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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Clan Deity Wants You!


MAIN – Centrally located near the college campus
Go here first to take every skill level to 200

MIDTOWN – Next step Safehouse for mid-level Quests
- Maxed for Storage, Food, and Increasing SP

MID DOWNTOWN CENTRAL – A bit lower down than Midtown. A good choice for those still moving up.
-Maxed out for all but a few of the training sets

MID DOWNTOWN EAST – Spending time out near the water? This safehouse is your new home. Mid-Map but closer to the East Water.
-Maxed out for what you need (Storage, sickbay, living SP quarters, food) and working on skills.

MID DOWNTOWN WEST – Wait, you are near the water but on the West side? We got you covered. Mid map and right where you are working.
-Max storage and SP generation.

SAFESTORE – This one is near a major location for materials right around the midtown map. Very useful and popular for builders and looters alike.
-Full storage, food, sickbay.

UPTOWN – Near the top of the map and centrally located, this is the one the top players use.

UPTOWN LOWER WEST – Another good uptown location on the West side. Not quite as far up and good for those still working their way to the top.
- Maxed out storage and living (SP), sickbay, and middle food. Others are low to mid.

FAR NORTH – About as close to the Top of the Map as you can go on the West side!
- Not as nearly complete as others but still high storage, Sp regen, sickbay and food.

TOP 1% – A copy of Far North but on the East Side, this is as advertised… For those in the top 1%.
- Fairly sparse… but then it just needs YOU to help it along.

Plus another 11 safehouses, strategically located and constantly updated!

Deity Clan Leader
LVL 286

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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Clan Deity Wants You!

Join Deity!

Over 450 Members Strong! 20,524 total levels! 21 Safehouses! More top players than any other clan!

Deity offers more than any other clan. All the top leveled players are in Deity. We have more safehouses and more fully completed safehouses than any other other clan.

When the sh%t hits the fan… where do YOU want to be?

Apply to Deity…

Deity Clan Leader
LVl 271

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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Clan Deity

We are Accepting Applications

Ranked #1 Clan with an average of over 38 levels per/member!

21 Safe Houses – strategically located and equipped to help you succeed!

Join and you can push your skill training level to 200 immediately after joining. Or rest in the living quarter to earn back SP 25% faster!

16 of the top 25 players are in Deity. Including 10 level 100 or greater.

If you want a good clan with lots of members to help, then Deity is a good choice.

But if you want want to be a top player… Then Deity is your ONLY choice.

Clan Leader – Deity
LVL 186

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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Server Error in '/' Application


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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Join Clan Deity

Apply by selecting Menu/Clan and then asking to join Deity. Trust me, you wont regret it. You can spend your time leveling up instead of days or weeks building stations we have already maxed out for you.

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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Join Clan Deity

Deity is the ONLY Clan you want to join.

Living room LVL5 (Max) getting you an extra 25% daily

Skill stations at LVL10 (Max) which will allow you to max out each skill

Maxed out storage to keep everything you could ever need (OVER 1100 LBS!)

Maxed out Food and water production to give you free items nearly daily

Multiple Safehouses in the areas you will visit ready to help you.

With over 200 members… How can you go wrong???

(penguinninja in Room #1)

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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Game Suggestions

1. Clan Message Board. Clans need to be able to have a visible message board in a safehouse where the clan chief (or deputies) can post instructions.
2. Clan Mass Email. Clans need the ability to send mass emails to multiple members
3. We need to be able to see the gear players are wearing. Without this, it is difficult to tell what items to look for and store for members.
4. A better game chat client

Nice to have that other MMO’s general do:
1. Clan Level benefits. This might be a general benefit from being in a clan such as quicker SP regen or daily exp. This would increase as the Clan level increases. Clan level would increase based upon some safehouse/clan specific tasks.
2. Clan alliances. Clans should be able to send out formal alliance requests. This, of course, means the possibility of Clan Wars.

Game Specific Suggestions:
1. Binoculars should serve a purpose.
2. Implement a better localized 3×3 map such that going to the larger map isn’t needed so often.
3. Implement “helper” characters which can be earned and leveled up like an attack dog.
4. Create group tasks which require forming teams to beat.

