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Topic: Tyrant / Is TYRANT Dead?

BTW, wheres the redshift game Synapticon made? Is it deadshift?

I looked up their profile and profile show only Tyrant online in Kong.

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Topic: Tyrant / Rust egress, Rust egress, rust egress... wait. is that a new card??

Rust Egor

Problem with card packing is that I always get same useless rare/legend that I already have and will never use it before being upgraded. Been buying awakening for like 100 pack, and I went ahead to buy my first radio officer from vault.

Solution? Empty your mind and give up playing Tyrant

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Topic: Tyrant / Where to spend WBs?

Usial and necronest (if you have grimclaws) are quite good for now. Meta might change, but they works fine at least in raids.

and keep at least 25wb for vault card, because card pack RNG will troll you anytime.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament] Tartarus Swarm VS Enclave Flagship

Originally posted by vverewolf:
Originally posted by BoNaFiDeOuTkAsT:

If you had lost everything… wouldn’t you find a way… to make the impossible possible?

It used to be fun raid, buffing other factions with typical aggressive BT skills. Now… Well, who cares about fusion effect? Lets do it with brutal force.
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Topic: Tyrant / Please Fix Epic Raid ! ! ! !

Originally posted by koeniewoenie:

They did fix it, but it’s up to you to not make it public.

Yeah, by releasing Grimclaws and Necronest.
Even with siege 6 and blitz, Dirge was total failure though.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament S7] WINNER: Warpway Fortress

Originally posted by del1277104:
Originally posted by Maharid:

Mortar Bunker was really good, Mortar Bunker* is even better.

Haze Geezer need upgrade to compete with anything.
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Topic: Tyrant / [ESoK] Petition, discussion, game

Yes, it kinda too late, I am complaining so that the dev won’t make this kind of raid again.

First drop CW, Mammoth tank, Orworld, Usial?

You are defeated!

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] ESOK Cannon Wall to 4 Wait

Before that do something to Mammoth tank or Gatling Tower.

Mammoth tank is impossible to kill without disease, because gatling tower takes down every structure and chaos all strikes….
I mean the raid is called Epic Siege on Kor, but who the heck uses siege anyway?

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Topic: Tyrant / The hero of the failing ESoK

Well, it was public raid I found in game.
it wasnt posted up in the fansite, guess host forgot to post.

It was a bit late for schedule, but seemed possible now that ppl got grimclaw spam.

Wrong, because there were small hitters and ppl who gave up easy.

I was expecting defeat screen, but

Thank you for finishing up the raid for us. Trueslide

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Topic: Tyrant / [Spoiler] New raid cards

If summon is blocked, we can phase them.
everyone buys Requiem!

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Topic: Tyrant / Grimclaw's weaken is bugged

Its how GC in ESoK works. My suggestion is to throw in cards that looks legit and see if it works. Something like engulfing chasm….

There is one way to use chaos in your favor, though.

One guy suggested to use with mending sanctum, because it uses mimic on sanctum and heals all units. Try faction specific mimic with mass buff.

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Topic: Tyrant / Question about Raid Damage

The trick is almost impossible, because battles usually end within 5 minutes.

Unless theres HQ post that allows raid participants to engage in battle and wait for other guys..

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Topic: Tyrant / Help Noobies - The Rent is too Damn High!

Thats what pay warbonds to buy gold is for!
You can get 400,000 gold by paying 250 wbs!

Wait… Are you serious? 400k will get me 4 terminus pack!
I’d rather buy 10 flashpoint pack with dat.

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] This event has no sense.

Dev: (accepts the idea) Here, I added sell points button, so players can sell it at 1 gold per point!


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Topic: Tyrant / I propose a change to ESoK and EIP.

I think dev is thinking “I gave them free WB and packs r gold buyable. So, lets make super hardcore raids with super good rewards so ppl go on ragebuying!”

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Topic: Tyrant / [Full Name Discussion] Gorrus, the Source

Originally posted by JohnnJ1:

Gorus, the Sauce

New sauce joining the crew of Tartarsauce?

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Topic: Tyrant / Christmas Event

True, nobody really cares what Christmas is about. Who dah heck argues when Jesus was really born that day or not? I am pretty sure somebody will even mistake it for the meaning of Easter day, like which one is about resurrection or birth?

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Topic: Tyrant / 100energy for 100EP or 125energy for 100EP&2shards. Which is the better deal?

1. Spend 125 energy to get 100EP and 2 shards.
2. Sell the shards for 10k
3. Join tourney by paying 10k
4. Profit!

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] Cry of the Fallen Event Cards

Originally posted by Maharid:

@akumaxx_ws: A card don’t need to have an alternate art to get an upgrade, is it why i think we get the Upgraded one directly (olsty cause being a Promo it will be immediatly upgradable in the store section).

Hope its at least pay gold to upgrade with one card. Theres no way I can grind full set if I need 2 cards for upgrades, if the missions are that hard.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Raid] ESoK HQ

Did I sign up wrong raid..
I thought I was in Manuel’s one, but I haven’t got a PM yet….

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Topic: Tyrant / [Raid] ESoK HQ

I was about to complain someone sent a key that started a day earlier and is already full, but now I see whats going on.

Well, next time, register the raid on fansite by yourself and set it private. That way, nobody can register.

I guess I will go for Manuel’s raid this time.

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Topic: Tyrant / To anyone from Epic Siege on Kor #35,823

Happened to me last time. There was a public raid slightly ahead of schedule, so I jumped in with a fairly decent deck. The problem was there were like 6 ppl doing nothing and 10 ppl doing less than 100 dmg.

The top guys tried harder, but they couldn’t do it forever. So, the raid failed.
Lesson learned, never join public raids unless you think someone can make up 20 people portion of dmg.

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Topic: Tyrant / Not a Complaint, just an observation: Arachis is easy.

Why complain about being so easy? Arachis is good gold grinding raid.

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Topic: Tyrant / Epic Siege on Kor

Originally posted by darkfang77:

Explain or… gtfo?


I think hes just happy about making first dmg to the raid.

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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Pantheon Perfect #35,133
Join | Status | Suggested decks

Im on cooldown for latest raids and had to spend energy before lv up.
Its for gold grinding purpose.
Note: If you sell honor, it is way more efficient gold grind than mission 300, too.
For honor purpose, I will open up more space if its too slow.