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Topic: Wartune / Trading

Originally posted by Blackroca:

I saw abit of patch 2.0 in Chinese version videos.
You MAY be able to trade, if devs put that in
but it seemed like you need balens to buy skills from balens shop LOL.

Solve one problem, and bring in another one.

Well, just enjoy the game now, while it’s still fun.

Servers have their days numbered now, just don’t know what r2games will do with all those server data when this game is not profitable: Will they simply shut down the server and delete all our player data? I certainly hope not.

Well, we will see.

basically every non english speaking wartune implementation has had trading since either 1.0 or 1.2

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Suggestions (#2)

there is only 1 guy who looks after all wartune servers.

why would he fire himself?

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Topic: Wartune / Why is armorgames ~50% Cheaper than kong?

Originally posted by gruntarswe:

Well, it is exactly the same merge promo r2 is running on their own hosted servers so…dont see an issue here…wish for a server merge if you want those prices too :/

they dont do cross platform merges. and seeing as there is only 1 kong oceania server, we will never get these “special” prices.

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Topic: Wartune / Why is armorgames ~50% Cheaper than kong?

For armorgames

Limited-Edition Item Sale!

Duration: Ends at 23:59 the third day following the server merge

Description: Various items will be on sale in the Shop, including Magic Boxes, Lvl. 5 Crystaloid Packs and Rename Cards! Items on sale will be:

• Magic Box x1 – 20 Balens. Limit 500 per day.
• Lvl. 5 Crystaloid Pack – Lvl. 5 Crystaloid x20 – 199 Balens. Limit 50 per day.
• Rename Card x1 – 340 Balens. Original Price: 588 Balens.

Epic Miraculous Shards (found in Magic Boxes) can be exchanged for the following items:

• Epic Miraculous Shard x1 = Lvl. 50 Legendary Stone x2
• Epic Miraculous Shard x1 = Lvl. 60 Legendary Stone x1

Thats their merge promotion.
Magic Box is 20 balens – on kong is 65balens (225% more expensive)
20 crystalloids for 199 balens. on kong its 159 for 10 (50% more expensive)
rename cards on are 340, but 595 on kong (75% more expensive)

yet we face armor games in csbg

I would like an answer from r2 please.

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Topic: Wartune / New servers?

Originally posted by Blackroca:
Originally posted by kimwong3252000:

we need oceanic…server 4 is so dead now, dominate by one guild

Which Wartune Server isn’t dominated by ONE Guild full of cashers?

log into s40,81,85

3 different guilds, all dominated by people who have jobs, unlike you.

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Topic: Wartune / Trade

if they introduce trade, they cant sell crystalloid packs.

That doesnt work with their “Gouge now, gouge some more later” model

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Topic: Wartune / [GUIDE]How to submit a ticket for Kong Wartune

Originally posted by donder:

I know some people already dead without getting a reply to their tickets


(2 months no reply from r2 on my ticket)

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Server Merges 05/16 @ 10:00 PM EDT

The only purpose of a server merge, is to force players on the newer servers to cash like crazy in order to take #1 spot again.

r2 have even said as much in public presentations.

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Patch 1.5: Part III

The capture rate is irrelevant to what I’m discussing.

What IS relevant, is that the only red astrals which CAN drop are HP ones

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] It Pays to Consume!

Originally posted by Vinge327:

Greed greed greed, as far as the eye can see. This company will not be getting another cent from me.

they couldnt care less.

They make 3 new games a week minimum. if it doesnt make ROI in 2 weeks, it gets pulled. When people stop spending, it gets put on slow servers and slowly killed, or they keep putting events on. It’s all basic human psychology. They care about money, and that is all, they are the most disrespectful developers you could ever imagine.

Lying and cheating is only bad if it affects the rest of their games… which it never does.

Why do you think these scumbags cop ddos attacks?

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Topic: Wartune / Chargeback

outstanding support tickets 2 months old…

That is clearly their way of attempting to AVOID chargeback, since i believe you cannot chargeback monies older than 3 months from paypal.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] It Pays to Consume!

it was 30k

now after they’ve convinced a large number of people to recharge 30k already… they decide to make it 50k

I bet it was an “accident”. It was less of an accident than when Lee Harvey Oswald shot kennedy.

