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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / WORST MOMENT FOR YOU IN ROTMG

When I realised that typing on kong chat made my rotmg char freeze. I realised a day AFTER i got shotgunned by a swarm of god lands, while wearing 3 tops on a 3/8. RIP

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Buff ninjas

Its terrible. Light armor, close range doesn’t synergise. Neither does mobbing with a short range, narrow firing weapon.

Ray Katana sucks arse tho.

The t6 wand is equal in DPS to Ray, LONGER RANGE, AND SAME PIERCING.

T12 wand absolutely demolishes Ray even further.

Ray should be 85-140 at least. That’s not even particularly good. Slightly, 2.5DPS higher then T12 wand, with much less range.

Katana’s deal decent damage but the pierce effect isn’t worth the loss of dmg because there are seldom situations when piercing multiple mobs is viable, especially in the Godlands.

Ninja stars should give a defense bonus. Maybe even the katana’s themselves, otherwise its essentially a far weaker version of a sword that has slightly more range.

If not, increasing the range to 4.7 would help significantly. Enough to actually mob.


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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / White bags you gotten today

White bag? Why you discriminate?

Brown bags have feelings too

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas


The huntsman deals damage to enemies at close range and finishes them with his Bolas.

T0. Rusty Axe 20-60 Piercing 4.2 (Identical to katana)
T12. Axe of the Massive Moon (Its a parody joke name Masamune = Massive Moon, this IS a joke)
140-160 Piercing 4.2

Bolas Identical to Stars (Speedy included, when u swing da bolas its kinda like speedy? Don’t blame me it makes more sense then Shurikens. How dafuq do you go faster when you rotate a star shaped projectile with your hands? Try it with a frisbee iI guarantee it doesn’t work)

T0. Basic Shit 30 MP 100-200 Range 10
T4. Bolas of Steel (I just wanted to say this, this isn’t the real name)
ST. Midnight Bolas Description: This deviant bola is, ironically, the only one that ACTUALLY cripples the enemy. So much for logic.)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

Katana was a crap idea for a piercing melee weapon, since the classes that could be based on it are so limited.

Ninja, Samurai, then what else?

Swords are so general but 3 classes with sword is enough.

Replace Katana with battleaxe, get barbarians instead of Ninjas.

Barbarians, huntsmen, champions, you name it, axes got it covered.

Same damages for everything. Just a different name and icon.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Best classes of ROTMG and why

Oh (mad) God no.. not one of these threads again.

Before you make a thread like this, search them up in the forums.

You may think that you’re being original with lists and explanations… I can tell you, you are most definitely not.

Creative? Not.

Entertaining? Not.

I’d recommend searching up threads like this that may have popped up in the last few months before making a new one.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Wish granted.

The speed sprouts in your ass.

I wish for an Oryx shaped wedgie.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / How many people can't load ROTMG?

Just wait a day or so. It should fix itself. My problem was resolved by waiting.

Mod, please lock this thread.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / How many people can't load ROTMG?

It appears that I am not an individual where it comes to the problem of a ROTMG that will not load. The migration progress bar won’t start: forget that, I am literally stuck at the simple words, LOADING.

Its definitely not my computer. I’ve tried my alts migrating on the ROTMG website and they work. Yet Kongregate’s version is failing.

If you’re encountering a similar problem, I’d like to hear it out here.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / RotMG - Old Pot/Top/Old Top Drop Rates LEAKED

Rates are cheeky.

Lvl 13 priest in cem. 2nd boss using Shadow wand no pots I get inc. Next 2 I get light blue bags.

Lvl 8 warrior today in puppet. Both bosses I get atk, 8/8 wizard gets nothing, gg.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Following class trends, an analysis of a likely class for the 4th generation light

Light Class


HP: 2000
SP: 1500

Price: 4th Generation, I’m guessing 25000 Z

Primary Weapon : Backtracker
Clip: 12
Fire rate: = to Hail Raiser
Deals 300 damage per shot unmodified. Each shot stops the enemy movement completely for 0.2 seconds and knocks them back a little each shot. Annoying like the light classes should be.

Alternatively Plasma Pistol (refer to the FFT wiki ’Scout’s Weapons for info. It was an original weapon)

Secondary Weapon : Blast Baton
Slower swing speed then Doped Saber, Blades and Hammer, but each hit knockbacks the enemy and deals 900 damage. Also, slight AOE effect that causes 500 damage to people caught in the hit.
R is an overswing, horizontal line of fire that is short ranged but powerful. Causes 0.8 seconds stun, knockback and 1700 damage.

Q Ability – Field Transmission – Causes 1 second projections for 8 seconds. For example, while you can freely damage your enemy during 8 seconds, every 1 second you project yourself forward instantaneously for a second, i.e teleportation.

E Ability – Emulate Photons – Forwards Hologram of your photons to promote energy levels, creating a temporary decoy to rush forward for a few seconds. Also causing shield to automatically begin to refill again if empty.

F Ability – Pulse Bomb – Causes enemy suits to malfunction, jamming weaponry and halving enemy rate of fire. Jetpacks also disabled (jumping excluded).

The Shifter hides within its veil of photons, safely wreaking havoc on its enemies with its powerful Baton while flinging them away to distances to safely pound with its Backtracker.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Most Epic Kills Ever

Out of pure luck, 6 kills with a single Blaster rocket in Shuttle Bay.

That was years ago though. I never bought Blaster, I always thought homing rockets were cheap even when it wasn’t OP.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Make your own Custom Class

Make a class out of the existing skills, stats, weapons.

Name your class as well.


