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Topic: Kongregate / Contract Wars-- XWAR Experimental Warriors Clan Requirements

This topic has been made in the Contract Wars forum as well now, so I’m going to lock this one.

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week 2016! (Week of 2/8: Epic Boss Fighter)

This week’s badge is the Outlasting & Out-Blasting Badge from Epic Boss Fighter.

So, yeah, the time has finally come: this week’s badge of the week is an impossible badge. I wasn’t sure if this would ever happen, but after discussing it, we came to the agreement that (1) it’s manageable by impossible standards, and (2) it isn’t super long. So with one week, you’ll have time to do it if you’re committed. But time isn’t all you’ll need: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is a fast-paced bullet dodging experience, where you’ll be on the edge of game over most of the way. I don’t know whether we’ll do an impossible again, so this week is your chance to make good on the idea. Good luck, because this week you’ll need it.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOA] Forum Games Horror Story: THE LIGHTHOUSE

Take a moment to look out the nearest window (if there is one in the room) and see how the storm is faring. Has it let up yet or is it getting worse?

You move across the room and stare out the window. The storm continues unabated, the wind howling shrilly and the chill rain blurring everything more than a few feet beyond the glass into a misty gray sameness. It doesn’t seem to be getting worse, but you would be hard-pressed to claim that it was letting up.

Open and examine the chest.

You walk to the chest and lift back its flat lid, allowing you to gaze inside. You see several wooden objects and toys, cut from unpainted, light-colored wood. Mixed among the wooden pieces is a straw-stuffed doll, with buttons for eyes. Although you can’t think of much of a use for it, you take it.

[Examine the room thoroughly], consisting of

Check under and behind the chest for stray objects.
Look under the bed.
Look under the blanket.
Examine the table for objects, documents, open the drawer if it has one, and check the underside of the surface.
Open the armoire, look inside the doors and drawers, and check for objects that might be on top.

The chest sits on the ground and is too heavy to move easily; behind it is nothing but a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. Searching under the bed reveals the same. You next pull back the blanket on the bed, and again find nothing; no grisly specter faces you, but neither does any useful item or indicator.

You examine the small table, which appears to have been used in lieu of an actual desk. There are no drawers or compartments, but the surface itself is covered by several items. Most are of little interest to you, but two grab your attention. The first is a child’s drawing, faded by time; it appears to depict a jet-colored figure with long fingers, and a red entity with a hunched over appearance. The former stands in a sort of triangle at the top of the picture, while the other stands in a rectangle toward the bottom. The second item is a glass marble, smooth and varicolored. You pocket it.

Lastly, you open the armoire, the biggest piece of furniture in the room. To your surprise, you find nothing inside, although its interior is less dusty than the rest of the room. Although that could easily be explained by its being closed off, you are forced to consider the possibility that its contents were removed at some point in the past.

If there is a table serving as desk, can we see a chair?

You look around for a chair; strangely, there doesn’t seem to be one.


INVENTORY: A scarf; a small stone; five coins; a brass key; a fountain pen; a magnifying glass; a thin piece of metal; an iron key; a sweater; a box of matches; a letter opener; a blank page; an invoice; a note written in blood; a prayer card; a towel; toilet paper; a doll; a marble.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pel, 50th KG Tournament FINAL AFTER DAY 3

Originally posted by SilentSand:

my guess is a surprise win for Ben_B, followed by BHA, cirp, and EG in 4th place

I think Shawn has second pretty well locked down.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

The original Space is Key wouldn’t really work for an imp. Through resets, you can play it as 15 sets of three “levels,” rather than one continuous string of 45 levels, which makes getting zero deaths possible. I’d recommend just a medium badge for completion. Maybe a hard for some arbitrary death count (probably 50 or less), but it’s not really necessary.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by greg:

Many thanks to pepe8717 for suggesting “A Grain of Truth” — I just finished playing through it, and I’d honestly say that it’s one of the best games on the site. Everyone should play it. I don’t know how this gem was overlooked.

