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Topic: Holyday City / How can i progress with no more exp managers?

My advice is to stop restarting so often. With a little luck you should be able to use the vortex to keep up with the managers. More importantly though, I’m way ahead on profit paradox level and dock level than I could ever actually afford.

Let the profit paradox build up for a few days. It’ll pay off in the long run.

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Topic: Wartune / Possible lag fix

This has seemed to do more to fix my lag than anything else so far. I wondered why flash was using 15% of my computer. So, I right clicked went to settings, and changed my local storage to 10MB. Wartune immediately demanded to be changed back. This has the effect of clearing the cache, but has also seemed to make something finally ‘click’.

Now flash is using 25-30% of my 16gb ram computer. I dunno. Just seemed to work. Try it. I didn’t even need to refresh for it to be effective after the cache filled again.

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Topic: Wartune / PLS , i beg u R2 !

You really just come on and call a dozen people in a conversation stupid? This ain’t you-tube comments man. Screw off.

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Topic: Wartune / PLS , i beg u R2 !

I still don’t understand how glow options or flash quality should affect a good solid computer so badly.

When I enter amethyst area alone, the place is lightning fast. I haven’t run so quickly since the first 4 months of the server being up. During event time, I’ve almost never moved so slowly.

In context, a lot of people complained about lag during GB when it was first implemented. My lag is on average 4X worse than it was then, but now constantly, in almost every area.

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Topic: Wartune / PLS , i beg u R2 !

pfft, got 16 gigs ram, 3.1ghz 8 core processor, and 1.7 gb video card, Win 7 OS, 23mb/s download, 3.5 mb/s upload, and 7 ms ping on and still get horrible lag. This fishing game for example… half the time I click, my harpoon won’t launch, when it does, it hits an invisible barrier half the time that suddenly pops up. Fish are disappearing in the middle of my screen. It is taking nearly 2 full minutes to launch and retract the harpoon. It gets bad within 5 minutes of a refresh.

I was having lag before, but I just formatted my computer. I installed flash, direct X 11 and microsoft silverlight ’cause it forced me to, and started wartune. Massive lag. Tried more browsers, massive lag.

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

Originally posted by ChickBlaster:

Archer Scrutiny talent is bugged. Overwrites determination astral.

Archer Enrage talent is bugged. It says your next SKILL attack will be a crit, but it gets consumed on auto attack else well.

both those are old news, though I really hope they get fixed. I wasted a lot of vouchers back in the day to take scrutiny off, only to invest in enrage.

The bug I hate worst, and this has probably been reported, but at least as an archer when I use arrow to gain rage, I should gain `10 rage, 15 if it’s a crit.

The problem is, that if a mage cast BL at the same time, which gives 10 rage, it will steal the 15 rage from my attack. I have seen this correct itself after a rage building skill, but at other times it has not given me back the stolen rage too. Another way to do this is to attack with arrow and quickly use a rune. It’s when using the rune method I find I get my rage back next turn. However, in the meantime it still stops me from using an attack that I should have the rage for.

Example: I need to use deep freeze. I have 20 rage, and crit with arrow to gain 15 rage. The mage uses BL that lands around the same time. My rage flashes up to 45, then drops to 25, and I am unable to use the skill.

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

I do think that the lag is a bug and has a place here. It’s not isolated. From what I see it’s 80-90 percent. People are using all sorts of crazy browsers to try to get around it.

The sound leaks are an old thing. The original sound leak was on thunderer, which made a scratchy sound as it hit, even if you have your browser muted in the media mixer of your pc.

New sound leaks occur during the Apollo victory cry. Not sure it is new, but tanks also does not follow the audio settings properly, and laser and spinal tap make such loud, awful noises I have to stop my music and turn off the speakers.

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Topic: Wartune / Server Merge request....again

Right now S1 is enjoying a nice boost to all dungeon experience thanks to CW. We wanted the share. Maybe next time.

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Topic: Wartune / 2.1 Lag - I am desperate. This is my cry for help

When I began playing wartune, at server launch, I could run the game for 72 hours without a refresh before I got crushing lag like I have almost permanently now. Before this latest patch bringing in sylphs, the game has never been the same as it was the day before. Not even navigating farms, or menus in city.

It used to be flash crashed occasionally. You could see it coming. Now flash never crashes. Instead a sudden fatal error shuts down Chrome in the blink of an eye. All tabs, all windows.

