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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Am I the only one annoyed by the Talents?

Originally posted by tulamide:

Regarding the op:
How could anyone being annoyed by something that doesn’t even fully exist? 20 hours ago the preview came out, 16 hours ago you already complain?

I don’t see the issue. I’m not complaining about the concept itself, just what is revealed of it. It’s possible the rest of this feature is cool, but right now it just kinda feels like a slap in the face to those of us who can’t afford it.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Am I the only one annoyed by the Talents?

I feel like the “buy max” button isn’t worth it, at least at my level. Mass opening chests is very nice, but I feel that should just be a standard feature.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The "Please help me remember how to play this game" thread

Thanks again! Round 3:

-Is there a good deck for upper level opponents without Code Fu and Awesome Face and stuff? I don’t think FCG cash is an object right now, but I don’t have the ones you can’t buy. I switched out my old Regiment deck for a deck I found here that is completely based on poison and regen, but I’m not having as much success as I’d hoped for.
-….How do I get those other cards, anyway?
-Every time I open the game it gives me an error because my clock changed. It seems to do that no matter how I shut it down. Am I gonna get banned or something?
-Is there an appreciable difference between SD and floor 1 of ED?
-Am I correct in reasoning that disabling bouncy loot will get me slightly less? It appears to negate the magnet at least.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The "Please help me remember how to play this game" thread

Thanks! Round 2:

-Backing out to the main menu works for going offline too, right?
-What do I wanna do with BC? I thiiink I’ve made all the major BC purchases, which as far as I know leaves me with boxes and stuff.
-Do I want to go through my stock of supply crates now, or wait for the next time I start an ascension?
-What am I missing for 0-chest SD? I know I could do it with a few chests back in the day (although that was with anti-curse and pre-rebirth) but when I tried it, I barely beat Chaos and couldn’t really even dent CHAOS.
-How many of each ascension do I need for the skill tree? …wasn’t he gonna overhaul that anyway?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The "Please help me remember how to play this game" thread

So, I played for a long time (23 ascensions, 1 rebirth) and then I stopped for a few months. I’m back now, and liking the updates, but there are quite a few things I don’t remember. (or never knew) Help me out please?

-Does it matter if I close the tab before I shut my laptop? I never really got how offline stuff worked once PSoD went away.
-Can I get Cyborg points if I idle in button or fishing? If I really want Cyborg points, does that make it worth doing that instead of idle BA?
-Wasn’t there an “export BA character” function at one point, or did I make that up?
-Remind me the shortcuts for auto-completing quests and the little exp graph thing?
-How’s mining these days?
-My build (at r326) is a Humblebee Set, a G5, Crappy Earrings, Fighter Medal, Dominator Gem, and an Atk Speed pendant I don’t think I need. Skills are focused on Coup de Grace and Combo. …How is that for idling? I can go into detail if you want but heck if I remember anything about fusions.
-Do I need an alt set for raids or anything? I don’t do much in BA except idle, honestly.
-I’m sure I can do better for accessories, right? I think the ones I used to use are expired. My poor Nerf Accepted :(
-How do I know when I’ve hit stat cap?
-I should be working on S-ranks before quests get overhauled, right?
-Are there any modules people generally accept as good? I just kinda grabbed what looked appealing.
-How high does Printer go?
-Should I be saving quest and event tokens or blowing them? I have about 50k each.
-(1,200 x Level) is a good rule of thumb for buying in LolMarket, right?
-Why didn’t I keep my crystal armor? I remember working hard on that.
-I have Purple Armor of Loot in storage. Is that any good for r500?

Thanks in advance!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

I did both of those, though! Is it daily quests, maybe?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

What determines whether I’ve played on a given day? I’ve lost a few streaks and I gave it the benefit of the doubt because I barely ever anti-idle these days, but it reset today and I KNOW I played yesterday. It’s not a HUGE deal but I really don’t have enough quest/event tokens to spare on resets, y’know?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / BREAKING NEWS: Tukkun's computer has been destroyed

Oh, I thought that was a joke. :\ Well, it’s your baby, I guess, and if you don’t wanna do it anymore, you don’t wanna do it. I’m hoping you’ll stay, and I don’t know how you could work on something for years (right?) and give up as presumably close to the end as you are, but I do know what it’s like to feel burnout and you don’t owe me anything. Good luck with stuff, and thanks for the game.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / What to do at +5?

