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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / How do you spend your money?

for most of the campaign, the only good value appears to me to be bronze packs. first day I started, was the last day of the double-booster though, but even after, it still seems that the only times I do anything but buy bronze packs is when I have run out of stones to promote guys that have been leveled for a long time. Then it feels like pulling teeth, since even novice stone packs are nearly 10 times the price of basic stone packs.

so, in the end, I guess I do spend most of my gold on bronze packs. bought a few silver just for variety, but without spending real money, this seems a luxury.

that said, halfway through the campaign… never got a rare character out of either bronze or silver packs. if there is a chance for a rare in a bronze pack, it must be very very tiny, since I have likely bought at least 70 of them by this time.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Heroes / levelling dancer?

“As for leveling dancers, yeah its tedious and time consuming but you don’t really need to level dancers”

…except their hps suck if you don’t.

“You just started playing and you’re already posting long threads about how bad it is. "

finished the entire first area and most of the second, already finished two dungeons…

sorry, but if you are trying to get people to play your games, you WANT them to get a good idea of how the fundamental features of the game work quite early on, ESPECIALLY in a cash grab game like this one.

" while you’ve clearly played a few rpgs"

try hundreds. and made a few, and modded dozens.

“I don’t know about you, but I like a game that’s really challenging at the beginning”

the issue is not at all about challenge, but mechanics.

thanks for trying though, your condescension speaks volumes about who plays this game.

think I’ll likely take your “advice” and move on.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Heroes / levelling dancer?

another mechanic that needs work in this game then.

the base pool of experience for participating in combat should be higher, and of course divided evenly between each character participating in a battle.

lets just assign it a value of 180 say.

so if you have 6 characters in a battle, each gets 30 at the end of the battle, no matter what.

then, you can add say 10 per skill use in battle, 5 for each time you hit an enemy with an attack, and 10 for each kill.

so say a character used 1 skill in battle, got 4 hits in and killed 2 enemies.

that would be 10+20+20 = 50 extra on top of the base 30, for “80” experience points.

but, say a dancer in that same combat used her skills 5 times. then that would be 50 + 30 = the same 80 experience points.

this would be a far more even way to distribute points, and STILL require a unit to actually participate in combat (just using skills even) rather than just running off to a corner to be safe.

as it is now, it’s more like the base pool is 60 instead of 180, and using skills counts for like 2 points, while killing something counts for about 30.

so with the combat I described above, the first character would get 10+ 20 + 60 = 90, while the poor dancer only gets 20.

…. like I said, that’s a system that needs work.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Heroes / levelling dancer?

I just started a few days ago, and I see already that levelling is quite dependent on how much damage you do in combat.


how do people level their dancers?

using skills seems to only level characters very slowly.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / limit breaks?

so, it’s based on absolute damage dealt, not percent of damage to each character?

that’s a terrible way to implement it.


basically, I was right, it won’t be useful at all until WELL into the campaign.

Really, it should be based PER character, and the damage they receive, not total damage to all characters, AND it should be based on percentage of damage done, NOT absolute damage.

I would prefer a percent damage 2:1 system where for every 10% damage done to a specific character’s health, that would raise that characters limit bar by 20%. so you would be able to use your fist limit skill, on that character, once 50% of their max health in damage has been done to them.

or, MUCH better, now that I think about characters like dancers, make it based on both skill use and damage received, where each contributes 5%. so every time you use a skill, it boosts your limit bar by 10%, and each time you take 5% of your total health in damage, it also can boost your limit bar by 10%.

otherwise, as I said… it becomes a huge wait until your characters are high enough level they can even survive sufficient damage to trigger a limit break.

as it is now, it’s stupid. it really forces you to run your characters into risky situations, instead of playing each character to their tactical strengths.

that lowers my score for this game by a point, right there.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / Newbie guide (or faq)

Originally posted by blanket:

I have spent most of my money on bronze characters and now have the following:
2 x paladin (N,R)
1 Rogue (N)
1 x knight (N)
2 x archer (E,N)
2 x guard (2N)
2 x priest (N, R)
2 x thief (N, R)
2 x wizard (2N)
Most of them are level 20 (apart from paladin and rogue).

I was planning on spending all my money on great stones and promoting people to elite.

I was planning on my team being:

A N other
probably guard , as rogue doesn’t look to be much good.

like you, have really just gotten going in this game, and have a similar team. I did not find the priest as useful as the paladin though, so I tended to use a guard in the slot where you have your priest, and double on paladins when I need extra healing or boosts.

I wish I had focused on my knight instead of my hero, but I didn’t draw a knight for some time, oddly, and wanted the extra offense from the hero.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / limit breaks?

I just started a couple of days ago, have completely cleared (all converted to single sword) all the map nodes up to Brighton, and done the weekly dungeon twice.

In all that time, I have never even come close to being able to use a limit break.

not once.

one of my fighters got knocked out, several fights ended up with severely injured (over several turns being attacked in battle) fighters, which only put the bar for a limit break up to about 35%.

so… my question is… Is there ANY point to limit breaks? at what point in the game do they actually start being useful?

because right now, it sure seems like it’s just eye candy and asking you to waste points on skills that very very rarely trigger.

if that’s the case, have people been pushing for a better trigger scheme?

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Topic: Card Hunter / mulitiplayer timer

not really, but I’ll report back if it happens again.