There is a real problem with the lag now. Somewhere there’s an error.

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Topic: Wartune / Apollo so Balanced

With a green iris with a crit heal you can heal your full hp bar, and give a nasty AoE too. I’m also no sure how much elemental resistance plays in to pvp.

I do agree that apollo is OP in group arenas though, and can be in bg.

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Topic: Wartune / Done even trying

R2 came to my house man, and they started breaking stuff. They told me they wanted money for protection, kidnapped my wife, and then they kicked my dog. I feel ya man.

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Topic: Wartune / Unannounced Changes

sounds like deathbewithyou hasn’t found the city button yet.

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Topic: Wartune / Patch 2.1 (Bugs)

When chancing my sylph form at the arena, a sprite (Iris) got stuck on the screen when moving from one position to another. It stayed there atop everything until refresh. I was also unable to click through it.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

would be easy enough, I’d think. Refresh should clear it…

Not that I condone dodging the intended function of the captcha or using bots.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

As far as I can tell, most any sort of macro you could make for this game would be quite complicated, and risky. Complicated enough to keep the amount of offenders capable of making such a macro at a small number, manageable by other methods. Risky enough, as in being likely to perform random, account tarnishing actions as to not make a macro appealing to use.

Everyone hates this. Please find another way. Maybe a minigame?

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Topic: Wartune / [GUIDE]How to submit a ticket for Kong Wartune

I always get a reply within a few hours. However, they are always robotic messages promising some future assistance that never comes. These tickets have been everything from a complaint about a player making repeated, very bad pedophile comments in world chat, to a bug in spire that, when we completed stage 2, we got a message saying “VICTORY” and then spire ended, when we should have made it to round 9 or 10 easily.

Oh, and they have lately been asking me to post a you-tube video on every ticket filed, including the two examples above. For the first, I had screen shots, but those weren’t good enough. I told them I’m not willing to post pedophile comments on my you-tube account… As if the video would have been kept up anyway…. For the second, it was so sudden and suprising, that it wasn’t possible to start making a video- it would mean that I had to record all of my gameplay all of the time because I suppose 4 people filing identical tickets isn’t reasonable proof that there’s a screwed up bug.

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Topic: Wartune / One-Click Astral Broke, cant get red astral from it.

I get 1 red astral for every 10 mil gold spent, approximately, and that’s doing it manually. I know for a fact that 1 click collect DOES give red astrals though. It also doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of points you have. It’s all just random.

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Topic: Technical Support / Unable to buy KREDS !!!

I ended up here as well because the Xsolla site is down.

I should mention as well that I’ve tried boku many times, and despite having used sms systems in the past, this one will simply not work for me. The ‘sending text’ message gets stuck in the middle of the load bar and won’t progress. It has been that way for some 6 months. I am in a supported region. I assume boku does actually work, or has it just always been broken?

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Topic: Wartune / Temporary Fix for DNS Issues

Hard saved this page. Could be vital if kong or wartune go down again.

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Topic: Technical Support / Recent games not loading, Old games still load

Was having the same problem, thanks for the solution.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Bugs

A few small bugs regarding inventory:

If you click sort, and then click cancel, inventory is sorted anyway. (I just noticed this one was already submitted)

If you split an item, and move the split amount to another page of inventory, it moves the entire group without a split.


Topic: Wartune / Guildmember Cooldown & Other Exploits Discussion

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Topic: Wartune / Guildmember Cooldown & Other Exploits Discussion

You really, seriously systematically went and notated incorrect spelling inside of my quotes, KE? wtf is wrong with you? I don’t even goddamn care about the consequences anymore you petty, little man. That is absolutely pathetic conduct.

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Topic: Wartune / Guildmember Cooldown & Other Exploits Discussion

Quote KE: But here’s something, Val… and I brought this up before… what if your account was frozen because of it? Would you say to yourself, “Gee, I’ve been busted. I deserve the punishment,” or, would you say, “Imma fight this – file tickets and if that doesn’t work, stomp up and down, complain, backtalk and all the like.”? I assume you’d do the latter. But why? Down deep, you know this exploit was posted and yet you continued to, well, exploit it. Again, I point you to the CoC and the ToS, just in case you’d like to “put your fingers in your ears and go ‘lalalala’”. /quote

I never touched any part of the exploit KE. I argued for it’s validity in the game. I never used it from either end, leaving or accepting players. Further, the four of us who posted about the one time it did occur all agree that it was before this thread ever opened.

