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Topic: Rise of Champions / Blake's Minions (guild)

Recruitment: Invite only

4xdblack (Guild Leader)

Honorary Members:
Yog Sothoth

Honorable Mentions:

Wish to be recruited?
Follow these few easy steps.
1. Understand the mechanics of the game
2. Decide you really like this game and plan on playing it for a while.
3. Be active in kong chat and helpful to new users.

If I notice you, and you ask to join, you’ll probably get an invite.
It’s that easy!

If you are planning on grinding away to level 20 and want to do it in style, just PM me and I’ll shoot you an invite. ;)

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Topic: Rise of Champions / ABC's of Rise of Champions

Awww come on… I deserve at least one reference in the ABC’s of RoC…
Don’t tell me you’re still mad about The Nerfing, listerine?

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Guild recruitment

Originally posted by hamsandstorm:

We’re still recruiting for the Craig Crew. Three spots are currently open so leave your ID here if you’re interested! The guild is at level 10 and climbing rapidly.

You’re so needy, craig :P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] Befriend me :D

I’m not adding any of you lonely souls.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

New suggestion..
Idk if it’s been suggested yet..

But what about the ability to destroy?

In the blacksmith, you can build items with material. But what if you destroy the items that you don’t need anymore to get 50% of the material used to make it, back.

Such as, instead of turning gold ore into plat ore, what if you turn plat ore into gold ore?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] The Best of the Losers.

Then post your scores and I will :)

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

So I was thinking..

What about a daily challenge? or Daily quest?
If you win, you get so much in rewards.. And the more you win, the bigger the rewards..

Maybe at so many wins, you get a chance at a random prize. Being a hero, unit, crystals, ect.
It would definitely make the game a little more interesting.

And the daily reward should contain more than gold, crystals, and random useless foods.
Maybe instead of putting crystals in there, maybe you should use a unit as a grand prize.

Or a hero… sword, weapon, ect.. anything else would be nice.

Quote and agree if you back this suggestion up! :D

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] The Best of the Losers.

Maybe I’ll just bann people like you, elementz, satan, and tordana from this lol.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] The Best of the Losers.

Still seems kind of unfair that all the pros still get the 2nd place in everything that they don’t have 1st in lol.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] The Best of the Losers.

If you’re like me, you have a lot of scores and scores that are just below the top shot.
This is the Second Shot Times thread.

If you can’t be the best, the fight people your own size.
Post your scores and I’ll take it up and see who is the best of the runner-ups!
I definitely need as much help as I can get, so if you see a score, or have a score, please post it!

I’ll start it off by posting a couple of my scores, if you got one better go ahead and post it.
If you have the top time, it doesn’t count.
This is for 2nd and 3rd place players only.
Again, I need your help to keep this legitimate and up to date.
I’m not friended to everyone.

NOTE: Please do not use marks to increase your score.

1.elementz123 (14)
2.Satan2684 (9)
3.Malizzle (7)
4.voen_up4k111 (6)
5.tordana (5)
6.kit432 (3) – callumross123 (3)
7.GameKultist (1) – MaryJaneM (1) – xenovat (1) – tasslefoot (1)

Pistol Primer
Pistol Basics: 0.80 / 2 (elementz123)
Shootout: 2.18 / 8 (voen_up4k111)
Pop-a-shot: 1.73 / 3 (voen_up4k111)
Here Comes the Boom: 1.88 / 3 (elementz123)
Contest Challenge: 1.69 / 1 (GameKultist)

Taking Aim
Friend-or-Foe Grid: 3.03 / 8 (elementz123)
Bulb Battle: 6.13 / 10 (tordana)
Typewriter: 7.93 / 20 (malizzle)
Whack-a-Mole: 12.40 / 27 (Satan2684)
Window Shopper: 2.65 / 5 (elementz123)

Six Guns
Bottle Bustin’: 4.40 / 6 (malizzle)
Hat Trick: 1.93 / 3 (elementz123)
Twenty One: 1.49 / 2 (malizzle)
Flip Train: 6.96 / 6 (malizzle)
Revolving Door: 4.87 / 6 (elementz123)

