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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week! (Week of 8/31: Bullet Audyssey)

That I’m double posting here doesn’t seem to be a good sign for this event, but let’s press forward anyway.

This week’s badge is the Crux of the Matter Badge from Bullet Audyssey.

This unique bullet hell/rhythm hybrid answers a call in chat for a bullet hell-style game this week. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Yeah, I still think those criteria are the best option for Don’t Escape 3. As for possible badge names,

Found In Space might work for the proposed medium.

An Inconvenient Truth would work well for an all achievements badge, speaking to the events of the game (and pretty much every ending) without really spoiling them.

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Topic: Kongregate / Jack of All Trades (Round 5)

There are also special instructions for the Rhythm and Shooter players. Shawn listed these as PMs in the email, but there doesn’t seem to be anything problematic about them, so I’ll be listing them here. If the players in the Rhythm and Shooter rounds are named tonight, I’ll also send them as PMs to ensure that they’re not missed. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Shawn gets back, as I myself won’t be available for most of this week starting tomorrow.

In any case:

Rhythm Group PM:

Hello rhythm gamers! To prevent SCGMD4 scores from utilizing previous save files, scores will be submitted as follows:

- First you will need a screenshot of a blank save, with 0 stars, as shown below.

- As you finish songs, you will need to take up to three progress screenshots. You will need one screenshot at 20-40 stars, one screenshot at 50-70 stars, and one screenshot at 80-100 stars. Do not forget this. I will not be accepting progress screenshots for scores just outside of this range, and your further scores will not be accepted. These do not need to be posted into the thread as soon as you reach the ~30 star points. The high scores tab is not required for the blank or progress screenshots.

- When you are submitting a score, then you will need the high scores tab, and you will need the progress screenshots for star counts lower than the one you are posting. Ex: If you are submitting a score of 25 stars, this will count as both a submitted score and a progress screenshot. If you then improve to 75 stars, you will also need to post a progress screenshot from when you had 50-70 stars.

- In the case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be your score on Guitar vs. Piano (Pro). If neither tied competitor has a score on this song, they will both be eliminated. If both competitors have 144 stars, both will be advancing to the finals. If you don’t know how to unlock this song, look it up.

Good luck!

Shooter Group PM:

Hello shooter group! Since the game you will be playing is mainly in japanese, this post is here to help you navigate through downloading and playing the game.

I found the fastest way to download the game was to open up the link ahead and click “Download through your browser”. Once you download the game, put the “th15” folder anywhere onto your computer and open up the “th15.exe” file. You will either be prompted by japanese text or a bunch of question marks, either way just click the button on the bottom to launch the game (you do not need to check any of the boxes).

The main menu has english text, so it should be easy to navigate. The only important tabs are “Game Start” (obvious), “Replay” (will be discussed later), and “Options” (where you can adjust the sound and controls). The game only uses keyboard controls, and they are defaulted as follows:

WASD – Move

Z – Shoot

X – Bomb

Shift – Move slowly, also shows hitbox

Once you click “Game Start”, go to Legacy Mode, then Lunatic Difficulty. The next screen will have you choosing a character, try them out and see which one works best for you.

Once you die, you submit your score into the local highscores, and take your screenshot for the tournament thread. In the following menu there is an option to save your replay. Enter that, and save into a new slot. From here you can quit the game and go into the “Replay” menu, where you can rewatch your gameplay. I am not sure if there is a way to directly access the replay or if you need to record your screen, I will be asking randomboy about that and reply to you ASAP.

For the tournament, I would like screenshots only to be submitted at first, however your final score for the round should be accompanied by a replay, and you have until one day after round 5 ends to submit the video.

EDIT: I am sending LethalMutiny and m0usSe the Shooter Round 5 PM and Blizzard2000, dederteee, mayannnaze, and puzzlesolver2001 the Rhythm Round 5 PM. If I have missed anyone, please notify me!

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Topic: Kongregate / Jack of All Trades (Round 5)

Hi guys! Shawn isn’t available at the moment, but he knew he wouldn’t be around tonight and emailed me the Round 5 post. So here it is! Good luck, gamers!

Round 5: This is my masterpiece. Round 5. When I think of showing your gaming prowess in these categories, these are the games that come to mind. This round is also decidated to 123, who is leaving Kong on top. Best of luck!

Eliminations can be seen on the spreadsheet. Only the top player from each group will be advancing!

