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Topic: Eredan Arena / Card Impression Compendium

Bloodsword, you need more Zil characters. Ijin Shisei would be nice.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your Biggest Ragequit Moment

Fighting Oryx, with Crystal Wand equipped, Bulwark in inventory, Pyramid Ring equipped, freshly looted D Blade in inventory, Mad Scientist Robe on, and Tome of Purification equipped. Plus Grand Sorcerer in inventory, Acclaim in inventory, and Oryx shotgun sucked. RIP 4/8, if not for only 7k fame. . ragequit.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

When designing a class, do take note of how the implemented abilities for each class already function. For example, the support chassis always has a Q-Ability that creates a structure of some effect, so support classes should follow this. Please do not create a Q ability that deals damage directly E is a heal, but this doesn’t need to be that specific considering current heals fulfill both healing roles (shield and health) as well as how the E is what defines the uniqueness of the class (Q defines Chassis). F is a mine, but some originality in this doesn’t hurt. Perhaps a effect dealing mine would be good. Also, take note of the futuristic design of FFT, not particularly important gameplay wise, but it improves aesthetic drastically and removes a layer of ‘homemadeness’ from the game. For example, a class with an AK-47 just feels like a joke, but a class with a realistic sounding weapon (e.g.Drive Capacitator) will sound professional,although it doesn’t have to make scientific sense or exist (e.g. Orb Caster).
This aren’t strict applications that must be adhered to in designing a class, for example it’s pretty obvious Obama Bot is really just something fun. But if you want to make a ‘serious’ class that you think has real, proper material and depth then I would recommend following my suggestions. I might design a class later to demonstrate what I mean by my post, but in the meantime, you can surf this forum and try find something that does, something that is made by a developer or obvious expert, or you can see what I did in my class designs.

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Topic: Crazy Fairies / More Info on Weapons

The appearance changes of Artemis Bow, Level 3 to 4 Devil Wand and Mjolnir are too drastic. On the other hand, Zeus Bolt is too little.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / PhragX's Awesome Class Guides: Utility-Chasses

Offensive Shocker Gameplay

Shuttle Bay
Orb Caster is highly recommended for charging the Capture Point if you are losing. The most effective firing areas are through the side entrances, as the Orbs will pass through the entire structure. Never leap directly into the fray, as most of your weapons (Orb Caster, EMP Mine) are meant to be tactically offensive and intentionally ‘slow’. Always attack from the entrances and leap away when you can! Place your Aegis whenever you are charging, it helps from bullet fire although it will get demolished pretty quickly. If you are chasing enemies, do not try to run for them, as a) you are too slow to chase all but a Tank or a Blaster, and b) your weapons are either short ranged or too easily dodged. Try to make a decent set up and always predict where your enemy is going to run into, I mean, run to… hehe

Training Arena

Best camping spots are usually the middle, do not plant Aegis directly otherwise you will be vulnerable to enemy fire!
Yes, the Utility Chassis have to sacrifice mobility even in offensive gameplay, but the best way to get into battle is to bring the battle to your enemies! Since there is a spawn as well as position and health packs in there, many enemies will be raging there. All enemies are charging for the health, so always plan your fire carefully over there, and try EMP Mine those areas. This is the one area Lightning Gun becomes useful, keep a constant charge if the enemies keep coming to attack mobs as well as heal your team mates. Your foremost plan is to overwhelm your enemies. Always try to kill those who have low hit points, although most are damaged some way.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How to use classes

Assassin’s bomb doesn’t deal damage, it causes your screen to go Grayscale so you don’t know who is your team or not. You can kill your own team .. I guess Blazer would be best against Swarms of Techs due to the effects of his weapons, the damage of the bomb, and the leftover flames from the bomb..

To use Assassin well, Catalyze Toxins is essential. If you can, try this combo. First, chuck a Panic Bomb into a cluster of enemies. Then, fire your Needlers away while heading towards the disoriented enemies. Once in a close range, if you want to play safe, use cloak, but don’t attack yet. Finally, Kryphoon any target(s) you feel like, and activate CT. This will most likely finish them off, but if it doesn’t, the poison will. The advantage of this strategy is maximised damage. The problem is the safety risk of leftover enemies killing you. Assassin is a very easily killed class..

