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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Help me figure out why Nate is contributing much more to party dps than Natalie

This is a bug where in the right situations a crusader upgrade can be applied twice.

Your base damage without Nate/Natalie is 37.78d.

Natalie is getting normal numbers: 1.15 × 1.1 = 1.265×. 37.78 * 1.265 = 47.8d

Nate is getting doubles of his: 1.05 × 1.1 × 1.1 x 1.1 × 1.1 = 1.537. 37.78 × 1.537 = 58.067d

This will only last until the next time you load from the server and the bug has already been reported to the devs.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Strange multiplier

There is a bug right now that can cause some crusader upgrades to be applied twice.

In this case what is happening is you’ve had the bug on your Gryphon so he’s getting an extra 15% added in. (1.10 × 1.15 × 1.15 = 1.45475)

This will be lost when you next load from the server and it’s been reported to the devs already.

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Topic: Transport Defender / Custom Export Crate Run

Maybe not but it was a test I was running and I thought maybe someone else had other ideas on how to play the opening.

I thought it could be something fun to do.

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Topic: Transport Defender / Custom Export Crate Run

I am offering a challenge to the people who know how to play the game already.

This export code has every weapon schematic and has the Monkey Squad feature both purchased and at max level. Auto upgrade has been turned on with a batch setting of 25. Most of the graphical options are turned off and the Frame Limiter is turned on.

The rules are that you are not allowed to buy/sell any of the features, though you can turn off Monkey Squad if you so choose. You can change the options any way you would like though you must leave the Frame Limiter to try and keep computer speed from affecting the results too much.

Just give it a shot and after one hour of play post your best final Container Damage boost percent and preferably how you played it to give us a better idea of the best way to get going.

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Topic: Transport Defender / Cargo Award Mastery Not Working

Not really sure what you have going on there. You should get 1 cargo for beating the sector 80 boss but that’s not part of the multiplied crates but instead the one crate you get every 20 sectors.

The sector 90 boss should be the first to drop an actual set of locked crates and it is affected by the multiplier. I haven’t had any issues with cargo multiplier working on any boss wave 90+.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #43 *Flying Rotating Horrors*

It’s an interesting theme in more than one way. One thing I’ve been really surprised about is how I got an idea that I think fits not only very fast but it also seems to be working out. Most of the times when I make game ideas they start getting hit by feature creep very quickly. This time the idea leveled off quite fast.

Now the only question is try to relearn AS3 and make it in Flash or learn Unity and make it in that.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #43 *Flying Rotating Horrors*

Noun: Treasure
Verb: Disguise
Adjective: Hidden
Mechanic: Puzzle Solving

Just a puzzle solving game about monsters disguised as treasure.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #36 Has begun, the theme is Backwards!

Drawkcab, Drawkcab, Drawkcab…

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #36 Has begun, the theme is Backwards!

I can’t entirely say if I’d be interested this time around. I’ll have to see what ideas develop when the theme is out. I do have something a bit exciting going on but I need to see what’s going to come of it before I say much.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #34 Completed, congratulations Moocowsgomoo!

Congrats to Moocowsgomoo. As I said in the discussion thread the winner of the previous contest wanted the 225 Kred prize rolled onto the next prize and someone else mentioned games on Steam as well. You really picked the right contest to be the winner of. That’s not even mentioning how many folks said you should polish up your game and get a sponsor for it which in my opinion is far cooler.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #34 Completed, congratulations Moocowsgomoo!

This has been a heck of a few weeks so I did not have the time to get detailed but I did play though all the games.

Truefire: GiTD34
An interesting idea but it does not actually let you do anything and the time it takes to generate the world is extremely off putting.

Elzius: Build and Destroy
An interesting start but I really do not feel it fits the theme. Yes your buildings create resources and you can create/destroy buildings but that’s a bit too flimsy in it’s current state.

3ndl3ss: The Decision
This one is not a game and just hurts the eyes to try and play.

qwerber: Drop Defense
I wish I could work out just where this game was going. I spent more time admiring the lighting than anything else.

Shake_N_Baker: Space Shooter
I liked this game because it is actually a complete game, down to having a boss and an ending. It was pretty grindy, especially with the utterly tiny enemies and slow fire speed making things take far longer than they needed to. It was much worse just before the last wave where the little guys take quite a few missiles to die.

