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Topic: Game Design / 2030 story, correct my english please

Fifteen years ago, somewhere in an isolated nuclear launch facility…

A computer virus infects the system, secretly controlling the launch conditions.

Without warning, the infected computer gave the order to fire. The attack was unexpected and the world was unprepared.

While first suspected to be simply another routine weapons test, the missile launched proved to be a superweapon capable of annihilating the entire planet.

Within a few hours, much of the world became barren. Though billions had died, humanity had yet to see the worst.

Days later, volcanic activity had skyrocketed, causing explosions that shook the earth to its very core.

As life on the derelict earth slowly faded away, an alien ship arrived seeking to save our dying species.

Years passed, and the aliens developed the ability to clone humans from the collected DNA.

They restored the species, and set to work helping humanity rebuild their civilization among the wreckage of earth.

The human drive to prosper impressed even the aliens, and a wealthy society quickly grew.

However, the aliens did not intend to work for nothing. They demanded that the human colonies collect resources for their own nation, and many colonies grew to resent them.

You are a citizen of one of these colonies. Having collected enough money for a basic interceptor, you set to work as a freelance pilot.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Alright, I need one. The game is set in space, it’s a vertical scrolling shooter. The player can go to a shop, and equip different weapons and ships. The game starts with a main base the player is in being attacked, and two missile launching enemy craft destroying two identical small ships next to the player(which are currently landed). Later, more of the same ship show up to assist. The second level features a light blue enemy that appears to be flapping very long wings, and ends with a boss battle that has destructible turrets and a large green ship.

After that, there’s a level where two enemies are tanks and ‘sandworms’ that come out of the ground.

I believe the player is called ‘Guardac one’, or something along those lines, and I recall playing it on Y8 a long time ago. Any help would be appreciated.

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Topic: The Arts / listen to my music, i'll take a look at whatever you're doing creatively in return

Quite good.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

How about an option for the recommendation system(on the main page) for it to only recommend games you haven’t played/rated yet?

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Topic: The Arts / [Group] Prophets of Pixels TWO

Hi, Alex. School’s been tough for the recent few weeks, so I haven’t had much time to check in or draw anything, but I came in today and saw your game. The graphics and gameplay are pretty great, especially for a second game, but I have 3 major concerns that might keep it from getting the ratings it deserves.

1. The logo stays open far too long at the beginning. I suggest cutting it to the duration of the ArmorGames logo. It also looks like you resized the website’s normal logo. You’re an excellent artist, and I’m sure you can figure out a way to feature the logo in the opening cinematic that doesn’t fill the screen with bright orange. At the very minimum, I would suggest opening it in GIMP, GraphicsGale, etc, and painting it over with flat colors to make the resize less obvious. Furthermore, I think you should create your own opening, for your games, like the CAoA and other successful devs have. It would look professional, and create name recognition, which would get you more popularity, and thus, more add revenue. I also suggest painting the link in the title screen a different color to signify it is a link to their site and changing the text to “Newcave” rather than “New Cave”. I know that’s how it appears on the site, and it’s a very trivial thing that probably won’t even be noticed by anyone other than me, but it confused me, so I figured it would be worth mentioning, just in case someone else is as neurotic as I.

2. Get rid of Box2D. It is severely incompatible with the game’s style, and using stencyl’s defaults signify laziness to players. While coding “go down until you hit the floor” may be a bit tedious, it makes the game feel more professional, and adds to the retro feel. Some levels, like the one with the long slope, require the engine, but that level is fatally luck based, and honestly, you’d be better off with it gone. This change would also let you add some cool things, like a screen shake and a thud when a spiked block hits the floor.

3. The plot. One level you’re a test subject, the next, a Shift – esque fake death counter, and for the rest of the game it’s strictly out of character. For that matter, add an ending. I know “levels as endings” are popular in stencyl, because they’re easy to do, but they feel unprofessional, and don’t give any closure. Suffice to say, there’s a reason they’re unpopular outside of the stencyl community. Even so much as a “Congtatz, [playername]” would do wonders for the aesthetic of the game.

Overall, it’s a good game(5/5), but needs some polishing. Great for a second game(though IMO you’d benefit much more and learn much faster without stencyl’s innovation and creativity suppressing structure holding you back.), and you’re getting a lot better at this. Overall, I suggest replaying some of the greats and seeing what they did in various situations.

On an entirely unrelated note, excellent job on the portrait. Is that Kim Jong Un?