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Proudest Freefall Moments

I don’t really know whether playing games on the PC making people proud is wrong. Well, if multitasking (studying while gaming on FFT) doesn’t count, I’d say getting thrashed by freerangegames 1vs1 in Moon Base would be it. Call me crazy.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

FRG is probably going to make something like that for the next Light Chassis class, he does have 4 new classes in mind from what I have read. Infiltrator is a bit too similar to Assassin though. What I read from it, it did seem different, but remember, Light Chassis classes are mobile, and Infiltrator seems a bit.. immobile. And i’m sorry for saying this but, er Infiltrator is spelt with an ‘o’, and honoured is spelt with ‘ou’. XD, sorry, I can’t help it!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Shockingly bad

The Shocker’s AoE EMP Storm is kind of useless if no one is going to come in. Of course, it could be used to killing the pests that charge through your pointless Aegis, but I would suggest a more useful Healing Ability, seeing the Aegis’s more defensive role than the Suppressor. That is, fully healing your Aegis both shield and HP. The biggest problem of Aegis, perhaps, is the fact that you cannot heal its HP. Besides, seeing there will be more classes, I don’t want to see the same AoE for every Utility Chassis class. Thanks for reading.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

@StrangeMinion A class without a jetpack.. um, wouldn’t that render the class useless for capturing Shuttle Bay? A solution to that problem, if you ever make a class like that, would be an awesome grappling hook feature that allows it to go Spider Man style! Woohoo! I might even chip in later and make a class like that myself.

@Transformiceguy Um, that was my cancelled class name. Not cloakerx. Good job succeeding where I failed though ;) Also, AK -900 would not really be a weapon name, since all the weapons are really just named by what they are, not what particular gun they are. I love lasers though mehehe

@Freerangegames Did you draw any inspiration for the 4 Advanced classes from this thread? Just wondering, it would be interesting to see the original ideas, that is, if you used any.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Note that this isn’t exactly a competition to get classes chosen. This was made for fun, not find an idea for the next class. Even if new classes do get influenced by this, this thread wasn’t designed for that. It is Design your Favourite Class, not Make a Class for FFT.


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

This is just a joke class, for april fools. Oh, that gave me an idea! My idea is to have special seasonal classes for special days. I know this should be in suggestions, just posting so I don’t forget.

Heavy Chassis

Clue is in the name. Derp, anyone?

Role: Confusion, Tanking, Derping
Difficulty: Extremely Derp
Primary Weapon: Derp Rifle – Fires pure Derp at your enemy, leaving them Derped by your power. Everyone they see looks like a Derp, with no colour, so your enemy doesn’t know who to shoot.

Secondary Weapon: Twankaderpoodle – Melts your enemy’s heart with the Twankaderpoodle Laser, and fills it with Twankaderp, temporarily changing their max HP and Armor to half the original amount.

Do note the skills are gag moves.

Q: Aura of Derp – Derps yourself out, making you much more Derp than before. Does absolutely nothing useful, except making everyone around you have the name Derp.

E: Derp Rush – Rushes forward, Derping anyone in your way. Does no damage, although it does propel you forward.
Since your enemies get infused by your holy derpness, they get your weapons for a few derpy seconds so they can spread the Derp.

Bomb: Berp – What do you get when you combine a Bomb and a Derp? A Berp! The Berp makes anyone who gets hit by the bomb ‘Berp’, meaning they jump up every few seconds because they are Berping. Haha, get it? No damage done by this bomb.

Overall, very annoying class. It is so Derp, that you derp that you will never hear derp again. Derp. HAHA

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / new shocker weapon

Uh… no. Each class were made to have 2 weapons, specifically balanced to make the classes as they are. Besides, this should be in suggestions. Hopefully this is one of those bright sparks attained at 2 a.m in the morning.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Mehehe… here is my final class! I also changed the name, Inquisitor didn’t really suit it.

Light Chassis

The Navigator swims like a fish, flies like a bird, and runs like a.. human? Whatever it is, the Navigator will always have the advantage.

Role: Hit and Run
Difficulty: Easy, but Hard if you use it to its full potential
Primary Weapon: Gravity Gun – Passes on the gravity from you to your enemy, allowing you to sustain longer flight in air while weighing down your enemy. The effect increases the longer you sustain the fire on your enemy.

Secondary Weapon: Photon Blade – Hyper-accelerated particles in the blade vibrate your molecules, allowing you to skate across surfaces smoothly and efficiently. Making you faster. Making you go through obstacles. Is that not awesome? Has the same right click as all Light Chassis melee weapons.

You can switch between modes on this class. First is ‘Control Mode’. The Inquisitor’s basic mode. Second is ‘Land Mode’. Increases your awareness of obstacles around you, but you deplete your fuel extremely quickly while flying. It is like the Spectral Optics effect where you can see things. Finally, there is ‘Aerial Mode’. You have longer glide, and allows you to fall extremely fast if you press spacebar, after running out of fuel. I have noticed how vulnerable you are when you try to fall. However, when you try to move, you move slower than a tank. I don’t know what I’ll make the switching button, lets just call it the switch. :P

Q: Prism Link – Has a variety of effects when you attack depending on what mode you are using. ‘Control Mode’ prevents your enemy from attacking, but boosts their speed. ‘Land Mode’ obscures your enemy’s vision, like Scope on the Rail Gun. ‘Aerial Mode’ prevents your enemy from jumping into the air. Use them to your advantage.