Arcade: The arcade game is Rogue Soul 2 . You are competing for the highest score on Survival. Only your best all time score is submitted, so if the in game score does not match the high scores tab, I must accept the lower of the two.

Speedrun: The speedrun game is Dangerous Dungeons . You are competing for the fastest time on Time Attack.

Sorry awein.

Rhythm: The rhythm game is SCGMD4 . You are competing for the most stars across the entire game. To prevent the use of previous save files, blank save screenshots and progress screenshots will accompany submitted scores. Detailed instructions will be PM’d to all rhythm participants. Make sure to read them carefully. If anything here is unclear, feel free to ask me as many questions as you want. (No Woon this does not mean you can ask me what my favourite functional group is)

Example progress screenshots will come when I get back from my trip on Monday night.

Shooter:Not much more to say here, except you guys are dead. The shooter game is Touhou 15, Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Demo . You are competing for the highest score on Lunatic Difficulty, Legacy Mode. The choice of character is yours. I assure you the download is safe. Instructions on how to navigate through the japanese text will be sent to the shooter participants.

Puzzle: The puzzle game is 99 Bricks . You are competing for the shortest tower of 99 bricks . If a block is falling off of the tower that is fine, as long as it is visible in the final screenshot. You must take a picture of the final tower, and make sure to take a picture quickly before the screen changes to the score screen (Although it says Press Any Key to Continue, I believe it changes automatically after some time). The high scores tab is not required for this game.

Although I did attempt this, and got a score of just over 400, it is nothing compared to master 123aaa789, so I used his as the example screenshot.

The spreadsheet is Here

Make sure to check the spreadsheet to see your group. If I have you placed in the wrong group, PM me.

This round will last 7 days, until Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 10:00pm EST (Check the spreadsheet for a countdown).

Have fun!

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Topic: Kongregate / Jack of All Trades (Round 5)

The round is over! Please stop posting; next round’s post will be up shortly.

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Topic: Kongregate / Post Your Wins.

Originally posted by LethalMutiny:

I met Precarious.

I met LethalMutiny.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

I kind of thought the day was supposed to end like 10 minutes ago, but so long as Bluji’s not here, I’ll probably try run through commentary on the rest of the day. Either way, assuming Lou’s truthfulness, there are (at least) two Vengefuls in the game (although I doubt that there are more than that, it’s a very powerful modifier). Now that Bluji has cast some doubt on the idea that this is a single prior mafia scaled up, I’m not sure how useful that idea is, but we know at least one piece of the puzzle came from a game that had one or more Vengeful-style roles.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

Day 3 Comments

Adv0’s initial post is actually an important point. Keeping track of what alignment numbers we do have is important, as at the very list it will help contextualize what we can expect from the game. With seven players down, and five being non-town, it’s quite likely that this game has an unusual structure. I hypothesized 20-6-4 earlier on, but other configurations, including some that are wildly different, could be possible. I’m not convinced of a second mafia, but neither should it be ruled out. There’s also the possibility of a very large number of Indies, but there is a definite cap on the number of potential serial killers, unless there several OSSKs out there.

Brainpan’s post restriction style did start immediately in the day, so at least that’s consistent. On the other hand, the weird unvote without a vote and the needlessly fluffy sk/vig contrast feel off.

I’m somewhat inclined to trust BLOODY, as his continued pushing of his partial claim is less passive than I’ve seen from him in the past—not so much that I’d clear him, but I rate him as closer to town than mafia at this time.

RandomTurtle has really heavily pushed his theories regarding possible progenitor mafia games for Mystery Replay, and I’m not quite sure why. We lack sufficient information to really narrow anything, particularly if this game really is pieced together from multiple other games. His insistence on his own game suggests to me that his role might be derived (or at least appear in some form) in it, but overall his pursuit of the greater format seems overly desperate. At the same time, it’s so aggressive that I’m leaning more town than mafia on him, although as above, I wouldn’t fully clear him.

I just remembered DJ was in the game. And I just realized this gives me an opportunity to clear two (or more) birds with one stone. I don’t know for sure that DJ is a mafioso (or indie); in fact, I’m more inclined to lean town on him. Yet that’s actually a kind of worst case scenario for us, since he has in the past shown a regrettable tendency to—whether deliberately or simply through an ill-advised gambit—sabotage the town while town himself. While his joke posting has been more irritating than destructive so far (in my opinion), I am going to take this opportunity to clear his chaos from the game, while more or less sealing myself as town. After this, I’ll be effectively vanilla.