Quote KE:Don’t forget me telling you to quote properly (after being attacked multiple times first). It gets annoying to fix them when replying. I mean if you’re going to get in someone’s face about something, make sure you do it correctly as it makes your points more compelling. /quote

That’s just petty. Please, now find me a rule about this. If I give you another two weeks, I’m sure you can weasel someone in to saying what you want for a screenshot.

Quote KE; It was and still is rampant. All DB analysts have to do is look and see how many “covenant emancipations” were bought and cross reference how many guildmember transfers of less than 24 hours occurred. /quote

Now, watch this, your own words:

Quote KE: This sounds like the MPAA/RIAA, when faced with piracy, counting every illegal download as a lost sale. Sure, it’s great in theory and it brings some powerful numbers to the table – but anyone who has followed sales knows that a lost download does not equal a lost sale since a great majority would have never bought the item to begin with. This is the flaw in your argument – no one will buy the “covenant emancipation” that many times. /quote

quote KE: Originally posted by Valchrist1313:
The next post he decides to mock the guys spelling, as his main point, and drag me back in with some taunting.

Nice spin. You have responded to every post I have ever made in this thread. “Drag you back”. Right.

You reopened the thread for continued discussion, and your next post you call me out and demand proof. It’s there plain as day, until you go back and edit it out.

Quote KE: Spoon-feeding? Surely you jest. Rampant is accurate because if you sincerely believe that “6 people did it once”, you are sorely, sorely mistaken. No, delusional. /quote

Yet, when 5 well known people come together, and agree upon the one known occasion, you completely deny it happened, and will not accept the words of multiple players in favour of a hyperbolic (although obviously quite true) statement I made.

Quote KE: Originally posted by Valchrist1313:
Originally posted by atreylune:
So, it boils down to the issue here. Are you mad that there’s no way to beat BH or FH – because at the moment, there isn’t – or are you genuinely pushing the issue of helping weaker guilds? Because it really seems like the first to me, and I understand why you’d be annoyed by the first – it’s justified in a sense, because they really are unstoppable. However, trying to take the high path of “help each other” really doesn’t hold up to how game mechanics work.
(back to me)
You are absolutely right, and that makes perfect sense. /quote

Now, that is cherry picking a post alright, and it’s a fine example of the methods of moderator abuse you use. I was mainly agreeing with the rest of the post, but even this statement is true, per se; the entire point I was trying to make was that this ‘rule’ was taking away the one realistic opportunity there was to defeat a stronger guild. All your quoting is just some text between a lot of formatting commands. Doesn’t mean you can’t edit it, because obviously you did majorly edit that post.

This went to an R2 mod last week, and a kong mod yesterday.

juggalo, you did more flaming in a few short messages than happened on some entire pages.

There are still multiple places within the thread referring to the original ban threats, causing a schizm in the discussion. It’s still in some of the player’s responses, if you read between the lines. KE can be easily found to be a flamer, inciting people, insulting their intelligence, their spelling, and whatever he could pick away at.

The most interesting part of the tread to me is after it was re-opened. Take a step-by-step look at the proceedings. KE calls me out. I continue the discussion ignoring his flaming. I get jumped on saying it’s already been decided by an R2 mod’ (the R2 mod available only through Ke’s posts in kong, might I add), well yeah, okay but continued discussion on the ‘intrinsic merits’ which I keep to, except to answer Ke’s repeated demands. No matter the answer given, and by whom, it’s ignored.

Are we at 10 more times now that we wants a list of people? and yet when people come prove him wrong they are discounted. I’m not relying on these people. I don’t know them. They came of their own accord and confirmed what I said. Atreylune said ‘all of Chaos could attest to that’. Is he asking for a list of every last member explicitly saying FH was the first and only known occurrence? No. He just wants to ignore the fact that he’s wrong. he wants me to provide a list of people, without relying on other people. It’s like asking for ‘the sound of one hand clapping’, as is asking for screen shots of what was removed prior to asking. It’s like taking quotes, cutting the pieces up and making it sound like i agreed to something that was obviously now well out of context.

He’s even demanding I type the way he wants me to type. It’s really quite insane.