That’s probably what I did!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / What to do at +5?

Well and if full HB is recommended then I am nowhere near that anyway, so maybe I will wait a while on 9k1/CHAOS and do Hards instead? This seems like a sufficient excuse to post my setup! :D (This is my idling build, but the only thing different for an SD run would be the skills)


Player Name: Tombolo
Lv. 8,054 [▲ +4] – MEDIUM
Rank: 446
Robacon Rank: 264

Ring: Power
Buff: (No buff) (Effect: 109%)
Invisible Ally: [#450] Blind Mouse

ATT: 212,827 (90,000)
DEF: 162,000 (90,000)
ACC: 5% + 47,992 (18,000)
EVA: 0% + 86,219 (18,000)
MaxHP: 3,964,464 (900,000)
MaxMP: 396,000 (360,000)

Equip ATT: 2,488
Equip DEF: 6,238

Max Damage: 54,808,300 (at 0 Combo + 0% Rage)
Mastery: 95%
Ignore DEF: 95%
Damage Resist: 93% + 8,576,666
Magic Resist: 15%
Attack Speed: 25
Double Hit: 95%
Crit. Chance: 95%
Crit. Damage: 782%
Reflect: 540%
Magic Reflect: 0%
Instant Kill: 0%
Non–Boss Damage: 100%
Boss Damage: 100%
Potion Efficiency: 100%
Negate Effect: 0%
Rage Depletion: 100%
Rage Power: 40%
Rage Speed: 0%

Autosteal: Lv. 22
EXP: 141%
Coin: 122%
Pixel: 122%
Drop: 102%
Spawn: 118%
Rare Rate: 104%
Epic Rate: 224%

Fire: 0%
Ice: 0%
Wind: 0%
Earth: 0%
Thunder: 0%
Water: 0%
Light: 0%
Dark: 0%


Pixel: 43,967,747,859
Crafting Material: 15,364,516,660
Superior Crafting Material: 46,733
Unobtainium: 4,798
Enhancer Fragment: 1,029,945
Chaotic Fragment of Chaos: 73
Proof of Training: 3,351
Proof of Mission: 811
Crystal of Rarity: 319
Crystal of Ultimate Rarity: 999


Robacon’s Weapon
Elite Grenades [+10] – TEMP.

  • Rank: 90 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 100 / 100
  • ATT: 1,040 | SPD: 2 | DEF: 100 | CRIT: 40 | DEX: 87 | HP: 43
  • Bonuses: [Drop Rate] – [Hit Chance] – [Equipment Attack]

Glaive-Glaive-Glaive-Guisarme-Glaive [+10] – FINALIZED

  • Rank: 203 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 1,564 | SPD: 23 | DEF: 266 | CRIT: 56 | DEX: 40 | HP: 23
  • Bonuses: [Reward] – [Mastery] – [Attack Power]

Humblebee Hat [+10] – FUSED

  • Rank: 238 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 62 / 284
  • ATT: 76 | SPD: 3 | DEF: 941 | CRIT: 41 | DEX: 40 | HP: 85
  • Bonuses: [Ignore Outfit Items] – [Mastery] – [Equipment Attack]

Humblebee Shirt [+10] – FUSED

  • Rank: 238 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 50 / 284
  • ATT: 72 | SPD: 3 | DEF: 996 | CRIT: 80 | DEX: 36 | HP: 41
  • Bonuses: [Ignore Finalizers] – [Reflect] – [Accuracy]

Humblebee Gloves [+10] – FUSED

  • Rank: 238 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 60 / 284
  • ATT: 85 | SPD: 3 | DEF: 897 | CRIT: 82 | DEX: 55 | HP: 34
  • Bonuses: [Ignore Bonus Rocks] – [Accuracy] – [Equipment Defense]