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Topic: Card Hunter / adjustments to abilities

some of the abilities, I think, are poorly assigned as “rare”.


subtle parry is rare, while regular parry is common.

thus, you get legendary level 8 shields with subtle parry, which is far worse than standard parry.

there are lots of examples like this. I hope the devs will take another look at how abilities are assigned to various rarity classes.

no adjustments need be made on items, mind, just on what abilities are assigned to what class.

specific example:

Granwick’s shield.

leve 8 legendary shield.

has surging block, and two subtle parries. wtf?

compare to:

heavy dueler shield, which is only a common item, and has two REGULAR parries, and a bash.

this is just one example, I recall several, and I’m only up to level 10.

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Topic: Card Hunter / mulitiplayer timer

It did on one turn (ai played slow)… then the clock kept rolling on my next two turns, shorting out on the second, after about 5 seconds :P

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Topic: Card Hunter / save the trees

yup, that’s the only way I can figure out, but his minions move so fast. I’ll try a couple times a day until i just luck out on it I guess.

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Topic: Card Hunter / mulitiplayer timer

also. I have had it hang when dealing me cards (league play).

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Topic: Card Hunter / mulitiplayer timer

the multiplayer timer is broken when fighting against the computer.

it doesn’t matter how fast you finish your turns, the timer still says you didn’t finish in time sometimes, and gives you an automatic defeat.

it’s happened to me twice now.

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Topic: Card Hunter / save the trees

I can’t figure out why sometimes I can’t use a melee attack (the 10 power bash) when I’m standing right next to a target, and the preview shows it’s a legit target?

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Topic: Card Hunter / save the trees

does anyone have advice on how to do the “save the trees” special adventure?

I’m stumped.

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Topic: Card Hunter / [GUIDE] Shops, selling items, chests and moar

Originally posted by Bandreus:

I asked Flaxative (who is the community manager for CH and part of the dev team). He told me you unlock the ability to sell equipment after you complete a level 7 adventure, so that’s it.

You can also increase your renown by playing Multiplayer, so that’s probably what happened I suppose

that is indeed exactly what happened.

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Topic: Card Hunter / [GUIDE] Shops, selling items, chests and moar

I figured out what was going on. you have to complete an adventure AFTER you reach renown 7 for the resale store to trigger on the map.

even reloading the game did not trigger it. only triggered after I completed the first level of another adventure I had started.

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Topic: Card Hunter / [GUIDE] Shops, selling items, chests and moar

" You unlock the ability to sell usable items once you hit a Renown equal to 7."

I have a Renown of 7, and still am unable to sell useable items.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Bugs

I hit level 11 during my last battle in an arena match, and the tutorial for gems blocked my getting any rewards for the arena match.

edit: nevermind, I see the rewards show up if i go back to the arena tab.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mark of Darkness] ending

ending was… rather anticlimactic to say the least.

just another random boss.

game has a decent concept design, but really needs to be fleshed out; especially wrt to enemies.

enemies ONLY do minor melee damage. that’s IT.

what about having some do ranged damage?

How about bosses having some area effect attacks?

yeah, this needs a lot of work still before it can be called a “premium” game in any sense of the word.

still, shows promise. Keep working on it. In the meantime, if you want to make more money, I highly suggest you lower your prices by at least 50%, if not 75%.

I find it hard to believe someone is going to pay good money to get something in this game that is not even remotely needed.

make your tickets/keys cost 2 kongbucks each, and maybe you might get a few more takers, but again, even at that rate… the items you can get are simply unneeded.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mark of Darkness] Giant Agramor

Just to be clear, since the text gets obscured by the notification you completed the quest, is Agramor in the toxic hills area the last enemy? I don’t see a way out of that area.


nevermind, I see it was a “teleport home” thing.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mark of Darkness] Would a bigger screen size be possible?

if you are running Firefox, grab the “Flash Resizer” add on, which allows you to stretch the window to any size you want. works fine on this game.

but… this game does have some minor visual artifacts that appear sometimes after you resize the screen; some sort of seams show up like squares. not that irritating though. It’s worth it to have the bigger visuals.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mark of Darkness] Warrior Class

nope, like the OP said, there needs to be diversification in the skill tree. just adding a neutral skill tree would be great; skills that all classes can use.

and yes, monsters need to be buffed up more in the later stages, and maybe add more with different kinds of attacks; some ranged, some area effect, some elemental, etc.

another thing that might be cool is to add traps, so you have to watch where you step.

if you just follow the game right along, most of the gear you can easily get seems a bit overpowered for the things you face (like the light/dark gear you get about midway through).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mark of Darkness] Archer attack glitching badly

only problem I have had with archer is that there is some poor seaming that happens near “stairs” where if you try to fire past, or even near, stairs the arrow inevitably hits the stairs instead of what you were aiming at.

THAT has become quite irritating. often no way to avoid it when you are in a small area with a stairway up/down. Frankly though, since the stairway has to have a “presence” or else you couldn’t jump up or down it, I can’t really see how to avoid it. Maybe make the hitbox for stairs a bit smaller?

oh, and remove hitboxes entirely from things like towers that are really just decorations.

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Topic: KingsRoad / LV40-45 sets impossible to get,and more

i m not against premium stuff, but.. here everything s like premium stuff
The prices are so high, it s prohibitive.. here too; it s all or nothing.. so many go nothing.

totally agree 100%

this game was ridiculous when it started, and it’s only gotten worse.

worst business model I have ever seen for a freemium game.

gave them over a month to see what they would do with it…. and it just gets worse instead of better. Highly regret the money I did spend on it.