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Topic: Reactor idle / Complaint: Good game, but I gave it only 1 star because ...

OP: Its negligible, yes. The tab thing is an issue with the browser and the game, be glad there is a way around it. It is wasteful, dont do it then. See earlier. Rating it 1/5 over a feature to let you not play the game and still progress is quite rude…

next 2 posts: Some do, some dont. Its up to the developer. It certainly isnt unreasonable to get no reward for not playing the game.

Antigaprime: Eh, almost is a fairly hard to prove term given the sheer volume of idle games out there. You can say that many of them do offer offline gains, which is indeed correct.
Yeah, i dont think its fair either, i can understand a lowered rating but simply dropping to 1/5 (Which is as kong defines “Hated it”) is just rude.
The player base is still here…At the time of me writing this, 8 game chat rooms are full at 200 each. Thats 1600 players at this exact moment, thats pretty good all things considered.
It is actually pretty typical for an idle game of above average complexity to require you to keep it in another window. Heck, at one point (And probably still) anti idle did that as well. Its an issue with how the browser handles tabs that arent active.

Darvious: …Yeah, im just gonna point out that a 0.01 drop in rating is fairly insignificant. Indeed, its still a fair way past a score that implies a merely okay game.
So it seems that the playerbase as a whole is…Pretty much not caring that much about offline gains enough to say they hate the game. Which is again, a bit rude given that you are trying to get a feature improved that helps you NOT play the game.

Now, just a noteworthy thing that addresses a few people at the same time…May i point out that this is a fairly unique example of idle game. It involves a grid of interacting parts along multiple maps, the only game i can think of that is similar enough to compare is reactor incremental, which didnt provide offline gains. You can argue that the genre as a whole tends to lean towards offline gains, but this isnt exactly your normal idle game.

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Topic: Kongregate / The new game browsing interface

Yeah. Im gonna agree…The point of a list is to provide information. This list is highly inefficient at this task. It uses up more space then before for less information.

I much rather prefer the old design. Compact and informative beats bloated and useless.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Remove the secondary coin cap

I do support removing the secondary cap. I would like to be able to make various areas of the levels ive been making a genuine reward to get to. If i make a really difficult area to get to and the coin is rarely obtained and worth more then 25 coins, i would like it if people actually got more then 25 coins for reaching it.

Else i am just making difficult side areas nobody will want to go for cause the reward is lame.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kings of the Realm Release notes week of 31/03/2014

Gold certainly will provide some advantage at endgame, specifically when it comes to PVP.

Namely…Heal time.

Dont get me wrong, its not a massive benefit. But if you are throwing around power that forces a 20 minute heal on both sides at the minimum, the victor is going to end up being who has the gold required to skip that 20 minutes and attack again. And again. And again. And again. And so on and so forth. And the farther in the bigger the damages to both sides get, the more gold required…And if someone can still afford the gold at that point and you cant? You are at a massive disadvantage.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kings of the Realm Change Corban's picture or stat boosts

Well except for the fact that hobilars start off using…Spears.

Not to mention he isnt bad with spearmen anymore. Isnt good with them either.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] will be closed permanently on January 1st, 2014

Wayback machine wont do this. It lets you see the page…The servers the game runs off of however are down. At best you might get to see the old wiki a bit. Maybe find the forums. The game itself is gone.

AQW is not “99%” the same. It has different graphics, different perspective, different quests, different characters, different areas, different lore, different humor, different basically everything. The only real similarity is that its a game, its online, and it has humor. Hardly 99%.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Fabric

Your town needs to unlock the material first. Its gained by upgrading the tannery to level 2.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [APB Reloaded] Suggestions and Ideas

Suggestion, get off kong. your “Game” is nothing but an advertisement for a lame downloaded game.

How many people did you have to bribe to get an ad to have such a high rating in the form of a game anyway?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Girls of the Dungeon

Originally posted by BLACKIRONWILL:

Wow, Iron u r really late in the news, LOL

Thing is…what news? i have yet to see any reputable news source confirm that ubisoft plans to have the main character of assassins creed 4 being female.

Where the heck is anyone getting this from?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Girls of the Dungeon

You had me not caring particularly much up until the assassins creed 4 bit.

Being a huge fan of the series, i have the simplest question to ask…where the heck did you get assassins creed 4 starring a female character from? we only JUST got assassins creed 3, i highly doubt any reputable source would lock in a new character for a game that dosent even have any details around it yet.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] The multishocker - a useful tool?