Blast Off
Behind Bars: 0.16 / 1 (callumross123)
The Split: 0.93 / 2 (elementz123)
Knockout: 0.95 / 3 (malizzle)
Skeet Shoot: 14.63 / 5 (elementz123)
Balloon Blast: 4.73 / 7 (elementz123)

Weapon of Choice
Dish Rack: 0.77 / 4 (kit432)
Spy Glass: 1.73 / 8 (Satan2684)
Double Tap: 1.77 (Satan2684)
Flour Power: 3.83 / 24 (kit432)
Heavy Metal: 3.00 / 3 (voen_up4k111)

Up Close and Personal
Snuff Out: 3.43 / 5 (voen_up4k111)
Relay Race: 1.90 / 4 (tordana)
Barn Doors: 3.04 / 5 (Satan2684)
Iron Curtain: 3.27 / 16 (MaryJaneM)
High Six: 5.93 / 15 (malizzle)

Long Shots
Lineup: 2.24 / 3 (elementz123)
Pin Plugger: 1.27 / 3 (elementz123)
Window Shopper: 2.48 / 15 (Satan2684)
Six Pack: 2.19 / 16 (elementz123)
Long Shot: 0.61 / 1 (callumross123)

Revolver Evolved
Six Shots: 3.33 / 6 (elementz123)
Breakout: 8.86 / 9 (tordana)
Pesky Popups: 3.98 / 6 (elementz123)
Balloon Blast: 4.30 / 6 (Satan2684)
Under Cover: 4.17 / 6 (tordana)

Auto Rama
Russian Dolls: 2.57 / 21 (kit432)
Blackout: 12.24 / 51 (Satan2684)
Mow Down: 1.40 / 9 (tordana)
Balloon Barrage: 9.37 / 21 (xenovat)
Tilting at Windmills: 13.64 / 26 (Tasselfoot)

Gun That Won the West
Antique Bottles: 3.87 / 6 (malizzle)
Claim Jumpers: 4.47 / 6 (voen_up4k111)
Freight Train: 0.63 / 1 (Satan2684)
Shooting Gallery: 11.53 / 10 (voen_up4k111)
Hangman: 3.00 / 3 (Satan2684)

Russian Dolls:
Not Just the Bullseye:
Arch Enemies:
Dyna Foe:

Lights Out
Box o’ Bulbs:
Rolling Blackout:
Swinging Lights:

Longer Shots
Far and Away:
Distant Defenses: 0.53 (callumross123)
Long Distance Runners:
Wave Over Yonder:
Triple Threat:

Coin Flip:
Wave Machine:
Phase Change:

Blaster, Remastered
Lights Out:
Friend or Foe Skeet:
Balloon Blast 2:
The Wave:

Game Theory
Ten Pin:
Card Shark:
Hide and Seek:
Ferris Wheel:

Getting Picky
Crossing Guards:
Friend or Flow:
Collateral Damage:
Arms Crossed:
Behind Closed Doors:

The Front Line
Field Training:
Pill Popper:
War Zone:
Bombs Away:
Window Pains:

Big Iron
Canning Season:
Grand Roue:
Tread Carefully:

European Open
Tempus Fugit:
Lay down your Burdens:
Cross Training:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] Gold Star Reqs

I just did the shooting gallery in the gun that won the west..
did it in 13 seconds..

But no gold.. defauq?

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Daily Reward is Rigged

Or try your luck at a survey..

Maybe we can end this thread sooner than we think >:)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] Top Shot Top Times

Sad, I’m really close to the times on some of these records.. :(
Need more energy!!!!!!!!

Also, in challenges like FoF skeet, would you count number of shots taken aswell?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] Buttons don't work.

The “Earn Marks” button doesn’t work..

please fix this if anyone who actually works the game reads this..

Anyone else have this problem?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] Please be more detail on challenges

Same thing happened to me..

I didn’t even know I needed to hit 32 balloons.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / CoT Strategies

He does, but my diablos don’t kill the paladins quick enough, so it spawns turds..

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Topic: Epic War Saga / CoT Strategies

Ok, so I tried twin diablos, 5 steaks, and 1 drink..

The problem that occured, is that once the douche fag gets out about a hundred turdzillas, my diablos can’t reach them..