E: Weather Deficit – Enemies afflicted by Q Skill, Bomb, or the Gravity Gun take damage and fall down to the ground. Stacks like Catalyze Toxins.

Bomb: Zero Bomb – Makes enemies float in the air. No damage done.

Overall, a highly adaptable class, but needs to be used right to unlock its full potential.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Dammit, PhragX! If you made them into classes instead of just posting ideas, I could have fabricated more classes T.T. Anyway, I like the Sacrifice based classes you made, although the ‘rock paper scissors’ idea isn’t my favourite, I admit. It isn’t exactly very visible, as most people don’t look at the damage very carefully, just get caught up in the heat of a battle. As for proximity classes, the melee only class idea isn’t great, considering it would have to be a fast class, melee weapons are kind of all the same, and.. yeah, there isn’t much substance to a class like that, eh? Okay, to complete the set of classes I have made with gimmicks..

I’ll release the final class, the Light Chassis class, later. I’m way too damn lazy to do more now. The name is the Inquisitor. Leave anything to the imagination?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

I have noticed the classes I designed for the limitations classes don’t exactly have limitations, but additions. I have decided to make classes, instead of placing restrictions, passing them. Is that okay FRG? Btw, the gimmicks may add more, but it doesn’t make classes OP, for they have a negative side as well. I updated my classes slightly to suit this.
Here is the striker model.

Striker Chassis

The Berserker cares little for personal safety.. it’s a small price to pay to see your enemies lying on the ground.
Role: Damage
Difficulty: Medium
Primary Weapon: Nanotech Gun – Blasts your enemy with nanites that sense the enemy and pry their weaknesses, sending the information back to the gun. Next time you hit, you hit harder by 5%, but the memory space taken up reduces your defense by 5%. Stacks 10 times.

Secondary Weapon: Magnetic Mace – Basically a Blitzkrieg Mauler except with the Berserker ability like the Nanotech Gun. Right click enables the polarised chip on your Mace to interact with the enemy’s systems, turning them into a magnet, and pulling them towards you whenever you hit. Only works on enemies in close vicinity.

Q: Divert Power – Heightens the power of the Berserker by expending all fuel used to sustain your Forcefield, temporarily doubling your damage at the expense of your Armor (the thing below your HP Bar). Good for going rambo against weak enemies to finish them off quickly, make sure to make a ‘tactical’ retreat after.

E: Finishing Blow – Rushes forward a short distance furiously. If your enemy has no armor, kills your enemy instantly. Otherwise, does no damage at all.

Bomb: Impulse Bomb – Electrocutes your enemy , stimulating pheromones in your enemy that cause them to be more rash. This allows them to deal higher damage but lowers their defense.

Overall, all about damage. If you kill your enemy fast, which will be pretty easy with this class, you can survive, but don’t try rambo an entire gang of players. You will DIE.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Juggernaut Mode Idea

HP X 10
15000 Armor (10x)

My idea. Scout e.g. is 20000 HP, 15000 Armor, while Tank is double HP and same Armor.

Oh, and it has mega damage.

Nuff said.

P.S. I’m pretty sure I posted this in the Suggestions a long time ago, before someone made this.

P.P.S Or did I post that on Crazy Fairies? :P

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Blazer OP?

Maybe it is because some of the other classes, namely Shocker, are underpowered. Even now, it’s still pretty damn weak. Aegis needs a buff like Lightning Gun. But since this is about Blazer, well, Blazer is strong, maybe slightly stronger than every other class, but very slightly now, due to a poor range, and even poorer defense.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Utility Chassis

Striking slow but steady, the Stargazer knows a bullet in the head is worth two in the body.

Role: Sniping Support
Difficulty: Hard
Primary Weapon: Silverlight – Hardlight laser. You need charge up your attack before the power of Silverlight is magnified enough to do damage. Higher charge = more damage, it automatically fires after you achieve maximum charge. It is kind of like Sonic Disruptor. Right click = see through walls. Buffs damage of your friends, and powers them up the longer you shoot them.

Secondary Weapon: Holorifle – Same principles as Silverlight, except a real sniper rifle. (Still need to charge up before you can fire) No scope, sadly.

The emphasis on this class is MAGNIFICATION. You can’t damage your enemy unless you are far away enough, and the further, the more damage. The Remote Telescope provides support for this though. Enemies damaging you are the opposite. They strike in reverse order through your ‘magnifying glass’, doing more damage at close range. Therefore, number one priority is to STAY AWAY.