…but the API doesn’t submit anything (despite stats existing), so I can’t give it a badge. The gold-panning continues…

It’s a direct sequel to The Trader of Stories (which was badged), so if there was any way to contact the developer, I guess it’s possible they could still add API. That ship has probably sailed, though.

As far as older games are concerned, if we’re restricting to non-Unity games with a 3.75+ rating and working API,

Hetherdale (3.88 rating)

Ghostscape 3D (3.85)

Hexad (3.87)

Necronomicon: Book of Dead Names (3.76)

Raider: Episode 1 (3.75)

Silent Conversation (3.83)

Dino Run: Marathon of Doom (3.75)

The Line Game: Orange Edition (3.75)

Abobo’s Big Adventure (3.95)

Space is Key (3.76)

would all work. (This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list, either; it just includes games I’ve suggested in the past that meet the basic requirements.)

If we relax the rating requirement a little bit, many other games would become options. Unfortunately, there are many good games with strong ratings that don’t have API, and at this stage it’s obviously unlikely to ever be added.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Celebrating 2015!

I guess I’ll be the first to ask: if someone has all kongpanions, can the quest upgrade a non-shiny to a shiny? That didn’t work last year, so I’m assuming it also won’t work this year, but hey—you never know.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOA] Forum Games Horror Story: THE LIGHTHOUSE

I think we’ve run into a new situation—this appears to be the first time where there are (almost) incompatible commands. It’s obvious that one person wants to leave and one person wants to look around. We were hoping for more participants in this game, so that a consensus would kind of develop in such situations, but as long as there are only going to be two or three people playing regularly, you guys will probably need to come to an agreement on these kind of situations in the future. For now, I’ll sort of sidestep the issue.

Close the trapdoor and lock it. / Check the boxes and the pockets of the old clothing for items before you leave the attic. / Briefly examine the broken mirror and rusty pail.

Still overwhelmed by a pervasive sense of wrongness, you swallow nervously and begin to rifle through the items nearest to you. The tapping noise in the distance grows louder and closer, becoming a dragging, scratchy sound, as if something were scarifying the old wood floor as it moved. There appears to be nothing in the clothing, and you decide you’ve pressed your luck far enough. You exit back through the trapdoor and close it behind you, locking it. Moments later, the door bangs loudly, as if something had passed over it. You hold your breath instinctively, paralyzed by primitive fear, long seconds ticking by with agonizing, gross slowness. At last, you exhale loudly, and back away, your gaze focused on the now still trapdoor. You reenter the master and close that door too, then breathe deep and long, your heart still pounding in your chest.

Read the prayer card.

You flip the prayer card; the text on the back indicates that it depicts

St. Elizabeth of Hungary,
of the Third Order of St. Francis.

Try the doors on the upper hallway; open the first unlocked door, enter the room, look around, and explore everything that does not seem supernatural.

[With no indication as to which side of the hallway to choose, I selected the right from the master (which would have been the left side initially).]

You move back into the hallway, passing by the blue luminescence of the strange candle, and open the first door on the right. It appears to be another bedroom, considerably smaller than the master. It faces the front of the old house, looking onto the plateau from which you entered. The room itself appears to be a pale blue, almost lilac, with a small bed in the far corner. A rough, homespun blanket cast in offwhite covers the single bed, and a small painting depicting a cottage hangs over the headboard. A sizable armoire faces the bed, and a table serving as desk sits next to it. A small wooden chest, painted white but otherwise unadorned, sits near the door. The room is quite dusty; you suspect that it has seen less recent use than even the rest of the house.


INVENTORY: A scarf; a small stone; five coins; a brass key; a fountain pen; a magnifying glass; a thin piece of metal; an iron key; a sweater; a box of matches; a letter opener; a blank page; an invoice; a note written in blood; a prayer card; a towel; toilet paper.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pel, 50th KG Tournament FINAL AFTER DAY 3

Unfortunately, no one can be told what Sven is. You have to see it for yourself.

