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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / King of server1

Originally posted by kuuplay:

Top 16 will all be given rewards. Top 3 will be honored in a sticky thread “Hall of Honor” along with plenty of bragging rights.
I am still working through the details but the total prize pool will be around 4000 diamonds. I will move around the players in brackets on friday according to arena rankings to make sure we dont have any silly matches ups (ex. 1st vs 3rd in the second round).

Huh, is that derived from the diamonds, or are diamonds/honor the only rewards? Or are you estimating the value of some items you’re giving out, IE a character card, if that’s actually a prize?

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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / King of server1

Currently 7th on S1, but that should change by the time Saturday comes around.

I’m looking forward to this, should be interesting. Also, will there be only 1 winner, or will the top 10 be recognized?

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Topic: War of Omens / Coins bug

Are you sure you weren’t against one of the most annoying blue heros; Loquori? His passive is 5% when enemy gains resource, steal resource, and it can cause you to wind up with this situation. If you were against him, then the case is closed, as he’s rather infamous for his 5% activating far more than 5% of the time in our views.

If not, I have no idea why you wouldn’t gain the resource.

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Topic: War of Omens / Time system for dailies

The timers run on 24 hours for quests, and 18 hours after daily. The timer activates once you look at it, so if you refresh and get new quests, from the first time you see them, you have 24 hours to complete those three. After the 24 hours are up, the quests expire and when you look at the quest menu the next time (Even if it’s 1 hour later), it’ll change into 3 new quests, and start up the 24 hour timer again. It doesn’t link to timezone, but to your activity.

The timer activates when you look at them basically, they don’t follow the server at all. It’s a bit annoying as you eventually start getting the quests later and later in the day until you finally miss one day completely and restart them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

Another thing; Doing dungeon in parties is still extremely bugged. Was running through one with Sifa Yun, Tama, and myself, we ran into numerous glitches;

Some of us lost visibility of enemies/allies, had no idea what they were doing during that round
Some of us couldn’t see cooldowns (Only Tama complained about this one)
There were issues after we lost a fight and got kicked out, Sifa was de-synced and couldn’t re-enter until the party disbanded and reformed
Difficulty fluctuates wildly and it’s not consistent in a party, it’s hard to predict what will happen
Magic Missiles occasionally do damage even if you click on all of them, some will slip through due to some sort of lag.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

Not sure if a few things I’ve encountered with repeatable quests are bugs or features.

1) Occasionally, if the quest repeats itself, it will take some mobs from the previous area you’ve cleared and register it in the new quest. It’s most notable with the “Patrol This Area” type of quests, if you happen to be at the end of that area directly before you changed regions, you actually get the quest completion. It also occasionally happens with “Kill this Mob” quests.

2) If two quests overlap the same item and one was halfway done, the other will go from 0/10 to whatever value the other quest happened to be on upon picking something up, most likely due to how the game tracks quest items by giving you a copy of it in your inventory. Not sure if that’s intended behavior.

Also, regarding the difficulty of cardslayers, I have to say the NPC dificulty is overboard, I can only beat the advisor using a very specific deck that uses no mobs, it’s a burn deck with a focus on regenerating cards.

I can also verify firecat’s “mini-bosses that cast an enrage buff on themselves” don’t allways get a buff icon, it happens against the Fear boss in 3rd area dungeon. I’ve seen the whip occasionally boost one of the phobia mobs, but it rarely displays the power-up icon above it.

There was also one bug I brought up to Fract earlier when I encounterd it in Chapter 3, some mobs with Magic Missiles have extremely disjointed spawn points, particularly the Demonkin mob. The missiles don’t spawn on-screen, but come flying in from behind and take your party by surprise.

Also, dungeon party dificulty seems off at times. Doing the lvl 25 Bucanner Baston with 2 others, the Kleptocratic council was an intense fight that lasted for a long time, but Sarago was fast to die compared to the 3 stooges. Some of the difficulty levels in dungeons need to be tweaked, especially Carbuncle as he is, and some of the C2 fights. C3 dungeon seems pretty good, but I fear the puppet one if you don’t have enough DPS.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Ye Ole Bug List

firecat has a pretty long list here, most seem to be complaints about the new mainquest nerf that makes it harder to proceed if you’re underleveled. I haven’t seen most of these, but there are a few extremely notable things.

Pompeimus loosing his friendship; I know Fract is aware of this one, but it’s an irritating issue

I’m not fully sure, but it seems both Jonas Indanacus and either the Pontifex Minor or Centurion Lucianus share a daily quest together, which was fighting Oddree again, accepting one gives friendship with the other questgiver, not sure if this can be exploited.

Lvl 27 display says it awards 25 multivolts, but you only get 10.