I am a Vengeful Daykiller—Vengeful was explained in my previous post, but Daykiller is pretty self-explanatory. Dj, you are about to die.

(I send the command to Bluji, announcing it in thread does nothing, but his death should clarify my claim regardless.)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

Unfortunately, I haven’t really had time to revisit everything, so I’m going to share what I can for now. If I make it through the night, I’ll hopefully have other ideas.

First, I’ll say that I’m inclined to believe Lou’s role claim. This is because it’s adjectivally consistent; I also have the Vengeful modifier, which works specifically as follows: the first nightkill used against me will fail, instead killing the attacker. I considered lying about how my defense worked to make my attackers less likely to do so again, but the risk of misinformation to the town would be too high. What’s relevant, however, is that my “counterattack” was used without successfully killing my attacker. Bluji informed me after night 2 that my counter had been used, but failed to kill my attacker (by contrast, Lou’s apparently worked). To me, this suggests that there was some sort of interference with my counter. Thus, it’s likely that my attacker had doctor protection (or something similar).

The upshot of all this is that Gonkey claims to have protected BC last night. While there are other explanations for how my counterattack failed, and there may be more than one doctor-ish role in a game this large, IF Gonkey flips town (suggesting his roleclaim was truthful), that would somewhat implicate BC in attacking me. Now, I don’t really think Gonkey is innocent; his behavior has been scummy throughout the game, and even though my role name is a little more prosaic than might be expected in a customized game, “doctor” is still an overly bland name. However, should he flip innocent, FoS BC_LEGENDS.

As to my role, it is not the same as Lou’s, although both carry the Vengeful modifier. I have mixed feelings about revealing the rest of it right now, for reasons that will be clear if I explain how it works. I will reveal the full role tomorrow, if I’m still alive.

On the topic of roleclaims, now that we’re sufficiently far into the game, I might as well share my thoughts. Roleclaiming, and in particular massclaiming, is a pro-town technique. It shouldn’t be done super early, because it runs the risk of informing the mafia as to certain important roles (particularly investigative), but at some point it really helps bring the game together and contextualizes past events (particularly when the set-up starts out closed, as in this case). Mafia is part conversation parsing, part event analysis, and knowing what abilities were in play can help to make sense of previous events. (It can also help catch liars, either in cases like graveyard where the lie isn’t convincing, or in cases where structure itself limits the situation—compare, for example, to my recent RoS mafia, where roleclaiming helped reduce the potential mafia pool, when one class ended up having more claimants than other classes).

I’ll try to run through the day really quick and just comment on things people say now, but it will probably be rough.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

The post I was typing managed to disappear, so I’m going to try to remember what I had said. Regarding adv0’s discussion of numbers, the most significant stat is that three Indie players have died already. Even if that were every independently aligned player in the game, that still speaks to a significant starting number of them. Moreover, it’s unlikely that’s all of them—we’re seeing multiple kills per night (and as I suggested, I was targeted last night and didn’t die, so that means there was at least one additional killing action that failed), which suggests the existence of another serial killer. There are other possibilities in this regard, but the town is rarely given a player with multiple kills, and I’m not convinced of the existence of two mafias (although both of these possibilities are still potentially valid, and should not be dismissed entirely), since combined with the large number of indie roles, two mafias would run into balancing problems. Either both mafias would be disadvantaged (having to start with a small number of players, three at absolute most), or the town would be (two large mafias + three or more indies means a small starting town population).

Town for various reasons almost has to start a mafia game as a strong majority. 20-6-4 seems like a reasonable possibility for an initial configuration, but I’m certainly not confident in that. A good reason to figure out the original mafia would be because it’s unlikely that Bluji would meaningfully change the player ratio, instead just scaling it up for the large number of players in this game.

Kuzco’s claim re: graveyard and spike makes no sense for several reasons. First, they were not of the same alignment, so a mason chat makes little sense. Second, graveyard’s claim was shown to have been lifted directly from a previous mafia he played. Since he likely lacked the wherewithal to make a false claim independently, he just borrowed something he had seen. As such, it’s exceedingly unlikely his actual role name was widow. Third, whoever initially associated widow with mason-ability did so incorrectly, as the role actually had different abilities.

Since it came up, I was targeted last night (it’s possible I was targeted night one and a doctor or roleblocker or bodyguard or fill-in-whatever protected me, but I wouldn’t know about that). Bluji informed me that an ability I have protected me on night 2 from a killing action.