Humblebee Pants [+10] – FUSED

  • Rank: 238 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 63 / 284
  • ATT: 56 | SPD: 3 | DEF: 1,020 | CRIT: 118 | DEX: 21 | HP: 36
  • Bonuses: [Epic Monster Rate] – [Blind Effect] – [MaxHP]

Humblebee Shoes [+10] – FUSED

  • Rank: 238 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 74 / 284
  • ATT: 80 | SPD: 6 | DEF: 835 | CRIT: 42 | DEX: 130 | HP: 36
  • Bonuses: [Epic Monster Rate] – [Critical Damage] – [EXP / Boss Kill]

Blue Skin [+10] – FINALIZED

  • Rank: 50 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • ATT: 0 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 38 | CRIT: 24 | DEX: 0 | HP: 14
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [Attack] – [EXP / Rare Kill]

Platinum Pendant [+10] – TEMP.

  • Rank: 350 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 29 / 50
  • ATT: 14 | SPD: 9 | DEF: 70 | CRIT: 5 | DEX: 9 | HP: 7
  • Bonuses: [Spawn Rate] – [Accuracy] – [Equipment Attack]

Crappy Earrings [+10]

  • Rank: 30 | Unob. Enhancement: 1
  • Item Level: 15 / 15
  • ATT: 7 | SPD: 2 | DEF: 36 | CRIT: 3 | DEX: 5 | HP: 3
  • Bonuses: [Spawn Rate] – [Accuracy] – [Equipment Attack]

Dominator Gem [+0]

  • Rank: 316 | Unob. Enhancement: 1
  • ATT: 42 | SPD: 9 | DEF: 81 | CRIT: 0 | DEX: 24 | HP: 3
  • Bonuses: [Spawn Rate] – [Critical Damage] – [Attack Power]

Nerf Accepted! [+9] – TEMP.

  • Rank: 90 | Unob. Enhancement: 0
  • Item Level: 9 / 9
  • ATT: 0 | SPD: 0 | DEF: 0 | CRIT: 45 | DEX: 45 | HP: 45
  • Bonuses: [EXP] – [Damage Taken] – [EXP / Boss Kill]





Lv.  1 /  1  Power Attack Improve
Lv. 50 / 50  Strength Enhancement
Lv.  2 / 50  Dexterity Enhancement
Lv. 40 / 40  Invisible Armor
Lv. 40 / 40  Invisible Weapon
Lv.  5 / 50  Accuracy Boost
Lv. 50 / 50  Weapon Mastery
Lv. 40 / 40  Weapon Booster
Lv. 50 / 50  Critical Force
Lv. 30 / 30  Critical Chance
Lv. 50 / 50  Keen Eyes
Lv. 20 / 50  Overpowered Tanker
Lv.  1 /  1  'potion [PROFANITY] 1/5'
Lv. 30 / 30  Combo Power
Lv. 40 / 40  Combo Critical
Lv. 50 / 50  Combo Reward
Lv.  1 / 50  Learner
Lv. 50 / 50  Coup de Grace
Lv. 30 / 30  Poison Ability
Lv. 30 / 30  Weaken Ability
Lv. 30 / 30  Blind Ability
Lv. 50 / 50  Explosive Attacks
Lv.  1 /  1  Mana Power
Lv.  2 / 50  Five-Leaf Clover
Lv. 22 / 50  Autosteal
Lv. 20 / 20  Basic Attack
Lv. 30 / 30  Double Hit
Lv.  9 / 50  Buff Boost
Lv.  1 / 50  Revive

