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Topic: Game Programming / OpenFL coming to game consoles

Thanks! :) Do you have any specific questions for us?

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Topic: Game Programming / OpenFL coming to game consoles

Hey everyone!

Longtime kong developers here (we’re the folks behind Defender’s Quest, CellCraft, Super Energy Apocalypse).

Just wanted to pop in and mention that Haxe/OpenFL (a tech stack a lot of flash developers are moving to) is going to be compatible with home game consoles like the WiiU, PS4, XBox One, etc.

So right now you take your Flash workflow to OpenFL and hit targets like native desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), mobile (Android, iOS), and HTML5, but soon you’ll be able to hit consoles, too.

Here’s all the details: (slides+text from a recent conference talk)

So for those of you who are using Haxe and OpenFL already, the idea is that it will eventually be kind of like using Unity — you can keep building your game on desktop/web, and then when the time comes you sign up to be a console developer with Nintendo/MS/Sony, get in touch with the OpenFL console team, and you can get the console backend “batteries” for the system(s) you’re working on without having to rip apart your actual game code.

This also means popular game frameworks built on Haxe/OpenFL, like HaxeFlixel, HaxePunk (and perhaps even Stencyl and Away3D) will be console-compatible, too.

For instance this is linked in the article, but I’ll pull it out here — video of HaxeFlixel’s “MODE” demo running on the WiiU:

Let us know if this is of interest to you!

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Topic: General Gaming / Defender's Quest (from the CellCraft & Super Energy Apocalypse guys)


Sure am. Kong has a special place in our heart so we’re trying to decide exactly how to present it best. We know people will want a kong-specific version, so Anthony and I are talking about what to do.

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Topic: General Gaming / Defender's Quest (from the CellCraft & Super Energy Apocalypse guys)

I just added downloadable versions for windows & linux (mac coming soon). Anybody got any feedback as to whether those files work?

Get the stuff

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Topic: General Gaming / Defender's Quest (from the CellCraft & Super Energy Apocalypse guys)

Cool! Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Defender's Quest (from the CellCraft & Super Energy Apocalypse guys)

Cool! Any specific comments/criticisms?

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Topic: General Gaming / Defender's Quest (from the CellCraft & Super Energy Apocalypse guys)

Hey guys, larsiusprime here, I worked on Super Energy Apocalypse and CellCraft, if anybody remembers those.

We just released the first demo for our new game, Defender’s Quest!

Play the demo!
Old-ish video

The idea is that it’s a tower defense / RPG hybrid. The battle system is tower-defense, where each character in your party is a “tower,” but each one is unique, and levels up, learns skills, and equips stuff independently of all the others, and there’s a heavy RPG meta-game and story.

The demo is browser-based, but the final version will run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. I’ve got the installers working for all 3 operating systems, just trying to iron out some kinks before I upload them, so all we’ve got right now is the web demo.

We chose to focus on three things: story, customization, and tactics. So, we don’t have a sprawling overworld, random battles, romance sub-plots, spikey-haired emo kids talking about their feelings, etc. Instead, we’ve got our attempt at a snappy, fast-paced story, lots of individually designed balanced battle sequences, lots of character classes, skill trees, equipment, etc.

We’ve tried to strike a balance between depth and streamlined-ness. I wouldn’t say “simple”, but the idea is not to totally overwhelm the player with boring minutiae.

Here’s a picture from a late-game battle:

We spent a lot of time on the battle system, trying to make each of our six classes unique, interesting, balanced, and strategically deep. Your goal is to defend your main character from enemies. To defend herself, the main character can summon friends, as well as “boost” them with energy she gets from killing monsters.

Each defender can have up to five special attacks, but they can’t use them all right away. “Boosting” a defender will give them an in-battle stat bonus, and enable their next attack. So, when you upgrade skills, it’s important to pick between simple attacks (available immediately) or advanced ones, which are more powerful, but need some energy investment before they become available.

Overworld image:

Character customization:

This demo version comprises the first 2 Acts of the game (total 7). We hope to have the final version out by November 2011.

I’d love to hear what you guys think, particularly:

Tutorial flow/pacing
Battle System
Skills System
Challenge System
Anything else!

The final version will be a downloadable title that we release on steam or something like that, but I’m talking with some of the staff at Kong about ways that we could launch it here, too.

Love to hear what you guys think!

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Topic: Collaborations / Dallas Development Studio Hiring Awesome Flash Programmers

First off, it says B.S or “equivalent experience,” so if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree but are otherwise an awesome programmer with lots of experience, we’d still like to hear from you. :)

The answer to some of those questions will have to be answered by the company itself (feel free to inquire at, but here’s what I can say off the top of my head:

As for credits and compensation, I see where you’re coming from. I’m pretty familiar with the fly-by-night “studios” that try to get developers to code stuff up for them and then offer them shady compensation schemes. This isn’t Method’s way of doing things. Method is looking for permanent employees, and you’d be paid a real salary and credited alongside the rest of the team.

We’re a professional game development studio in a team-based environment – so, you’d work in an office alongside designers, coders, artists, etc. You’ll be working on one big project, rather than lots of small projects.

The project we’re hiring for is Flash-based, but in the future it’s conceivable you might work on something else. For now and the foreseeable future it’s Flash we’re looking for.

(And just so nobody gets confused – Super Energy Apocalypse and CellCraft weren’t developed for Method. Those were games I made independently before I started working for them. )

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Topic: Collaborations / Dallas Development Studio Hiring Awesome Flash Programmers

Hi everybody! I’m Lars Doucet (larsiusprime), lead programmer of Super Energy Apocalypse and CellCraft.

