plaied it yesterday but i cant find it!
its gone even from favorites list!!

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 Tournament. Semi-finals have started!

DarkAlex lv16 3 hats GMT +2

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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider Tracks

-18 1i 18 1i,11 1e kj ce,kf cd 1jd cl,1jd ci 2h6 cn,2hg e2 2k5 k2,34f ee 2vs kk,37j 28 36v f5 34i ee,37j 23 32h 39,34d ej 361 db,36b dg 372 cn,2k0 jt 2or rv,303 kf 2s1 rq,2oo rv 2oo 11t,2s1 rs 2rq 122,2oo 11g 2oj 135,2rn 11o 2rq 135,2o7 132 2j4 132 2iq 1ab 30n 1ab,33m 1a8 34p 1a8 34p 12m 2rs 132,30i 1ag 30i 1cc,33c 1ab 33h 1cc,2t4 1f3 30l 1f3,343 1f8 3g6 1f8 3fd 1e0 3h2 1f6,3h6 1it 2ti 1ku,2tg 1kp 2sm 1ko 2rp 1ke 2r0 1jt 2qd 1j1 2q6 1i5 2q9 1h6 2qk 1g9 2r5 1fe 2rr 1er 2sm 1eh 2tk 1eo,30f 1c9 2ut 1eu,33g 1c9 342 1fd,3s9 1d4 3s5 1k0,3t0 1cq 3sr 1km,3n5 1n1 3nt 1uo 3rc 1uq 3sp 1mv,3hv 1sb 3hm 1qi 3i4 1re 3id 1qe 3ik 1s4,3iv 1rv 3ir 1q5 3j3 1r0 3jh 1pt 3jh 1rm,3k2 1pv 3k5 1rm,3k8 1q0 3kc 1re,3jt 1qn 3ka 1ql,3go 1tn 3hc 1v8,3gn 1tl 3ho 1tu 3h4 1uk 3i0 1ud 3ha 1v9,3hn 1tc 3i9 1uk 3ir 1ua,3i9 1sp 3j3 1ub,3j3 1ua 3jo 1ts 3in 1sg 3i5 1t2,3j0 1sb 3jq 1to,3iu 1sa 3k1 1s8,3k2 1s8 3jc 1t5 3kk 1su 3jq 1to,3it 1v3 3i5 1vp 3il 209 3j4 1vu 3jl 20d 3j0 20r,3j6 1ur 3js 1vs,3jo 1un 3k7 202,3jf 1vh 3kb 1v5,3kg 1vq 3kk 1u4 3l6 1vi,3kn 1vc 3ln 1us,3lb 1u5 3lq 1vh,3ln 1va 3lr 1tu,3li 1v0 3m4 1v9,3md 1tp 3mc 1v9 3n5 1v4,3m6 1uf 3n0 1ue,3me 1u2 3mq 1ts,3nb 1t1 3n9 1ub 3nc 1t2,3nd 1t5 3nk 1t5 3n8 1u7,3n4 1ui 3n3 1ur,3n8 1ur 3nc 1ur,3nb 1ur 3nd 1uk 3n3 1uk,2j7 132 30m 1aa,33d 1a9 2s7 14m 30o 12r,3s4 1ju 3sq 1n0 3sp 1kj,3j3 1j5 3o1 1f4,3hu 1ed 3nh 1aq 3s3 1at 3sk 1dc,3o1 1f3 3o2 1fl,3i0 1e8 3fe 1e3,3s8 1d2 3ne 1ar,3j3 1j2 3hu 1j6#3h3 1f2 3gc 1ga 3ga 1i1 3h0 1it 3hd 1hs 3hd 1g5 3h3 1f2,3nj 1s8 3rs 1s9#B nc ek 8n,B 3ie 1g3 1p,B 3j6 1fg 21,B 3ik 1hh 17,B 3id 1hr 1g,B 3jj 1gj 1o,B 3i7 1h6 1p,B 3i0 1gr 1p,B 3hr 1fv 1m,B 3jj 1ge b5,B 3j0 1he 1m,B 3j6 1gu 1g,B 3i1 1f4 27,B 3ik 1g1 1q,B 3im 1gd 17,B 3i0 1hi 1o,B 3i2 1gf 1t,B 3hj 1gf 1n,B 3io 1gm 1q,B 3jj 1ha 1c,B 3j2 1hi 1q,B 318 1h2 2q,B 32e 1h2 2q,B 312 1h1 2q,B 30l 1h8 2n,B 325 1h9 2m,B 2vs 1g9 30,B 31c 1gi 31,B 31u 1hc 2q,B 32b 1hs 2p,B 32m 1il 2c,B 323 1j4 2j,B 33b 1j9 2g,B 