Lv.  0 / 30  Quick Attack
Lv.  0 / 30  Power Attack
Lv.  0 / 30  Super Knockback
Lv.  0 / 30  Combo Strike
Lv.  0 / 10  Heal
Lv.  0 /  1  Quick Attack Improve
Lv.  0 /  1  Super Knockback Improve
Lv.  0 / 50  Artful Dodger
Lv.  0 / 30  HP Recovery
Lv.  0 / 50  HP Boost
Lv.  0 / 30  MP Recovery
Lv.  0 / 50  MP Boost
Lv.  0 / 30  Combo Protection
Lv.  0 / 30  Rage Mastery
Lv.  0 / 50  Rage Power
Lv.  0 / 50  Panic
Lv.  0 / 50  Money UP
Lv.  0 / 50  Drain
Lv.  0 / 30  Mana Eater
Lv.  0 / 40  Poison Power
Lv.  0 / 40  Weaken Power
Lv.  0 / 40  Blind Power
Lv.  0 / 30  Reflect
Lv.  0 / 30  Magic Reflect
Lv.  0 / 10  Elemental Bonus
Lv.  0 / 10  Master Hunter
Lv.  0 / 10  Spirit Shield
Lv.  0 / 10  Legendary Weapon
Lv.  0 / 10  Adrenaline
Lv.  0 / 50  Protection
Lv.  0 / 50  Crescendo
Lv.  0 / 50  Revenge
Lv.  0 / 50  Absorb

TOTAL SP: 6,691

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / What to do at +5?

whoa it’s Drak

Yeah, I guess I should work on good gear, although I don’t really wanna.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / What to do at +5?

I’m going to ascend within a few days, I think, and as I understand it I’ll be unlocking Hard Ascensions. The guide says that, to get all the perks with optimal efficiently, I still need to run some Mediums at some point, and I don’t have access yet to Hard perks even if I had points. Should I stick with Medium for a few more rounds so I can be nice and buffed out when I try Hard and Imp, or go ahead and switch over? And at what point is it a good idea to go for 9001?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Final Balancing - YOUR help is needed

Oh, and PSoD got pretty weak pretty fast. It was balanced great early on but now it seems barely worth the clicks, so maybe some kinda scaling with ascensions would be nice. A perk?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Final Balancing - YOUR help is needed

I will give this a shot! I am +4, hoping to hit +5 in a week or so.

Early game (first 5~10 minutes)

1. I think the first few minutes were fine?

2. I vaguely remember being kinda confused by boosts and maybe idle mode.

3. I don't remember a boring wait, no.

4. I don't think the one minute wait is worth rebalancing free trees, but the other two options sound good.

Progress Bar

5. Idlebot is always on. My stats for today are skewed but since I idle a lot I think progress bar is usually about 90% of my EXP and 80% of coin? That sounds rightish.

6. I think Progress Bar reward is pretty reasonable.

7. Speed limits seem reasonable, and reasonably priced, although that is hard to say since I had it maxed until you increased it recently, and I waited longer than I should have to buy speed when starting out.


8. That seems about right but you're redoing this anyway aren't you.

9. Temp Max Boost IS kinda complicated and I wouldn't be super sad to see it go. Temp Max Boost Depletion is fine except at really high levels where you eat random fruit, get the 1000% tmb, and lose it within a second. That's kinda frustrating.

10. Similarly, I don't hate Elite TMB but am not incredibly attached to it. It seems to dwindle faster than I would expect, I guess.

11. Boost Depletion seems pretty reasonable. At my level I only really need to worry about Progress because BA and Epic Skills keep the other two full. I autobuy Progress but the only other time I really worry about it at all is when I give boost in Adventures or something.

12. The basic ant sprayer is probably all that's really needed I think. I'm not sure how much it matters at my level but it's still satisfying to click.

13. Slightly faster boost depletion might be kinda fun so it feels like you're accomplishing something when it's maxed out, and you might have to anti-idle more to keep boost up. Or maybe set the auto-boost ceiling a bit lower so you're only ever REALLY full when you're active?


14. I think maybe I get 5% EXP and 10% Coin? I wish I wasn't guessing.

15. A bit more Coin could be useful.

16. I plant based on when I'm going AFK. It looks like Blue might actually be my most used.

17. Garden plot cost is fine, but maybe a bit high for the last couple.

18. I usually just sell Fertilizers rather than thinking about when to use them.

19. Another Garden seems fine for coin gain.

20. I plant in Another Garden based on my schedule, so I don't have a favorite.

21. I actually feel like breeding could take longer. I feel like I'm constantly having to go breed something new even though I have 70+ of pretty much every species. It's especially bad because I have a technical light set to alert me, and at its worse on a progress box binge.