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Topic: Zombie Pandemic / Game Suggestions

I would like to use this thread to post suggestions for the game. Please keep them to relevant and possible updates/upgrades.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Merger Details of Servers Myth and Olympia

Why is Rebirth also locked out of Duke elections this week?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] What the Heck?

So I did a TPF retrip… Spent, I don’t know how much in HP and MP. And this is my “reward”???

300 Honor? 300 freaking HONOR? Are you kidding me??

I just did TPF for what amounts to 150 EXP? Really? Really?

Someone tell me this is a mistake… Because I am not about to do retrips for 150EXP… This is ridiculous!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Stop Locking Posts!!!

Please stop locking every damn post!

This place is supposed to be for players and users – so why can’t you people get that through your heads?

There are darn few reasons to lock a post. I belong to a dozen different forums for various things from gaming to automotive and I have NEVER seen this type of clamp down.

Now, I have been given various reasons for why posts are locked. My favorite is that it keeps things “clean.” No seriously… That was the explanation. Apparently, locking threads is like vacuuming and dusting or something.

But for once let’s be honest here shall we? No really. Sit down for a bit, let’s have us an actual non-locked conversation. On my side I will ask and explain why locking threads is counter-productive and moronic and on your side you can explain why doing so is in the best interest of whatever it is you think is the best interest. You ready? Okay… Here we go.

My Side:
According to various dictionary definitions, a forum is, “…an assembly, meeting place, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest – a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas.” Seems pretty straight forward. Basically a place to discuss and express ideas and/or a meeting place. So far so good – seems like we have here a “forum” in the general sense (certainly it is labeled as such). But let’s look deeper shall we? You know, the whole “open discussion and expression of ideas” thingee. I don’t want to assume you don’t know all this but on the other hand I don’t want to skip over important things so I will pretend you have no freaking clue as to how a forum works…

In a forum people (also known herein as “your customers”) write things known as “Posts”. These “posts” might be involve requests for help, advice, comments, questions, or complaints. Once these “Posts” are made, other people (again, in this case, your “customers”) might respond with their own comments, advice, comments, or questions. This activity creates what is knows in internets parlance as a “thread”. This thread might go many directions where some comments are applicable, some aren’t, and others are purely right out. But nonetheless, a thread is created which later may or may not be re-visited depending upon its relevance. Pay attention to that – it become important later on…

Now, over time, a multitude of people (customers) will post many, many different things pertaining to many, many different subjects. At any given time, only a few of these “posts” will seem relevant to any particular user. This might be because the post doesn’t yet apply to them or because, and this might be a surprise, they don’t log into the forum every single day. But, whatever the case, many of these “posts” see limited commenting. Yet, they are still potentially relevant later – because as just stated – not every post applies to everyone at the exact same time… You with me here? You feel me?

So, and I again I think this will come as a surprise to you, many people (customers) come upon a problem and use the “forum” feature to see if anyone else has ever had their same problem, comment, complaint, issue. They might even use a “search function”, which, amazingly enough – this particular “forum” has. When they do that they might find an old post or thread and, after reading it, decide to comment upon it. This creates a fantastic concept whereby the old thread or post is, almost magically, moved up in the forum. And… Low and behold, potentially become relevant again… EGADS!!!!

Its like magic. An old post becomes relevant again! Crazy!!!!

The forum then becomes this quasi-living evolving creature wherein people (customers) can interact and… Stay with me here… Actually meets the definition of what a forum is.

Your Side:
Open threads are messy.

In conclusion,

Let us, the game players and users of this game use this forum HOW WE WANT. Stop locking threads unless a flame war is imminent or in progress.

It isn’t your job to determine what IS and and WHAT ISN’T important. As a mod your only job should be to MODERATE! NOT LOCK POSTS!!!! Let us have a free and open discussion. This game is for the players and this forum is FOR THE PLAYERS – it is not about moderators. Stop making it about you – Leave every post open unless there is an absolute reason to lock it!!!!

Your annoyed and not at all humble servant,


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Good Job on Locking Posts

Good job limiting discussion and dissension.