Also, why are cardslayer NPCs so stingy about offering purples/blues? I see several in the high level areas, such as Advisor and the 75,000 gold Parceum Guard still offering common/uncommons. It’s also near impossible to earn more epic cards with the current system without luck or a deck designed to outlast the NPCs. I’ll have to test a deck that’s designed to tank and only tank.

firecat mentioned “Augments that increase righteous chain’s duration aren’t adding anything,” is false for me, I’ve gotten the lvl 22 augment for this and I can confirm the increase actually did happen as intended. Not sure why it would be otherwise for firecat, but it’s possible he doesn’t have the lvl 22 augment, but another level.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] Chapter 3 - Nova Paraceum

Great news to hear Fract. Perhaps more people will come back to play this game again, and we’ll all focus on getting to lvl 30 and work for the top gear.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] State of Development Address

The tourney rewards are actually game-related items; Gold chests, arena tickets, and the 1 day 25% boost items pop up there frequently. Epic cards rarely show up in there, Rare cards are common to see.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [SideQuest] State of Development Address

Good to hear about this update from you. One thing I don’t see here; Cardslayer modifications, isn’t that in the pipeline with adding Mana to the cardslayer system to balance it out?

Also, The only thing we all want is to see the Glorious lvl cap go from 20 to 30.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Daily Events: Issues with Time

One thing that has bothered me for a long time is the daily events; They’re always at the same time when I can’t get online. It really seems like a bad design to host a daily event and then exclude a huge portion of the playerbase by making it so the time’s exclusive to the ‘favored’ players that happen to be awake at that time.

Is there any reason why they don’t host daily events 2-3 times a day and make it so players can only do one of that particular event per day? It could be like the Ascension tower, 1 free use a day, rest would be locked. It would be nice to be able to attend one for a change, and actually compete with others online without giving rewards to those that devote themselves to this game and try to attend all of the events. It’s annoying knowing that others are able to attend this and leaving those that can’t without anything.

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Topic: Kongregate / Anniversary Giveaway

I’ve been here since April 1st, 2010, so it’s been almost three years. Three years on this website. This website’s loaded with so many games, if I get bored with one, i just move on to other games on this place, and enjoy myself with this community longer.

Let’s see if I can get to Lvl 42 before my 3rd year anniversary. I doubt it at the rate I do the badges nowadays, but it’s something to work towards.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / 2 Ent Ancients?!

Lemme explain things. All Ent Ancients are the same, it’s an type of an evaluation boss. If you damage it a specific amount, it’ll change phases based on how many players are nearby. The easiest phase is when it simply mutters to itself about trying to hear you, the harder ones have more and more nature sprites and minions appearing. Also, the Ent minions spawned by the sprites can drop the tinctures of dex, and the nature sprites themselves have a low chance to drop a Quiver of Thunder.

Buffing a mob refers to overdamaging evaluation bosses (Ent, Lich, and Ghost King), and sending them into their hardest phases to get rid of the lower levels if any showed up.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your Biggest Ragequit Moment

My biggest ragequit was doing a Davy Jones with an 1/8 archer, max defense, Doom bow, ETC, and I was shotgunned. I had like 1 second to nexus, and I didn’t do it in that point, I felt like a moron for hours afterwards. Then I moved on and got a rouge.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / [Unofficial] Ideas for weapons?

Independence Day
This, is simply a new version of Satellite, but with two twists. This weapon’s based off the movie concept, and one little laser destroys entire towns, so this one has an large explosion range similar to an EE bomb also destroying the land, dealing 50 damage, and spreading 20 napalm out in a random spread all over the crater, burning whatever landed in there for a further 20-50 damage.

A brand new weapon, and quite a flashy one at that. It fires an airstrike similar to Pinata’s but smaller, and upon triggering, it sends out 3 weaker fireworks, and drops 2 pinata side by side. To finish it all off, it also drops a rainbow from the sky in a special airstrike, this rainbow retains the same range, but it doesn’t damage land, similar to a ghost bomb. The firework particles do 4-6 damage each, based on the level, the pinatas still do 8 damage per, it’s not like the spread’s any good, and the rainbow will do 35 damage instead of the usual 50, so altogether, it can deal around 70-100 damage to one target.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / [Unofficial] Ideas for weapons?

Some more ideas that I’ve pulled out of the hat, most are oriented towards strategy.

Defensive Barrier
This isn’t an offensive weapon, it does 0 damage to the target, and 50 on the player. This behaves a bit like wall, alebit without the damage, and if a shot hits the wall, it vanishes, like it went off screen. The reasoning for this weapon, is like a gamble, you can throw away 50 of your life, and bet that the nuke the lvl 50’s shooting at you will hit where the barrier went. It’s like paying a premium on insurance, to try and prevent the bigger damage. The only drawback to this barrier, is that it goes away after one turn, as it triggers a harmless earthquake. One thing to note, is this will be a slightly rarer weapon to get in-game, and it’ll be exclusive to allshot matches due to it’s self-injury nature, and how it relies on anticipating what the other person’s doing.