22. Seed gain rate is fine I think, especially if breeding slowed down.

23. I don't think the longer seeds need a buff. If they're too weak for you, get on more often and plant shorter seeds.

24. Randomfruit is balanced well, I think, but like I said under boosts, it's disappointing to watch the max boost go to waste when you're eating a lot in hopes of insta-progress. Insta-progress is way better than the flat EXP, but I'm fine with that- it's random.

25. I wouldn't have noticed that Garden gives BC and GC without having been told a couple of times.

Battle Arena

26. I don't see the point in areas like Polluted Sky that have almost the same enemies but anti-idling mechanisms. The quests are okay I guess but ehhhh.

27. Lrn2craft seems significantly better than basic at every level. Alien and Companion Cube stuff seems pretty weak relative to cost.

28. I don't see much use in the HP skills. I'm told that Learner and Money UP aren't that good.

29. I can't think of a single situation in which I'd want HP Regen. If I'm in a tough fight, I'll use health potion, and if I'm idling, I shouldn't be taking damage. Coin and Pixel don't attract me as much as Reward, and I don't see a need to bother with elements. I put a mix of pretty much everything else on my equips.

30. Equipment balance seems reasonable.

31. I think IA's are generally well balanced relative to their difficulty. I usually just equip whatever I'm trying to master, but if I wasn't, I'd be looking for things like Spawn/Epic/Drop rate, EXP, and attack power, rather than the active skills.

32. Loot drops are pretty good, although not very exciting at high levels when you don't really need stats or pixels or CM or more boost than you can get by idling.

33. Seeing more Unobtanium at high levels might be nice.

34. I don't usually bother with Collector's Pendant, so I guess that's a vote for it being weak.

35. I haven't really mined since that nerf a while back. I liked the balance of good drops and coins versus weaker EXP.

36. I don't like limiting mining- I'm the type of person who WILL stress over “suboptimal play” in a situation like that. I like this game partially because there are few of those types of scenarios. I don't find active mining any more boring than active grinding- maybe even less so because you get lots of cool drops. I usually just idle mine, though, which makes me even less pleased about the proposed plan.

37. How are the “special areas”? Are they well–balanced? Are their rewards good/appealing compared to their difficulty?

Dark Pyramid- Great
Defend Mission- Well balanced, but secret lab gets pretty boring.
The Special Arena- I didn't really try this until I was too high level for it.
THE MEGABOSS’s Revenge- Only tried it once.
Tower of DOOOOOOM- Seems decent.
Secret Dungeon- Good, but chests seem kinda weak, at least on casual.
The Corruption- Great.
Spooky Crypt- Not enough drops to keep it particularly interesting, but balance is fine I think.
Triangle Hideout- I can only beat a couple, but they were pretty rewarding, at least when there was a daily for it.

38. My Robacon does tons and tons of damage with Elite Grenades, even though I haven't leveled him up well. He can destroy things like Corruption and PHM. It can even get a bit frustrating because it activates before Nom even if I hold D.

39. It may be contradictory, but I simultaneously feel like I have no use for Pixels and like the last couple storage pages are way too expensive.

Button Machine

40. More Coin from Button would be nice.

41. A hair more BC might be good too, and I didn't even realize it gave GC.

42. I'm underwhelmed by the button shop, but now that I've maxed out my pet on buttons, I'm working on buying multiplier anyway.

43. Mystery Box prizes are great. I was excited the first time I realized I got them, which is far later in my career than I care to admit.

Money Printer

44. I don't pay much attention to Money Printer. I feel like 100 levels might be overwhelming for newbies because I remember feeling like maxing it out took a long time already.

