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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [City of Steam: Arkadia] Is it worth it? New server

Is it worth starting all the way over back to level 0 just to play on the new server? Or is it not worth it the rewards? Cause I checked it out and it seems like its a top 6 players get this but for a casual like me and people who no life this game (you know who you are), is it better to just stay on the old server?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / grenades, Overpowered??

Making this short and sweet. And I want everyone’s opinions.

Grenades are currently stupid op, yes you spawn with only 1 (+1 with gp) but come on i’m being killed at spawn, being killed through walls, being killed 20ft away from the actual grenade. Yes there is a skill to lower damage by 33% but man these grenades can hit you from so far that its an automatic kill when they are used. Add a defense to them please.

1) Lower the damage of grenades

2) Lower the range (god damn grenade = nuke hand held north Korean edition)

3) Remove grenade all together as a skill and make it maybe at like 10 kills get 3 grenades, storm kill is pretty easy yes but atleast the nades wont be every 5 seconds or spammed.

4) Flak armor, direct explosion damage protection. (Maybe add to armor but split the actual armor value? like instead of all armor making 100 armor go 50 armor 50 flak.

5) Remove normal grenades and make grenades a gp rental only (more income for you as some noobs need grenades for all kills)

6) Make grenades an actual handheld weapon making it take the pistol slot.

7) What you think?? Maybe I am overreacting I don’t know.

I love this game don’t get me wrong but its obvious with 20 games only that there is abused things in the game that well sort of get stupid after a bit. Not even touching shotguns at the moment because…does it really need an explanation? And yes I find some assault rifles pretty stupid also. The Val Mod 3 specialist gun which I have has 100 ACCURACY, yes, 100 accuracy with the correct skills. Though…shotguns seem to have sniper rifle accuracy with no recoil on any gun. Maybe in future updates?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / KelTec KSG is a terrible gun!

To hell with shotguns all together. Its all about the assault rifles.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Whats better?

So I was looking for the best weapon and well I have a quick question.

Right now im using the FN P90 Devgru SMG which btw is amazing.

But I am wondering if maybe the AS VAL MOD.3 SPEC assault rifle would be better?

Or is there another gun?

Please don’t name shotguns, hate those things with a passion because of range and damage.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / A few things I noticed

So I have played this game up to level 35 and noticed quite some stupid things in this game thus far. I am not going to make a rant but a suggestion to possibly “fix” the game.

1) (not a big deal really): Hardcore matches on Terminal_dm seem to be 8 players max, I dont understand why its so low? If its because slots and servers cost more money remove a few, noticed also alot of servers with 0 people in them.

2) (Makes no sense): So during tons upon tons of matches I feel like im playing call of duty. Why you may ask? Oh I dunno, maybe the guy on the roof shooting with his SHOTGUN ACROSS THE MAP and scoring HEADSHOTS may cause me to be…well…a bit discouraged. I have full armor (100 armor) and am being 1-2 shotted by these weapons. Now I understand shotguns should always have tank damage and such, and thats not the issue, its the fact that shotguns have a stupid range. Possibly max it out after a certain amount for each gun?

3) (Armor): As posted above, its pretty much useless, so is healing imo. Its mainly a shoot shoot dead game. Though I will admit many times I will turn around and survive, the armor would have nothing to do with it. 9 times out of 10 I die with 70+ armor still. The only way for armor to cover fully is through time limit GP. Maybe make armor a little tiny bit more powerful…or atleast used. Dont know how many times I would get 1 shotted by a stupid powerful gun and lose all 100 armor and 100 life in .5 seconds.

4) (And this is the biggest A-hole thing to): When people BUY exp multiplyers. Dont get me wrong buy away, I fully support and love this game for the most part and you people who contribute help keep it up and I love you for it. This is not the players fault but the devs fault I find for stupid logic. When someone buys an exp boost, they win ALL the games, if they are half decent, they will be unbeatable. Played a game where a guy got 25 kills and around 18 deaths, had almost 6000 points. I had 28 kills and 5 deaths at the time, 1700 points. See the problem? And yes I was in 2nd place. Make it so exp is calculated with boost AFTER the game is over not during. That’s like paying to win, which I find as bad as hacking almost since it ruins it for others :/

5) (Short and sweet): Kept getting spawncamped by high levels, was wondering why is there no 3 second invulnerability atleast…LO AND BEHOLD theres a 5 second invulnerability, however for the cost of not getting spawncamped you need to take out your credit card. Sorry guys its literally got that kind of bs in the game…want your profile private? Better start typing your digits, best part…its only temporary. Somethings like dmg boost and exp boost and such I 100% approve, options for privacy, no ranking and not being spawncamped just…just no. EA stahp.