Moocowsgomoo: Encode
This game took me by complete surprise and it easily gets my vote for first place. While it is not entirely obvious how things work, even with the tutorial, it manages to put both creation and destruction together using the same “Pick a shape” mechanic. It still feels a bit too

Shalmezad: Reactor
I liked this game even if it was also confusing at first. That’s what I get for skipping the instructions so I can’t fault the game for it. This was the only game here that flipping things around and made destruction the goal and creation the bad result. I just wish there was a bit more strategy to it rather than it being so random.

Darkscanner: CreateDestroy
Another unfinished game that leaves me wondering just where it was going to fit into the theme.

1st: Moocowsgomoo
2nd: Shalmezad

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #34 Has begun, the theme is "Creation/destruction"

So assuming the theme is true and not just a joke someone is playing does this mean we can choose between Creation and Destruction or do we need to have both in order to make it fit the theme?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD #34 Has begun, the theme is "Creation/destruction"

Originally posted by Aaants:

I still suck at entering these but I like seeing the results, so I’ll contribute to prizes.

I’ll gift up to £10/10€/$15 of games on Steam to whoever wins

Oh nice, I still have the 225 Kred prize from last time that I was told to roll onto the new contest so this contest is going to be quite full of rewards for the winner. We could always do one prize as the grand prize and the other as the runner up with the 1st place person deciding which one they want. After all, $20 of Kong credit might be worth less than $15 of Steam credit to the winner.

As per theme I’d love to go with something more like Money or Simulation.

I do find it quite odd that it starts on a Friday instead of Thursday, though. I figured the point of the Thursday start time was to place crunch time firmly on the weekend.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Level 16 Spear: Riviera
Level 19 Spear: Mithril Rivera, takes a Riviera to craft yet is missing the I from the middle of the name.

Just a spelling issue.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#33] Votes recounted, congratulations Zoib!


I have wanted to create games ever since I first played Pac-Man more than twenty years ago and I’ve been learning to program for most of that time. So far I’ve only managed to finish one entry in the GitD contests and I placed about dead center in the rankings. I was utterly tickled pink that I managed to get any votes at all.

I know you ended up in 2nd place and feel that you would have been in first but to me placing in second alone sounds fantastic, let alone placing in second within a few weeks of starting to teach yourself to make games. I think that instead of being so disappointed in where you placed you should be thrilled you did as well as you did.

You’ve got a few weeks before the next contest to continue your learning and give everyone a run for their money next time.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#33] Votes recounted, congratulations Zoib!

GAH! I got busy and totally forgot this ended tonight. I played all the games but did not vote.

That being said the one that stood out the most on the first playthrough was Zoib’s so that would not have really changed much.

Deviever: Looks like all the worries that people would not play your game turned out to be off as you almost won the contest. I had tried your game and it had some issues but also went pretty well. I wanted to revisit the game and actually try out the store. I got nuked by a giant gold blob the only time I got enough money to try it.

As per the prize I should be able to roll the prize over to the next contest. I’ll get in contact with the Kong folks and make sure the code will not expire (or at least not any time soon).

Grats everyone who put in an entry.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#33] Exploration! (225 Kred prize)

Ok, so now I’m without an idea for a game and without a partner to work with. Anyone need a programmer to help out?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#33] Exploration! (225 Kred prize)

Actually, I’m pretty sure reusing code from a previous game is considered OK so long as you are dealing with a Library type asset you made.

If you have an existing game engine, like the ones people were making to try out the Component style engine that should be valid to use.

I’d like confirmation on this as while I do not have a engine ready that I’ve used in a previous game I fully intend on making a tile based Component style engine that I can reuse on new projects, GitD include. Any clarification Mossy or UG?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#33] Exploration! (225 Kred prize)

And now in a different post just to keep things a little cleaner I’ll post my thoughts on the Theme.

I like the idea for Hallucinations as I’ve been thinking about the old Gamecube game Eternal Darkness. I do not think that this would end up handicapping the developers who are not as good with art as there are more directions you can take it than just having Gangnam Style dancing guys and utterly massive hot dogs. After all, Hallucinations are when you can not tell the real from the unreal.

