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Topic: Game Design / Kongregate vs Flash Game Licence

I haven’t really got a game sponsored, but from what I know all the sponsor wants to do is get it’s name around. The agreement may involve no ads, but you are usually free to distribute it however you want, and if you get it sponsored you might as well get to use CPMStar…

FYI FlashGameLicense charges 10% of the sponsor money…

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Topic: Game Programming / What are you working on right now?

Survival-Based online multiplayer platformer. ’Nuff said.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Starship USS Off-Topic is looking for crew

Originally posted by alexthenoob:
Originally posted by Aeon_the_Hermit:
Originally posted by alexthenoob:
Originally posted by Aeon_the_Hermit:

Okay, Due to requisition forms not going through, all we can send you out there with are Air Tasers and Vibro-Knives for each away team member.. Also, we have THREE Squad Laser Weapons, but they are stationary, mounted on Heavy Tripods. Select the unlucky bastard who has to lug the Crew Weapon.

3rd crate, 5th room, 8th deck. There should be some attachable wheels for the tripods. Didn’t you read the damn report?

Kids these days…

They gave us the wrong Tripods!


Sending a message to those guys over at maintenance, i think one of them could jury rig them, I’ll send form for new ones once the shipment of sidearms arrive.

Don’t bother I’ll fix it…

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Topic: Off-topic / The Starship USS Off-Topic is looking for crew

Originally posted by alexthenoob:
…There should be some attachable wheels for the tripods…

Oh I can turn them into hoverboards so that you don’t have to bother pumping up them tyres on the wheels :P

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Topic: Off-topic / The Starship USS Off-Topic is looking for crew

I should be signed up as the Engineer.

Reason: I can build and program killer robots to do all the work for us.

On second thoughts, it wouldn’t be so fun if I did that, so I’ll just make them do the bartender’s work for him :D

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Topic: Off-topic / Anyone else here a DJ?

I’m a starter DJ, just wondering if any one fo you was a DJ to…

If you are, which of these are you:
-Vinyl DJ
-Digital DJ

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Topic: Collaborations / Searching for Artist for Flixel platformer

Deadline Set!

Please submit you applications by 12:00 GMT on Friday the tenth of June.

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Topic: Collaborations / Website Developer Needed!

Why not learn yourself? HTML isn’t that complicated, PHP is similar to actionscript and CSS is ridiculously easy! You can learn HTML here, PHP at the same site, and CSS there, too! That should be more than enough to make a basic website like the one you showed as an example. As a practice server you can get The Uniform Server, which is a hasstle-free server that can run on a pen drive and has everything you need!

If you need help with anything else I’ll be happy to help!


Dynamite Studios

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Topic: Stencyl / Dilution of Game Quality?

Originally posted by damijin:

… A 14 year old could conceivably make games that would generate more revenue than any jobs he could get at his local supermarket or fast food place. That kid could then hone his skills, develop lots of great games, and become a game developer at EA, or Blizzard, or Valve by the time he hits his mid 20s. The upside to tools like these outweighs the downside by huge amounts …

Kinda funny when I realize I’m 14 years old…

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Topic: Collaborations / Searching for Artist for Flixel platformer

I am searching for an artist that would help me make the art for a Flixel game that is already a bit in developement (I already have a test world, an acceptable player sprite, shooting, jumping and moving, HUD…). He/She would be required to:

Design and create a better player sprite, along with a gun sprite.

Design and create a few tilemaps.

Design and create specific sprites for animated and non-animated objects of various sizes.

Design and create sprites for other characters apart from the player.

Give feedback on the game (Looks, controls, Story, etc…).

The revenue split will vary, but revenue will be generated via Advertisements on Kongregate and MochiAds, and sponsorship. The original split Idea would be 40% to the artist, and 60% to the developer. Music is not considered yet, and so this split is not final, and will require tweaking as developement advances. On the advertisements the split will be controlled by Kongregate and MochiAds, via there revenue sharing systems. The method for the sponsorship split will be discussed later. Any other possible systems that might arise will be discussed.

The artist’s name will be featured in the credits as ‘Artist’ of ‘Graphical Artist and Animator’ or something similar (Will also be discussed later).

To apply, please send ma a PM here explaining who you are (Student, full-time worker…), your timing schedules (eg: can only work on weekends), time zone, and any other information regarding the offer (eg: Past developement of games). After I get enough entries, I will create a shortlist and ask for sample art. When I choose someone, the rest will be notified and a notice will be posted on this forum post.

About me: I am a student at Spain that makes games as a hobby. I usually work when I have the time to, and I usually take my time to make games. I believe that games should be improoved on until it is impossible to do so, and then improove it even more.

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Topic: Stencyl / Dilution of Game Quality?