6) (Rags to rags): Lastly I found the money making system very very very slow. Yes I know achievements give cash and such and so do contracts…but dam is it slow. I would have tons of games where I would finish first and make around 2.5k and have to repair and it costs like 2.2k to repair. Of course you can pay gp to make it indestructible but theres better weapons to obtain. Maybe boost it a bit?

I dont know maybe I am stepping over my limits and asking to much, just needed to get this off my chest and see if others agree or not. What you guys think?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Stuck on the PLAY NOW screen

Same. Keep clicking Play now with no results.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Some possibly nice things?


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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Some possibly nice things?

So I will name some things and you tell me if you think it would be a good idea to put ingame:

1) Ability to repair weapons at round end. As you kill/shoot/die your weapons lose durability. Now if in a match a weapon breaks you can no longer use this weapon in combat until repaired. I think it would be awesome if we could fix the weapons midgame or round end with a button that simply says fix all (with a price at the bottom).


Only allow damage to the weapon to actually count once you leave the match. That way it won’t break midway through a game.

2) Armor to cover more? I have maxed out armor (100 armor, not the gp armor skill). And I am still dying sometimes with more then half the armor still remaining. On top of that shotguns are still 1 shotting me no problems. Maybe armor should cover more area or be more effective or something?

3) Skill combos? An example of a skill combo is when you get 2 skills that well combine they create a better weapon or are more effective. An example of this would be: Get armor to 100 armor and get grenades, armor allows for more grenades to be held. So on and so forth (Im sure you guys can create a few combos yourself).

4) Not allowing people who buy 2x exp and 3x exp to basically rig the game for them to win. Lets be honest when someone comes in with these and they are decent they are probably going to get 4,000-5,000 points…which is what I have had to deal with. Basically letting them win the games. I say let them get the bonus but AFTER the match is over like the Night warrior and Night time experience skills.

5) Fix the knifing. I don’t know why but I just don’t really like how the knifing works (not sure if its just me). Don’t get me wrong I have over 100 kills with a knife and find it okay to use but maybe if possible add a 1-2 second animation so that the knife will register. Sometimes it just goes through the person and does nothing.

6) Weapon customization. Won’t go into great detail since there’s a thread I believe on this already. But yeah more things for more weapons, even if some are gp only and timed only.

7) Better spawns/spawn invulnerability. I know I know there’s an actual skill in the careerist tree called untouchable, it gives 5 second invulnerability on spawn. Okay and everything but your basically allowing people to be spawncamped alot unless they pay with gp to fix this. Though it didnt bother me you are probably losing potential players and customers due to frustration of this.

8) Voice chat with mute options? Ability to use your mic on team based games BUT people have the option to mute that person for FREE. No gp skill for muting please.

9) I don’t know really, what do you think so far of these suggestions, key word right there, suggestions. Leave a comment below saying what you like, didn’t like, add something, or possibly suggest a change to one of the above.


10) Shotguns (MP 133 and IHZ-43 to be precise) have become the (as I like to call them) COD player weapons. Why you may ask? Well I am being shot across the map multiple times and its an instant kill, 100 armor or 0 armor, you get shot, you die. Alot of people I play with now (higher levels) are really using these weapons. Sure some people use the assault rifles and such but I am seeing more and more people using these 2 shotguns and just flat out killing with them….I actually witnessed someone on the roof of terminal_dm sniping with the shotgun and actually killing alot of people aswell as spawn camping the area to the right with instant kills. My suggestion: Make these gp only, seriously nerf them, maybe not damage wise since its a shotgun but atleast nerf the range to probably half of what it is now. These maps are small and the range should be suited to the map size. Reason I call these COD guns is because they give no chance of a comeback, cannot be stopped, and will kill you unless they miss, which is pretty dam hard.


11) More reward streaks. As of right now we have only 2 different streak rewards, thats sonar AND mortar strike. However after that you have nothing left to gain. Here are some ideas of possible helpful but not overpowered (op meaning massive helicopter killing everyone on map 2x over while shooting firewords and carrying an elephant). Added sonar and mortar so you can see it as a whole. Again just suggestions. If you have anything cool comment below.