I do not think that Ouroboros would end up with a lot of the same game ideas as it can also be taken in a lot of different directions. On the other side of things I’ve always liked the idea of Infinite/Infinity but I’ve spoiled the game idea I had by putting a bunch of work and planning into it so I’d have to come up with a new one for the contest. Infinity does happen to nicely cover Ouroboros as well.

Dimensions sounds like it could be a neat idea but also could end up with too many “Ran out of time to make the game I wanted” entries as ideas could spiral out of control pretty quick.

I just hope whatever the theme is I get a strong game idea quickly this time around. I’d really like to compete in this contest.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#33] Exploration! (225 Kred prize)

Well, shall we up the ante a little bit then? We had a great turnout for the last contest and people speculated that it was because there was an prize other than just bragging rights on the line.

So I’ve stopped by my local Gamestop store and picked up a $20 Kongregate Kreds card, supposed to be worth 225 Kreds. I’ll provide the code for it to the person who wins the contest this time around, unless somehow it’s miraculously me in which I’ll put it up for the next contest instead.

I’m assuming these codes do not expire, or at least do not expire that before the voting would end. If anyone knows that they do expire I’ll have to work something out with the Kong admins (or I’ll just have to get another code at the end).

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Topic: Game Programming / Deeper Topic (part 4): Examples and advanced techniques

Ever since I started to see these topics and think about it I’ve been assuming that the Entity class is able to have sub-Entities inside of it. I pictured the whole project as being a main class that stores all the important global type stuff (Keyboard/Mouse entities) and ALL of the other entities were set up a single Entity group, cascading down. As it was just a basic thought without any attempt and implementation I do not know just how sane that idea is, especially if you want something where you can change the draw order of objects.

Maybe this design idea is due to me using the Flixel engine for a lot of things and constantly being annoyed that I can not attach FlxSprites to a group using relative positions so that by changing the primary position the rest move the same way. I always design thinking I can do this and then end up mad when I discover that the framework does not allow this at all, except through trickery like using multiple cameras.

For Ace’s example that means then if you had a ship that can fire three different types of weapons you’d have a ship entity that actually has a BitmapData structure and needs to be drawn and three sub-Entities that do not contain anything but enough data to show where to start the shot, relative to the parent, and the timer component to handle it. It does mean the sub-entities would have to be added via a name so you could correctly access the right sub-entity.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#32] Voting finished! [imp2]

I agree with the feedback being useful. That’s half the reason why I take the time to dig through the games and see what worked and what did not work. I learn from seeing where other people succeed and fail and hopefully they learn from it as well.

I’ve only got an entry in a single GitD contest but the bit of feedback I got some of it I’d already worked out on my own before releasing it but some of it took me by complete surprise and helped me improve.

I’m still impressed with the fact that there were enough well done games in the list this time around that I had to actually give serious thought to who to vote for. This is actually one reason why I’m considering putting up a prize for the next contest, if I can fit it into my budget.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#32] Voting finished! [imp2]

Thiefer O’Greedy – imp2
I like the use of the theme in this game. Collecting items is the point of the levels but actually serves a gameplay purpose. Making the gems so they make your character jump lower changes how you need to play through the levels. The clever bit of this game is how the levels are setup so that it is both possible to get all gems and coins and none of the gems and coins.

I did find a bug in that when you collect a gem instead of that gem type lighting up at the top the first gem in the series lights up. In most levels you collect them in the same order so it is fine but in the one level you collect them out of order and it shows.

The Proper Care and Feeding of your Demons – Elyzius
Interesting start to the game. The graphics are very cleanly done and most of the UI looks professional. Navigating your way to look at your Demons and back to a fight is pretty confusing, though. Once the match starts things go a bit down hill. The matches seem to mostly be about placing your pieces and hoping you get a seriously long chain. The game also seems to bug out sometimes and cause your creatures to attack on the other players turn. For that matter telling the difference between your turn and the other players turn can be quite the hassle unless you are watching the boxes around the player icons. Having some sort of pop up over the center of the playing board for a second that shows the current players name might go far to fix that.

The primary issue I have with this game is that while it covers the theme as you have to collect the Demons to fight with it is secondary to the gameplay of the game.

Mr. CollecterVBCPP
Not really a game but amusing anyways. I liked how different items to be collected worked differently and you got me to actually smile when I played as the Rock and I couldn’t move an inch.