Keep it up!

I personally thought there were far too many people here and we need to keep them from participating. If you could lock posts immediately after they are made I think we can finally get everyone to quit.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Phantom Jade

Originally posted by Webmmo:
Originally posted by Timurka:

Thanks for clearing this up, but for such unique quest item it would be nice if i could choose which one i need and not spend lots of stuff trying to forge needed one.

Thank you for your suggestion, we’ll consider it in the future.


Over the last few years I have managed to pick up a bit of Webmmo so perhaps I can interpret the response for you.

What they said was – "Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen anytime before hell freezes over; and we own the rights to Hell™. But you seem new so perhaps you will believe we will actually consider this in the future. HAHAHAHA! No seriously… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Hope that helps!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Offical Bugs/Glitch/Problems thread

Originally posted by vol45ki:

Hi! i didn’t receive any XP in ATG today. we receieved only in fl. 1 i was there with Cuong Long & Cyster mage. Im Lv.73, Cyster -39 , Cuong – 95. So, in SSP with Cuong & PatPoon we received XP only in fl.5&6. and in this 2 cases i used steamed deer brain

If the first person in your group is +/- 15 levels from the first NPC then you will receive no EXP. This is considered one of 3 level rules for instances. Perhaps this was the problem?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Who is Locking Every Single Forum Post?

That makes no sense – I don’t see this happening on the MMO forum. Why are you doing it here? If the post is a question which gets answered then I get it. But I fail to see what is gained by locking posts which haven’t been commented upon for over 3 days. It isn’t like this (or any forum) is highly active.

Leave them open please.

Frankly, it seems like you are worried about negative comments and trying to stifle them…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Who is Locking Every Single Forum Post?

And why? I don’t ever remember threads being locked and suddenly every damn thread is locked. Why is that and why would anyone do that or care if they can be commented upon?

I get it when the post might be “completed” or perhaps inflammatory – but this just seems oddly timed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] I am gone

I have 6K in gold left… And I am out of here. And I just don’t care.

I have seen nothing from PowerMMO to show that they give a crap about me as a customer. And, frankly, I don’t want to support a business that doesn’t care about me.

The only thing worth anything are the amazing friendships I have forged – and thankfully MMO can’t screw that up/ I had a wonderful time here. And I made some amazing friends. And, hopefully, we will stay friends beyond this stupid fucking game.

But I just can’t continue to spend money here – And I am will to walk away from a ton of gold to do so. Staying here just supports everything I don’t believe in. Which is that a long time customer who complains deserves a listen…. PowerMMO doesn’t listen. They could give a crap about me as a customer or, apparently, my money.

I figure it won’t be that difficult to find another game or activity to fill my time. And I am sure whatever ends up taking my money will be far more receptive to criticism and fixing problems.

Good luck to you all. Lord knows if you keep playing – you will need it.

Thank you Conan, Ullti, Xaldin, Mann, X, Anubis, Obe, Zat, Kla, Corwin, Numbers, and so many more…


I am out.

Lvl99 Kong S0, Rebirth

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] What the heck is going on?

Originally posted by Webmmo:
Originally posted by PenguinNinja:

It has been 2 days – and at least 1 day since we have heard anything from MMO. What is going on? What is the problem and what is being done to fix it????

This is obviously not the “temporary” problem you first ascribed it to. And here we are, 2 days in, and with no more information than we started with.

You owe us an update!

We apologize for this server down issue and lack of communication. Hope for your understanding.

And yet you still provide no information. Nothing to tell us why this is happening (so that we might be a bit more understanding) or when it might be fixed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Compensation for the Server Problems during Weekend

Oh yay. Can’t login again.

You are doing a heck of a job Brownie…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Compensation for the Server Problems during Weekend

You know what? Consider this my Rage Quit.

I am done with you.

I have gold and will stay until it is spent and then I am gone.

Congrats on kicking out yet another player there MMO


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Compensation for the Server Problems during Weekend

What a joke. I do give credit to those who bet on 150 points as the compensation (Blaster I owe you). Personally, I thought they were crazy given how long the outage was and what we lost. But obviously they knew you better than I.