-Sonar = Already implemented (4 kills)
-Medic bag = Heals you to full hp once (5 kills)
-Mortar Strike = Already implemented (6 kills)
-Armor bag = Gives you 50 armor whether or not you have the skill. If you maxed out armor to 100 you can still get 150 armor. (8 kills)
-Ammo bag = Restores all ammo to your weapons. (10 kills)
-Drone = Like a sonar but fly’s around map. Can be destroyed. (15 kills)
-Recon Jet = Continuous vision of everyone’s location and movements until death. (20 kills) Yes this is a bit op but 20 kills in a row…that’s not an easy task.

12) An armory or base HQ. Here you can test out guns to see how they shoot and the damage they cause. Get to have a feel for it. Reason is some guns in later levels can cost about $60,000+ and well its a big risk if it doesnt shoot right or you just dont like the feel. ESPECIALLY with gp guns. Give us a chance to try it out in a testing area first please.

Thanks for reading. Happy killing.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Skills

Quick question. If I put lots of skill points in 2 different classes. Do both classes skills get used or can you only have 1 at a time?

On a side note do you think they should lower the range on shotguns or at least the damage? I am sometimes being shot from very far distances and since its high damage its an instant kill, no time to react.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / God cards?


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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Glitched card

So I noticed this card called magic drain (one of the most BS cards I have ever seen). For every card destroyed gain 700 life points, enemy loses 700 life points, continous type (stays on field)

So even when my photon trident gets used and DESTROYS the card it will still activate and damage me for atleast 1000-3000 life points automatically. Then it goes to the graveyard. This is bs, if the card gets destroyed it cant activate and then leave.

Is this a glitched card (Magic drain) or just plain bs?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Why did Kongregate let this through?

This has got to be one of the worst games i have ever played….I got in and i guess i started this before and quit so all i see is a page with like 100 buttons with drop down menus to another 1000 buttons which lead to other worlds/portals/trainers which have over 9000 buttons. No idea where to get this idiotic quest. Need a much better layout and way more interesting. -1/5

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Topic: Cloudstone / Cant start game, ERROR

Everytime i come to the game i get this:

This webpage is not available
The server at can’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website’s name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.

Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.

Any1 know a fix? Asked in chat and others are experiencing this to supposadly.

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Topic: Cloudstone / "Add me" topic

Add me

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] Greater Healing Potions

I got 2 greater health potions within 25-30 brawls. Got a claw assassin for it to within 100 bronze packs.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] Cycle Suggestions

Claw Assassin was suggested to me cuz everytime its depleted i gain +1 agility forever. On top with greater ferocious cleave, 3 alc, 2 ghp, healing light and my favourite scorched earth (Deals insane damage after awhile)

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Titans

1 is in the monster lab level 5, its a fire dragon. Though its not stated as titan it costs 7 to summon with pop 1 and really insane stats. Another is in the Earth temple level 5, the earth dragon. Costs 15k to unlock and same as fire dragon but in the info its labelled as a titan.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hints and Tips

The shear fact this post was created makes me cry because theres strategies to kill all the bosses and yes work and effort have to be put in to get anywhere, the game is short already why make it easier and shorter?

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Major continued….
20. Cooldown after summoning a unit.
21. Achievements pop up.
22. Titans (white tiger included) all cost max mana.
23. Phantom beast a bit useless.
24. When your units bar is full, you can choose a passive buff for all units summoned in the future which costs your entire bar. (more hp, attack or defense).
25. Monster book with monsters you’ve met or are able to buy and their stats.
26. Ability to earn gem-costing stuff.
27. +5 stat button.
28. New heroes (some suggestions are described in page 7 in suggestion by a player).
29. If hero has autoattack make it with no pushback and little damage.
30. Charge, fall back, rally commands.
31. Make an option for blacksmith where you can automatically buy all the components that are needed for an item. this is similar to the bulk buy option.
32. When you raise the energy attribute, gain the energy points you just raised.
33. Make the hero either unable to move (his skills can cover the entire battlefield) or move on his own accord, or move with certain commands.
34. A preview of how much xp and gold you will gain in the arena.
35. Upgrading hero’s spells.
36. More gold in arenas ( i personally think this shouldn’t be done).
37. Survival mode.
38. Unused items could be fused with creatures to make them more powerful.
39. Unused items could be dismantled to get fusion items.
40. Energy and action points should raise by themselves when you gain levels.

