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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mech Conquest] Add Me


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Topic: Dueling Blades / got a question here..

why is it that when i use this acct, (deadzy) i cant seem to be able to actually play, as i get stuck in town and cant find opponents, or challenge my friends, but when i use an alternate acct, (seiji) i am able to successfully log into the game and pvp all i want? just wondering cuz i wanna use my rogue again.. tnx

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Topic: Dueling Blades / Is what that certain player doing considered as cheating?

In matches where one player gets disconnected, a lot of people noticed that the BP doesn’t change so even if one player is losing, they get no BP deduction if they decide to suddenly quit for a minute before the match ends.

we noticed this as a certain player, particularly popular atm after winning the may 20 weekly, rage quits whenever he loses, and he has done this quite a LOT, and to a lot of people too….

IS it considered cheating when you use this loop hole continuously like that?
hopefully that loop will be fixed..

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Topic: Dueling Blades / Level cap reached

agree to this^ :)

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Topic: Dueling Blades / Patch 1.0.8

uhhm, I see that we KONG players feel the AP regen to be a bit too fast, but then again, its because we can easily add friends here, on the other hand, i’ve found a few friendster players, and they all have one problem, they cant add friends easily, so i guess the AP regen is for them.

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Topic: Dueling Blades / DB Weekly Community Questions #1

1. Yes, its quite enjoyable since it has a an edge, as it has a unique playing style.
2. PVP all the way! Its fun playing the mind games.
3. i’d like to see more missions to make lvl more fun, and more gear options.
4. I look forward to the Co-Op play the most, crafting is second. New classes would be interesting too.
5. They are quite balanced i think, just the priority on the knight’s earthquake would be better if it was equal with the stun kick, etc. Each class has its own pros and cons.
6. YES! lol, i’d like that.

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Topic: Dueling Blades / New In-Game Friends - Free Ap/Xp

deadman4544<—— ADD me :))