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Topic: BloodRealm / Savage Lands bug

Wow, great, now I claimed the Necromancer but it is not anywhere to be found and refreshing did not help. In addition my game now crashes in ways it never did before from simple things like buying packs and switching from arena to campaign.

This is really killing my motivation to continue playing. I feel like if I continue to grind through the event I will be even more frustrated when I continue to NOT get rewards. On the other hand, if I just pretend like the event doesn’t exist I worry I will miss out on my only chance to get a 6 star card which is equally as frustrating.

“Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” – WOPR

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Topic: BloodRealm / Savage Lands bug

After filling my meter half way it went down instead of up after the next two fights before going up again normally.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Is the purpose of these cards changes to ruin purple?

Tsizt, I guess I can’t say whether green is OP because it is difficult to forsee how the changes it got will really work out. It kinda depends on how much of difference the extra range on Kuk makes along with how well Squid actually performs.

As far as yellow goes, I still don’t look at Fat Pincers as that impressive, but that might just be me. I was really hoping to get wholesale change to Glumbie that would have given us a good chance card. I mean there is a 3 CC, 40 chance, 70 HP common card with crystal to boot. How can there not be a good epic with chance?

Making IB unique common is a bit absurd but I don’t think any of the other choices for it were any good either. I guess it would have been more appropriate to just make it something useless like every other common and change some currently useless epic into what IB is now.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Is the purpose of these cards changes to ruin purple?

I know everyone is all excited about the changes to cards, but I gotta say I am not a fan. I think it will basically make purple useless and red extremely OP. It seems everyone got so caught up in trying to make every epic good they seemed to forget that red would get far and away the biggest boost from this.

I agreed that IB and Shell needed changed, but even these changes will negatively affect purple. I know purple is supposed to be magic heavy, but 2 of its best cards, Musc and BD, are melee. Unfortunately most of the equips best suited to melee types are more expensive for purple than for other colors. This was not a significant disadvantage when you could just use 3 IB instead of worrying about real equips. As far as Shell goes, I can’t really see the point of the disease except to neutralize Sadis’ demoralize.

I know purple was regarded as OP before these changes, but I think that was mostly due to Sadi one of only 2 epic crystal cards, and the only unlockable one. People also forget that for a long time GD was basically useless due to an absurdly high CC. Many people leveled Sadis while they were the only useful crystal card.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Level Scaling Makes an Otherwise Great Game ... "ok"

Originally posted by NoobClone:

Do you like the game Oblivion from Bethesda? I understand your gripes about level scaling though, some people DO NOT like it. And I didn’t like it in oblivion at first, but I understood why it was there.

Oblivion had a “difficulty scale” where you slide a knob in settings to magnify or – to the stat’s&levels of enemies. As well as mandatory level scaling. Maybe this game could have the same? Except the scale increases/lowers exp and rewards. Maybe gems awarded from quests only for above 50 – 60% in the difficulty slider. I don’t think the lowest setting should make the exp/reward negligible, but it would make it so you have to grind to get anything.. Still casual

This single reason is why I disliked Oblivion despite Morrowind and Skyrim both being 2 of my favorite games ever, and it is the reason I am getting sick of this game after just a few days. Apparently enough people felt the same way that they changed it for Skyrim so that as you leveled your chance to encounter higher level monsters (eg. different types of dragons) increased instead of just levelling everything with you. I don’t know if there is really any easily implementable way to do something similar for this game. Part of the fun of RPGs and even games with RPGs elements to them is the feeling of becoming more badass as you progress and that is sorely missing from this game.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Card Changes Vote - Final Round - Closed!

1. No. Red gets a discount on melee boosting equips that purple doesn’t get so they should not get a powerful reach monster.
2. No. Still seems like something I would never use.
3. Yes.
4. No. Too powerful already.
5. Yes
6. Yes. B
7. E
8. B

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Shell***

It should be Doom All for both players monsters with maybe slightly less CC. In some situations it would still be just as useful, but it would require more planning to use. It would be something unique that I think would make the game more interesting. It would also make immunity more useful since the player with the shell would have a strong incentive to have some immunity.

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Fat Pincers***

I like option 3. 2 seems a bit OP. I know HP is all the rage these days to deal with magic, but yellow already has the best counter to magic in GD so I think option 1 would not be all that great. More melee would make Counter more meaningful.

