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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Activity feeds for everyone!

Agreeing with Captain_Catface, deathvonduel, Kataphrakt, and Thorock that I don’t want this and do want recently played.

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Topic: Kongregate / Activity feeds for everyone

Can I turn this off? (I’ve already turned off contributing to feeds.) I would be happier without this content. It certainly shouldn’t take the second most valuable piece of real estate. If I could configure, recently played would have that spot.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Homepage Discussion

I am sure the “Featured Games” section at the top generates the most revenue, so it may as well stay there. The three sections most valuable to me, however, are the “Top Games This Week”, “Top Games this Month”, and “Recently Played Games”. I’ve been playing long enough that everything in “Recommended Games” I’ve played more than once before – I just didn’t rate them.

What I don’t like about the current implementations of “Top Games This Week”, “Top Games this Month” is that instead of aligning to calendar weeks and months, they are currently “Top Games of the Previous Seven Days” and “Top Games of the Previous 30/31/28 Days”. I liked making sure I was seeing, rating, and evaluating each competition as a group.

I can see how for people with some but not a lot of time on Kongregate, the “Recommended Games” could be good. For those of us around a long time, “Recommended New Games” could be a lot more valuable than recommending games that we probably have played before. If you don’t go as far as “Recommended New Games”, you might improve by downrating games where we have highscores.

I feel that “Recommended Badges” is the least valuable section, so I really wish it was not in the top row. For me (lvl 43), it is mostly showing badges I consciously decided not to pursue. For someone of lower level, playing recommended games and then rating them would probably be more fun and useful for pursuing points.

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Topic: Dream World / Chance to double the money????

truly random distributions don’t behave differently based on what has happened before
highly unlikely the coder would bother to code one that kept track of well results and had different odds based on what happened before – more effort, more data storage