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Topic: The Arts / [Group] Prophets of Pixels TWO

Originally posted by lobstershow:

Here’s a spaceship (for my ship idea for Vorp!-game)

Is it just the perspective, or are the wings asymmetrical? The left one appears to be a different shape and width. Otherwise, it’s pretty good. The perspective itself seems like it’s pointing toward the player, but that kind of thing is hard to tell until the sprite is actually in game. Overall great style and colors, are you planning to actually make a Vorp-esque game?

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Topic: Game Design / What are good programs for creating pixel art?

Yeah, GraphicsGale is the way to go IMO.

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Topic: Kongregate / Unofficial Kongregate Contest - Win a Developer Mug! (Developers Only)

I guess I’d have to go with StarFighter: Disputed Galaxy. It has very little in the way of upgrades and weapons, yet the combinations manage to keep the player interested. The different ships that you unlock with kills get bigger and more heavily armed, but are objectively no stronger than the eponymous starter ship. Combat doesn’t pit a nigh – invincible credit card warrior against a helpless newbie that exists only as cannon fodder for the veterans, it pits two people, equally equipped yet vastly different in tactics, against each other. The battle is not about having the highest level, grinding the best stats, or spending the most money, it’s about examining your opponent and getting into his head, figuring out what he is trying to do, and making sure he doesn’t have time to do the same to you. It feels like a real war – the missions are believable, the fights are unscripted, and a well placed shot by even the lowliest of cadets can take that last life off of an Elite Destroyer when he least expects it. SF:DG is elegant in it’s simplicity, it’s fair and balanced to all players without losing the feel of progress when you kill an enemy ship, and that’s how multiplayer games should be done.

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Topic: The Arts / Board Game Challenge: Battleship

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Are special abilities invoked by the active player as a requirement, an option, or the result of some condition?

You can use them instead of just firing one shot anywhere(as long as the ship is alive). The carrier may need a nerf though.

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Topic: The Arts / Board Game Challenge: Battleship

Ok, how about this:

The board is in 4 quadrants(no ship may be in 2 at once):

The player can fire 1 shot anywhere on the board, or use one of their ship’s abilities(n is the number of damaged spaces on the attacking boat):

PT: Fire 2 shots on any quadrant that isn’t theirs.

SS: Fire 3 – (n – 1) shots in the quadrant opposite theirs.

DD: Fire 3 shots in their own quadrant.

BB: Fire 2 – n sets of 2 adjacent shots on any quadrant but the one opposite their own, and 2 additional shots in their own quadrant only if they choose to do so.

CV: Fire 4 shots in any 2 other quadrants(8 in all). Cannot be used twice in a row.

In addition, ships have special guidelines on what sinks them:

Pt: Any hit.

SS: All 3 must be hit.

DD: Same as SS.

BB: Both inner sections and one of the sides.

CV: The control tower(center).

This would speed up gameplay and add more strategy to the mix.

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Topic: The Arts / [Group] Prophets of Pixels TWO

Looks great. Is ‘insaid’ intentionally spelled wrong?

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Topic: Game Programming / Attack effects/buffs (solved)

Originally posted by Degraiver:

usually when I want to do something like that I add counters and after desired turn increase counter. Then create a if(counter==5){seteffect=false; buff/debufficon.visible = false; . I dont understand classes myself, so i end up writing longer codes but they work just the same for me. My friends a programmer, and he says my code pisses him off. lol So if you want a work around.

That doesn’t allow for stacking effects, and stacking effects are key to many tactics in RPGs.(Book of Mages 2 in particular is a great example of that, the pure water clan pretty much needs them to remain combat effective.)

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Topic: Game Programming / Attack effects/buffs (solved)

You aren’t using classes? I’d recommend using them, if only because it’s much more intuitive(For me, at least). I’m still fairly new at programming too(basic knowledge of VB and C#, made a fairly complex shooter type game with each of those to learn, plus other smaller projects, and currently working my way up in AS3) but coding an RPG without classes seems unnecessarily impractical and confusing. If you don’t know what an array or a parent/child is, you probably should be working on something much simpler than a full fledged RPG. Also, (I know this is a bit late) you may want to switch to AS3, as more people are familiar with it, and it is generally described as more capable. You say you have most of the code done, but I’m uncertain what you mean by this. If you really do have a complete engine done and could wrap the game up in a week or so, I’d personally suggest doing what you can to finish it for the sake of possibly learning a few new things and having a higher tier game up and on display, but if you’re far enough from a completed game, it may be better to start from the beginning and work your way up, creating a solid foundation and gaining a good understanding of key concepts, so that you’ll be able to create a better game in the long run, and have a much easier time doing so.

