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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

I find the way the Phoenix works now very bothersome – it never triggers when and how I’d want it to. Instead of a 25% chance to trigger, couldn’t it trigger on EVERY death instead – it’s not a problem if the damage % amount is smaller, just to save me from annoyance when I set up a formation and then NONE of the 25%s end up triggering at the end of a battle?

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Topic: War of Omens / Is anybody at Fifth Column alive and well?

[removed. Please be at least civil to your fellow gamers, if not necessarily friendly]

“I seldom see ads for chess, yet people are still buying it and playing it. Excellency needs no advertising.”
This is about the stupidest thing I saw anybody write in this thread. Yeah, books don’t need ads, the Bible still sells, eh? (holy tapdancing Batman)
I’m just gonna assume you know perfectly well how important promotion is and how many perfectly good games DO die in obscurity because of failed marketing, bad timing etc., and only act stupid to irk me.

“Calling names and using thin sarcasm again? Is that all of the eristic power you have? Yet you’re still wrong”
Oh stop it. As if you haven’t enthusiastically played the insult game just now and will likely do it again, faker.
“I prefer discussing facts.”
Oh cool! Can you give me a signal when you’ve started?
“perfect balance – You’re doing a strawman here.”
sigh Not. what. it. means. That word means intentionally arguing against a different viewpoint as a rhetorical tactic. For example, when you’re not responding to what I actually say, it’s because you’re a smartass, NOT because you realize you’re doing it, ergo, it’s not a strawman! Look, don’t try to bring in stuff you don’t understand well, okay? Mislabelling arguments is itself a rhetorical fallacy. Just…don’t go there, okay? You’re not up to it and this is NOT the place to discuss how to do it. Stick to the topic you know.

“the “big names” have different strategies for different products”

THIS IS A CCG. What part of that is difficult to understand?
It makes money by attracting an audience and then relying on them regularly buying cards, tourney tickets etc.
This is built into this very game.

How come it doesn’t connect that the devs thinking the money was not good, and these very sources they expected to make money from by running a CCG failing, are the same thing?

You can go on about “pay to win” games but Omens itself is grind-or-pay, only perhaps not as steep a ladder as some other games (until you collect everything but Epics at least). When Epic coins and upgrades give a definite edge against newcomers you can’t say this game doesn’t operate on the same formula.

The problem with Kingdoms is NOT that it has the same pay-or-grind, but that its fundamental mechanics aren’t as solid as Omen’s. For example, since hands are not visible, there there’s a lot less strategy involved. This can’t be changed.
Similarly, Omens’ failure is not that it it implements a semi-p2w plan because that is the schema all CCGs run on;
but that it tried to accomplish it in a modest way with minimalistic updates.

How much actual work it is to create a new Listrata campaign stage, for example?

I remember when Kngdoms added a guild system. You or I would probably say, “guild system? what’s even the point of that?”
But guess what: a bunch of new people joined and became regulars simply because they heard there was a “guild system”.

And maybe you call them drones or whatever but for the developers their name is INCOME.
If not for these devs, then for other devs who are willing.
(They’d be even more so, since anyone who buys this game would most likely be very motivated to make a return on that investment.)
But this isn’t a BAD thing, this is exactly how games like this are normally able to maintain themselves.

I’m sure Kingdoms is not counting money, either, but it can earn enough for somebody to make the time worth it.
And is rapidly becoming a better game than this BECAUSE it expands and improves itself.

The truth is once you learn the basic decks in Omens there’s very little room to go to. Even tourneys don’t offer much variety so games that have worse foundation end up being better games simply because of this.

“sometimes you have to just move on etc.”
Yes, this game most likely will be abandoned and die off in a year or two (is that what you wanted to hear?), like the thousands of other failed attempts that happen around all the time. This is exactly some secret people need you, the messenger, to !
I’m so sorry for trying to be cautiously optimistic and suggesting that dev support and a good foundation may attract attention yet. It’s sooo good we have someone here to set us right and teach us that we shouldn’t expect anything. Congratulations.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Sasha is sad :(

Obviously, she needs a potato.