31a 1ji 2e,B 311 1j0 2i,B 320 1ie 2u,B 2us 1i9 2j,B 31f 1hf 2u,B 309 1h6 2q,B 306 1h1 2s,B 307 1h0 2v,B 32g 1ha 33,B 31b 1hl 2k,B 305 1hb 2s,B 2vm 1gk 31,B 2vi 1h1 2p,B 30p 1hm 2g,B 30o 1hs 2s,B 30g 1hm 31,B 2ut 17u 43,B 2ui 176 4h,B 2uc 170 45,B 2tn 17v 3n,B 2tn 17q 44,B 2te 17a 44,B 2s5 169 44,B 2qh 161 3n,B 2rb 16i 3r,B 2r6 167 40,B 2rn 16c 45,B 2rq 164 4c,B 2s5 170 3s,B 2rm 16t 3s,B 2rv 16k 49,B 2t6 16v 4f,B 2td 16u 4b,B 2re 15b 4e,B 2qd 148 4i,B 2p9 13c 4m,B 2pk 14g 4m,B 2qc 156 4k,B 2qq 156 4e,B 2s7 15m 4j,B 2tk 16q 4c,B 2s8 15q 49,B 2so 161 49,B 2tm 17b 42,B 2rv 16t 3v,B 2r3 15u 46,B 2r0 158 47,B 2s9 15j 4h,B 2s4 15v 45,B 2qq 15l 44,B 2qt 15p 45,B 2pi 15k 3u,B 2pr 13o 5q,B 2qt 13k 5n,B 2pt 137 4v,B 2p5 14a 5q,B 2ra 14c 6f,B 2pt 13t 5r,B 2r2 144 5k,B 2q3 141 5u,B 2qm 130 5o,B 2pv 12o 5o,B 3pl 1gd 5k,B 3qq 1gn 6r,B 3qj 1go 5k,B 3p4 1gk 58,B 3pj 1gd 5v,B 3q8 1fn 65,B 3qg 1fo 5s,B 3pl 1fu 53,B 3p7 1gj 51,B 3qo 1gu 60,B 3qn 1h5 5n,B 3ok 1gm 53,B 3pa 1gp 5k,B 3qt 1gp 5q,B 3r0 1gq 5h,B 3q9 1gf 5l,B 3pc 1g2 63,B 3pv 1fi 5l,B 3ou 1fj 5a,B 3p8 1gb 5n,B 3pv 1go 62,B 3r8 1gl 60,B 3qj 1gk 5r,B 3qa 1gm 5r,B 3rc 1g8 6k,B 3qt 1gf 5g,B 3pp 1gn 56,B 3pq 1hd 5p,B 3qv 1gg 69,B 3qs 1gj 5n,B 3q5 1gj 5c,B 3pq 1gg 5m,B 3qe 1gb 5k,B 3r3 1g4 5n,B 3qe 1fq 5i,B 3po 1fp 5k,B 3rb 1fs 6a,B 34q 1i2 2r,B 34t 1i7 2m,B 33r 1ht 2m,B 347 1hh 2r,B 346 1hl 2j,B 33k 1hb 2p,B 33g 1hk 2k,B 32m 1h8 2p,B 32g 1h2 31,B 34a 1i4 2i,B 32s 1ht 2t,B 32p 1i8 2a,B 315 1i7 2m,B 31r 1ij 2p,B 31o 1hv 2o,B 31h 1hl 2m,B 319 1hv 2n,B 30r 1hr 2n,B 326 1i2 2g,B 30k 1hu 2q,B 30a 1i1 2n,B 316 1hk 2p,B 334 1hr 2l,B 339 1i7 2k,B 347 1id 2g,B 33b 1il 2h,B 32m 1iu 2j,B 32v 1is 2j,B 330 1ij 2n,B 32r 1ib 2p,B 32j 1if 2m,B 33o 1ht 2r,B 35n 1ia 2l,B 350 1ig 2h,B 34j 1if 2l,B 34h 1i8 2c,B 335 1ht 2r,B 32m 1hm 2k,B 32i 1hv 2h,B 2vd 1i4 2n,B 2vs 1i6 2o,B 2vk 1hv 2n,B 2tp 1hb 2s,B 2vb 1hc 2q,B 32c 1he 2i,B 30n 1ih 2k,B 31a 1ig 2m,B 31t 1hg 2t,B 315 1i2 2q,B 30j 1id 2p,B 30s 1ij 2r,B 312 1ib 2s,B 32h 1ia 2s,B 32a 1j1 2k,B 32d 1j5 2l,B 320 1ja 2k,B 31h 1j9 2i,B 319 1j3 2m,B 31k 1iv 2i,B 316 1iq 2p,B 30r 1iq 2q,B 31o 1im 2q,B 30r 1hu 2t,B 30j 1ic 2o,B 31e 1jc 2f,B 30g 1j7 2l,B 30e 1il 2q,B 309 1i8 2o,B 30r 1hb 2q,B 2vc 1hn 2v,B 2uh 1iv 38,B 2h1 bu 2v,B 2cl bi 2q,B 2fc bp 2q