This weapon is designed to throw up a small wall in front of the destination, and put the other end in a hole. It’s like a wall, and a driller right next to the wall, dealing 40 damage, and if you’re lucky, throwing them into a pit. The hole will be determined by the side you fire from, so it always faces towards the center. If you shoot it on yourself, you’ll be moved into the pit, and the wall will pop up in front of you. It’s pretty good for setting up a grenade afterwards if they’re on a hill.

This is simply a wall in sniper form, it’s much harder to control, and it’s an extremely narrow pillar created afterwards. The damage is about 40-80 (Range based) and the pillar’s slightly taller than a wall. One key thing to note, is this pillar, if the tank moves close enough to it, can be shot through.

This weapon, is akin to a localized earthquake. Upon impact, it’ll create a hole with the range of a Phantom, and litter the inside with random spikes and juts, making the life of whoever wound up in there harder. The damage is only 30, as the range is reasonable, and it makes following up with grenades and airstrikes much easier.

A special weapon that affects the weather of the game, forcing the next turn to be 1-5 wind, in either direction.The wind change only lasts 1 turn, or 1 tank shot. The shot behaves like a Plasma grenade and sticks to a tank, dealing 35 damage, then it vanishes, forcing the wind to change. This weapon only shows up if wind is enabled in the match. (Basically, there are 2 forms of No Wind, the default one disables the breeze-gale weapons, other one allows for them to work, and it’ll always be enabled on the other wind levels)

Another weapon similar to breeze, it does 55 damage instead, and forces the wind to become 6-10 for 1 turn.

The final version of the Breeze weapons, it does 75 damage, and forces the wind to 11-15 for 1 turn again.

Lucky 7s
Upon landing, this weapon releases 7 sparkling shots into the air, akin to a fountain. The game will randomly decide what each one will do, along with the damage. Some possible effects include bouncing up, then slamming down like a slammer for 10-40 dmg, acting like a normal shot with 10-25 dmg, nothing (0 dmg, duh), exploding like a fireworks (20-40 dmg) and burning the ground (10-30 dmg). It’s pretty much random, and combines almost every weapon possibility together, aside from the more explosive weapons. One thing to note is the spread is pretty erratic, so it’s possible to get as low as 10 dmg, to as high as 150.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / ..WTH KChamp

I’m allready a lvl 50 on the offical SSL2 website, and i would actually like to transfer that work over to Kong, would be nice to see that option, but for now, I’ll bide my time with the nuke on SSL2’s website, then transfer over.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / [Unofficial] Ideas for weapons?

An air-strike esque weapon, which upon activating, will fire Rain, Hail, and Lightning at the same time, similarly to 2012, with the lightning dealing the usual 30 dmg, the Hail doing half damage (Four per), and the rain behaving as normal (Rain barely does anything anyway). This weapon’s designed to be terrible on hills, and much better on flat ground. Damage range from 40-70

Fires out ten shots in a fashion similar to Instant Replay, but the catch is, each shot moves slowly, and picks up speed as it travels, It’s quite risky if the enemy moves around too much. Damage: 40-100 (4-10 dmg per shot, based on range)

Forest Fire
Upon landing, this shot creates 4 palms (The same way a double breaker works), and each palm breaks, exploding into flames before it hits the ground, releasing 3-5 flames in the way a cactus would break. Each flame would deal 3 damage at lvl 1, so altogether, the weapon would deal about 40-50 damage on flat ground, more if they’re near the purple barrier (Who even hides there?)

Insane One
This one’s a fountain, but it behaves like wild one, with a large spread. Upon hitting the ground, it’ll release 6 smaller versions of itself in a random spread, then those six will do the exact same thing, releasing six more shells into the sky. Each shell will do 6 damage, and since 36 pellets end up flying in the air, and Wild one has ~10 dmg per allready, it’s about the same as wild one, just more erratic. The overall damage would be, if you’re lucky, 60 damage per tank.

Radioactive Spill
This weapon looks like an Oil drum, and when it lands it causes an ugly green gloop to spread out on the terrain. each of the 12 gloop does burn damage, 5 damage per, and burns 4 times. Each time it burns, it also eats at the land, so this acid essentially digs through the land, carving a hole inside it. The final result would look like a sinkhole, and the overall damage would be about 40-60 per tank, since 3 of the flames would hit one tank in general. The range of the gloop is also identical to the sinkhole.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / My necro died and i hade amulet

The curse is still annoying as hell, i’ve died 3 times with cursed ammies, only 3, and each time, I turned zombie. One key thing I note, i was in a dungeon.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / FOUND HACKER!

