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Topic: Realm Grinder / what is best goblin active build for R21- R25

that Titan build is pretty useful because tons of builds use Titan bloodline, and to build a decent bloodstream it’s nice to have some titan playtime, I myself never played Titan at any point in the game and it’s good to catch up a bit now and build the bloodstream bonus.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Scripts in Grinns Tale

Not working , hotkeys don’t do anything

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Topic: General Gaming / Protector III: Awards and strategies

Hmm i discovered something new , if i use those 2 spots i can put any unit on it and it will have the bug , my hero with 40 dmg just one hitted a 360 hp it didn’t even has cold as a weakness ^^

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Topic: General Gaming / Protector III: Awards and strategies

My units kill the 12k HP boss in 2 seconds lol ^^ And with me the bug seems to happen random but if i use that setup allways exactly those two units will be bugged. I’m talking about x4 the damage.

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Topic: General Gaming / Protector III: Awards and strategies

I have recently found out a VERY useful strategy to farm ALOT of gold and exp.

I use the massive portal map, start like this

Put 2 mages on each side , one step from the edge of te corner.

As soon as you can you place another mage on each side , place it

Theres 2 times 2×2 square
For the upper square , leave the right little square FREE
for the lower square , leave the left little square FREE

Now as soon as possible pave the middle tile at the lower entrance, place a warrior on it
As soon as you can do the same with the tile at the upper entrance

For some reason a bug will now activate making your warriors EXTREMELY strong

When wave 4 comes upgrade 2 mages on each side to cold , NEVER again upgrade them from this moment.

ONLY upgrade your warriors ( make them archers with max speed )

This has always made me win without losses. I have over 5000 gold left in the ending and i get scores around 72.000 while it’s very fun to play with overpowered archers ;)

And really take the speed for archers, when you have reached the 2000 exp they will hit at 0.9 speed , making it the craziest killer in the game. This with bugged damage will make it kill anything.

Have fun , if you have any questions , ask !