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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Events / events no longer active

User id 2557368, didn’t know there were issues, lost 6000 coins on a great stones pack.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Card draws in M. Manticore 1

The only answer to that is click faster. Remember, that goblin isn’t the best card player around, and only has draw 1. So at the moment you bypass the door, you’ll be discarding two cards a turn (auto move card and either second move or block), and there’s a lot of garbage in the deck. I went through 22 out of the 30 cards and had 12 seconds left out of the 30. (just recompleted it) I can see the game luck hosing you due to that door armor though on the map.

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Topic: Card Hunter / How would u use your gold?

Don’t always trust what you hear, after all, it’s about making a well balanced deck for the hero, not just having the most powerful weapons. You can even find some decent uncommons depending on the situation (if you have to work with handicap cards, i like using the Buckled boots) Also you have to consider power cost, and what you need. Maybe you want to have some anti-block cards in your deck. You could get the double major token Legendary shieldripper, or if you want to be more surgical, use the bellowing helm (uncommon no tokens) for a few war crys. Do you want the vampire blade to go with your priest, or are you running a draw engine healer? Maybe you are going to run an inferno mage, who just burns the field wherever he steps…

There’s lots of valid item choices, and specialization in them is what you need to consider, and in that determine what type of cards you need then look at what’s offered.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Toughness

Mikeuel333, you must mean Resistant hide, which isn’t as much of a problem as you think. Only mages can wear it, you can only have one copy of it in your deck, due to it only being on robes, and with mages also having the most ways to get rid of armor, (Melt armor and it’s variants, perplexing ray styled cards, acid pools), it’s not exactly the most dangerous of situations.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Help with strategy, please.

On the wizard, i’d rearrange that, because Magma might do more damage than spikes and acid, BUT magma is not hindering terrain. Especially that first fight, keeping out of the ogre’s grip is paramount, and I more than once have been on the line of going the area control mage (3 blasting amulets, and the rest being ground/mobility hate.) It’s all about not being grabbed, that’s the main brick in the mission, the other fights aren’t nearly as bad, although Xanthicus’s breath attack can be a serious pain.

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Topic: Card Hunter / good martial skills anybody?

I’d actually like to see defensive trait cards, which give bonuses to armor/block dice. Maybe a vicious counterstriker – when an ally is attacked on successful roll, if you have los on the ally,(die roll)draw a card. Glory hound for when you successfully kill something,

Controlled Bashing – When you use a Bash, change the bash from slide back 1 to slide 1.
Vicious Slicing- If you chop a single target, boost damage
Repeated stabbing – If a target dies from an card with penetrating, (do not discard the attack/draw a card?)

Improvised strategies – For the next x turns, your melee attacks have no type, and can’t be effected by other traits. “This is the only time I’ll say this. Take the spear by the pointy end, and whack the skeleton with the shaft!” “Also we won’t talk about this again. Ever.”

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Topic: Card Hunter / Manticore 5

It might be too obvious of a hint, but consider not only respawn patterns, but respawn turns. If he just comes back next turn, it’s not that useful.

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Topic: Little Warlock / Halloween Contest - Ends October 16, 8 p.m CST

Pumpkin patch
Autumn Tower
On activate – create rolling pumpkin in summon zone

Rolling Pumpkin
Medium movement, slow attack, Low damage

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Topic: Inferno Legend / Bug Report

Deleted, realized the situation, but it really doesn’t explain it well that 8 for raiding and 8 for opening the instance.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Peacefree Tactical Warfare] Do You Use Rush or Aid?

1. Rush is something that’s on cooldown whenever I can, used everywhere from claiming and stripmining (searching) early, to getting that military barracks up in the midgame, to researching later on.

Aid only usually gets remembered when the game tells me that soldiers are starving (again).

2. Rush is something that needs to be used, but I figure there could be some changes to it, for it’s a click sink more than anything. Maybe make rush a toggle effect, where rush starts at 2 hours, and can be upgraded, where it toggles on “Target spot has boosted productivity for up to x hours.” And when rush maxes out or the objective is finished, it goes on cooldown for a minimum of 1 hour, and a maximum of x hours where x is the amount of time it used.

3. As said on aid, by the time you level it up, you don’t need it. It’s only really useful in the way early days or if your panicking due to being on the cusp of starvation in the next day or two. It’s just not nearly as interesting, and doesn’t seem like something that’d be eminiently researchable. “How to get funding past red tape 101.” If rush was click bait, this is twice as bad for not half as much reliability “Hello, this is the army, i’m sorry, we can’t come to the phone right now, if you would leave your name, rank, requisition form, and…”

In my opinion, I think it needs a rework, maybe something to actually rely more on the mechanics other than hit button, hope to hit what you need, get terrible value bonuses from starports and training (when you possibly don’t need it anymore)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Peacefree Tactical Warfare] Wishlist / Feature Suggestions

A few minor things.

1. The submenu system (g). Have it pull the menu on top if your are in one of the auto collector actions of the menu, rather than close it.

2. music/sound sliders, versus on/off.

3. Start missions paused, so you can scour the area, to see what your dealing with versus having to hit pause and start at 0:10.