Cat Burglar – gobologna
I like the graphics on the game but it really does not feel stealthy at all. You walk or sneak along and pick up the cats then wait around for a bit and go back to the chimney. The little yarn ball does not seem to serve a major purpose as it does not make getting the cats any easier. It’s sole purpose seems to be to distract the eerily perceptive old lady. Somehow instead of looking around the house she shows up and follows you around, even when you are hiding in the darkness and she can not possibly see you.

The disguises bit is really strange, partially because you lose when you have one left and get spotted and partially because you drop a cat that you can not pick back up until it wears off. I did eventually clear the game after making a huge ruckus at the bottom of the stairs then using the shadows to hide and the yarn ball to distract the old lady. It was far more interesting to play that way than it was to slowly creep and wait for the “noise” to settle down.

I did have a bug happen somehow where my player started going behind the couch/door pictures. I also discovered that you get a really nifty floating animation if you jump while pressing right underneath the stairs.

Collectron – I_love_you_lots
For all that this game has very little content to work with it is still quite endearing to me. This is because of the fluid animation and controls that work really well. I like the stick to the ceiling effect you have going and I think it could be used to great effect, esp if you forced the player to use the mechanic where you can get back up to the ceiling if you press up again after dropping no more than one square away. This would be easy by providing spikes or something else that kills the player underneath and a collection item one square down.

This game also has the smoothest climbing capability I’ve seen when going up those zipper style stairs. You can simply hold up and press left and right and the auto-jump lets you fly up them. After playing far too many games with a long climb back up after a mistake this is greatly appreciated.

As per the thing with the scrolling happening to the right when the player falls down I could see it working well if you worked out a page turn animation for when you switch screens, almost like you were moving from page to page in a book.

All in all, I’m really disappointed there is no more content in this game.

TheCollector – Sushin
This game is rather interesting. It’s one of the rare (if not only) serious HTML5 entries into the competition. As such it does HTML5 a great justice as it’s got really fluid animation and things work great. It does have an issue if the game runs for too long where the animation ends up running seconds per frame instead of frames per second but that might be a flaw with the Constructor engine, not your game.

Gameplay wise things work pretty good though some of the weapons could use some tweaking, the machine pistol in particular. It fires through ammo extremely fast and unless you are standing next to the enemy does not do too much. Problem is standing next to enemies is a death sentence so the gun ends up being useless. The fragmentation pistol, on the other hand, takes one bullet per shot and has a decent reach making it a much better weapon to use.

The primary problem I have with the game, after the difficulty, is the fact that it barely fits the theme. Yes, you are supposed to go collect some disks and you can collect more ammo as you go but that is all. There is a collection of weapons you can pick up but as you have to drop old ones to get new ones this doesn’t really feel like collecting. Maybe there is more to the game after you get the diskettes but I never even got a single one, let alone all three. I might have done it if the game had a pause but I’m far too busy with babysitting to be able to do it all in one shot.

BodyBagger – nutter666
I like the way this game has shaped up as I’ve been playing it at each installment. So far from the top of the list this is the most complete of all of the games, though it does appear you can not actually install every piece in the monster. I still got the good ending with 4/5 parts installed so I’m assuming you already knew about this.

I really like how the moon in the background tells the time. In fact I’m a little disppointed that there is a timer counting down as the moon does a good job. It would actually work just a bit better, imo, if there was a fade in as the moon came up and a fade out as the moon went down instead of a running timer. I think that would help accentuate the moon in the background enough that people would recognize it as the timer.

My only real complaint, besides not being able to collect all the parts needed, is that it ends up being tedious to just collect parts over and over again for seven total minutes. Some sort of powerups to help with collection might reduce some of the tedium involved.

P.S. Mwahahahaha!

Hunting Sim – Kewry
I can’t tell if this game works or not. At first I had no idea that I could scroll the text around and so the fact that the last few lines of text do not scroll the window left me utterly baffled as to where I was getting any money from. When I moved up from the first zone to the second it would say “Find Elephant” then I’d beat up and kill a Duck/Chicken while the Elephant attacked me and the battle would end when the Duck/Chicken died. Looking back now I see a battle right as I changed zones where I killed a Elephant with the first hit, a chicken with the second and a duck with a third so I guess you can fight more than one enemy at once.