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Topic: Wartune / Chargeback

Can someone tell me how to go about it

Since r2 are clearly masters of fraud it shouldnt be too hard, but how do you go about it.

1. They post 30k balen spend… after a number of people already recharge 30k balens… guess what, its 50k balens ingame.

2. they pull down the 30k spend and delete all comments. then post it at 50k spend, with obviously no intention to honor the 30k, also no intention to compensate people who recharged thinking it was 30k

3. there have been a few bugs in this game where displayed balen spend is LOWER than actual balen spend. for example guild cooldown at one point displayed 1/5th of the actual cost.

4. i have a r2 support ticket, that has been acknowledged, 2 months ago. No reply yet. I have contacted kong, they said r2 were busy. As a VIP9 i would expect some degree of response to a support ticket.

5. r2 forums also have recharge event as 30k balens… with a HUGE amount of angry replies… guess what, this was also deleted and 50k was put up in its place.

can someone show me anything that proves r2 have even a modicum of respect for their paying players? we all know they have no respect for their non payers.

I understand that a chargeback will get me banned from kong. Considering how disgracefully r2 have acted, that is a price I’m willing to pay at the moment.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] It Pays to Consume!

hiding fraudulent activity?

its ok, i still have a screenshot

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Custom Player Designed Mounts, Wings and Clothing

So the devs are so lazy now, they not only cannot push out a clean patch… that has already been installed in china… now can they be bothered to even design new things which they expect people to spend balens on.

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Topic: Wartune / World Prosperity change... ARE YOU $%#*ing insane?

why is this something they would fail to mention in patch notes.
this is the single most significant change they could have possibly made. Bar none.

a lvl 59 on s1 can now do over 20mil daily gain…. and camp doing talents.

sound fair to you? no, sounds like a stupid amount of luck.

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Topic: Wartune / World Prosperity change... ARE YOU $%#*ing insane?

make a change that ridiculously massive… without telling anyone?

lvl 55 gets +22% exp… lvl 57 gets +0%

so sitting at 55 and camping talents….

yeah thats VERY FAIR.

absolutely &^$%ing moronic change.

If this was the same from day 1. it would be perfectly fine. but the fact you make this change is absolutely infuriating.


Topic: Wartune / Players try to log in while maintenance and fight WB

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Topic: Wartune / Players try to log in while maintenance and fight WB

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Topic: Wartune / Players try to log in while maintenance and fight WB

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] It Pays to Consume: Kongregate

are you supposed to get your boxes right after you spend, or at the end of the event?

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] 1/11 Wartune Emergency Maintenance @ 1:00 AM EST

My best guess is that they are going to take forever because they are going to remove the bugged astrals, instead of just ban the people who used exploits. The explanation for this is because there must be at least 1 spender who abused this bug, and we all know that banning spenders for cheating is bad commercial practice.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event]Star Player


i dont want personal pictures ending up photoshopped on a chinese porn site

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (May 24th) Update

Originally posted by EdTheHead:

COG you should change it to – Everyone can only attack the same player 3 times within 30 minutes.
as positions shift every 30 minutes and many don’t want to be forced to nail alliance mates or really low levels.

CoG, the idea with this change was a very good one, good on you for trying, but your execution on it has fallen short.

Ed’s great idea in reality fixes all alt associated problems, since if alts hit 3 times, that person will have moved in the rankings, and the alt will as well, so they will not be able to hit again.

It also removes everyone doing all their hits at 23.00-23.29 to knock people out of arena.

being able to hit someone only 3 times is fine, so long as you can do it again in 30 minutes once ranks are updated. this would make everyone happy.

also, the removal of the close button is infuriating. please put it back. limiting to 3 hits is really enough of a deterrant to alts.

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Topic: Call of Gods / won conq - no goal

talking about arena games – conqeuror

not talking about champions cup. i won that as well