Um, lemme sum up what went on rather recently.

A group of hackers managed to get into the codes, and essentially make themselves Admins in-game, so they began to use a spawn command to get items that weren’t added into the game, such as the Admin sword, T13/14 gear, Strike amulets, and stuff that simply didn’t exist. The solution to this wasn’t very pretty, as it involved removing the items, and replacing it with the “Art Block” which can’t be traded, and it’s permanent ATM, the character with them can’t die, nor can they equip anything there. The hackers pretty much made tons of items, dropped it, sold it, ETC, so the economy was ruined yet again, and several accounts have been ruined by these hacked items.

It’s possible the person simply grabbed the item off the ground, or traded for it, several people got involved in this stuff by just grabbing the items. The hack’s already been resolved, so don’t worry about it too much.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your worst ROTMG regrets

Originally posted by askd:
Originally posted by rickyxxy:
Originally posted by Zorro327:
Originally posted by Dytht:

My Regret: Changing the Nexus Escape key to Y instead of R (I always have it at R). After that I went to the Godlands and then got surrounded by a group of gods. Then I pressed R thinking it was the Nexus Escape key..

R.I.P my Priest.

“E” is the best escape key. Because it stands for escape, it is impossible to get confused.

Yep… I have it bound to my nexus key as well, and i also sometimes accadentally press it. Oh well. The more safe you are the better!


I just put my hotkey to nexus at Q, it’s next to my WASD control, and I can simply hit the Quit button if i have issues

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] == DESCRIBE YOUR TACTIC ==

Mine’s geared around survival, and waiting the enemy out.

Warrior- Champion: Massive Tank, i’ve given him enough armor to shrug off most attacks, and I’m gearing him with enchants for regen/resistance, he’s based off self-regeneration so he’s healing constantly.

Equips: Anything that attacts attention, Bits and shambles of Rare armor (I haven’t gotten to grouping them), Stalwart Protector, and Matyr ring: He heals for about 80 PER second, and rarely takes more than 20 DMG from the enemy attacks.

Clerc- Confessor : He’s based off healing, and being a tank overall. I’ve focused his skill points into INT for healing, and he’s geared out with Shatterstorm and Doomwarden, giving him about 100 retalation DMG, and if he heals himself, he’s set for 150 HP right there. He’s just based off tanking, and deaing counterattacks that never miss. He’s also focused on being immune to negative effects, so he can tank alone after everyone else dies off before him.

Equips: Shatterstorm, Doomwarden, Matyr’s Signet, Random bits and armor

Rouge- Assassin: He’s all about the damage, and focuses on bleeding the enemy to death, while recovering his own HP. I commonly use sneak to give him a massive buff for the 3 in the back attack, and he’s pretty quick, useful for removing the back line power, and he’s useful on his own for dealing some retaliation and offense damage. He’s also there to help drain some power if needed, but that doesn’t have much of a role, it’s a passive effect.

Equips: Bloodletter, Bladeturner, Random bits and gear

Mage- Conjourer: This is the backbone of my offense, he’s geared for poisoning the enemy, and dealing massive DoT. Since he attacks before everything else, before the 1 second mark, the poison hits for 33 DMG almost instantly after his attack, adding to a more destructive and rapid death. Against some enemies, like bosses, his poison isn’t useful, so he can use his Electrocute skill.

Equips: Blightreaper, Tesseract, Mystic’s Turban, random bits.

Most of my party have random armor, I’m still hunting down good armor to use for my units, and I’m focused on specializing each one in their own way.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] == FAVE WEAPON ==

I’ve been more of a fan of the poison, my Conjurer has a BlightReaper, for 33 poison damage per second, and I’ve focused my meele units with items to focus on regenerating their power, my Warrior’s the damage sponge, and the Priest is focused on counter-attacks with his DoomWarden shield and Shatterstorm: He does about 100 Retailation dmg so far, and I’m working on increasing that damage to massive amounts.

I’m considering swapping around, but the poison does the job and drains all the foes that I run into, and the shadow of the Conjuror also matains poison, so I can give every enemy a run for their money.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Party

1 Clerc (Defensive/Healing/Retailation), One Warrior (Defensive Damage Sponge), one Assassin (Pure damage and bleed), and an Conjuror (Poison, and damage)

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Topic: General Gaming / Monsters Den Chronicles

Is there an cap to the anivil, or is it level based when it comes to determining if the anivil can be used on the item? I have a Tier 8 staff (Bought from Shop) equipped on a lvl 21 mage. Does the level of the character affect the maximum tier of the item, or is there a cap somewhere?