Edit: Here are some tutorials that may help you if you choose to use AS3.

Avoider tutorial, very well liked as a starting point

Making an asteroids game using the traditional method in flashdevelop, a free software that many people like more than flash due to its reliability and clarity

Making an asteroids game using blitting(More logical and easier to manage IMO, but the people who don’t use it have some good reasons too), it uses the same software as the other asteroids tutorial

The shootorial, if you’re absolutely locked into AS2, this should provide a good start and teach you pretty much everything that you absolutely need to know to create a good game

Adding links in a few seconds

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Topic: Game Programming / Attack effects/buffs (solved)

Create an Effect class with a variable for each stat that can be changed by a buff, as well as a TimeLeft integer. Give each unit stats for what you want the effects to change but are not already there, and give each unit an Effects array. Every turn, iterate through the effects array, subtract 1 from each effect’s TimeLeft, and once it reaches zero, undo the changes to the units stats and remove the effect(remember to also do this at the end of each battle. When a unit is hit with an effect inducing attack, add the effect to that unit’s Effects array, and apply the change induced by the effect to the unit’s stats.

I am unsure how you are doing attacks, but if you are using a class, just add an EffectToInduce variable to them and apply that effect to the target when the attack is used.

Example: Adding a mana drain effect:

Give the Unit and Effect classes a ManaDrain integer. Each turn, subtract that integer from the unit’s total mana. When a mana drain effect is applied through an attack, add it’s ManaDrain value to the target’s own. When an effect’s
TimeLeft reaches 0, undo the effect by subtracting it’s ManaDrain value from that of the affected unit and remove it from the array.

Example: Adding a damage block:

Give Unit and Effect a Block integer, and give the former a MaxBlock integer. When applying an affect, add it’s Block to the unit’s MaxBlock and Block. When removing the effect, subtract it’s Block from the unit’s MaxBlock, then, if the Block exceeds maximum, set it equal to the newly decreased maximum. It goes without saying that, when attacked, you would check if the unit’s Block stat was more than 0, and, if so, check if it was more than the attack damage. If so, subtract the attack damage from it, if not, subtract it from the attack damage, then subtract what’s left from the unit’s health.

Example: Adding a percent damage drain:

Simple enough, add a PercentHealthDrain int to both classes, and every turn, subtract Health(or maxhealth, you weren't clear on which one, but I assume the former, as it's more interesting) / 100 * PercentHealthDrain from the unit’s health.

To make the effects visible is easy enough, just make them whichever DisplayObject you choose and render them just like all the others(make sure to use RemoveChild() when splicing them out of the array). You can determine the location by getting the length of the Effects array and multiplying it by the width of the effect graphics.

JamesObscura pretty much said the same thing but more elegantly. This is a little more explanatory, but if what he said doesn’t make it clear enough for you, you may wish to try something much simpler than an RPG. Trust me, making a full fledged RPG with your current level of programming experience(determined by the game you uploaded, you may have improved since then, but you did say you were a “noob”, so that’s probably an indicator that you should try something less difficult. Buffs are a fairly simple feature to add, and the forums probably won’t code your entire game for you.) has about a 50 percent chance of wasting hours of your time being frustrated that could have been spent learning more efficiently and in smaller steps, and a 49 percent chance of making you give up, thinking it’s just too hard. Look at some of the great ones, and see that not even they just jumped into creating something complex. Far too many Devs think their second or third .swf file will bring them to the top of the ratings list, that they’ve come up with the game idea that will bring everyone to awe, but that’s simply not realistic, and it’s important to shelve those beliefs before they, rather ironically, become the very things that keep you from success. Heck, even nerdook made four games before he even broke the 3/5 rating barrier, and it took him until 2010 to break 4/5(for the record, he registered in 2007). That should give you an idea of how much practice it takes to get good. There’s no shame in walking one step at a time, and trying anything more than that might end up making you trip.



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Topic: The Arts / [Group] Prophets of Pixels TWO

Cool screenshot alex. You may want to make the background mountains repeat less.

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Topic: The Arts / Soundtrack for Century Sky Fighters

I like track bar. Gives a feel of flying.

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Topic: The Arts / [Group] Prophets of Pixels TWO

Not much, but here’s what I’ve been working on. It’s for a shooter game.

