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Topic: Kongregate / Episodic games and monthly/weekly rewards.

Originally posted by Frogmanex:

I think it works out either way, but from a developer standpoint, I can kinda understand wanting to release them as separate “episodes” as opposed to one full-length game… for reasons other than money/badges.

By making episodes, your game is able to grow and evolve as your ability grows and evolves. Consider cartoons, for example. The artwork, voices, and general style and tone of The Simpsons when they first began is completely different than the artwork, voices, and style and tone that the show has today.

If you put the first episode of The Simpsons back-to-back with the most recent, you’d notice how drastically it has changed and (frankly) how bad it sucked in its early days. The same thing goes for “episodic” games.

Take the Reemus series. Sure, Zeebarf could technically put all of the episodes in one long game, but the first games didn’t feature the ability to use Reemus and Liam as separate characters — that was something that came with the game’s evolution and growth in later episodes. The Visitor wouldn’t have been able to tie in the way that it has if all of the games were released at the same time, yet another advantage of creating “episodic” games.

Lastly, (like JaumeBG, I imagine), the audience is more likely to get tired of your games/characters if there’s a long, drawn-out point-and-click sequence. If it’s broken up into episodes (even months apart), it’s oftentimes more enjoyable.

I don’t think most developers would do it solely for the money/badges.

I hope this made sense. I gotta run now. >.>

Well, personally I find seasons 2-8 of the Simpsons to be the golden age of the series(I didn’t like the first season though, it was too preachy and Lisa was just portrayed as a massive “pity me” drama queen). After which they became so bogged down in celebrity cameos, milking the same running gag constantly across the series, giving ancillary characters too much screen time to the point of being irritating(“Lindsay Nagle” never needed to exist, IMO) and trying to hard to “make an unfunny joke funny”(the Simpsons movie is notorious for this), that I just don’t even really watch it anymore.

But anyway, Zeebarf’s games tended to be of decent length even if you know the solutions to all of the puzzles(with potential exception to The Visitor, but that was a stand-alone game). I can certainly see how it would be beneficial for a developer from a quality standpoint, but I’m not convinced that monetarily it’s a good concept for development.

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Topic: Kongregate / Episodic games and monthly/weekly rewards.

Originally posted by charredmonkeys:

I didn’t find Alice is Dead that short, partially because I suck at those types of games.

It was still great, though.

Both of you illustrated my point. A good game winning the contest is a well deserved accomplishment. But a developer taking a single decent game and cutting it up in order to release parts of it monthly potentially just to have multiple attempts at site money isn’t something that can be viewed as fair to other people who spend their time and effort to regularly make good and original games.

Originally posted by Carados:

If people don’t like short games, they’d rate them down, and they wouldn’t win the contest. I don’t see the problem.

People aren’t going to care about the game being episodic in itself unless it’s blatantly obvious that they’re just trying to milk money; If it’s a good game they’ll vote any parts of it that come out up and do nothing but help that questionably minded developer to his goal. The voters are good for generally identifying what games are good or not, but they can’t really be reasonably trusted to make sure that unscrupulous people don’t milk the system, especially when much of the time viewers simply come in to play a game for badges, vote for their point and leave. That’s exactly why moderators exist.

Let me be clear however that this isn’t specifically in regards to Alice is Dead “Ep 1”(no matter how short it is, heh), but a general concern I’m bringing up that can potentially be exploited by unscrupulous developers that has concerned me with the advent of the concept of releasing only parts of the same game. I figured there should be some sort of discussion on this type of behavior now as it can easily get problematic.

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Topic: Kongregate / Episodic games and monthly/weekly rewards.

This has me a little concerned now, particularly with the appearance of “Alice is Dead – Part 1”, and its rather surprising shortness.

It occurs to me that the mindset could begin where developers might start to think "Why should I spend time making better and original games when I could just make one decent game, chop it into “episodes” of indeterminable length and use each episode as multiple attempts to earn money from game sites?" (i.e. the “Xenosaga” approach).

Has any discussion been made in regards to people potentially using noticeably short “parts” of a single game(not to be confused with a full game and a sequel to a full game) and attempting to use those to win the prize money as opposed to making a real game, particularly as in general the determination for prize money is almost entirely just based on user rating?