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Topic: War of Omens / Is anybody at Fifth Column alive and well?

“nope, it isn’t. Jesmai or Soldier come to mind here, but, generally, most top 100 MP players (me included) agree that there’s little to counter a proper blue deck in terms of % win rate effectiveness.”

Dude…that does not make the game not well balanced.

Go look at practically any other CCG: Kingdoms, -ing Hearthstone, etc.
Not only are they not balanced, good balance isn’t even a particularly big goal for them. Some cards (higher rarities, upgrades) are designed to be better from the get go. A few decks/combos are always massively imba, and the only reason this does not become a huge problem for them is because they keep adding new cards, so by the time the players figure out a combo there’s a new one, so the top decks constantly rotate.

Compared to them, Omens, where some decks “merely” have a higher win%, but there is a large enough number of equally viable decks, is extremely well balanced.
Perfect balance is a pipe dream really. The only way one could achieve it is if you stopped releasing new cards and only kept refining existing ones – which is not what a healthy, active CCG needs to be doing.

This is the most balance you are probably ever going to see in a game.
Part of the reason it even exists now comes from the really low number of avaliable cards, restrictions, and infrequent new releases.
It’s not something you could keep up if new content was regularly added.

wrong again. It would need a better MP solution (ranks, ELO, ladder, whatever), some balancing, at least 1 finished SP campaign, better quest system, finishing purple (i.e. more cards, because now it’s severely behind other colours) etc. No need to flood with content.
Lol “wrong again” he says. I guess all of the big names are doing it “wrong” then, eh? Mr. Marketing Expert

Regular updates, promos, etc. are required to draw in players and to keep them engaged.
Even though I love Omens with all my heart (the king of CCGs as far as I’m concerned), I think there’s no question that playing with the same static decks becomes monotone after a while.
Kingdoms, which is a lot worse gameplay-wise, can keep itself interesting by having a larger number of cards and adding new ones all the time.

I am, in a way, a fan of Omens’ way of releasing ONE well tested card each time where others would release a new pack where 90% of the cards are junk; but that’s not a model that fits very well with very aggressive competitors.

Look at what the competitors are doing. There are still Hearthstone ads everywhere.
Kingdoms was bought by GANZ who are now marketing it again.
I can only WISH that someone would pick up Omens, since the problem right now is that it’s relatively unknown and the creators are not are not putting in the effort. But I could see it make a comeback in 1-2 years – come creators get off of whatever project they are on atm, or they get a decent company to buy & market the project, etc. When it debuted wouldn’t matter – as long as a game has not gained a bad rep, it will count as “new” for new audience. Booms do not always coincidence with a game’s first release.

“_(you have to actually pay people for that).”_

Noo. Really? You’re sharing some pretty big wisdoms mate.

“It’s a shame that’s already happening”
You have a smart mouth on you, don’t you? People without my angelic nature might take offense that you’re taking them for idiots. :/

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Topic: War of Omens / Is anybody at Fifth Column alive and well?

It’s a well balanced game _
However, it would definitely need tons of new content to keep up with other games which are worse but lure in users with aggressive marketing and content.
This game is easly better than all of them, it’d be a shame if it didn’t do better.
THere’s no reason for the devs to do it half-heartedly; this game could easily become a money tree if you threw a big company and regular new content behind it.

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Topic: War of Omens / [Guide] Everything that is often asked about this game

I think he means “’draft ticket”.
You use them to enter Tournaments.

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Topic: War of Omens / Use of Calipeth

My Cali deck:

Behold the Veil
Enchanted Treaty
Scroll of Petals
2x Paper Vipers
Unstable Runes
Lantern Scroll
Engraved Urn
Grave Contract
Warding Circle

The last 4 are fillers, though Lantern/Circle can give you some quick cheap life and protection until you draw the cards you want, and EU+GC offers an alternate route to victory if your main one is impractical for whatever reason.