45. Printer GC seems okay.


46. I think Arcade rewards are fine.

47. I'm great at Triangle Count, so I get great rewards.

48. I suck at Pong enough that I only play for quests or on days where I'm trying for a big prize.

49. Maybe make career exp gain less dependent on skill level, but if you want more exp and stuff....suck it up and improve or play a different feature.

50. I run out of tokens sometimes when I want to play Arcade a good amount or trade a bunch for medals- the rest of the time I waste a bunch. I like the idea of paying extra for increased rewards because a lot of the time I just want to play one or two games.

51. I think Unranked upgrades get a bit silly at medium to high levels, but maybe not for people who play more than I do. I feel that all that daily quest Triangle Count should still have gotten me farther than it did maybe.

52. I would only consider spending medals in the shop if my upgrades and pet were maxed out. I don't really care to spend resources on short-term boosts, but even accounting for that, the options seem pretty weak.


53. Stadium rewards are fine.

54. I prefer Simple Race- it's boring, but I can count on a win every time.

55. Betting is 4x now? If that's in addition to getting my bet back, it's no longer a waste of time I guess, but I'd rather do something more rewarding and fun. I hate betting, and would need better rewards to consider it.

56. Like with the other feature shops, I don't like buying short-term things over permanent boosts/pet experience. Death Match entry would be tempting if I played it more often, but it might be a bit pricey.

I don't pay enough attention to FCG rewards to comment intelligently.


62. Lolmarket is great for GC, as it should be.

63. I don't notice EXP gain, but I don't expect significant amounts, either.

64. Demand changes are fine.

Awesome Adventures

65. Adventures XP seems reasonable.

66. I adventure in Titled Zone. It costs the most, so it must be the best, right?

67. Chase! Seems kinda lame even with max Stadium.

68. I give Energy Refill if I have it (unless I have the career active or a quest) and boost when I don't.

69. Selling Mega Fertilizer might be kinda weak but I do it anyway. It might be nice to see how many of each I have.

70. Darkruler is okay unless you're trading for BC or Unob. The failure rate is frustrating, so I don't bother. I'd rather have a higher success rate and lower payoff.

71. I wouldn't buy Energy Refill unless I desperately need it.

72. Rep for BC is a good trade but I feel bad doing it ;_;


73. Fishing EXP is good.

74. Fishing needs to give more coins- it has trouble paying for itself if you buy Skill, I think.

75. Treasure Boxes are good except I have more energy drinks and regular pet food than I could possibly ever want (unless I'm supposed to start idlefishing? I would think BA is better for idling but I wonder sometimes)

77. The few rods I have seem balanced enough.

78. I don't idlefish, so I've rarely come anywhere near the fatigue limit.

79. I think the skill increases are fine.

80. I like the milestones a lot, although they're more spaced out at high levels than I would prefer.

81. I feel strongly that fishing wait time should be shortened. Slash rewards or lower fatigue or something if you have to. It started as one of my favorite features but is rapidly becoming tedious and something I dread seeing in Random Quest.


82. Item Maker is pretty easy to level up, especially if you mine. Some of the more active features are pretty difficult, especially if you don't like them.

83. Fighter and Idler are pretty strong, and I constantly run them. Button, Adventurer, Card Player, and Racer seem kinda weak.

84. The max levels I have all seem good.

85. EXP Trading rewards tend to disappoint me. I don't really need this many Career Potions.

86. I use coins for careers most of the time, and then Mega Career when I know I'm about to do something I have trouble leveling up and/or dislike. And sometimes I'll get bored and just see if I can Random something fun.

87. I vastly prefer Mega to Random. Random would be great if it wasn't....random, but some way to provide a blessing to a specific career for a short time would be nice.


88. I'm still getting the hang of Business. I think I will wind up going Item Maker or Idler a lot.

89. Looking at rewards, they're better than I realized. LOLMarket and Pet Trainer are still kinda meh, though, and Fisher rewards kinda seem like things you don't need by the time you can get them.

90. EXP/Coin gain from Business seems decent, maybe a bit weak unless I just suck at Business which is possible.

91. Career EXP from Business is good, but I've never actually needed the EXP for anything by the time I turned it in. Buff the Career EXP rewards and I'll be a happy camper.