The company I work for is looking for a few good actionscript programmers. Specifically, I’m looking for people with a lot of coding experience who have completed games (if you’ve posted games on Kongregate, this probably means you).

If you’re interested, hit this link up:

And follow the instructions. Please be sure and submit a portfolio with your application.

Thanks so much!

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Topic: General Gaming / CellCraft is a Creationist Game

Yeah, this is just getting ridiculous. It’s like those people who get try to ban records because if you spin them backwards your kids will hear the voice of Satan.

Seriously folks, false alarm.

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Energy METROPOLIS development diary

Hey guys, I’m larsiusprime of BrainjuiceGames, the guy who developed Super Energy Apocalypse. I got a lot of great feedback from Kongregate, and a lot of requests for beta testers. I just started work on the sequel, “Super Energy Metropolis,” and I’ve begun some basic prototyping work. If you want to follow along with my development and eventually become a beta tester, we’ve got a development diary set up you might be interested in checking out.

We’re a long way away from alpha and beta test, but if you’d like to have some input early on in the development process, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s the first post in the series:

And here’s the blog itself:

Post comments here or on the blog itself :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled: Video Guides

Guys, thank you so much for playing my game! I read all the feedback you post here and elsewhere, and I’m glad that you’ve found my game deep enough to merit discussing various strategies. I’m currently talking with my boss at HARC about a sequel, and I might be interested in a few good beta testers. Whisper me if you’re interested :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! - API Reporting Bug

Hey guys, this is Lars, I developed Super Energy Apocalypse. I’ve been working with Greg on this issue, and I’ve done everything I can do on my end that I know of to fix the bugs you guys have been reporting. My mailbox is absolutely jammed with feedback, so I can’t respond individually. The game IS reporting the statistic, it just sometimes doesn’t get caught by the server.

Last I heard Greg was having a chat with the Kongregate server providers. We are working on this, both from the Kongregate end (Greg) and the developer end (me), but I can really only speak for myself as I’m just a developer over here in Texas and Kongregate is a completely separate entity from me. Thanks so much for being patient with us. I’m terribly sorry about all this!

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Energy Apocalypse

I’ve updated the game to version 1.3, which includes a much more customizable sandbox mode, makes level 8 a little less impossible, and fixes various bugs. I’ve also implemented the statistics API so now it’s up to Kongregate to add some badges for us!

Keep the feedback coming! I’m working hard on version 1.4 (mostly bugfixes and features that have been a long time coming, like terrain elevation, flame turrets, and recycling), and then I’ll be working on a version 1.5 which will be a “half-sequel” to the game, including an all-new “challenge” mode with all-new levels, and if we’re lucky, a map editor.

So thanks for all the comments! You’ve really helped shape the future development direction.

Lars A. Doucet

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Topic: General Gaming / Super Energy Apocalypse

Howdy guys! I didn’t realize that when I updated from version 1.1 to version 1.2 that the difficulty ramps up astronomically in level 8 until I started getting comments about it.

That being said, I have beaten it and I know plenty of people who have. Try these tips:

1) Build at least one lab, as quickly as possible. The key is to generate research over time so you can upgrade your natural gas plant. You have a very limited amount of NGas so you need to be burning it at the most efficient rate, therefore its better to upgrade it early than to just build two plants.

2) Build lots of mines on the first day, so that you will have plenty of bullets. Mines are fairly cheap and produce plenty. Build lots of guns to get you through the first day.

3) Don’t touch the geothermal spots until day 2. The reason is, they are farther out and more vulnerable to attack, and on day 1 you don’t have the resources to defend them.

4) If you play it right, you should be able to get away with just 1 or 2 garbage trucks on the first day.

5) On this level, the key is surviving, not surviving unscathed. Allow your food supplies to bleed as long as they’re only in the single digits, and only build new farms when you have to. This takes some managing.

6) You need a mixed defense of flood lights and guns. The guns are great b/c they don’t use any energy to fire. Your flood lights, even if you’re playing well, will flicker on and off as you produce and then rapidly consume energy throughout the night.

7) If you can survive until the 3rd day, you’ve almost made it. Colonel Thorvald Roosevelt will come and resupply your base. If you can make it to this point with your fortress intact, you’re golden. You’ll get 50 natural gas and some other resource which should be more than enough to get you through the last night.

8) Upgrade Natural gas plants as quickly as possible to get the most out of your tiny amount of natural gas resources.

9) Upgrade gasoline if you can so you won’t have to switch to ethanol or electric engines until day 2 or 3.

10) When you build geothermal plants, build a cross pattern of floodlights around them. The combines intensity should kill most enemies (provided you have enough energy).

11) Make sure that by day 2’s end you have 3 labs. Upgrade your geothermals as soon as you can to get enough energy to pull you through.

12) Remember, building more landfills closer to trash zones increases your fuel economy because trucks don’t have to drive as far. Landfills are cheap to build so this is a good strategy. Just make sure zombies don’t destroy them or you are hosed, because all the trash will spill out.

13) For this level, you don’t have time for solar, wind, or nuclear. Just focus on natural gas and geothermal. Fossil Fuels is a death wish because you need that for gasoline for your trucks initially, and any extra amount of smog will tip the zombies over into the next level.

That might not be the only winning strategy, but it’s worked for quite a few people. However, I recognize the level is probably too difficult. I’m thinking about adding 30 seconds more to each day cycle, 10 seconds less to each night cycle, and increasing the amount of starting resources slightly.

Also, in a future release there might be some more levels in between 7 and what is now 8 to smooth out the learning curve.

What do you guys think?