Use the first 3 cards to get yourself some quick magic points as soon as possible, then every time you play a SoP, Vipers or Runes pop them with magic points and have them return to your deck immediately. Activating them on enter like this and then repeating as you redraw them gives you quicker magic and damage than if you waited for them to activate normally.

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Topic: War of Omens / Share your deck

[^If bump a dozen threads why not make up some sort of comment?
It is disappointing when you click them expecting new content and find nothing…
it’s not like most of them weren’t on the top page to begin with… ]

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

Can’t the Duplicate Enchanted draw animations be faster? I hardly need to see the same 4 phases of text. It’s probably the most annoying card to draw.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / third x-mas event

It’s all luck based, it depends on whether you get as many of the Milk & Cookies speedbuff at the right time as possible.
On my 1st run I did not find any until about halfway through and failed. On the 2nd run, I got one from early on and got a new one within 1-2 levels after the previous ran out every time, and I easily had 10 minutes left over.

(Don’t forget the g button/Auto-Progress, by the way.)

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

The crusaders really should be balanced a bit better.
When I put Wendy the Witch in the party and have over a dozen enemies on the screen (that I’m holding back with a Jack + Griphon + Witch Doctor wall), Wendy should give me some crazy DPS. What should not happen is that I can still get better DPS if in this situation I substitute Nate Dragon, who is around the same power level (it’d take about the same gold for their next levels), has worse gears, AND Natalie isn’t in the party. Yet even without his gears/abilities fully utilized he has more DPS so what’s the point of using Wendy then?

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

I’m not really sure about the Experience Point mechanic. People already stick to their tried and tested formations that require the least amount of thinking, why encourage them to never touch another crusader again even more? Mixing up the party sometimes to match a level could be the only strategic element left.
(Instead of just putting the strongest gold-gainers together and logging out.)

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / PSA about Maximizing Crusader Level button

This information should be mentioned in-game in the reset power warning / description though.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / "Maximize Crusader levels" talent does not affect swapped heroes.

…What did I spend 25 idols on?

Developers. Guys. Look at my face. You’re not going to use this button given that only a fraction of Crusaders will be in formation (and so the levels of the rest are irreevelant and a waste of gold) UNLESS you are about to do a reset and need everybody maxed out to maximize the idols you get.

In which case, why on earth would you leave out all the swappable Crusaders you have?

Please fix this as soon as possible.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Optimal Formations. [Event: Merci's Mix-Up]

DPS < spawning speed / gold bonus

You’ll need the quickspawn buffs to get through the levels where you already ‘splode every monster on enter with your massive DPS more quickly, THEN you’ll need the highest gold rate once you hit your limit where monster health starts to overwhelm your DPS to get to new stages more quickly. ONLY after that should you start thinking about formations to maximize your DPS. A good formation increases your DPS once, gold % will keep increasing it.
(at least, this is what the best strategy seems to be so far)

Therefore even though piling every possible buff on a single character, usually Natalie, is still the dominant strategy, I actually started substituting Nat for the Pumpkin guy because of his item gold bonus.

Detective Kaine (A-Hah! ability)
Gold Panda (gear+abilities)
Jack O’Lantern (Slicer gear)
Pete the Carney (Chicken gear)

seems to be the must in every group, for the mentioned max gold bonus.

I usually make Kaine the center of the DPS formation then, since he’s the most suited for it (after Nat) on the higher levels.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / A solution to earning such few idols every reset

I’m not sure what is meant by “too few” idols, I started 2 months ago and already have nearly a thousand…

But still, the suggestion is OK, but…there isn’t really a “deep dungeon” to explore, since they roll back to the beginning after you pass the number of existing levels. You’d be redoing the same 50 stages again and again except you wouldn’t be changing the formation, challenge, etc. in between. Honestly the fact that you HAVE to reset after a while was intended.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

Suggestion: Do not have a separate Swap button for every alt character. Rather, have one big one for all of the “holiday” characters.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

COuld the crusader descripitons at the bottom show their unaufgmented DPS? (the modified DPS can be shown on the play screen above.) It’s difficult to figure out placements when you don’t see how high the base DPSes are.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Optimal Formations. [Event: Merci's Mix-Up]

It does seem like having Nate carry the entire party on his back (buff stacking) is the best option.