Leveling using the Spa is not clear at all. Do we actually get to sell the chicken heads and stuff we loot from fights or are they just tossed out? It kind of looks like we take the item back to town to sell but it’s hardly clear. Then there is “Solsund gets noticed before ambushing Chicken. Chicken dodges and hits Solsund for 6.66 damage!”. I’m assuming somewhere there I attacked and then the chicken dodged but that was hardly clear.

I can barely even see where the theme fits here. Maybe it’s just collecting wins from the rare fights vs a Pheasant, Deer and Huge Elephant.

Klecter – BadEgg
I like this little game. It’s got a great frame rate and smooth animation. The controls felt a bit floaty to me until I realized that the controls were fine but that I was not adjusting for the fact that the orbs behind me took time to catch up. This actually improves the game as you have to account for the orbs when ducking and dodging between all the heads as they’ll snatch any orbs they touch right out of the air. In fact, digging deeper the player touching the enemy does not do a thing to lose the orbs. I managed to run through an enemy but dodge just after and get one of the orbs following me to just barely miss him and I got to keep it.

The game is a bit shallow and being able to just wait around and stack up all the enemies to kill at the last second makes the cheap tactic the best tactic for a high score. The biggest complain I would have about this game is the fact that while it does fit the theme it’s not really a wonderful fit for the theme as all you do is drag little items to the safe box. I’m normally looking for something a bit more clever than this but I can’t knock it as it does fit and you do have to actually get the items into the box to get the full points.

Photo Collection – RussPuppy
As I said at first this game asks for both mouse buttons at once which my laptop can not do without an external mouse but I don’t remember any of my old laptops having that problem so it’s not a huge deal. Simply making it possible to toggle zoom mode instead of hold would cover it.

I like the concept behind the game, even if the implementation needs some work. It would be very nice to have mouse based controls like most FPS games instead of using Q/E to turn (or at least have the option) and that include the ability to aim up/down especially when zoomed in and framing a shot.

As others have said it would also be nice to have some special things to take photographs of. The ghost/UFO are part of it but there needs to be more.

Otherwise it’s a decently clever usage of the theme and yet another very nice example of HTML5 games working really well.

Forest of Death – FadiLoutF
I’m impressed with this game. It has a lot more going for it than I expected from a 10-day Unity game. I really like the use of the background sounds in order to give it a creepy vibe. I also like how the items you search for glow but not enough that you do not still have to search around just a little bit. The way the enemies do not simply line up in a straight line and attack you one at a time is nice too.

It has it’s problems though. Apparently if you die and load from the previous checkpoint the game removes all the ammo from your two guns and but leaves your grenades alone. It is also still too easy, even with the zombies being sped up so you can’t simply run away the whole time.

The game does a decent job with the collection mechanic, mainly because what you collect actually matters in a way that does not need explanation though it would be nice if there were a bit more too it than that.

Survival in the Wild – MrHasuu
This game was the only one to make me laugh. The sheer absurdidty of running around eating these food items after a helicopter crash, riding a giant hot dog and watching roast chickens bobbing the sea was too much. I’m saddened I was not able to get to any sort of ending as I was looking forward to getting past the hallucinations and finding out just what it all was that I ate when I thought I was eating, esp the hot dog. I was ready to find out that I ate a whole boat.

The controls are decent but the food needs a better “Eat” detection, especially the strawberries and Lollipops. This game used the collection theme very well as well because while I had to collect all this food it served a direct purpose, keeping my ever starving person from dying.

Edit under the wire
In the end I went for Klecter from BadEgg for 1st place and Thiefer O’Greedy from imp2 for 2nd place. These were the two that felt enough like full games and fit the theme in a non-token way. Survival in the Wild gets mad points for making me laugh multiple times while playing and nutter666 would have had 1st for all the wonderful work that went into his game, if only it wasn’t so tedious to play it fully through.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#32] Voting finished! [imp2]

So I don’t know if it’s just for me or for everyone but RussPuppy’s Photo Collection game dropped off the site. I’m getting an error and it looks like it was loading from an external website. This is sad because it was one of the games I had left to try and review.

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Topic: Game Programming / Deeper Topic (part 3): Events to the rescue!

For that I’d imagine you’d design component for use in an Entity that holds the DisplayObject in it and provides a translation between the component system and the one used in the SWC object. You’d likely have to custom build the component for each type of new DisplayObject you were aiming for.