The problem I see with Stencyl is that there will be an increase in low-quality games. Sure, there will be a few good ones, but that’ll be by the people who enjoy it and dedicate lots of time making and polishing the game. If one would want to make a good game, he would look for the best tools. Some might use stencyl and get marvellous end results, but some might just want to post a lot of half-hour projects in a desperate effort to generate ad revenue. And since now people are not limited by a 30-day trial, it will happen more and more often. The good games will be enjoyed, but the vast amount of low-quality ones will be forgotten, and will just fill up the Kongregate servers with garbage…

The Idea behind stencyl is good, but it will allow people to make crap games. To avoid this, It would be an idea to implement some kind of quality test for it’s games.

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Topic: Game Programming / ATTN: All Game Developers

1. How old were you when you started?
12 – But I programmed other things in other programming languages since I was 9.

2. How long have you been making flash games for?
About 8 months.

3. Did you do any sort of animation or programming before flash games?
Yes, I believe my first programming exprience happened when i was 9 and got a Lego Mindstorms NXT set, which allowed you to build robots out of lego with motors and sensors and then program them via a graphical programming language called NXT-G. A year later I had a look at Greenfoot , which used Java and was my first real non-graphical programming exerience. I stopped for about another year and then learned HTML at school, and built upon what I was taught. Anotheryear later I read under the Kongregate Ads This ad supports the people who make the games. Kongregate shares ad revenue with developers. , and there I started to investigate more and learn ActionScript. After publishing my first game, Triformus , I continued a bit on HTML and learned PHP and CSS to make a website whitch in the end was not published (But maybe will in the future :/ ). That was about 5 months ago… And over the easter holidays I learned C++ and coded a simple console application to calculate prime numbers using various methods… Right now I’m experimenting with Flixel and trying to make a game with it, and I hope that it will eventually get published!

4. What kind of flash games do you specialize in?
I’ve only published 1, so I don’t really know…

5. Do you have difficulty making any kind of specific flash game category, if yes, why?
Same answer to question 4…

6. How hard was it for you to get into making flash games, what was the learning curve like?
I started off by practicing a bit more on greenfoot to dust off my programming skills, then I just kept referrencing the Shootorials while rebuilding the draft in Actionscript 2. It wasn’t really hard, it just involved finding the time and determination to do it.

7. What got you wanting to make flash games in the first place?
My previous programming experience and the knowledge that there was actually a reward… After that it just became a hobby…

8. How long does it take for you to complete a flash game?
First took about 2 months for the draft… 4 for the flash game itself and the polishing.

9. How many flash games have you made so far?

10. Are any of the games that you’ve created well known?
Not really.

11. Have you made any money off these flash games, through winning prizes or sponsorship or another method?
I have made a vrey small amount out of ad revenue, but of course i havn’t yet reache the minimum for payout.

12. Do you use more than just flash / actionscript to create flash games?
I generally do them on my own, and up to now I didn’t rally use anything apart from flash, but for pixel-styled art for flixel I’m using GraphicsGale , if anyone is interested in that.

13. Have you run into any legal trouble with any of your flash games?

14. Do you have any sort of physical condition due to your excessive use of the computer such as arthritis or a back problem or something else?

15. Would you consider yourself a professional?
It depends on how you define the concept of professional. Professional comes from the word proffesion, which means job. I do not code flash games for a living, since I am still a student. If you are talking about professional in the concept of being experienced, I consider myself to be pretty professional for my age.

16. Do you consider this a likely avenue for a future career?
Yes! I do believe that I am skilled at making games and would like to become some sort of video game developer after university.

17. Did you start this type of hobby as a passion? If yes, do you still have the same drive as you did when you started? If not, what was your reason for starting this type of hobby?
I started it thinking that I was going to become rich (That was stupid, I know), but then continued because it became my passion. I always enjoy writing a small application or side project, whitch is why my projects generally go very slow…

18. Finally do you have any tips for newcomers?
If you are going to learn a new programming language, reaserch before starting. I learned AS 2 and used it in my first game, but after it I learned AS3 and realized what everyone else had said to me about it: IT IS BETTER. if you think you are going to become rich but still havn’t made a single game, forget about it, you probabily won’t. Finally, ask yourself if you have enough dedication and and enjoy it so much that you want to do a game. It sucks up a ton of time and usually won’t have a big, world-changing, consequence. If you don’t enjoy it, why do it?

You’re welcome ;)

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Topic: Game Programming / Game help

I’m 13…

No excuse…

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Topic: Game Programming / Could someone help me, please....

Originally posted by truefire:

Next week, everyone will be raving about the new “Simple Wierd Noise Clock” app, Dave will be a billionaire, and we will all be saying “wut…”


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Topic: Game Programming / Could someone help me, please....