How do I fix that?

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Topic: Epic War Saga / CoT Strategies

Name says it all..

Share your strategy of how you beat the Cave of Trial, or how you plan to beat it.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / [Guide] Math Strategies

Epic quide Guster.

Thank you very much :)

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Why did you put a cap on the arena artlogic?

That makes the game suck so much!
The arena is the only way to level up, and when it costs over 500 AP to get half of the XP you need to level up, you can’t afford to get anything less than 14,000 XP.
I predict that this will become another bad discision that you have made and that it will once more make the game nearly unplayable.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

Originally posted by ThanatosII:

7804364 has 6 beam axes and good units and the elephant lady. And is level 25.

Now, don’t even think about telling me he is a good player or something :)

elephant lady, units and beam axes can all be bought by gold.
You need better proof.
Whats his levels?
What’s his wins?
Now to mention, you can trade crystals for gold.
Also, we need a name – numbers don’t help.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / next update?

Originally posted by xXxXnamexXxX:

I think that the drop rates should stay the same or else the epic units wouldn’t be epic anymore would they? Drop rates need to stay were they are.

The one thing i think that should be added that I don’t think will should be changing the drops. Not changing the drop rates but changing the drops. There should be some levels where there is a third reward that is like a 1% chance. The 1% drop would be a unit of some kind. Easier levels would have weaker units and harder levels would be stronger units. They would be units that you can’t get from anywhere else like temples or monster lab. Not every level would have a unit but some would, maybe like 1 or 2 missions per chapter. I think this would be an interesting twist instead of just, "oh i don’t have enough gold yet, time to go grind some for money, oh now i have enough lets buy it.
Another thing that would be nice is to get new units unavailable anywhere else from achievements,tournaments, and having a certain win/loss ratio.

But epic items for the epic blacksmith that are epicly rare make an epic pain in my epic ass.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Originally posted by Vlax:

- An option to automatically replace consumable items when used
- Ability to buy multiple items at a time
- More options to spend stat points, like +5 and +500, a much higher amount is definitely needed for high levels
- Ability to save different equipment/unit setups so that you can instantly switch between them instead of individually switching each item
- A new building to increase the stats of units, even if it’s just small amounts it’s still something else to work towards
- Challenges for missions, they could be used for achievements and more, some challenge examples: win in under X seconds, win without units equipped, win using only X unit, win with no items equipped, win with only your hero and without moving, win without your hero taking damage, win without using your hero and without losing a single unit, win with 0:01 second left on the clock, win with both mana gauges full.
- Equipment set bonuses, for example having True Dragon King Sword and True Dragon King Armor equipped grants additional bonuses. Some names of current equipment could be changed to create more sets, like Kobold Shield could easily become True Dragon King Shield, Beam Axe could be changed to Titania Axe to create a set with Titania Shield.

Good suggestions.
I second those.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Equips please.

Well I like the idea of having pimped out TDKS’ (ragnaroks).
Seeing as they both have fire+ and ragnarok is stronger.
If I could make the ragnarok, I would be using it rather that TDKS’.
But yeah, achievement only equips are a must, and the achievements need to be updated.
But if we are going to have achievement only swords, we need something stronger than the weak awards we have now.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Equips please.

This is a request or suggestion forum specifically for Equips.

I got a couple that I’m hoping to get on the next update and I figure that there are others out there too.

Here’s my requests.
1.Please make the infinity Blade available to be bought with gold or made.
2.Please make the ragnarok available in the blacksmith.

And by available, I mean: The ability to gain it without need for crystals or weapons that don’t exist yet.

And personally, I would like to see a weapon with elements+M and mana+L with maybe 800attack, 500HP and 200defence?
It would be a really usefull and awesome to use.
The galaxy sword would be much better, but it cost $200.
Maybe in this next update, there could have more equips that can be made in the blacksmith that don’t need weapons that cost crystals or items that don’t exist yet.
Eventually, we’ll run out of finances and won’t be able to buy the incredibly expensive and yet awesome weapons.

Personally, artlogic, you’re doing well with armor, just keep doing what you’re doing.

So anyone else got a fantasy sword?