92. I think keeping the pet alive is pretty reasonable. Maybe tough if you get it ASAP, though. At my level it's neither easy nor hard.

93. I feel that bacon is way easier to get than the other foods, and isn't something that you desperately need for the feature itself (as opposed to things like FCG Cash and Arcade Medals). That said, I would be pretty upset if its use was limited- I think the current system is fine.

94. ….The pet boosts progress bar? Cool!

95. I think Pet gives reasonable feature EXP.

Mystery Boxes

96. I buy Progress Boxes in bulk, although one of these days I might buy some Legendaries. I'll pick up Legendary Boxes with tokens when I can, and if I have some extras I'll often buy Explosion or Awesome from Special Shop. …..I just realized that I can buy Supply Crates, so now I'm pondering that. Still will probably take bulk Progress over that, though.

97. Explosion: Insta-Progress and BC are fun. Anything that's not Enchanted Leather, really.
Gambler: BC and Legendary Boxes are good but not worth the fail chance.
Pixelated: I look forward to being done opening them. Stats will be great if I rebirth, I guess, but the vast majority of prizes have been pretty sucky for a long, long time.
Legendary: Any of the idle-y type cards. And 1.5xEXP.
Attendance: Insta-Progess and 1.5EXP. Event Tokens would be great if you got more of them.
Awesome: Arcade Blessing and Explosion Crates.
Chaos: I am missing most of the better rewards but Golden Box is nice and I gotta get chaotic fragments somewhere I guess.

98. Pixelated and Gambler Boxes seem pretty weak to me, so I have little interest in buying them at this or any price. Supply Crate might be a bit much. Progress Box nerfs have made me sad but they're probably fair.


99. Cards seem fine, although obviously the idle-y ones are more desirable than the active feature ones for anybody but the most dedicated.

100. I've cut it pretty close on cards, but between Activate All and buying Legendary Boxes from Special Shop, I've yet to run out.


101. I think that if Random Quests increase in difficulty as you do more in a day, they should also increase in reward. I'd also like a few more options for gaining quest and event tokens.

[New] Ascensions

104. I like the Money Printer perk for sure, because my strategy is usually to hang around until I hit 95kBC and then have a crazy rush with progress boxes and randomfruit and instaprogress and EXP/Coin cards. I suspect Max Boost and Progress Bar are good choices as well.

105. I don't see much point in Career EXP or Boost Depletion. YC/GC/BC would impress me more if the BC boost was better- how often do I really gain 10+ BC at once for a 1.1x to mean anything?

106. It's hard to argue against progress and EXP boosts as the strongest, at least for medium perks.

107. The Fatigue and idle catch perks are pretty much useless to me, but maybe if I idlefished they wouldn't be? Ants, Purple Buttons, and especially seed breeding seem like they won't really matter by the time I unlock them, and might not even now.

108. I would need waaaayyyyyy more quest tokens to consider trading in temp perk points. That might change if I get to the point where ascensions only last a few days, but at +4, that offer seems almost insulting.

109. All I know to do is to save progress boxes and randomfruit, but I'm too impatient to do that, and it doesn't seem imbalanced anyway.

Thanks for this game! I hope I have been helpful somehow >_>
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Triangle Quest out of order

I think it didn't reset somehow between days, because not only was I able to turn in Eliminating the Rest before unlocking it, but there's no way I have that many kills today.

Screenshot of problem:

Tombolo | 27,928 / 1,660,731,339,420 | [d1]–403 | F0 | v1,603 | WIN 11,7,700,202 | Fri May 24 16:32:18 GMT-0500 2013

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Update2] NOTICE: Upcoming 2x EXP/Coin changes

I stopped trying to use up all my cards because you said it was postponed. :\ Oh well.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

I would like it I think if the FCG timer could get +1 when I destroy my monster. You’d think it wouldn’t happen, so maybe I’m just slow, but it’s frustrating to destroy a monster and then not click the new one fast enough to get it out the same turn.