- Put the lion into the row BEHIND Nate. (65% DPS)
- Put Sasha into the row IN FRONT OF Nate. (
40% DPS)
- Put Jim the Lumberjack into the SAME row as Nate. (50% DPS)
- Put the witch doctor into a slot adjacent to Nate. (
35% DPS)
- Put King (10% all DPS), Wizard (10% all DPS), Dark Gryphon (15% all DPS), Princess (10%^4 all DPS), Natalie (150% Nate DPS) anywhere.
The Merman also has a (
10% all DPS) bonus but she is weaker than the King and the Wizard (even when I had a 25% shark DPS on her and King wasn’t fully upgraded, she still had lower DPS for me) and there is no more room, so you should probably go with the King.
You can also swap those two for Panda and/or Detective for gold farming.

One thing that sucks is that it is not possible to combine Black Gryphon and Witch Doctor in the 3rd row to protect your front fighter because you need the room for Sasha. (You CAN put them both in the last row, and then they protect your 3 strongest fighters which WILL pull you through some boss fights, but only after your front rows’ been obliterated.)

It’d be interesting if the creators gave a creature a self-healing ability and if there were 2-4 character alternatives to Nate & Nat.
eg. the Werewolf could be a regenerator, or alternatively, could only feel good in the last column.
Jason the nonja could reduce damage to itself by a % like Gryphon does.
Collector, Hermit could perhaps add up to a different stack combination than Nate + Nat + 2.

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Topic: War of Omens / Zalasair problem

I think this one is old news…Sometimes you can whip out enough blockers/direct damage, sometimes you don’t. I did not notice it being an extremely dominant deck.

What I do is try to get out some redrawable cheap blockers like Palisades while saving up enough apples and skulls. If you survive the initial charge then Zalasair will usually give up.

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Topic: War of Omens / Current Bugs 9.24.14

Mutual loss&Connection lost errors abound

I’m not accusing anyone of cheating or botting, but it is suspect :p

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / This game is objectively terrible

I pretty much agree with your 11-point list, just a few things to add…

5. this is a very crucial problem. In one game your party decides to gang up on the warlocks and wins the game. In the next match they get completely annihilated because they scatter themselves and prioritize the fighters they have no chance to take down on their own. Which scenario becomes true is pretty much luck.

7. I’ll say this goes beyond the animation, it’s a design issue. The characters often have no room to move and so they tiptoe around a foe for seconds before they finally start attacking. Huge oversight! And yes there are all kinds of way skills get locked until the character is able to use them that could use a look.

6. and this is why people probably give up: there is no benefit for training Commons really since the Legendary will just wipe the floor with you. In other words, that makes the game p2w.

There IS potential in this game. The concept is cool. Buuilding various hero groups and upgrading your base feels really cool. Only when it comes to the actual gameplay and your lack of control over it, and the cost model, it falls apart. Too bad.

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Topic: War of Omens / [Proposition] Nerf to Stolen plans

The argument seems to boil down to “it is no fun”, tho.
In other words, no balance issue was named; just a dislike of Metris’ modus operandi.

That is not a reasonable argument.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Poison can kill anything in this game?

Yes, that is correct.

There are actually three types of damage in this game: physical damage (sword), magic damage (drop), and DIRECT HEALTH REDUCTION. The third type can be seen, for example, on some Undead spells too.

So, if a card says that it is immune to damage/absorbs damage (this is not only true for creatures, but for spells and gears that target/protect a hero too), that only refers to the first two types (physical and spell damage). Poison’s effect also falls under the direct health reduction type.

So a spell like Soul Funnel bypasses most types of shield gears, and posion or an Inner Fire can kill cards tat would be normally immune to damage such as Eternal Protector.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] simple explanation of why qdc is overpowered.

Gregar x Harpov is my OTP