Stats of Scout
+ Neutron Shell
+ Butt Stroke
+ Flash Bombs
+ Auto Shotgun
+ Heavy Rocket Launcher

Why? Scout is very mobile but lacks defense and hitpoints; both of which are completely negated by Neutron Shell. In fact, Scout with Neutron Shell has pretty much every advantage on its side.

Scout’s speed allows it to get in close and land Butt Strokes = insta stuns. The power of Auto Shotgun at point blank makes it insanely powerful 1v1. Its tankiness + Rocket Launcher allows it to command control points and still escape due to its mobility advantage.

Flash bombs are just plain overpowered. Complimenting Auto Shotguns and allowing group rushing? I think my custom set’s pretty good.

Anyone make a better build? If not, then a more creative one?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / top 5 pros!

Alot of people who played years ago are still playing. I actually quite remember you. The first time the 4 new classes got released you were pretty godly with blazer back then. Admittedly, it was very OP the first release.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / top 5 pros!

Blemispho is pretty damn good at the Support classes. I nominate him as best in that field at least. Its hard to say who’s best.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / IF you could have 1 ability(or skill) of FFT classes in real life, what would it be and why?

Spectral Cloak.

A more literal meaning of ‘RKO outta nowhere’

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Hmm I’ve been thinking, Battle Rifle as a standalone should have some degree of viability. I stated in some other thread that it is meant supplement the shotgun but Battle Rifle, as a long ranged weapon, gives opponents a wide window to avoid death even after being sniped regularly.

Hmm, Battle Rifle would probably fair better if it also scored Headshots. However, instead of Bellrung, due to BR’s rapid fire nature it would not only overpower but be unnecessary, so Headshots would be best off dealing 2x damage. Considering how BR does NOT scale it seems fair since being Headshot once should be enough warning to run rather then reducing the enemy to nothingness within moments.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Blaster needs a nerf. Desperately.

First of all, in FPS heavy classes are counterbalanced by inaccuracy, susceptability to ambushes, 1HKO’s, and their speed.

In FFT, none of these exist.

First of all, auto lock. Minigun is ridiculously strong, as in, stronger then any other weapon in game. Micro Munitions is also blunt damage which means Blaster is racketing the highest DPS ingame. Its projectile weapon does not miss. Its also AOE. So, it has the highest DPS without any side effects.

Its HP? Best in the game. Full Stop. Best DPS, Best HP. It must have a weakness right? Its like Heavy from TF2. Headshots, and dogfighting can counter this slow behemoth.

Nope. First of all, the nature of the game forbids speed as a weakness. In FPS’es speed sucks because without it you literally cannot dodge a bullet, and in turn die in seconds of appearing to your enemy. FFT players take far longer to die, Sniping is more difficult and does not deal anywhere near a 1HKO to Blasters so Blasters have no inherent weakness from that. The higher soak and ease of retreat also forbids Ambushing (as in, Scout rushing in with a Saber and dealing damage before Blaster reacts) doesn’t exist as an inherent weakness.

So how can Blaster be nerfed? A start is to make its weapons less accurate. Rocket Launcher shouldn’t home in. As a compensation its projectiles could travel faster. Alternately, it can home in, but at far shorter ranges. Another alternative which I personally would like the most is that the rockets do home, but after flying for a while it no longer tracks enemies and just travels in a straight line.

Minigun should have a larger crosshair, so its missing alot of its shots even with lock. Right now its ridiculously OP, as in enough to 1v2 Light classes.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Commando?? needs some changes?

Fine from what I see.

Battle Rifle if you are using as a primary weapon, thats kinda the problem.

Even with Gunner, Rail Gun is situational, if you are getting swamped its time to change. The nature of Rail Gun however permits it to be used in favour of Assault Rifle.

Commando is the opposite. Pretty much everything leads up to his Shotgun. His E is to land a few full shotgun blasts and his remote charge is not really a reliable source of damage.

Battle Rifle is used to dish out a fair amount of damage before actually charging in yourself. Sure, it can score some kills but thats not its purpose. Do you see Tanks using nothing but Mauler? Bombers completely reliant on Hail Raiser?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Clans and teams?

Oh my god. Guys, don’t be so rude, remember that you’re partaking in the FFT community. What you post goes down full stop.

I’m calling to lock this thread. Not much good can come from this, but flaming and alot of hurts.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class perks

Originally posted by abraaz:

Tactical Crouch
Scope – Increases Assault Rifle range for locking by 50%.

This happens already (near enough)

Really? I was under the assumption that it only increased the aim lock angle. Thanks for the heads up.

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Topic: Technical Support / Free Kreds not transferring

I completed 2 offers: 1, I downloaded a 6 kred app game which isn’t rewarding the 6 kreds, neither is the 10 kred offer for a completed survey. Both are still appearing in my free kreds log. The 10 kred offer is instant.

Any clue why?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / TANK-IS-OVER-POWERED?

The auto aim nature of the game kinda spoils Tech’s heal.

Auto aim is a countermeasure to jetpacking in an FPS, but Tech’s heal isn’t really necessary since its more of a stationary healer then anything.

I propose to remove Heal auto aim, but retain the bounce feature. In close quarters healing your turret manually still is an auto heal to allies in vicinity.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class perks

Neutron Shell

Nano Bubble – While under the effects of Neutron Shell 50 HP is regenerated per second. Max of 400 HP = 10% of HP. Keep in mind how the Shell length is affected by damage taken so regeneration is almost certainly less.

Tactical Crouch

Scope – Increases Assault Rifle range for locking by 50%.


Upgrade IV – Allows beam to bounce off target, hitting up to 2 enemies.

Turbo Boost

Reset – Jetpack is refilled upon emptying out tank, single use.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class Awards November 2014!

There is no Award there is only Chuck Norris