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Topic: Serious Discussion / Life in General

Well, if you like the girl, just ask her if she want to go to the movies with you or whatever, just hang out with her. You’ll know soon enough if she’s interested in you too.

Anyway, I thought I was happy before I got a girlfriend too, but whe I finally did, everything changed. At least for me it did. There’s nothing I have ever experienced that can describe the feeling of truly loving another person and holding her, knowing she loves you too. Well, when you’ve been together for 30 years together it’s most likely not like that, but then again I don’t really believe humans were supposed to stick to one person their entire life, although I wouldn’t mind doing it of course.

About god and beliefs, I have thought about it, rethought, and tried to believe, but I couldn’t. Thats just the way I am, and theres nothing anyone can say or do to me to change that. If some day jesus appeared in front of me, and healed a wound with his hand, I’d start believing. But unless I get some hard proof, I just can’t believe in it, its just too unbelieveable. Yeah, I know it’s about faith, but like I said: I’m not the faith type, I’m more of a realist, I believe in what I can see, not what other people believe in.

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Topic: The Arts / Siggys i made

Well, the fact that you like the font dosen’t change the fact that noone can read it, especially the first one.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Life in General

Well, the real question is: Who made who? Did God make man, or did Man make God? To me, the answer is that man made god, and I’m not saying it’s only a bad thing. Religion can make people do good things, and live good lives. I wouldn’t be so scared of dying if i “knew” I’d get to heaven. Though I don’t. I believe that when I die, my brain, like anything else that works by sending electrical pulses, will simply shut down, and my personality will simply not exist any more. I don’t like it, but that’s just the way it is. (well, the way I believe it is, I sure hope not)

Though religion has made many people better people, it has also been the motive for more wars, killing and alot of other crap, then anything else.

With that said, I don’t have anything against christians, my best friend is a christian, it’s just that I can’t believe in something I don’t have proof for.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Life in General

I, personally thought life was great, until one month ago when my girlfriend, the only person i’ve ever loved and would do anything for, dumped me. Now it sucks so hard I sometimes just want to end it, the only reason I’m still alive is the fact that it would have such great consequences for everyone who care about me, and my ex would probably die from guilt. And I might not be strong, but at least I’m not ego enough to do that to people I care about. Well, that and the fact that I’m probably going to get over it. And for those who think i’m some 14-year-old suicidal kid, I’m actually 18, and that’s about the age when love starts to really matter.

To me, life is about love. When you have the person you love the most, and she (or he if you’re a girl or gay) loves you back, life is perfect.
People have said that you shouldn’t take life for granted, and well, that’s true, but the one thing you really should never do is take the people you love for granted. Here’s a really good quote I found a while ago:

“As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once, and it gets harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend. You’ll blame a new love for things that old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt – because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.” -Unknown

And about the universe, i believe it’s endless, because if you think about it, there’s no other option. How could it possibly end? There’d have to be something outside anyway.

Some of you say life is about experiencing all kinds of feelings before you go to heaven and experience the perfect joy. Well’ I don’t believe in heaven, god or anything else except humans. Humans wrote the bible, humans say they found a tablet with the 10 Commandments, a human said he was god’s son, but the sucker died, and they say he woke up again but well, if he even existed. I don’t believe that he did, in that case he must have been in a coma or something.

How can you really believe in something that you have no proof for? Do you really think that if “God” loved humans, he would make plagues and diseases and let us die horrible painful deaths without deserving it at all? Do you really believe that if there was a god, he’d let me lose the girl I love and have done everything I could to keep? Do you really believe that if there was a god, there would be a whole bunch of different religions, who all believe in different gods?
Why is the one you believe in the right one?

Well, I believe that life is about living it, and making the best of it. Wich basically means doing good things, loving and being loved (too bad we can’t all have the person we want, there are alot of drops in the sea anyway), and make the world go around.

Wow, I just wrote half a book.. Thanks for taking the time to read it =)

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Topic: The Arts / "Initial's" drawings. (All your favourite Kong members!)

I actually did a similar thing a while ago =) My real life initials.. probably 30 min og sketching with a pencil, scanned it in and touched it up and colored etc in Photoshop, the photoshop part took about 2 hours.

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Topic: The Arts / Siggys i made

Found the sticky now.. Sorry for the 4x post :P PLEASE, make a Edit button?

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Topic: The Arts / Siggys i made

No offence, but those really aren’t very good. Try to blend the “renders” in more, and if you make a popout sig, don’t make the outline like that, it just looks stupid. And seriously, quit the fancy text, i have problems reading it. Try to make more details too, they get pretty boring when almost the only thing you’ve done is cut out a dragon from a picture (poorly cut out), and added a stroke, a background and barely readable text with no effects.
Of course, you don’t need to add effects to the text, that depends on the sig, but it’s usually not a bad idea. na dit also makes it easier to read if you add a black 1px Stroke.

Here’s an example I made about a year ago for another website (where my nick is zaron):


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Topic: General Gaming / Can't stop playing World of Warcraft?

i’m not? i haven’t played wow for 4-5 months now, i don’t know i don’t count the days. i haven’t missed it a second, i’m just wondering how i managed to waste so much of my life playing that game.

