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Topic: Game Programming / (AS3) Kongregate User Services - points

post your code just to check it :)

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Topic: Kongregate / This is Too Much

THAR WAS AN AD FOR ZOMBIE STRIPPERS? I already made my girlfriend order it from blockbuster :)

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Topic: General Gaming / GH world tour question

^^ he’s got it. The forward-transfer of songs is from Rock Band to Rock Band 2. The only songs that can be played on GH3 and GH:WT are the Death Magnetic DLC if you bought it. Btw, how is GH:WT? I’m getting antsy cause I can’t get it for another 2 weeks :(

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Topic: General Gaming / Need help with xbox 360 hardrive space

Who else uses the xbox and what do they have?

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Topic: Game Programming / Event Listener Thieves!!

when you create a new Tower() place it in an array of Towers[]. Then you can cycle through the array to do whatever

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Topic: Kongregate / All these new impossible badges acomplish is more cheating

I remember back in the day when I had nearly every badge and complained that they were all too easy… Now people are complaining that they’re too hard? Pussies

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Palin's Yahoo Account Hacked

This’ll be fun to bring up in gov’t class tomorrow :)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Death Penalty

I’m nearly positive a topic about this has been created, but it wasn’t on the front page and if it is somewhere I doubt it is active and don’t want to bump it.

I heard about this on the radio this morning. This man has been in prison for 22 years now on death row (After horrendously raping and murdering 2 women). During this time, the state’s spent tons of money to keep him ‘within his rights as a human’, feeding him fulfilling meals, letting him workout, etc. Anyways, this guy has gained 70 pounds since he was first sent to prison, and is now avoiding the execution, because he is overweight and it’d be hard for them to reach a vein. Also, on top of that, he has been taking seizure medication that is argued to mostly counteract the lethal injection. Therefore, the lethal injection has a higher chance of failing, which could potentially cause him pain and is ‘immoral’.

The part the radio host mentioned that I agree is probably the sickest part of this, is that the man has been in prison (eating enough to gain a lot of weight, he couldn’t possibly be too bad off) longer than either of his victims had been alive.

Discussion: If somebody is sentenced to death, why does it matter how they die?

They are always given the option to choose their preference for an execution method. Why can’t they just get sentenced, given a list, they choose, they’re executed, end of problem. Instead, they’ll live for years and years, costing thousands of dollars, on top of the thousands of dollars it’d cost to execute them ‘humanely’. I know the one argument is if they had been innocent and still sentenced to death. But seriously, if you are accused of something terrible enough to sentence you to death, and you don’t have enough evidence to prove that you’re innocent, I really can’t imagine what kind of a person they are and how it’d be better for them to live

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Second Amendment (and Obama)

There’s definitely a limit to what guns are reasonable. I see nothing wrong with hunter’s who keep rifles in their houses, and nothing wrong with people who have a pistol or handgun of some sort in their house for defense. It’s when people have automatics and machine guns that people should start to think “… Really. Do you really need a gun like that? There is nothing you can do with that that is only for defense (or hunting)”

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Topic: Game Programming / Holy anti-cheating measures and keyDown stuff Questions

Or you can add an event listener for when you press a key and trace the key code

stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, checkKey);

public function checkKey(e:KeyboardEvent){
    trace(e.keyCode);    //I haven't done this in a while so forgive me if that isn't the correct term for keyCode
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Topic: Game Programming / Need a Kongregate Admin's help

1) Contact link at top of page

2) ‘Adviticed’ is not a word. Neither is ‘advitise’

3) Based on your spelling and grammar, I strongly doubt that you own this LARGE game of which you speak. And unless you own it, I see no reason why you would want to pay to advertise, since I assume that you do know that advertising means paying money to get something promoted

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Topic: Serious Discussion / World Unity

That’s basically what this question was. If we don’t get along now, why would venturing into space all of a sudden make us unite?

‘Hey Russia, this is the US, we just wanted you to know we colonized Mars. So let’s just join up together and become one government. Of course, with our leaders in charge’

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Topic: Serious Discussion / World Unity

I didn’t really know where to put this but I figured it would get a better discussion if placed here. It was kind of something I started thinking about the other day. In most futuristic movies/video games/etc. with alien races and humans interacting, it seems as if Earth becomes a single unity. Throughout history, humans claimed an area as theirs (in Medieval times, villages and cities, leading up to states, regions, and countries), and in today’s world it seems to be countries. But in futuristic things it seems as if it’s just Earth and we all united and all get along. Is it really possible that in the future if we discoved other life that we would all just unite like that?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Scientific Discovery: Gene That Causes Men To Cheat?