Unlike some, I’m not convinced that this is a hybrid of two or more previous mafias. It’s possible that some concepts were borrowed from more than one, but Bluji’s intent is obviously for this to be a “mystery replay,” and he himself could not have expected so many people to sign. Re-balancing on the fly by introducing a second game would be difficult, so scaling up a single mystery mafia makes more sense. This is particularly the case given that we don’t get role info at flip; if two (or more) mafias were incorporated, it would likely be so jumbled that there would be no need to hide role info.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

Still on the road, but I should get home late tonight. I’d appreciate that extension—even if participation hasn’t been spectacular today, I’m hopeful that things will pick up if someone starts pressuring people (and I’m planning a roster run).

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week! (Week of 8/31: Bullet Audyssey)

This week’s badge is the Radiant Rush Badge from Neon Race.

We haven’t had a racing game yet in this series, so I hope that you’ll all enjoy visiting (or revisiting) this one. Good luck!

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

I’ve been away from home for the past week, and internet has been kind of spotty at the hotels I’ve stayed at. I’m going to preemptively

[vote: extension],

as I want to make sure I have enough time to participate properly in this game day.

I haven’t gotten caught up on the events of today yet, but I will note that there were at least three killing abilities used last night, as I was attacked, and didn’t die only because of a defensive ability associated with my role. Thoughts once I get caught up.

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Topic: Kongregate / Harassment in forums

I don’t see anything positive resulting from leaving this thread open, so I’m going to lock it.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

Posting from a hotel; the message didn’t go through the first time (I think) because the internet is spotty, but if this ends up being a double post I can’t see, I apologize. I probably won’t get to post again for another ~20 hours, unless I have something worth posting tomorrow morning.

I don’t have a problem with Gonkey votes, because his play has been scummy as hell, but the last couple votes lacked reasoning. The problem with wagon-voting is two-fold; it absolves an unoriginal poster from needing to actually exhibit ideas, and blends together playstyles. Since just about everyone that voted yesterday voted graveyard, for example, graveyard votes without independent reasoning are difficult to separate.

Originally posted by mommyrocks2005:

No, I was pressed for time.

Explain yourself. In what sense were you pressed for time? There was no need to vote at that point, given that we have many hours left in the day; even if you were crunched for time in real life, there was no reason to throw down an unsupported vote. You could have just waited until you had time (you were able to make this reply after all) and then made a post with actual content.

So what did you mean? Why did you feel compelled to vote there and then?

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week! (Week of 8/31: Bullet Audyssey)

This week’s badge is the New Hero Badge from Mardek RPG: Chapter 2.

As you may have heard, the Mardek series is being rebooted by its creator, reimagined in a different world and in a series of smaller chapters. That seems to make now as a good a time as ever to revisit the original version of the story. Have fun!

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Badge Suggestions (UUCBG)

10 Seconds Game (All Badges)

a Trashy Love Story (All Badges)

Into Space 3 (All Badges, x2 Points)

The Line Game: Orange Edition (All Badges, x2 Points)

EDIT: Choo Choo Puzzles (Easy Badge, x2 Points)

Unfortunately, I’ve never played this one before. Don’t think I’ll finish everything before the weekend ends.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Badge Suggestions (UUCBG)

So I guess I’ll start posting some screenshots.

Game.Init (All Badges)

Giraffe Attack (All Badges)

Me and the Key 2 (All Badges)

Time4Cat 2 (All Badges)

Mr. Bree (All Badges, x2 Points)

60s to Save the Queen (All Badges)

More to come!

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Topic: Kongregate / Jack of All Trades (Round 5)

Once upon a time there was a gamer. Let’s call him Shawn. (Please note that Shawn bears no resemblance to any real person, living or dead. Except for ShawnerSSS, who he is modeled after and also is.) Shawn enjoyed tournaments, but there was one game he hated. Canabalt. Though he often crushed his competition, Shawn was never content, the specter of a Canabalt round looming in the back of his mind, dimming his days, haunting his dreams.

But then, an idea! Shawn thought he had it all figured out. As host, he wouldn’t have to play the games, so he could inflict Canabalt on all of you and watch, laughing, from the sidelines. His plan was perfect. But then, after some time, he came to a horrible realization. He would have to play Canabalt for the example screenshot. Fear flooded his eyes. His palms grew clammy; his hands trembled uncontrollably. In terror, he turned to me.

