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Topic: BattleCry / Bugs

i have some how gotten troops i didn’t have before some already set to armies i have otherwise not yet made, as well as in to my current army, the should have been unable to accept any more units. this happened after a battle would not finish loading(after the actual battle) so i refreshed the page.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / The art of killing and being a camper

Every one knows the conspet of camping for the most part people liking or disliking it for their own reason. Me i am personally a fan of camping, i think it is fun.

There are two type of being a camper the more common type is to just find a place made just so people have a hard time shooting u which i consider and a bunkering type.
the second type being to simply hide behind any object any where at any place the obscures ur character allowing u to ambush ur enemy, and probably being the more fun of the two cause u can do it almost any where on some maps which i consider the camping type.

Killing a camping type is fairly easy so thats not the problem kill a bunkering type how, usually this type can be killed by grenade if the terrain slows escape, one way other the other grenades usually get the job down on most problems. However that is not always the case, if this is true, use ur brain im sure u could find their weakness, or just plain avoid them.

The art of bunkering something which most people should know alittle bit in to the game, camping on the other hand is not use often except on cold Day in Hell, but it is fully possible to do the same in Gothics, EvilZone and nuclear sand storm. There is not one spot for this method and i personally advise staying on the move and having many spots, or ur enemys will catch on.