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1. Energy Bar problem. Almost everyone has it, and it’s still not solved.
2. Range units overpowered mostly because of their knock/pushback.
3. Stats for range and speed of units. Also how exactly they attack (like the difference between dragon pups, mystics etc.).
4. Tiger warrior overpowered.
5. Equipping only one armor, one shield, one sword etc. at a time. Not only does it make no sense to carry 4 swords, it also makes the game kinda unbalanced.
6. Bosses and enemies don’t use monsters above mana 4. I’ve fought bosses who had titans but never used them even though i defeated them multiple times. This could be solved (especially the titans part) if you made the player able to choose only one titan (per battle), and that titan would be auto-summoned with a certain cooldown. So if the boss has a titan, or you have a titan, it’s bound to be summoned at some point.
7. Succubus range is op (i haven’t really seen that but some people said it).
8. Some people say popo’s rage skill is too op.
9. Knock/pushback is too op. either disable it, or lower it, or make a certain item that disables it.
10. Make a limit to how often you can attack someone per day and how far the level range can be. -————————————————-Maybe: 1. “Cooperative” missions. 2. Units gain xp. 3. Speed Button with more speed available. People have talked about 3x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, and even ( ! ) 64×. 4. More events. 5. More non-monster heroes. 6. Constantly improving graphics and audio. 7. Hero having normal attack. 8. Achievements for arena. 9. Xp from quests according to energy spent. 10. Guilds.
11. Support units that don’t attack.
12. Make xp according to what level units and how many the opponents uses instead of their level.
13. Playing against real players.
14. Faster energy regain.
15. Some people said it would be better if spells and units spent only what they cost instead of the entire bar. i personally kinda like that need to go 1 spell then 1 unit etc.
16. Units with multiple elements. maybe from monster lab.
17. Bonus on themed decks. Pure elves, only demons, etc.
18. Flawless victory bonus.
19. Ability to command units to charge or fall back.

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1) Descriptions and Instructions. Someone needs to rewrite them.
2. Selling Option.
3. The ability to “save” the game settings like zoom and speed.
4. More missions.
5. Some units cost more to make them in monster lab than just buying them. I’d say make those unique (you can only make them in monster lab).
6. Change log for updates.
7. A button to buy more items at a time.
8. Play again button.
9. Add an element superiority guide.
10. Ability to see hotkeys for units and spells.
11. Ability to disable showing damage etc (like ability to remove blood) to reduce lag.
12. Ability to toggle tooltips on and off.
13. Faster/different mastery for early missions. One said if we win it under 30 sec it counts as mastered. I’d say the same for 10 sec. Another said mission mastery could be a form of challenge rather than winning it again and again. (Level 1 is normal, level 2 is a set challenge, level 3 is a set hard challenge.) I do think this is an issue.
14. Achievements show your progress towards them (i.e. 65/100 for the 100 victories achievement).
15. Xp carrying on to the next level.
16. Some stats ( gold + (M) ) are not explained. (someone said s = small , m = medium , l = large, but what does that exactly mean?).
17. Auto-spawn ability (whenever the bar fills up).
18. Spells’ output in their description (how much damage or % of buff etc).
19. Explain the exact distribution between skill mana and summon mana.
20. Explain stats, stat aptitudes, and how hero’s stats influence units.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / What elements Beats What

Meteor element = None

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The Developer

What makes me lol is this:

1) Almost all the material items in the market which are worth crystals are collectible through quests
2) As the developer said in another thread out of the top 10 elite players in this game only 1 is a kred user
3) When i played the game i got all the way up to chapter 4 and beat it without using a single crystal, i even beat kred users in pvp.
4) You get crystals when you earn achievements, i calculated alittle over 2000 crystals are obtainable.
5) Most of the best equips are either the craftable ones or the ones u get from achievements, so stop crying and start killing.
6) Theres a total of 4, YES 4, units that you cannot get without purchasing crystals. The rest are gold or craftable

Im on the Developers side all the way and i even salute him because he/she didnt have to add crystal rewards, a mini contest with crystal prizes or even this game infact, but he/she did. So stop sulking and play or gtfo enuf of these dam posts about money.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Monster Lab items

The only 3 monsters worth making in the lab are

1) Red Dragon, its a fire titan. Cannot be obtained anywhere else.

2) Holy Matriach since it costs 600 crystals for it in the temple, where u can make it in the lab for items u can find in chapter 4 final boss.

3) Angel Knight since its only obtainable through monster lab and the angel wing you get at level 200 which is fairly easy.

The reason i dont include the phantom beast (upgraded white tiger) is because the cursed seal is only obtainable in the market for 1000 crystals.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Monster Lab items

Actually cursed seal is obtainable in the level 5 marketplace…however it costs 1000 crystals. Same thing with angel wing.