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Glampire***

I agree that a magic/range combo instead of melee would make it an interesting card. It would also be potentially useful with wall instead of shield. Something like:

30 wall
30 magic
50 melee
80 HP

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Epic Sac Cards***

There do not need to be more sac cards. Basically sacrifice is an extremely OP ability. What other ability is absolutely required to compete? I do not think this was the way the game was supposed to be played when it was released. I think it was originally imagined that sacrifice would be a situational ability due to its opportunity cost. ie. each sac card is one less card you can actually play with. This is probably why it has no apparent CC. Keep in mind that decks were originally 6 monsters and 6 equips. Resonate was a failed attempt to get every deck to stop using sacs.

The omnipresence of sacrifice makes the game far too much about playing fast for my taste. I prefer an occasional war of attrition. I know most people won’t agree with me, but that may just be because the game has driven away this type of player already.

In short, I don’t like sacrifice so I don’t think there needs to be more of it.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Epic Card Changes - Latest update from Lamatiel

1. yes
2. yes
3. yes
4. yes
5. no
6. no
7. yes
8. no
9. no
10. no
11. no
12. no
13. no
14. no

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Topic: Card Monsters / Xmas...

Max Light upgrades, the only worthwhile token purchase are also not included. Might as well say “25% off everything that only an idiot with too much money would buy”.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Bugs Any bugs? Post them here.

Originally posted by denimu1995:

When set the Sprited Flute in following situation, Courage does not effect.
Sets the Sprited Flute trun, melee damage of Mars Dragon should be 80.
However, damege of this turn is 70. Next trun, damage becomes 80.

In Northan Storm
CPU side three monsters are set.
(One or two monster cases, Courage effects the turn that played Sprited Flute.)

My cards;
Left : Warter Lion + SoP
Mid : Mars Dragon + Planet Smasher
Right: Warter Lion + Sprited Flute

Was your creature with the Spirited Flute afflicted by Disease? If so this could be the reason the courage did not work. Diseased creatures with courage do not trigger the damage boost, but they do still prevent fear. I think this is new since the latest expansion.

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Topic: Card Monsters / DA (Dragon Apocalypse) Auto Win Setups

AA has never missed flyers except when the flyer also has armor and it is the armor effect, and not the flying effect that caused the miss. This is not something new from the patch. I have been using a Bellican with a Ballista in swarms since the first day Heroic packs were released and have never failed to hit a flyer without armor. It is also still the case since the most recent patch that AA can miss flyers with armor as I have observed this occur since then.

On a side note, the bonus AA attack does not always trigger for me as advertised when a miss on a ranged opponent occurs. This only seems to happen against flying magic attackers for some reason.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / Buying SS with Gold vs Silver

I haven’t had much trouble finding peerless for silver, but these gold SS are still causing me a ton of trouble. I reincarnated yesterday and I have not seen a single common SS since then due to the keep being clogged up with gold SS. It is really important to be able to hire lots of SS when you first reincarnate so not being able to get cheap ones when my silver is scarce is really screwing me over.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / How do I make fast silver

Like EBwonder said, buy as many cheap sworn sword as you can afford and do lots of barter. You should also supplement this by joining every boss quest posted in chat (except VUs if you are short on SS). That will get you silver for each on completed even if you only help a bit. It also is the fastest way to level up which increases your command points thus increasing the amount off barters you can send out. Spending 10 gold on the talent to increase the gold you get from each barter is also a big help. I would say it is one of the best things you can spend gold on in my opinion.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / Brainstorming: Achievements

I think the OP is referring to Kong achievements and not in game achievements. A hard badge would OK, but I don’t see it happening. Most MMOs don’t get hard badges, and also typically once a game gets achievements more aren’t added later. Badges for mmos seem to be more intended to get people to try the game than as a reward for completing longer or harder tasks.

As far as in game achievements go, more certainly couldn’t hurt, but I agree with claytonde that fixing bugs should be a bigger priority, as should adding more content in my opinion.

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Topic: Outernauts / Support Issue Thread

Originally posted by marchhare:

My game does not load. The splash screen comes up and the progress bar moves across, but once it gets to 100% the ship keeps orbiting the planet and the screen is still there; the game never comes up. I can click things like “Gifts” which brings up that window, but when I click “send gifts,” the window goes away and the splash screen is back. Maybe it’s the same issue as “iwantz” is having.

More info:
Player ID: 56230247
Build: v_weekly_update_1373136669
Mac, Chrome 28.0.1500.71 (although also happens in Firefox 22).

I’ve updated flash to see if that was the issue, but no change.

I had this problem or one very similar to it awhile back. I was using firefox and could not get the game to load past the incoming gifts screen using the standard methods like updating flash and clearing cache. What got it going for me was resetting firefox to its default settings.