Originally posted by arthur97:

Shocking dont causes lagg, and if a single shock causes lagg for you, then guess what mult shock will do

Arthur. the game, under specific circumstances last i checked, can have a sort of memory leak, which can cause lag when you shock.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Castlot] loss of CoD

Originally posted by Vandiego:

Does a lower tier card gain more than 25exp for consuming a higher tier card? Also, if a card has 200exp on it and is merged with another card, does the merged card get the 200 exp or just the base value of the original card?

If you mean can a green card absorb a blue card for a bigger exp gain, no. cards cannot consume other cards of higher rarity.
If you mean can a say, rank 1 card absorb a rank 2 for more exp, yes. EDIT: Ignore this. turns out i was wrong. whoops.

And yes. all EXP is given to the absorber. if you combine two cards, with the desired result of card one coming out with exp, and card 2 is a green with 50 EXP, then card one would get 75 EXP.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Castlot] [Activity] Cheer For Olympics! Win free rewards!

People can vote up for the duration of the event, then downvote immediately after.

Stop holding bribery events.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] WITCH is better 20 dps slow or fast


More flexible attack power, if one hit misses, you dont lose a massive amount of damage output.
More criticals.
Weaker criticals.


Stronger criticals..
Less damage flexibility.
Less criticals.

Overall, its a matter of your own preference. at the same DPS, weapons have about the same damage potential, its criticals and such that are most effected by speed.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Originally posted by Kalrakh:

If scorpions towers have upgraded range, the shots disappear long time before they reach the displayed maximum range, that is kinda ridiculous ^^

As i recall, a similar thing happens with the zakana.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Do sanctums heal everything in their range?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Steel Legions] good game turned bad

The worst part is the dang invisibility thing, why the hell would you let enemies pick up the bomb while invisible on mine defence? they can take in farther along before you can even attack them, it makes it impossible to play defence on mine defence.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] fantasy online improvements

I would personally love to see an attack animation, it would give more of an action feeling to the game.

Even just a little blur in front of your character (yknow, a wide slash for swords, a piercing shot for bows, etc) would probably help.

You could also go all out and add effects to certain skills (yknow, make the faint effect caused by all skills more noticeable, add a contact effect to certain skills (yknow, stuff like a fireball flying at the enemy for the fireball skill, a small jabbing blur for sucker punch, a shield flashing over the effected character for thick skin, yknow, just effects to add a bit of action to stuff)

Basically, anything that visually evolves combat from clicking on an enemy and watching numbers pop up.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / The Soda Machine of MAgic idleing

You get a piece of paper labeled “FROM PETA”, which tells you that you misspelled chihuahua, and are also being sued for animal cruelty.
I insert a taco

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

awesome, thanks.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

I have a few questions…

with double hit and criticals, it says double hit cannot be a critical…does it mean the second hit of it or both?

and, a clarification on one thing would be welcome, does double hit stack with quick attack (already know it dosent double the chances, but does it double the hits from quick attack to 4 or something?)

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New navigation and footer test and changes to developer payment history pages

eugh….just as i get used to the new (horrible) design, they toss out a new one…its mildly better, but still not nearly as well made as the old one

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New navigation and footer test and changes to developer payment history pages

Originally posted by HugotheElder:
Originally posted by racefan12:

Two issues at play making the negativity seem more overwhelming than it actually is:

1. If you’re satisfied with something, you’re generally not going to feel the need to say anything about it. If you don’t like something, you want to let people know about it so that it can be addressed.

2. Not liking certain features of an update (or suggesting improvements to certain features) does not mean that you do not like the update as a whole.

I totally agree with that. But being stuck with a test that you didnt opt in for, that is broken and may not get fixed for a couple of weeks without the option to revert to the old version that actually worked just fine is annoying.

indeed, i didnt agree to any test, and i like the old version much much better…but im still stuck with being part of a test full of glitches that i didnt want to be part of, with a new menu that i despise.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Anti-Best Accomplishment of the day-Ninth "Winner" Announced: gordond. (Now on page 76, because the true fail is how little code a post can take before breaking.)

A while ago i went for the 10k button combo achieve for the button machine, i got about 100 away from 10k, and then i lost my combo…

a couple days ago i tried again using my new knowledge of that auto clicker built in (hold shift key) and i ALMOST got 10k…i was about a hundred points away and i got to confident and ignored a button break warning…i broke and i lost my combo, 4 points away from 10k

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Topic: Off-topic / EARTHQUAKE!

yeah, im in southern jersey and i felt it, though ive heard it was felt as far as new york…