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Topic: Kongregate / Found in the office: Legos at Lunch

I don’t know, that Trogdor seems to be a little lacking in consummate V’s.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOA] Forum Games Horror Story: THE LIGHTHOUSE

Move the match you just lit closer to the paper to warm it up without getting it to touch the paper.

Hoping that more conventional combustion might do what the blue fire could not, you light another match, and hold it near the blank page. The wavering thread of flame does not produce much heat or light, but is able to support your hypothesis. Faint text begins to stand out against the previous blank page. But the match does not burn hot nor steady enough to finish the process. You suppose something more than a match will be needed to bring forth any message on the document.

What is the name of the town on the invoice?

You glance at the invoice you took from the desk, and note it is from Coldwater Village.

Hold the blood-written document up to the flame.

You do so, but observe no effect.

Extinguish the flame on the blue candle before it burns anymore in case we need to conserve it.

You attempt to extinguish the flame from the blue-glowing candle, but fail. It would seem that such an unnatural flame cannot be put out by such mundane methods, although you suspect given the lack of heat that the wax is not melting anyway.

As the candle is burning, examine the bed in the master bedoom again. If it is not occupied, check under the bedcover and under the pillows.

You return to the master bedroom, and, hesitantly, reexamine the bed. Whatever you saw previously seems to be gone, although you can’t quite shake the grisly image from your mind. A slight impression (or so you think) on the quilt has replaced the corpse.

You examine the bed more closely. An old, threadbare quilt covers the bed. It has been worn thin by time, although the elaborate faded patterns suggest that it was originally a fine piece. You pull back the cover and examine the bed, your skin crawling as you do so. You find nothing. You check under the pillows and notice a prayer card depicting a woman, her head adorned by a nimbus of light. You take it.

Return to the bathroom.

Open and examine the drawers of the vanity and any objects laced upon it. Are we visible in the mirror? Is there any cloth in the room? Drapes, washcloths, towels? Is there soap? What kind of paper is on the toilet stand, is it cut and printed? / Return to the bathroom and take a roll of toilet paper.

You next return to the bathroom adjoining the master, examining the vanity more closely. It is made of what appears to be white porcelain or glass, sitting on a narrow pedestal of the same material. There are no drawers, and nothing sits on it that you can see.

You look to the mirror, to find you staring back at yourself. Your brown hair is somewhat tangled and windblown, mute evidence of your trip up the windy cliffs and your brief encounter with the storm. Yet it’s strangely hard to say more; your reflection seems somehow blurry.

You look around the room, and notice a thin towel balled up on the floor. You pick it up; it seems relatively dry and clean, so you take it. You then examine the paper by the toilet. It is relatively thin, part of a mostly depleted roll. No images nor monograms nor print appear on it. You remove it and add it to the various items you have pocketed.

Try to remove or destroy wainscotting panels to examine the wall behind them.

You look at the slightly moldering wainscotting, and probe at it with the thin piece of metal, to little effect. You next kick at the wall, and are rewarded with nothing save a small dent and a slight crumbling of the weakened wood. Although rot has affected the panels, it is clear that it has not progressed to a degree that would undermine the building, and the panels themselves are not apt to fall away from the walls.

Open the second door. Examine the space under the stairs, then ascend the stairs, open the trapdoor if it is unlocked, and look around.

You open the second door in the master, and look around. You see nothing noteworthy. You climb the stairs, and examine the trapdoor. It is unlocked—strangely, it appears that it can only be locked from the outside—so you push it upward, and enter into a dark, murky attic.