Can a block of DNA truly determine how likely we are to cheat? Discuss

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Little League Baseball

Turns out his story is bull. Or at least, he’s got the facts wrong. The kid’s not 12. He’s freakin’ 9!!! (though it’s only a 40 mph fast ball)

Ya I heard this on ESPN radio around a week or 2 ago and was going to say that, but this was the first I saw this thread. I have to disagree with them not allowing him to play. Telling him to quit being so good is pretty lame. On Mike-n-Mike they were discussing stepping him up a league, and that by putting a 9-year old into the 11-12 year old league (because he’s in the 8-10 year old league), even though he may have the baseball skill/ability to play that league, he’s not old enough/mature enough to play with those kids and that could be dangerous for him

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Topic: Kongregate / Some notes about dealing with stolen games on Kongregate


I always hated playing a game and seeing STOLZ! -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 FLAGZ

Luckily I never got it. Probably cause my games I’ve made so far aren’t good enough to be considered stolen

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Premium Games

No I’m 99.99% positive this doesn’t close. Ever. But maybe Chris should post, edit his first post, or put somewhere on the guidelines that this is open unless announced closed

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Topic: Kongregate / this sucks


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Topic: Serious Discussion / censorship is pointless

Is this topic only about censorship of words? Or all censorship? Such as violence/drugs/sex in tv/movies/music/etc. It always annoyed me when I would sit down to watch a movie and my mom would freak out on me for watching it while my 10 year old sister was in the house (or, ie: I took her to the movies to see The Eye and my mom told me it was extremely inappropriate).

It is definitely the ‘negative’ weight on it that contributes to it so much. “Don’t do drugs kids!” “Don’t have sex!”. It’s stupid that this stuff is suppressed and kids end up finding out about it on their own and are unprepared to handle it maturely. I think censorship is stupid. I think kids should be educated about sex/drugs/etc, so that when put in a situation they can attempt to handle it themselves. Kids aren’t as entirely incapable as they seem. They only seem that way cause parents tell them they’re ‘too young’. My sister is now 11 and she still can’t get herself food or something to drink, she always has to depend on someone else to get it for her. People need to be able to self-dependent, and they can’t when there is so much suppressed from them

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: Video Games cause crime.

In order to decrease the negative effect of crime by video games, create an anarchist nation where people can roam free committing any and all violent or non-violent crimes at will. This would of course be paid for by adding a tax to all violent video games

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IQ, A sign of intellegence?

Also, IQ test dont judge street smarts

I remember seeing something like that a while ago about how inaccurate IQ tests were. Asking about knowledge to a city boy in New York is totally different from the knowledge a farmboy out in Wyoming would have any need of knowing. Ie: a businessman will have a bunch of knowledge of math, statistics, marketing, etc. while a farmer has no need for math and statistics. They’ll focus more on science, weather, and knowledge about growing/maintaining/harvesting foodstuffs. But when does the optimum time to shuck your corn ever appear on an IQ test?

Also, unless I’m mistaken, isn’t IQ relative to your age? IMO, children today are learning much much much faster than ever before, which is why so many young kids take an IQ test and go ‘OMG 150!!’ and when they actually become adults and take it, they score much lower because there isn’t enough more to learn to keep the score up

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Kicked out of yankee stadium

>When he tried to leave his seat during the traditional singing of God Bless America, however, he says he was stopped by a NYPD officer who said he’d have to wait until the song was done.

My reading of the article (this is sensationalist media, remember?) is that something like this happened:

-guy gets up from seat

-cop asks him to sit back down (not unreasonable so far)

-guy over-reacts aggressively and making a scene

-quite aside from the possible public nuisance, this is threatening the guy’s authority and make him look bad so he throws him out.

The way some people in this thread are talking is as if a cop manhandled some bloke while they were using a urinal for not singing and saluting while they piss. My interpretation may well be completely wrong but still some of you should try and be more jaded in your approach to the media.

I was gonna say just that. My opinion was that the guy got up and the guard asked him to wait until the end of the anthem, and the guy started a scene instead of politely returning to his seat for another 15 seconds

If there not christian they probably have a bomb

lulz of the day

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Topic: Collaborations / Click the Panda

He started this thread over a month ago. Nothing is happening. Stop bumping it. kthx

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Topic: Kongregate / What the hell?

I support Martial Law. Anyone else? aC ftw!

bq. Account Termination/No Ownership of Account: You understand and agree that you have no ownership rights in your Account. Kongregate may cancel your Account and delete all User Content associated with your Account at any time, and without notice, if Kongregate deems that you have violated these Posting Rules, the Terms, the law, or for any other reason. Kongregate assumes no liability for any information removed from our Site, and reserves the right to permanently restrict access to the Site or a user Account.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badges: Are Impossible badges worth it?

But, you get the glory of having that award on your profile

Correction: You get the glory of having that award in your earned badges page that any other player would have to search through in order to find which impossible badges you got. That just gave me a suggestion to have your profile also have a ‘Hardest Achievements’ option instead of just ‘Latest Achievements’. That way someone could see as soon as they got to your profile that you’ve earned (insert impossible badges here)