Originally posted by Davevee:

Wow thank you sooooooooooooo much.

I will PM you the sound effect details required as they are still a secret.

If this product makes it to market, I will post the details here 1st as you guys have been very kind and helpful.


Well that was unexpected. he sounded as if he were on a real big commercial project…

On the other hand he sounded like a complee n00b (no offence)…

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Topic: Game Programming / Hi I'm back, Actions script 2 help needed.

I created a function a while back in AS2 that could help you:

function addText(depth, xpos, ypos, display, size) {
		var txt:TextField = _root.createTextField("txt", depth, xpos, ypos, 70, 70);
		txt.autoSize = true;
		txt.multiline = true;
		txt.selectable = false;
		txt.wordWrap = false;
		txt.embedFonts = true;
		txt.html = true;
		txt.htmlText = display;
		var txtFormat = new TextFormat();
		txtFormat.font = "my_font";
		txtFormat.size = size;


-depth: The Depth of the text field
-xpos: The X position on the stage
-ypos: The Y position on the stage
-display: The actual text to be displayed
-size: The size at which to display it

In this example I have it set to use a font called: “my_font”. You can change that if you wish or add it as another param :)

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Topic: Game Programming / Critical Flash Player bug (Allows system takeover)

Thanks for that, UG ;)

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 - Double Return

I’d like to try to see if you can add an Event.COMPLETE event listener to such a function, and if the function processing the event listener would be able to check the function’s return.

Also, in reply to ShotThruDaHeart, would a Socket allow me to read the contents of the page once loaded (

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Topic: Game Programming / Moving an object with the arrow keys (AS3)

I haven’t really looked into keyboard movement, but you could check moly’s AS3 Shootorials and try to reverse-engineer the Keyboard control class.

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Topic: Game Programming / Compiling time analysis

Originally posted by truefire:

Yeah… But CS4 doesn’t have that option for whatever reason.

Didn’t you have acces to CS5? Otherwise how would you have been able to test compiling in it?

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 - Double Return

Originally posted by Wordblind:

No, there is simply no way to do this. The system can not interrupt currently running code to dispatch an event; those handlers won’t be called while contactServer is still running. Whatever you want to trigger with the return value will have to be done from the handlers.

Would I be able to program the line calling the function to stand-by while it gets a response, then proceed with the rest of the code?

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 - Double Return

Originally posted by skyboy:

what you want to do is impossible. even the laws of physics don’t agree, and physics has nothing to do with it.

what you can do is use callbacks.

private var callbacks:Vector.<Function> = new Vector.<Function>(100);

public function submitScore(name:String, score:int, callback:Function = null):void {
  var i:int = callbacks.indexOf(null);
  if (i >= 0) callbacks[i] = callback;
  else i = callbacks.push(callback) - 1; // push returns the new length. so subtract 1
  var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
  var req:URLRequest=new URLRequest('http://localhost/test.php?name=' + name + '&value=' + score + '&c=' + i); // server has to return c in the response
  loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, handler);
  loader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, handler);

function handler(e:Event):void {
  var rtn:*, c:int; // the value to send to the callback, and the index of the callback (you must parse out)
  if (e is IOErrorEvent) {
    // error handling
  } else {
    // normal handling
 var func:Function = callbacks[c];
 callbacks[c] =- null;

there are other ways to do this, but it’s generally best if you avoid defining functions within functions.

I'll try that later on, right now it's starting to get late here. It makes sense, but I'm trying to program some simple API to be copy-pasted into some random develpoer's code... Making it long makes it look intimidating :/. Thanks anyway :). I'll try to simplify it (if I can)... -----------------------------------
Originally posted by ShotThruDaHeart:

You need to re-organise your code. handler and _onComplete should call another function rather than returning something:

function handler(e:IOErrorEvent):void {

function _onComplete(e:Event):void {
I see what you mean, but since it is an API, I want it to be a String function so developers can call it and check the server's response. If it were only for me that would work, but that is not the case :/...
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Topic: Game Programming / Compiling time analysis

Does embedding via the Library mean that you have the font in the library, with an Identifier and so on?

In my last project, I had a font titled my_font (I know, lame name) and called it using the AS2:

txtFormat.font = "my_font";

If you are using something similar, try double-clicking on the Icon in the library to the left of the name. I just tried it and opened the font embedding screen…

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 - Double Return

Originally posted by BobTheCoolGuy:

[…] Also, your contactServer is void, so it will always return undefined.

I mentioned that on the first post, the flash compiler won’t allow me to set it to a String, since it claims that it returns no value…

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Topic: Game Programming / Compiling time analysis

If you create a dummy textbox, then set it to the font that you want and click ‘embedd…’, you can select the characters that you want it to embedd.