You immediate feel a distinct chill, a malaise that courses through your body. You glance around uneasily. It is hard to see anything in the near dark, although your imagination is more than willing to fill in the void. In your immediate vicinity, you notice various pieces of junk: old clothes, discarded boxes, an old wooden stand, a broken mirror, a rusty metal pail full of holes. Although the dust on the floorboards is thick, there are places where it has been scratched or blown away, in long, consistent lines. You look around for a light source and see nothing of use; you hear a slight tapping noise in the distance, back beyond the oppressive blackness.

INVENTORY: A scarf; a small stone; five coins; a brass key; a fountain pen; a magnifying glass; a thin piece of metal; an iron key; a sweater; a box of matches; a letter opener; a blank page; an invoice; a note written in blood; a prayer card; a towel; toilet paper.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pel, 50th KG Tournament FINAL AFTER DAY 3

Four of us from Group D made Round 2, and I was the only one not to make the finals. I believe that points to the extreme strength of schedule I faced, and therefore I am the moral winner of this tournament. No one can convince me otherwise!

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Topic: Kongregate / Pel, 50th KG Tournament FINAL AFTER DAY 3

Dangerous Dungeons Medium

SiK2 Medium

FtB Medium

Bug Slayer Medium

Death Run Medium

Colourshift Medium

Lazy Pel Effort

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week 2016! (Week of 2/8: Epic Boss Fighter)

It’s that time of the week again, and by time of the week I mean beginning of the week. So here we are, early Monday, ready for a new badge. And this week’s badge is the American Exceptionalism Badge from American Racing.

This was a special selection of sorts by the good people of YP; consider it a happy birthday from the chatroom toward a certain fan of racing. In the meantime, enjoy one of turboNuke’s best racing games, with its graphics and controls well refined. It’ll take some effort to win everything, so, uh, start your engines? Good luck guys.

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Topic: Kongregate / Awful Chat Mods

I’ll just reiterate what others have said; if you feel a mod is acting improperly in whatever way, you can report them. The admins will act if there’s a problem, but of course they’ll need some time to check everything. It’s also worth noting that not everything that is reported is actually going to be problematic; people may disagree while talking, and sometimes when things get heated, they seem worse than they actually are. Obviously, there are also going to be times when mods do act badly, and if that is determined to be the case, it will be addressed.

This thread has wandered off course in a couple of places, but even as a chat mod myself I think this is a discussion worth having, so I’m going to leave the thread open for now. I’m not really sure how much else can be said, though, so if it degenerates into gender avoidance stuff again, or gratuitous insults, or whatever, I’ll probably lock it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Jhulo - New Strategy and timing game on Kongregate

Yeah, the post itself is fine, but there’s no need for a duplicate. Since this one has some discussion, I’ll hide the other one. In the future, please don’t make duplicate threads. :)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOA] Forum Games Horror Story: THE LIGHTHOUSE

This isn’t an update just yet; one day is generally a little low for giving people a chance to share their thoughts, although the three players who have been active in most updates have already posted, so an update is likely within the next 24 hours. Rather, I’m just going to reply to a couple points where I caused some confusion.

Originally posted by mendelde:

Actually, since the feedback loop taks rather long due to the nature of this being a forum game, I am trying to issue comprehensive actions so as to move the story along. I previously jokingly referred to it as “ransack the room”, i.e. “examine all objects, open all drawers, take everything that’s not nailed down”, and this turned to “You decide to explore the master bedroom thoroughly” in your reply, so I used that wording this time. These are actions that don’t require any decisions, and in fact you have had the protagonist pick up objects without being prompted to do so before. If a room can be “completed” by doing these actions, why delay the inevitable?

I kind of figured that was the case, and I realize that we’ve been taking a long time with some of the updates (sorry!). The thing is, all purpose commands could theoretically bypass gameplay by getting you things you didn’t notice, or activating things you didn’t mean to activate. Depending on the circumstances, this could affect the gamestate positively or negatively. When we ransacked the room in the earlier update, BrainpanSonata’s post was used to specify what ransacking the room meant. I have no problem collecting sub-commands in that way, so “Thoroughly explore [x]” works if then clarified by “examine [y],” “check under [d],” “use [a] with [b],” “jump up and down”, etc.—whatever you need can be combined under a “large” command, as long as the sub-commands are specified. I realize that kind of adds more work for you guys, so I apologize for that. :P

Originally posted by mendelde:

Also, Precarious didn’t give us our inventory listing this time.