“Precarious, please! I don’t want to play Canabalt! I’ll do anything!”

And that’s basically the only reason I’m the co-host. Enjoy!

Round 3’s ARCADE GAME, sequestered from the main post for Shawn’s personal peace of mind, is Canabalt. You will be going for the highest score. Your screenshot should look like this:

Have fun!

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Topic: Kongregate / Jack of All Trades (Round 5)

For what’s it worth, I don’t see the image either, but I did check and the embed codes are there. So who knows.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

Originally posted by Kuzco12:
Originally posted by Precarious:
Originally posted by Kuzco12:

So first of all, what is this indie alingment? Anti town most likely….

Indie is virtually certain to represent any and all third-party players: survivors, serial killer/secret bosses, cult-types, and so on. Independently aligned players may be total solo actors, or they may be members of a unknown third faction (or even both in a game this large). It would be a mistake to assume that all “indie” players are unconnected to each other, although that is the most likely possibility.

That makes me think it is even more plausible that gravey and spike might belong to a 3d faction. If graveyard was a survivor he would have said so. I am certain he was not. Perhaps mason? If so, then graveyard would probably have told so….unless their win condition was anti town. The only possible roles remaining are SK and Cult leader/Cult member.

Of course, I might be completely wrong. But this is my lead and I act upon it.

But there are plenty of other possibilities as far third party roles are concerned. Yes, serial killers and survivors are probably the most common, but that doesn’t mean it’s those and/or cult, and that’s it. You can have jesters, lynchers, or others with very specific win conditions, and still more roles if you involve less conventional mafia games. For example, I hosted a Salem Witch Trials-themed game a couple years ago that included multiple third-party factions from the future that had no interest in whether town or mafia won, but were essentially playing their own game-within-a-game.

If you want to pursue a case, that’s fine, but a case built on a maybe-third-party-alliance isn’t a case at all. We can’t know yet what sort of third party situation we’re facing in a larger context, only that there are third party roles. Closing your mind to any possibility at this stage is reckless.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

Originally posted by Kuzco12:

So first of all, what is this indie alingment? Anti town most likely….

Indie is virtually certain to represent any and all third-party players: survivors, serial killer/secret bosses, cult-types, and so on. Independently aligned players may be total solo actors, or they may be members of a unknown third faction (or even both in a game this large). It would be a mistake to assume that all “indie” players are unconnected to each other, although that is the most likely possibility.

Originally posted by djrockstar:

He was probably a SK or a Survivor, and judging by the 3 NKs last night there is a sk(or 2) in this game, and possibly a vigilante.

After exclusively making “comedic” posts on day 1, you suddenly turn serious. Why the change?

Originally posted by BrainpanSonata:

However, I’m curious about why he seems to have changed his posting style and how nikeas was posting in a similar manner.

because i can duh

In other words, there was no post restriction.

FoS: djrockstar.

Originally posted by Gonkeymonkey:

That was quite lucky. We lost 3 non-town and only 1 town. Crystal probably broke the bahpost rule by claiming after death. Now, does everyone have a power role or are the few of us special?

You continue to come across as scummy—the “oh yay” or “on no” reactions to night results typify fluff.

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

That in addition to Bluji’s unwillingness to make this easy means that it’s more plausible that CM killed pulsaris, in which case, CM was the mafia kill. There’s also a chance he was killed by a vig or third party and the mafia failed to make a kill.

It’s dangerous to make assumptions about who did what without harder evidence to back it up. Until we learn more about what kind of game this is, there’s no way to know how many or what kind of killing and defensive abilities are involved.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Badge Suggestions (UUCBG)

MNIN, you scrub. :(

Also Time4Cat suggestions:

Fast Food, Faster Cat Badge

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Badge Suggestions (UUCBG)

I should probably get around to starting on this at some point. I’d request that you change 2000 ml Under the Sea to From Sea to Vitamin C though; while I used the former initially, I changed it in my suggestions when I found one that flowed better.

And some names for you!


Light Finds A Way Badge
Ghost in the Machine Badge

Giraffe Attack

Organic Space Elevator Badge

Me and the Key 2

Walk the Walk, Unlock the Lock Badge

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / MYSTERY REPLAY MAFIA - Day 4: 9/4, 5:30 PM, UTC+3

With the day winding down, there’s probably not much more we’re going to get out of conversation, so

[Vote: graveyard890].