Q: Remote Telescope – Deploys a giant telescope which allows you to hit from the Remote Telescope’s point of view. Higher damage at longer ranges, and has the same HP and upgrades as Suppressor, except without the EMP Storm. EMP Storm replaced with enemy getting frozen in close range.

E: Dimensional Rift – Removes the third dimension for a temporary time (self only), removing walls from your point of view. Kind of like Spectral Optics, except instead of boosting your vision, it removes visual impairments.

Bomb: Stasis Mine – Freezes your enemy on the spot in a stasis field, stunning them but increasing their defenses largely. It is good for preparing a charge, so when your enemy is unfrozen, you hit them immediately after.

Overall, staying away from the battle will ensure your survival and victory. Excellent against Gunners.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Ooh, limitations, I like I like!


Heavy Chassis

Between pounding his foes with explosives, and filling them up with bullets, the Demolisher’s enemies are on the floor before they’ve seen what hit them. Literally.

Role: Mega Damage, Driving off enemies (hopefully)
Difficulty: Medium -Hard
Primary Weapon: Automatic Turret – Cannot move from this. Infinite bullets, but can overheat, so kind of like Repair Beam. Very strong, Suppressor level HP (level 3 HP). If destroyed, you can redeploy it after a few seconds. Others can man it if you leave it.

Secondary Weapon: Howitzer Cannon- Pretty much a Heavy Rocket Launcher, except same principles as Automatic Turret. Instead of having a bullet system, it has infinite bullets, however, you can remove it from its stand and have limited bullets. It becomes the Howitzer Gun! If you leave your Cannon, others can man it.

Q: Mobile Mech – Uses the latest tech to surround you in a self building mecha fortress. Has the same HP as you, e.g if you have 1938 HP it cannot have more than 1938 HP, if you have 1400 Armor, it cannot have more than 1400 Armor. The defense provided isn’t the main thing though, it actually allows you to move while using your weapons. This is a huge help. Same duration as all Heavy Class buffs.

E: Negation- Negates the damage of the next few shots you get hit by. Bad against fast shooting weapons, extremely effective on weapons like Rocket Launchers. Do realise melee attacks like sabers or ‘E’ abilities can bypass this defense. This is mainly to protect you in your vulnerable form when using your weapon.

Bomb: Kinetic Bomb – Deals damage, makes enemy keep on spinning around. Also for protection when your enemy starts to retaliate.

Overall, the least mobile class ever. Its worth the damage though. Combined with Mega Damage, and if a Blazer was using Radiate on you..

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Striker Chassis

Leading the charge into the fray, the Commando is a powerful foot soldier who leaves enemies weakened by his assault and is always found fighting on the front line.

Role: Damage
Difficulty: Easy
Primary Weapon: Shotgun – I just wanted to bring this back :P

Secondary Weapon: Sticky Bomb Launcher – Heavy Damage, explodes after a few seconds and damages enemies in range. Dazes enemies, blurring their screen so the Commando can escape :P

Q: Field Control – Enemies around you get slowed down, not stunned, also shooting slower, while team is faster, not stronger though, like Radiate.

E: Charge – You run faster (not Turbo Boost level), and enemies who get hit by your insane charge get damaged and knocked to the side.

Bomb: Quake Bomb – Deals high damage to enemies on the ground, quite a large radius, as well as sending them flying up, which makes them quite vulnerable. If they smack into a roof, they take even more damage, a tasty treat in enclosed areas ;)

Overall, it is a class meant to weaken enemies considerably, before both you and your allies can pound them with damage. I saw a post saying what the next 4 classes will probably be, I saw Commando and decided to create what I imagined it would be. You can use this design if you want. That actually would be nice!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Aegis prevents people from going inside? I mean, there is no point putting up an Aegis if your enemy is going to come in and not be affected in the slightest. Oh, the level III EMP Storm should be changed if you don’t change the Aegis to become an actual forcefield. Since your enemy isn’t meant to come in, how about it pushes your enemy out and does epic scale damage? :P

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / December 7, 2012 Build Update Notes

Shocker is still kind of weak, but I guess we can’t really blame anyone anymore. Is it too much to ask to buff Lightning Gun?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Shockingly bad

Are enemies meant to be able to get into Aegis?
I hope not, because otherwise, its useless. Sure it can shoot enemies, but it’s rather low damage and has terrible range. Nothing to persuade enemies not to come inside. I was healing my Aegis full time, and suddenly a scout came. It was destroyed in 5 seconds despite me healing. Most people bomb me and than go in for the kill. If Aegis allows enemies to come inside, I recommend changing this. Oh, and FRG, didn’t you post in another forum you were going to up the range of the Aegis?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Cash flowers :)

Seeing the holy grail of cash flowers is Moon Base, do something there.

P.S. Woah, did FRG just rage? I have never read you losing your cool. Watch out cash flowers!