That was just a straight up mistake on my part. If nothing is added to the inventory, sometimes I forget to append it to the end of the update. It’s always important to have it visible there, though, so you guys can make decisions more easily. I’ll edit that in now; thanks for pointing that out.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOA] Forum Games Horror Story: THE LIGHTHOUSE

Check the date on the invoice.

The invoice appears to be dated 5 N 02, but the apparent shorthand leaves it somewhat ambiguous, and you do not know how old the document is anyway.

Thoroughly explore the bathroom.

[Please note that, if this is meant to pick up items or otherwise have an active effect, commands of this nature will be considered invalid. A room or zone shouldn’t (typically) be able to be “completed” via a single sentence. In this instance, I will interpret the command to mean observing the bathroom more carefully, since the original description wasn’t especially detailed. If this is what you meant, I apologize in advance for the misunderstanding.]

You enter the bathroom and look around carefully. It seems likely that this is a repurposed room; underneath a scuffed and damaged porcelain tile, you can see a bit of the original floorboards. Most likely, this was a sitting room converted to a bathroom when that option became available.

A large iron tub, standing hollow to the left, appears to be built into the room. Soap scum has sunk into the metal toward the front of its wide brim, discoloring the metal; there is currently no water in the tub. An old porcelain toilet stands further back, its slightly corroded pipes sneaking off through rough holes into the house like metal tentacles. A stand with paper sits nearby. Across from the toilet is a white vanity, surmounted by an oval-shaped glass mirror. Other than a small crack, its surface is unmarred.

The entire room is wainscotted in wooden panels, approximately waist high; time and moisture have corrupted the wood, setting it to a slow rot. The remainder of the room is wallpapered, and a single window is set against the far wall, looking out over the cliffs and back toward the gray sea. The storm continues, making detail hard to come by.

Turn on the sink faucet.

You turn to the tap, and turn. It twists easily, hollowly, and for a moment nothing happens. You are about to conclude that the water isn’t working, when a thick black fluid seeps from the faucet, a runny, semiliquid gunk that almost resembles oil. You flinch back, but after a moment, the black stuff filters away, replaced by normal (if cloudy) water. Yet even that soon gives way, and then there is nothing. You assume that the water isn’t presently working, and what you saw was a mere remnant.

Go outside the room, light the candle with a match, and warm the blank page.

You stride back out of the bathroom and then the master, turning to the candle standing just outside of the bedroom in its waxy sconce. You withdraw a match and strike it, calling forth a flickering yellow wisp of flame.

Carefully, you move the match toward the candlewick, lighting it. To your surprise, both the candleflame and the candle itself glow a deep unwavering blue, casting their cool light about the hallway.

Raising your hand, you test the heat of the flame, cupping your palm just over the the azure fire. You feel absolutely no warmth, but move the blank page near it anyway. Nothing happens; you suppose a more traditional flame will be necessary to test your theory.


INVENTORY: A scarf; a small stone; five coins; a brass key; a fountain pen; a magnifying glass; a thin piece of metal; an iron key; a sweater; a box of matches; a letter opener; a blank page; an invoice; a note written in blood.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOA] Forum Games Horror Story: THE LIGHTHOUSE

Again, sorry for the delay. Some real life things got in the way. Updates should be more frequent going forward. :)

Look out the window (check for movement).

You move toward the window, and look down toward the ground. The storm continues unabated; in its misty fury, the ground is a watery blur, all details washed out. Rivulets streak down the old glass in strange streaking patterns, liquid ideograms; the deafening roar of the thunder has become less common, but still it rattles the land from time to time. You note no movement, although from this height it’s hard to be sure of anything.

