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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider Tracks

this one is pretty good for an auto....try it out........only one thing tho......wen u see the giant Z i put after the big ramp, hit Z oin your Keyboard.....its the only way u will make it to the end...i found that out by mistake -18 1i 18 1i,am -22p r1 -22r,r0 -22s ro -22f so -21r tr -218 uv -20l 101 -204 113 -1vk 122 -1v7 133 -1uu 149 -1um 15p -1uf 174 -1ub 18i -1u9 1a2 -1u7 1bk -1u5 1d8 -1u3,1d6 -1u3 1sb -23f 1sb -1tl 1ct -1u4,1sa -1tj 4v2 -1u9,4v4 -1u9 2no -1ln 1s8 -1tg,4v1 -1u8 4vp -1te 50k -1sh 51h -1rl 52c -1qs 536 -1q6,586 -1li 598 -1kb 5ac -1j2 5bh -1hm 5cm -1g9,535 -1q6 587 -1lg,5ck -1ga 5d9 -1fc 5e1 -1ee 5eq -1dh 5fq -1cl 5h5 -1br 5ic -1b8 5jk -1ap 5kv -1ad 5mg -1a4 5o1 -19v 5po -19s 5rh -19r 5ta -19s 5v2 -19u 60m -1a1 624 -1a5 63f -1ad 64n -1ao 663 -1b9 67h -1bv 68q -1cm 6a6 -1dj 6bj -1ek 6d1 -1fn 6ef -1gs 6fu -1i6 6hc -1jl 6is -1l9 6k1 -1mi 6l6 -1ns 6mc -1p7 6ni -1qh 6oo -1rt 6pu -1t9 6r5 -1um 6sb -204 6ti -21i 6uo -230 6vt -24e 713 -25s 728 -27b 73d -28q 74h -2aa 75l -2br 76o -2db 77r -2er 78u -2gc 7a1 -2hs 7b3 -2jd 7c5 -2ku,7c6 -2l3 6f2 -179 5h4 -137 4uv -1ua,17r -1o4 18k -1o0,99o -4l6 90t -3e1,9aq -4jq 9gj -4j2 9aj -4g5 9im -4ek,99k -4l7 9o5 -4if 910 -3e6,90t -3e3 90j -3dh,915 -3f1 90v -3ea 90l -3df 90c -3cg 902 -3bi 8vl -3ah 8v4 -39a 8uj -387 8u2 -372 8te -35t 8sk -34n 8ri -33e 8qi -329 8pg -312 8o6 -2vp 8ml -2ud 8ku -2t3 8jj -2s4 8i6 -2r7 8go -2q9 8fb -2pc 8dt -2of 8cf -2ni 8b0 -2mo 89g -2lu 880 -2l6 86g -2ke,86g -2ke 84v -2jo 83e -2j2 81s -2if 80a -2ht,814 -2i4 80b -2i1 7vb -2ht 7u9 -2ho 7t4 -2hm 7rq -2hm 7qg -2hs 7p4 -2i4 7no -2if 7me -2is 7l4 -2jg 7jt -2k8 7iq -2l0,6gh -2u0 69a -445 6am -2je 6c0 -2rn 6c7 -2on 6cg -2s5 6dh -2ii 6ef -2td 6ek -2r6 6f2 -2t1 6jh -2iu 6ge -2u8,5vg -53n 5ni -53n,5nf -53o 50b -5ik 5os -4v3,2oq -66r 2id -66r -4hr -2mj,2s2 -1m9 2vc -1nc,932 -2j0 919 -2hd,-4hr -2mk -4ks -2mn,-5u8 8f -4kb 8o -51m -5h -56t 42 -5cb -6q -5hf 28 -5pg -83 -5v8 8i,-5mj -4i -5l3 -9f,-5l6 -3j -5k8 -7e,-5kf -1i -5ir -78,-5hb -11 -5gd -6t,-5g9 -20 -5fe -78,-5ep -2l -5ec -86,-58u 1u -582 -3u,-586 1r -57e -4i,-57h 1 -56f -5a,-55n -u -553 -6q,-53q -20 -53j -7e,-538 -4p -52u -8r,-4u8 -2v -4sr -83,-4u4 -3 -4qu -5k,-4ri b -4oj -57,-4pb 3s -4nd -15,-4o2 5c -4ml 1n,-4ln 6l -4j8 1n,-5ug 60 -615 8,-5v4 3s -5ve -1p,-5ug 8 -5uc -4m,-5s8 -k -5s8 -7p,-5rg -4s -5r9 -a4,-5ou -5d -5p5 -bd#-52d -2k3 -52n -1n4 -59i -23d,-526 -1n4 -4pe -1uf,-5hi -298 -5i7 -2fi -5bf -2ci -5hb -29c,-5ah -292 -5ak -2ej -57a -2eq,-5ah -2bk -59e -2bg,-5aa -28n -57a -295,-55d -283 -52n -2f4 -514 -27l,-54e -2b3 -51e -2av,-4t2 -27l -4sh -2d0,-4v3 -2ct -4po -2da,-4nk -2fs -4mv -27e,-4k3 -2ff -4ko -28k,-4n3 -2av -4k3 -2bd,-53c -1jq -538 -hp -57e -qo,-535 -i0 -4ul -o9,-5gn -13d -5fo -1cm -598 -17e -5gq -132,-56m -12o -56p -1bq -4s3 -1av,-573 -16j -51v -16g,-56p -13u -509 -144,-4r5 -13g -4o8 -1al -4n6 -12r,-4q9 -157 -4mi -162,-4k3 -132 -4j4 -192,-4kh -18r -4gt -18u,-4gi -1av -4h0 -11p,-4el -1al -4fk -136,-4gt -148 -4dj -14i,-5mf -bp -5mc -m5 -5fl -fe,-5mf -bt -5fo -f7,-5bt -bj -59i -kv,-5dg -jq -57a -kl,-5fe -b8 -598 -cb,-53j -b8 -540 -ks -4u4 -la,-547 -ep -50j -fe,-53m -bp -4tq -dq,-4n3 -mt -4n3 -fv,-4mv -cs -4oc -co -4o5 -9s -4kv -an,-4kv -b2 -4l2 -cv -4na -cs#O -5a6 o,O -5n3 -3q,O -5he -5r,O -55q -74,O -4vu e,O -58m -3q,O -5n3 -5k,O -5m8 -1l,O -5hb -11,O -5g2 -2k,O -5i6 -56,O -5jc -7e,O -5bm -5r,O -4qj -4s,O -50c -4e,O -5d6 -70,O -5qh -8d,O -5r2 -8d,O -4ue e,O -59v o,O -5mm -11,O -5lu -5g,O -5c7 -4v,O -576 -3j,O -52d -1s,O -4tq -3f,O -56e -5d,O -5c4 -65,O -5h1 -6f,O -5jt -6p,O -5no -77,T -4j3 -2n0,B 5ol -54a 96,B 51f -5j1 9h,B 52u -5ik 9e,B 54m -5hc 9h,B 56d -5gc 9c,B 57q -5f6 9l,B 5ac -5dd 9h,B 5cd -5c4 9j,B 5f9 -59u 9j,B 5i8 -585 9d,B 5kr -56h 9c,B 5ls -55o 9o,B 5ng -54a 9p,B 5po -54k 8m,B 5s9 -54h 8i,B 6a7 -42a ar,B 6ag -408 b0,B 6au -3td av,B 6ba -3r2 av,B 6bv -3o7 ar,B 6cm -3lg ao,B 6du -3hd an,B 6e5 -3ep b3,B 6e5 -3cs b2,B 6eq -3a8 aq,B 6fi -37j ap,B 6g7 -354 as,B 6gi -335 b1,B 6gn -313 as,B 6h5 -2ts b0,B 6i4 -2qn am,B 6ip -2o6 aq,B 6j4 -2mp ao,B 7kg -2kk 9e,B 7mc -2jo 9a,B 7nu -2j1 9f,B 7b9 -2kp 13,B 7ai -2k8 r,B 79a -2ij 12,B 787 -2h1 16,B 77c -2fk 12,B 76b -2dt 15,B 74s -2bn r,B 77e -2ek 10,B 73u -2bb 1j,B 72r -2a5 u,B 70s -274 12,B 6ua -23r 14,B 6rn -20a 16,B 6o9 -1t1 1i,B 6mg -1r8 17,B 6jh -1oe 1f,B 615 -1b7 29,B 642 -1bm 1v,B 60a -1ba 2m,B 5s0 -1b0 2k,B 5pl -1ar 2q,B 6h6 -1lp 1c,B 6ec -1iv 1b,B 6ba -1g5 1h,B 68v -1e9 1h,B 65r -1cf 1v,B 1rq -23h 1q,B 1qs -238 24,B 1pd -22p 1u,B 1n4 -225 20,B 1kr -21f 29,B 1im -211 21,B 1g2 -1vs 22,B 1ea -1v0 20,B 1d3 -1ue 20,B 0 -21k 2l,B 6 -22q 2q,B -c -22s 2n,B -h -22g 2m,B -r -22d 2l,B -4 -22c 2n,B -4 -21j 2k,B -1i -22o 2t,B 4 -fe 6,B 4 -ds 1,B 4 -cs b3,B 4 -bn b4,B 8 -9h b6,B 4 -7s 3,B 4 -67 6,B 4 -4q 1,B 3 -3l b7,B 0 -1p b8,B -3 1a b6