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Topic: Kongregate / Hands of War Game Completed Achievement - Bug?

to re-beat boss, do you have to restart? I beat the boss already and now he doesn’t reappear.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den Impossible Badge Party Advice

I went with warrior/mage/ranger/cleric. I would just anoint the mage and then do the lightning thing. The mage had all points in intelligence. I also got lots of gear with health regeneration. I got the impossible badge quickly by going through as many levels as I could without fighting. You get enough gear from the treasure chests. Don’t worry about having heavy armour on the warrior and cleric, if there’s something good that your ranger or mage don’t need. A few percent of damage reduction doesn’t make all that much difference. Also, use the scrolls of deception and don’t bother fighting the bosses (sometimes they can get lucky).