Ransack the room. This consists of
examining the chair and table;
examining the top, drawers, underneath, and behind the dresser; and
examining the desk, it’s drawers, and underneath it.

You decide to explore the master bedroom thoroughly. You first turn your attention toward the table and chair near the windows; the chair is a simple wooden piece, austere and unadorned. The table is likewise of simple construction; several cheap curios are scattered across it. The only thing that catches your interest is a small iron key, which you add to your collection of odds and ends.

You next move to examine the old dresser against the wall. You look atop it, but see nothing of value. Inside the drawers you find clothing. Given the desolate appearance of the island and the fierce storm ongoing, you take out a poorly woven sweater and pull it on; the extra warmth can’t hurt, although it seems a little long for you. Underneath the dresser and toward the back you find a small bronze-colored coin forgotten in the dust; you cannot tell what it depicts.

Lastly, you investigate the antique desk; although small, it is a higher quality piece of furniture than the others in the room. It is competently carved of a rich wood, with well constructed metal hinges and knobs and (largely decorative) locks. Even this desk, however, feels somehow underused, with a thin film of dust settled across the top.

Several items catch your attention. A box of wood matches sits on the desk, as does a letter opener and a small sepia-tinted globe of the earth. You take the matches and the letter opener; the small, fragile blade can barely be considered a weapon, but you suppose it’s better than nothing. You ransack the desk’s interior, pulling out and looking into its various compartments and cabinets; most of the documents therein are of little interest, but three stick out in your mind.

The first is a blank page, which you nearly discarded; upon picking it up, however, you realized that it did not feel smooth, as if it had been written on once upon a time. You take it. The second document is an invoice of sorts, mentioning a town at the other end of the island. The existence of this town is news to you, but worth noting. Another document is somewhat more chilling; it is written in a deep red ink, which has bled through the page and smeared thickly. You suspect, with dread, that it is blood. The document reads simply:

We have located an appropriate site. All is in readiness for continuation
[here the smeared blood becomes unreadable]
and remember these things which we have realized.

It is signed with a sort of seal, although the blotting makes it difficult to see what it shows.

Tap foot on the floor. / Look for coins.

You thoughtfully tap your foot on the floor. The old wood echoes slightly, as expected, but nothing suggests a hollow spot or crawlspace. Nothing of value is noticed on the floor.

Look under the bed. / Open the curtains and check the bed.

You stoop to the ground and peek under the big bed. It is dark and hard to see, but nothing of significance seems to have wound up there. You rise to your feet and pull back the curtains to examine the bed.

In revulsion, you suddenly recoil. Atop the old bed is a desiccated dark grey corpse. The skeletal figure seems almost mummified, the memories of flesh still clinging to it like wet, tattered cloth; its hollow, eyeless stare pierces your soul. The long, dead hair suggests a woman. You tear your eyes away for just a moment and look back. Nothing is there. You rub at your eyes, perplexed and scared, and with a shudder move away from the bed with some haste.

Try the two wooden doors; see what’s behind them.

Shaking, you open the two wooden doors, but do not yet enter either. The first door conceals a bathroom. It has a tile floor, cracked in places; wooden paneling, somewhat rotted, runs waste high around the room. A toilet and vanity, as well as old iron tub stand in the room. The second door contains a staircase leading upward, terminating in a trapdoor in the ceiling.


INVENTORY: A scarf; a small stone; five coins; a brass key; a fountain pen; a magnifying glass; a thin piece of metal; an iron key; a sweater; a box of matches; a letter opener; a blank page; an invoice; a note written in blood.

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week 2016! (Week of 2/8: Epic Boss Fighter)

This week’s badge is the It’s a Wonderputt Life Badge from Wonderputt.

