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Topic: General Gaming / what is the "point" of maple story?

i’ve been playing for a few days now and have a level 79 character and i’m enjoying it however what’s the point of it?

for example you could say WoW is to have fun with your friends and enjoy the vast stories on your way to max level so that you can PvP or raid

everything i seem to see on maplestory is simply bum rush your way to 200 and never explains any sort of end game, it wsn’t until level 55 that i had some contact with another player who was basically just being a complete a***hole

since then every time i do try to chat or ask a question i seem to find what appears to be mentally challenged people keep calling out for some dude named kevin or other dribble

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Topic: General Gaming / Pokemon X and Y

why 3ds only???

i don’t know about you guys but i can’t afford to keep buying a new console every time i want to play a game

i honestly don’t see the point in getting a 3ds, it’s just a damn gimmick and if anything i’d go for much much newer dsi xl’s

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / why can't you earn special upgrades anymore?

i earned all the upgrades on BTD4 before they released any maps (so i didn’t have 300 “easy” maps to get the medals on) and i liked using them at times for messing about and having fun, when they added them for IAP i wasn’t bothered because i can understand 69p/99c isn’t much and some people will just take the easy way but that’s up to them

however now half of them are missing, 2/3 of them are normal upgrades and finally the others left are from their specialty building

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / So Close

in BTD5? 85, just to beat them on hard

BTD4? well over 200 on hard on lava lake, when i finished it i was 8th on the game center leaderboard

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / rbe?

as people said it’s “red bloon equivalent”

basically rd bloons take 1 hit to pop so it measures how many pops you need to pass the round

you can also use it to judge how much leway you have, if the round has say 1000 RBE and you have 200 lives you can afford to let through just under 1/5th of the bloons

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / (IOS) i feel this game has been dumbed down

yes ok glue and ice are “good” but as i keep saying it’s just better taking a directly offensive either way

in BTD4 they were almost essential to have one or the other well upgraded and placed to get far without too much trouble

on this game i can bet hard without ever touching them and without having any trouble

i never really bother with ranks, i was rank 80 something on BTD4 and rank 8th for bloons popped on lava lake on the game center and 7th for the map before it (can’t remember the name) and i would honestly say there’s no “skill” really involved, if you can make it to 100 you can make it to 3000 (so long as you don’t crash out XD)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / (IOS) i feel this game has been dumbed down

i’m not saying glur and frost is useless i’m saying that there’s no point getting them when putting money into purely offensive towers works better

personally round 84 has always been the “hardest” and i havent failed that yet, 6 of those moab towers plus 2 or 3 snipers with moab cripple works a treat

the towers are meant to be different but now there’s really no point in taking the pilot over the chopper
both fly
you can no longer have the pilot fly in the middle of the screen because you now need to place an airport
choppers base can be put off to one side and still reliably attack the whole map
both have a large tower base, chopper being smaller (thus better)
both can see camo, you get it sooner on the chopper and i think it may be cheaper (think)
both “lock on” (one literal and the other follows)
one gets precision explosives while the other one gets useless pineapples

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Topic: General Gaming / looking for some "virus" games, kongragate and on IOS

Originally posted by AbiS1:

Try pandemic and Pandemic 2, in my opinion the best virus game in kongregate. the goal is to create virus to destroy the world.


oh yeah i know them but it’s not that kind

Originally posted by TAO_Arecibo:

That’d be phage wars, and a few others which are pretty similar to it.

yeah like this but does anyone know if there’s noy good ones on IOS as well?

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / (IOS) i feel this game has been dumbed down

oh and you need to micro manage more which actually makes it harder sorry

you need to collect bananas, time special abilities, place road traps AND still place, upgrade and set the target of other towers

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / (IOS) i feel this game has been dumbed down

i loved bloons 2, 3, 4, 4 on ios and then that other 4.5 or whatever however i feel like this one has really been dumbed down (at least on IOS)

all of the “activated” abilites seem pointless compared to the other path where you get an upgrade 100% of the time and you don’t have to push more buttons

then you have to collect your banana farm money all the time (or play a few rounds just to buy the privilege to not have to pick it up for one round)

there’s no upgrades to earn/buy by completing the rounds on hard

so far i’ve actually found it BAD to have ice and glue monkeys simply because you could put that cash into building more offensive towers

special agents in general are just a more hidden pay to win version of buying in round lives or money in general

some just seem useless, why have a ninja that can rapidly pop camo bloons when there’s never any super long or hard camo bloons waves which actually requires more then 4 decently pdart monkies to beat or tha fact that the chopper is 10000% itmes more useful then the ace pilot?

and i’m not talking about being dumbed down to make it easier for newer players i mean just dumbed down in general so that even a dead person could win

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Topic: General Gaming / looking for some "virus" games, kongragate and on IOS

ust found this game
kinda like how this game works

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Topic: General Gaming / What is your Analog Sensitivity?

3-5 out of 10

except on halo i have an 8 out of 10

it just isn’t needed ever if you play most FPS’ right

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Topic: General Gaming / The ESRB is Messed Up

in england (and the EU, not europe) we have PEGI and i’ve never really seen any problem with ratings for games (3, 12, 16, 18 years old)

assassins creed is a much more violent (graphically) game then halo with a lot more moral dilemmas which younger people may not under stand, AC3 got an 18 rating while halo got 16

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Topic: General Gaming / Really DICE?

premium isn’t a DLC as such but more of a simple code which ticks a box which says you’ve already paid for the DLC

it’s typically known as a 108kb dlc unlock code which is often used by devolpers to sell stuff that’s LOCKED on the disc you already bought (day 1 dlc is a prime example of this where preorder/limited edition get it for free otherwise you need to buy it but all you “download” is a 108kb bit of coding)

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Topic: General Gaming / looking for some "virus" games, kongragate and on IOS

for the love of me i can’t remember their names but i remember playing some really fun games where you’re some kinda virus or something and you are a blob and you drag to another blob and it sends stuff to it, you gain +1 thing in your blobs every second and you can capture other blobls

one game you would create a kinda link to it which you could cut and another you’d see your little things float across the screen to take it over and on top of that outside of the levels you could upgrade yourself

i’m looking for some good ones and especially if they also come on IOS (iphone, itouch, ipad)