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Topic: BattleCry / Survival Solo

I am interested in what others have done to make Survival all the way to wave 20 in the fastest speed possible, i.e. the quickest win in order to max out your afk earnings. I don’t really wanna do the click fest that is repeat match 1-1 in pve, and would prefer optimal Survival mode instead, much less clicking and can then just leave it for a few minutes and come back to it.

I have been doing this already but the speed is lacking. I am wondering if anyone else has tried to optimize the speed of completion and what sort of army they used. Thanks in advance for anyone helping me out.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Bug] Need help? Find a bug? This is the place.

When I load my game on S4 it loads normally, but when I try to go to my castle it gets stuck at the loading message and refreshing doesn’t help. I have no idea what this issue is because it only just started to do this. Its not my connection either because I can play normally with other games. Obviously this is very annoying because without my castle I can’t do much of anything.

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Topic: Call of Gods / S4 What Gives?

It loads for me but when I try to go to my castle it gets stuck with the loading message and freezes. Quite annoying since I can’t do much of anything without going to my castle.