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Topic: General Gaming / Can't stop playing World of Warcraft?

How to quit playing World of Warcraft


This is a text I’ve written to help you other poor people playing this game who can’t
quit. It dosen’t contain scary stories about people who have played for a week in a
row and died from dehydration or whatever, it will simply make you look at World of
Warcraft in another way, and you will realize that World of Warcraft really isn’t fun,
you’ve just fooled yourself to believe it is.
When I was playing World of Warcraft, I played from I came home from school until I
went to bed after the raid at about 01:00.

I played every day for as long as I could, and I knew it was the only reason I barely
had any friends, I fought with my parents every day and my grades were going straight
to hell. I still continued playing. If you are like I was, then I strongly recommend
that you read on. I can help you quit this madness and get a better life.

1. What is World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft, or WOW as I’m going to be referring to it as from now, is a MMORPG
- A Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. It revolves around the Warcraft
Universe and You Play the role as one person living in the world Azeroth.
As you most likely already know all this and mostly everything else about the game,
I’m going to skip this part and get on with the important stuff.

2. What makes WOW so addicting?

From my own experiences, WOW is one of the most addicting and populargames known ever,
and ALOT of people have had their lives ruined because of the game. So What makes it
so addicting, and why can’t people quit playing it? There is no real answer, it’s the
whole phenomenon itself that makes it so addicting.
People play it hours and hours every day, because they need gold for new equipment,
potions for the raid, epic mount or whatever else they want. It’s a infinite cycle,
there’s no way to get all the gold for everything you want, and when you’re done
getting it, you’ll just find another thing to grind, reputation, finishing all quests,
playing PVP, grinding honor, grinding EVERYTHING! Maybe that’s the answer to what makes
WOW so addicting – grinding.

3. So how did I get out of the cycle?

The answer is quite simple – I thought about it. I realised that 90% of the time I spent
playing, I spent doing nothing but torturing myself. Grinding whatever it was that I
needed at the time, and wishing I could just steal my dad’s credit card and buy the gold
on eBay so I could grind something else then gold, and still wish that I could get someone
else to do it for me.

I realized that one of the few things that kept me playing the game and forcing myself to
grind, grind and grind a bit more, was simply the fact that every now and then, when my
guild beat a big boss, I would get this rush of happiness and joy that would keep me
grinding money for potions for the nest month, waiting for the guild to progress onto the
next bosskill. Of course there’s more fun then that, but it’s not much.
The only thing I looked forward to in the end was raiding. Almost nothing else.

4. Your “guildmates” and “friends”.

The other thing that keeps you playing is your friends ingame. It is very important that
you realize that your fellow players, they be guildmates or just ingame friends, don’t
need you IN ANY WAY! Even though you are the Main Tank in your guild, and you feel that
you betray your guild if you quit when they’ve put all that effort into getting you geared
up and ready for tanking those huge big bosses.
Truth is that you don’t betray them in any way. If they enjoy playing, then what’s the big
deal if they have to play a little more? They should be happy for you. Instead they try to
convince you to keep playing, keep ruining your own life so they can keep ruining their
own lives. And concerning your ingame “friends”, they’ll miss you for a week and they will
have forgotten all about you.
If you play with real life friends, then the same applies to them. You don’t matter at all
for their gaming experience.

5. You have no real life friends, and nothing else to do in your free time.

Dude! Shut the f*** up! Do you really think you couldn’t get at least a few friends if you
tried to? I quit WOW a few months ago, I have a lot of friends, a girlfriend and a life.
I don’t play any sports, I party and hang out with friends. And sometimes I play CS or
something that won’t make me play ’till I die, and guess what? I LOVE MY NEW LIFE!!!

6. So what are you saying?

I’m saying that everything that keeps you playing WOW is your own brainwashed head, and if
you can just get that into your head, and realize that the only thing keeping you playing
hours and hours when you’d much rather sleep or hang out with friends or whatever, is your
guild, your ingame “friends”, and that endless need of gold and equipment.
So think about this. You’re not having fun 80% of the time you play. So why not get out
there and make some real friends, go party and basically get out there with other people.
Don’t sit there in your room all day and night and play that game, it dosen’t give you
anything at all, it just ruins your life in every single way.

7. Congratulations.

Congratulations! You’re now a free person, you should have realized that you don’t really
want to play WOW and that your life will be so much better from now on. So get out there
and enjoy your new life, I promise you, you haven’t let go of anything.

If this text helped you quit playing WOW, please send me an email on , I would really appreciate feedback on this. Maybe if it gets
popular enough, I’ll get a real writer help me fix it up and make a book about it, so I can
get my message out to more people who have problems with this horrible game. And if you
want to pay me back in some way the best thing you can do for me, is telling everyone about
it. Nothing will make me happier then knowing that I’ve helped people to better lives.

I would like thank Allen Carr who wrote the book Easyway to quit Smoking, it helped me quit
smoking, and it inspired me to write this text.