Exactly how does this compensate me? Seriously… I want to know. For many of us this doesn’t even come close to covering the buffs that were lost. Personally I am out now 4M+… But hey, what do you care right?

For once, can’t you provide compensation that goes above and beyond instead of being cheap misers? Seriously. All this does is reinforce that you care only about our money. This does absolutely NOTHING to compensate for what was lost. And yes, our time is money. It really is. I spent 8 hours here today and watched 40 people sitting around waiting for you to fix this problem… Where is the compensation for that? Moreover, where is the respect and understanding that there are people here who really love this game and spent hours (days) waiting for it to get fixed?


Here is my position: Giving us compensation costs you NOTHING. And yet you are stingy when it comes to it. We spent 2 days without the game and I have personally lost over 3M in experience. How exactly will 150 points help me there? How???

The compensation you give us essentially costs you nothing and yet you still give us nothing – I can only conclude that means you don’t give a crap about us as players. Instead you did an analysis and figured, hey, if we give them 150 points most will still play! I am tired of this MMO… I am tired.

I am tired of being treated like a bank account for you to drain with every new “feature” that costs gold – and yet without the respect I get from my bank. How about treating me like a customer for once? How about that? Because if you started seeing us all as customers instead of suckers – you might actually stop losing players.

I am tired of how you treat us and I am done trying to motivate myself to the next character level – of which there is no real reason to do so anymore.

I am tired of your “We will take it under advisement” and “We will submit it to the developers” responses.

I am tired of your lack of punishment for alt accounts and those who cheat this game with impunity.

I am tired of how you run this game as if your actions happen in a vacuum and don’t actually impact people. People who actually take time out of their day and week to play your game.

I am tired of how you don’t seem to care that your chat client is crap and many people can’t use it.

I am tired of how this game bogs down and drops the minute anything interesting happens here.

I am just damn tired of how you have this game and don’t seem to give a crap about it.

And I am tired of spending my hard earned money here. And I have spent a ton of it. In retrospect, far more than I ever should have. But you can be assured, you won’t be seeing another dime of my money MMO. Not one single penny until I see changes in how you treat people here. I would rather quit this game and find another to spend my $200-400/month on than deal with your apathy.

Consider this my manifesto.

I am tired. I am done. And unless I hear otherwise, you can consider me gone…

Rebirth, Kong
Thousands of Dollars Spent

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Server ReBirth Temporarily Down

Oh COME ON!!! At least give us a damn update!!!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] What the heck is going on?

It has been 2 days – and at least 1 day since we have heard anything from MMO. What is going on? What is the problem and what is being done to fix it????

This is obviously not the “temporary” problem you first ascribed it to. And here we are, 2 days in, and with no more information than we started with.

You owe us an update!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] I think I have a way in!

I finally got in!

MMO is tricky. Apparently they have listened to us all and wanted to make the game a bit more difficult.

The key is the “Server is Busy” text… That was my first clue!

After trying many different things I finally typed in “Sneak around server”. Success and I was rewarded with “You have snuck around the server. In front of you is a C prompt.”

I tried “Look around Server” and was rewarded with “You see a corrupted sector.”

I then went with the obvious “Fix sector” but got only “What would you like to fix the sector with”. Obviously… This was not going to be the cake walk I thought it was.

I looked through my inventory but my lighter, rope, pencil, paperclip, and blank piece of paper seemed useless. I tried them all and to no luck.

Then I had a flash of brilliance (yes, I have them) and I typed, “heat note with lighter.” Totally worked!!! And I was rewarded with a portion of the note suddenly appearing. Unfortunately the writing seemed like some sort of strange design. I can’t quite decipher it… But perhaps a map or something?

Can someone else help???

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Kung Fu] Server ReBirth Temporarily Down

Honestly… I have yet to decide whether this update is an improvement or not…

On the one hand, it is kinda easy and there isn’t much to do. On the other side, it severely limits and/or eliminates gold useage not to mention that it is sort of a throwback to early text based games. Perhaps nobody has used the right command yet? I have tried, “Look North” and “Open Server” but no luck. Anyone else??