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Topic: The Arts / Board Game Design Challenge (Monopoly)

I have one rather simple mechanic that might make things a little better.

Before you roll, you have a choice to move forward(progressing to GO where you gain $200), or pay $50 to go backwards. When moving backwards, after you roll you can pay 1 / 20 of your current cash or another $100 to either skip forward one square or move backwards another square. You can only choose backwards 10 times per game, to prevent players from turning the end of the game into a painfully slow anticlimax as people just keep dodging each others’ properties. You cannot back over GO, if you hit GO while backing up, you simply stop moving.

This would allow people to choose between trying to pinpoint desirable areas, but draining your resources and stunting your income or continuing with the normal mechanic. It could also add a decision based on whether to use your retreat ability offensively, defensively, or some combination of the two.

Another small mechanic could be bonuses to the different types of pieces. Maintaining balance could be difficult, but it would also be fairly interesting to have some pieces more effective early game, and some more effective late game. Disputes over who gets a mutually desired peice could be settled the old fashioned way, with all parties rolling for the highest number. Examples:

Iron: Housework Ability to stay still on properties you own for one turn.

Cart: Harvest Extra $100 upon reaching GO.

Dog/Horse: Trot Ability to pay $50 to roll the die once before moving. If it lands on one or six, you may choose to nullify the movement roll and advance a single space instead.

Cannon: Invade When landing on a hostile property, choice to roll the die. If it lands on 6, the property is conquered and the invader owns it(or, if there is a hotel on it, the invader pays $200 and the hotel is removed). If it lands on anything else, the invader pays triple rent.

Car: Drag Racer Any time you pass another player, they pay you $100.

Hat: Lawyers When you should go to jail, you sue the government and make $300 instead.

Boot: Communists When landing on one of your properties, you may incite a mob and raze a set of properties to the ground(noone can do anything with them ever again) by rolling the die and getting a 1, 3, or 6. If it fails, the CIA ‘Neutralizes’ you, and you are out of the game. This can only be used once, and it cannot be used against a set of properties with a hotel.

Battleship: Bigger Stick When occupying a square within one space of another player, you may send them to any non – player owned square, where they cannot roll two die per turn until one of them is a 5 or 6. Every turn they fail to do this, you gain $50. This can only be used once per player.

Thimble: Thumble Other players cannot use their abilities against you.

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Topic: Game Design / Creating atmosphere

an invisible brick wall that stops you from leaving the map)

If it’s invisible, how do you know it’s made of bricks?

Anyways, Good voice acting can go far. I like games where there’s some voice acting that sets the mood while in battle, playing in the background. I especially like it when they tie this in with the background layers. For example, in a shmup type game a bomber pilot could be on the radio announcing an airstrike at the same time an aircraft shows up in the background dropping bombs. I think I recall a drackojen skies game that did this.

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Topic: The Arts / Parkour

Originally posted by loungechairman:

Parkour is an art.


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Topic: The Arts / Parkour

Wouldn’t this go in OT?

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Topic: The Arts / A pixel art house I made for my game.

Looks a bit flat, you may wish to add some diversity and wear to the bricks. As for the windows, the cracks just don’t look right IMO, but I can’t make good broken glass either, so I’m unable to help you there. The roof looks very nice, and the problems I described probably wouldn’t be offputting to anyone playing the game, so you don’t really have to worry, though fixing them would improve the piece as a whole quite a bit.

Anyways, I like RPG type games(I assume this is what you’re making, based on the perspective and style), and I wish you luck creating yours.

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Topic: The Arts / [Group] Prophets of Pixels TWO

Originally posted by slothman400:

This is terrible, but I want a bit of criticism on it:

Try adding more texture. IMO it might look better if it were less angular, had less contrast, and the green was a little darker, but those are more of a matter of opinion.

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Topic: The Arts / Need the quick help of an Artist

Originally posted by Khnum666:

I was sure Paint could do transparency.

You should look into downloading something like Paint.NET or GIMP. They’re really easy to use and it’s just handier than trying to use paint for more than it’s good for. All I have is access Paint ATM so sorry about that.

EDIT: Nevermind. I don’t think Paint supports saving as transparent.

GIMP is still the best for it though. Very intuitive design.

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Topic: The Arts / [Group] Prophets of Pixels TWO

Originally posted by alexolsenpang:

its colonell gaddafi, but this one sucks!

The face looks good, but what’s that around him?