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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants Presents: Badge of the Week! (Week of 6/29: Closure)

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

Wait, why don’t I have this badge

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

Wait, why don’t I have this badge
I remember the final boss was a pain and all the strategies didn’t work after trying them like 10x each, and then I made one up and it worked like 7 times in a row (I went back to check, apparently each time didn’t award any badge though, and it was on epic btw)

(wow, the comment is like 6 pages down :P)

Matt- gas mask, ninja cloak, swordbreaker. Nat-Pope hat, Ninja Skirt, Obsidian. Lance- Shadow blaster, Officer Hat and Officer Coat. Everything Level 5. Because a lot of Akrons attacks are dark, you get healed by them, and his 2-turn attack does very little damage (unless you get insta-killed). If he goes holy, kill the 2 rune claws ASAP. Don’t kill the cosmic monlith if he summons it, it will only heal you. + so others can see

…I had like 100% completion wtf
Highscores says I have 6 points in progress
I’m playing this game on normal this time, I just wanna finish.
Race me u scrubs

I’ll race you on normal, but I have a bit of a head start :P
At the mammoth boss currently, will post tips and strategies when asked.

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Topic: Off-topic / official bowling thread

I bowled my senior year of high school, I love it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by LethalMutiny:

While this whole whatever is going on up there, due to the lack of “better” games, if you will recently, can we please badge some older games. I know this has been said a hundred times but yet it never happens. I don’t care if the rating is below 3.8, or even 3.5. I don’t care if it’s from 2007 and has been overlooked. The point is, people want badges. What are we getting? Not enough badges. Greg hasn’t posted in this thread since May 22nd, there’s no communication here. We’ve had not even 60 badges in all of 2015 and it’s the end of May. If the problem is Greg being too busy, there’s an entire community here willing to help.


This. This. This.

Badges are what drew me and so many of the committed everyday regulars that have been on this site daily for the past couple of years, not kongpanions or any of the other projects of recent focus. We aren’t asking for badges to be a top priority, as Lem said we are willing to do the work of finding the badgable games and coming up with the badge criteria and names. Literally all we ask is for someone with the time to implement these ideas and communicate with us maybe 3 times a week about what is going on (cough Prec cough). I believe this is not too much to ask.

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Topic: Off-topic / FRIDAY NIGHT!

Originally posted by Gevock:
tfw normie brother takes gf out to see a movie and I’m home alone

Steal her from him. He’s just a normie bro.


Was playing Battlefront II, but now just chilling.


Community. Great show.


In This Moment, Blood album.


Had some rice and veggies earlier.


Whiskey and pepsi is my poison of choice tonight.


Feeling is for those that don’t drink.


Someone needs to tell me what level he is for support. Otherwise he’s a pleb.

I think we are the same person. Community, Battlefront and whiskey are three of my favorite things ever.

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Topic: Off-topic / What Do You Usually Drink Everyday

A fifth of gin every morning.

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Topic: Kongregate / Your Pants is the Kongregate Illuminati

I am actually a robot.
Kongspiracy Konfirmed.

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Topic: Off-topic / Yes, OT, there is a new Forum Mod for you, too!

Yay uzzyfuzzywuzzybuzzy :D

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Topic: Off-topic / PS4 reasoning?

Parappa the Rapper 27

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Topic: Off-topic / What mod do you think had it out for you more?

Originally posted by randomboy839:

Zshadow was the only forum mod to ever give me a warning, so him.

Miss him.

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Topic: Off-topic / What mod do you think had it out for you more?

Gevock has had it out for my buns since day 1.

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Level Hater Thread

65 isn’t even difficult anymore.

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Topic: Off-topic / If pokemon were in real life which would be most disturbing....?

Mustachio’d rock

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Topic: Off-topic / For april fools day, Kong renamed Off Topic to On Topic

Yeah they weren’t kidding, this is a permanent change. You all will be held to a higher standard now, enjoy!

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by greg:

I’m planning badges in Frozen Islands tomorrow; the developer just needs to add a stat for actually completing the game. It’ll probably look something like this:

Easy: Earn 10k total gold

Medium: Reach level 25

Medium: Conquer all islands and defeat the final boss

Suggest names if you’d like! I think the Decision 3 API also has a stat for defeating the final boss now, so I’m hoping to get that up soon too.

Easy badge: Cold, hard, cash badge
Medium, level 25: Breaking the ice
Medium all islands: Great job, beers for all! badge
(last badge was a phrase given in the tutorial)

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Topic: Off-topic / List of Lists of people on OT

Maybe name them instead of just giving the links?

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Topic: Off-topic / New kongregate homepage?

Originally posted by sabercow:

Everyone always likes the old one

I actually like this one better, blends in pretty well with the rest of the homepage design.

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Topic: Off-topic / We need another mod.

Hard to believe you guys didn’t pick up another one somewhere along the way.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Members (read before you insult a member!)

Originally posted by 35kdog:

What is your definition of “Old Member?” That list is really small if you ask me.

No one remembers the golden years.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rip niceman 2010-2015 (5 years of kongregate)

See you tomorrow kid.

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Topic: Off-topic / Post the number of badges you have!


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Topic: Off-topic / Whats your profile picture and how did you get it?

Mine was made for me during the Shuckle phase of OT in the likeness of Tacket. That year, around the holidays, someone put a santa hat on it and I never took it off.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ask me any questions about Gardevoir

Why is gardevoir still relevant?

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Topic: Off-topic / I am intoxicated

Have you become such a functional drunk that you can open your computer, find OT, make a thread and make semi-coherent sentences when you are “way more than drunk?”

Teach me your ways sensai.

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Topic: Off-topic / favorite microwavable snack

Nothing, microwaves give you cancer.

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Topic: Off-topic / Clicker heroes sucks

For a stats geek like me, it is entertaining to develop the best ancient/hs combo I can.