We haven’t had many sports games so far, but Wonderputt is here to help reverse that trend. Its attractive art style and soothing music may help you relax, but achieving a high score in this game requires focus and attention to detail. But don’t get too caught up in the game itself; the art and animations are worth enjoying in their own right. Good luck!

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 2015 Quest Voting!

I’ve been waiting to see how the vote was going, but unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to affect much. My favorite games from this list are Don’t Escape 2, Bullet Heaven 2, Cube Escape, and 50 Years. BH2 is obviously going to make it, and the other three aren’t. My favorite game from this list is DE2—I enjoyed it more than DE3 in fact—but it’s far down in the vote. I’d support Cube Escape or 50 Years in its place, but I just don’t see them closing the gap. So I’ll vote with my heart.

Don’t Escape 2.

EDIT: DE2 will make it automatically if Submachine 10 is removed (not that I want that to happen—Submachine is my favorite flash series), so my reserve choice will be 50 Years.

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Topic: Kongregate / Out of the following games, which would you favorite, play, or delete?

I’d favorite Gemcraft—if it were any installment other than the original. The subsequent games improved on the first dramatically. So,

Favorite – Creeper World
Play – Gemcraft
Delete – DTD

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOA] Forum Games Horror Story: THE LIGHTHOUSE

Examine the thin piece of metal with the magnifying glass.

You examine the thin piece of metal under the magnifying glass, but do not notice anything unusual.

Examine the candle stand and candle. / Take the candle.

Moving down the hallway, you examine the candle stand. It is tall and narrow, wrought from cold black iron. The maker appears to have made some effort at ornamentation, with loops and filigree near the top, although his talent for such elaboration seems limited. The candle itself is of an offwhite, almost translucent wax, melted low, with a dark, slimy wick.

The stand is too heavy to move, and the waxy candle itself is so far gone that removing it is impractical.

Check the floor for coins and check the rug for any suspicious lumps. /Lift the ends of the rug, check for hidden objects.

You check the floor for coins and similar small objects, but find nothing. However, on closer examination, you come across a hard, lumpy area under the old carpet. You tear back the carpet, suddenly charged with the thrill of discovery. You find a heavy trap door, made of old pitted (but polished) wood, with heavy brass hinges. The trap door itself is sealed with a heavy lock.

Strike metal strip on small stone.

You attempt to generate a spark, but the piece of metal is too thin and narrow to abrase the small stone properly. Nothing happens.

Look for a way up.

Based on your quick survey of the house from outside, you surmise that there must be a floor or attic above this second level. However, looking around you, you see no way up at this time.

Enter the “fifth door” and have a look around. If that is locked, enter another door that is open.

You stride to the end of the hallway and check the far door. It seems to be open. You enter into a large bedroom, which you suspect to be the master. A four posted bed, sagging with age and dust, sits morosely against the far wall. The curtains around it are closed. There are windows to your left, and two wooden doors to the right. A small table sits near the windows, several objects atop it; a simple chair stands nearby. A worn gray dresser, roughly made and scratched, leans against the wall near you at the entrance, and a small antique desk stands next to the bed. The floors are still wooden and creaky, but the walls are wallpapered, although torn in places. The entire room is pervaded by a strange sense of decay.

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week 2016! (Week of 2/8: Epic Boss Fighter)

Originally posted by Professional5555:

Is this only available in ‘’Your Pants’’

Anyone is free to play these, it’s just that it’s an open topic for discussion in YP, and each week’s game gets picked there. Speaking of which…

This week’s badge is the Lia Off! Badge from Creeper World 3: Abraxis.

Strangely, I don’t think we’ve had a tower defense game yet—although Creeper World is certainly an atypical entry for the genre. Resource management counts for as much as your weapons in this series, although you’ll need plenty of both to fend off the insidious expansion of the Creeper. Strategy is essential in CW3, especially if you want to beat the levels quickly. Regardless of your speed, the second half of the game is quite a challenge—but a fun one, if you have the time and commitment. Good luck!

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I guess I’ll sign for game 2.