On a side note, I did not try using chrome, but just for kicks I attempted to log in with IE and it worked. I had no desire to actually use IE, so thats when I reset firefox.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / Questions about game problems

Originally posted by Pietroschek:

Minor Game Problem: On 1.1.135 [Lhazar]: I logged off around 20:25 and returned around 21:18 on the clock. That’s more than 40 minutes and adventures which were at 16 Minutes have not been finished, seem trapped in an endless cycle…

I have been having the same problem all day. I think it is just a display issue though. Adventure timers are not ticking down properly, but when I click on “View Progress” it shows the correct amount of time left, including showing finished if the adventure is done. This happened once with a quest timer as well, but mostly just adventures.

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Topic: Outernauts / Best time to use shards?

Use them on breedable epic and legendary beasts only. It is a waste to use them on lower rarity beasts or ones that can’t be bred to fuse like Pandora and Inlarga.

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Topic: Outernauts / What are the unlockables from Alliance Store?

Alliance rank has nothing to do with level, but it just happens that the 2 top alliances are the only ones with anywhere near enough xp to get anything good from what I see.

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Topic: Outernauts / General Chat

Bortados, as So0meone said the wandering outernauts you encounter are selected to have roughly the same amount of BT (Battle Trophies) as you. By roughly I mean you will encounter some with almost the exact some BT as you, but also some several hundred BT above or below you. For example, someone with 2500 BT is likely to find opponents in the 2000-3000 range, whereas someone with 1500 BT will get 1000-2000 BT opponents mostly. You will sometimes see wandering outernauts with way more or less BT than you (800ish is the most I have seen), but that is rare.

If you are struggling there are 2 options. First is to just cancel and restart a challenge until you get matches you can win. You will likely get different opponents with about the same BT that might be easier. Some opponents might be too tough which is why you might need to restart a few times, but you should be able to beat some opponents with a few hundred more BT than you just because AI is really dumb in some cases. The other option is to just deliberately drop your BT until you get nothing but pushover opponents.

In Pandora’s arena you will almost definitely need to drop your BT to get through some challenges. Several of the PVP challenges have additional gimmicks that make them more difficult such as restricting abilities and tight time limits.

Determining wandering outernauts based on your BT is new since the release of sector 7. I kinda think it was a bad idea since it will make Pandora’s arena unreasonably difficult for newer players. Fortunately dropping BT is always an option.

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Topic: Outernauts / What are good gifts?

To give gifts other than fuel or tickets you must NOT be in full screen mode. At the top of the screen click on gifts. You can select a wide variety of gifts from there. It is above glow bugs and lunar. If you are in full screen mode, you will not be able to see or click on this.

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Topic: Outernauts / Outernauts Frontier Bundle Information

I never got anything in my in game mail or email about this.

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Topic: Card Monsters / stronger AI

The AI really isn’t totally random just bad. It generally doesn’t do things like putting a ranged monster in center that causes melee to move to side. I also think people are underestimating just how difficult programming AI is when compared to the other aspects of games such as this. Look at the algorithms behind everything else in the game and they are pretty simple. If a monster has an ability, if it is in a position to use that ability, and if it does not have some debuff preventing that ability, then it triggers that ability (or for chance based stuff it looks at a RNG to determine if that ability triggers).

Now consider how many things must be looked at for AI to determine the proper card to play or sac. In any given instance there are a limited number of things the AI can choose to do. It can sac any one of up to 4 cards or play any one of up to 4 cards. Each of those 4 cards can depending on the state of the board be played in maybe 3 different ways. There is also the choice to do nothing. So at first glance deciding between up to 17 possible choices doesn’t sound terribly difficult.

What makes it challenging is all the information that must be considered to decide what action to take. In order to make the correct choice it must consider crystal amounts of both players, what cards are on the board, what cards have already been played and what cards remain in its deck to be used later. Considering that there are dozens of different abilities each card can have it makes the amount of information that must (or at least can) be used to make decisions is astronomical.

There are essentially 2 aspects of programming a game like this. First is programming the algorithms that go on behind the scenes. Second is the interface that takes the results of the algorithms and displays them to the player and also takes the actions of the player and feeds that information back into the algorithms. I really don’t have any idea as to how difficult it is to program the interface for something like this. I can say, however, that the algorithms for proper AI are FAR more complicated that any of the other algorithms in this game. For this reason I believe that difficulty of programming is the reason that there isn’t better AI.