But overall, I think is rather good.

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Topic: Inferno Legend / cant recharge

juliooz, this game seems to like triggering popup blockers on clicking recharge, make sure yours is off.

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Topic: War of Omens / The Unified Card Ideas topic

Let us use this thread for various ideas for the decks. I’m certain everyone has ideas, some good, some bad.

Rebirth – 4-6 gold – uncommon/scarce rarity. Destroy weakest ally in play, restock bank.

This card would completely remove an ally in play from the game and give you a bank restock. It suits the design of the deck, of sacrifice to return other cards, in this, it gives you the chance to buy other cards.

Operations (cards that exist to change your actual situation, remember, the plans usually don’t last beyond the first encounter with the enemy)
Desperate Measures – 4-6 gold – scarce rarity. Empty your bank, for each card emptied, restock bank. Destroy after use.

This card lets metris in a harsh situation try for the ultimate situation, discard your bank, and hope your repulls can get the bank refilled to what you need. (I’m on the fence to potentially let the card add +1 restock to count itsself when bought)

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Topic: War of Omens / [Guide] Everything that is often asked about this game

The bank only shows 4 cards at a time, not 5.

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Topic: War of Omens / Opinions and feedback

Heroes are found in packs Kalther, including the Metris that are the blue cards you haven’t gotten yet.

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Topic: War of Omens / Beginners FAQ

You can only see the cards of the faction your hero is currently Neferet.

Further knowledge -

Any cards that say Draw a X requires you to have that card in the deck for that to work. Rat catcher won’t pull an ally if you don’t have anything besides rat catchers, and scrivener won’t draw if all your rituals are on the field.

The 10 cards you build your deck out of aren’t in your starting deck, that is your bank, which shows you what cards you’ll be able to purchase for your deck.

You draw 3 cards a turn normally. The maximum amount of cards you can draw up to at end of turn is 4, and the starting deck is 10 coins.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bug Reports

HEszkimo, I dare you to play lycanthrope cards against him and see how well he uses that ability. (Not a bug)


Topic: Nightbanes / *deleted*

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Topic: Nightbanes / [Dev] December 7th - PvP Season II announced

Escaflownecz, that’s the dumbest idea i’ve read, there’s a difference between nerfing something and making it completely unplayable.

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Topic: Nightbanes / I need help with Zlatan

I always liked having multiple chitineous exoskeletons against him, sure he eventually will slap down a ripperjoe to eat them, but the innoculation those give can win the battle.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Epic cards in Nightbanes

I can’t agree with that sentiment Valimont due to the existance of both the Insane clown and Sinister Witch. The insane clown is a rare like the lunatic, has jinx like the lunatic, but is a 3 blood 2/6 with lifebane versus what is pretty much a 3/5, and there isn’t a weapon slot on the clown.

Then there’s Sinister witch vs Vicious witch. They do about the same thing – weapon slot, incite beast (very specific) vs chance of jinx anything, flying, Curse 1, but for some reason, the vicious witch is a 1/5 vs the sinister witch being a 1/4. They are even from the same set. but the ultimate toolbox creature (huntress) without support can only one shot one of them.

You brought up power versus utility yourself in the thread. With so much utility in being a fast 2 drop, why do they have so much raw stats and power?

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Topic: Nightbanes / Epic cards in Nightbanes

While we are talking about nerfs, I got a few for you.

1. Nerf the King’s blade. The fact is 3 damage is an extremely powerful base to a card in the first place. When you add onto it enrage all and a summon, you can lose an entire game with just the single fact that it gets field control and you can’t play any fast activation creatures due to that extra field control the free creature gives. You might think a 1/2 isn’t worth anything, but when you don’t have anything active on the field, that 1/2 means he will always have field advantage with that existing right after a huge beatstick that is making sure you can’t put anything on the field. Even if you destroy the king’s blade very next turn, you just gave up complete tempo in doing that, so he has a potential 3 creature advantage at minimum on you (which requires orbital strike levels of removal)

2. Vicious witch (And on the line, powerful 2 cost jinx creatures) – There is a very huge disparity between Vicious and Sinister witch, one is extremely useless outside of a very specialized deck (and even then, there isn’t enough high blood beasts to make you want it much over a signet) and the other is used all the time. Now the big question is why does the sinister witch statted completely weaker than the Vicious witch. I could also bring up the Escaped lunatic on this situation, If they get field control there’s a decent chance you will never get field control back.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Raven Staff

I’m guessing you questin is not does it work on corrupted creatures, but why can i only put it on corrupted creatures (check below the attack/life of a creature) If it can wield weapons there’s crossed swords below the attack, if it can wear armor there’s a shield symbol below the life.

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Topic: Nightbanes / [To Dev] About Mount

In chat this morning, Alithia brought up the fact that mounts are going to be buffed with fairly strong “On death” abilities.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Guide to Beating Arthur for F2P or P2P - up to 75% Win Rate! 60% for F2P!

Sir Valimont, I’d like to suggest Will’o’wisp as a valid replacement for underworld bodyguard, due to the flying giving it a fair chance that it can last longer than the bodyguard when dealing with swarms.