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Topic: Spiral Knights / Corrupt a wish SK

You don’t get a wish; therefore your wish isn’t corrupted.

I wish there was more gear for swordies.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] flash-speed deck

Banish. The answer is banish.
Also, if you’re above level 50 and haven’t gotten the super pack, or w/e it’s called (Advancement pack..?) Get it. Painful memories is a wonderful nuke just about anywhere.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Recruitment For The Ashmen

Btw, thanks for randomly kicking me.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Suggestions & Bug reports & Changes

That’s not a bug proxy, that’s you not understanding how scrolls and powers work.
Powers require an x amount of scrolls to be used to receive the requisite power, 1 scroll for level 1, 10 for 2, 25 for 3, 50 for 4 and 150 for 5.
Joker scrolls are merely scrolls that can be used as any scroll, they do not immediately level up a power.

When the game says your power has been increased, it merely means you’re closer to obtaining the next level of the power… When you obtain the next level of a power, the game will say “you have learned (power name) (level name)”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Suggestions & Bug reports & Changes

@ George; Tough luck, looks like you’ll have to wait on pvping seriously then until more people level (Which will happen eventually) In the meantime focus on getting PVE talents, I know it’s not what your focusing on, but at the moment, I really don’t think there’s anything you can do (unless the devs decides to change part of PVP)

@kod Coolness seems to be a sarcastic stat

@1. questore i’m pretty sure the third acessorie slot requires a min level 30.. check it out on the view equipment page
2. That may be something to prevent people from abusing powers too much. If you wait for the power to come off cooldown before attacking and then use it before the match, that may solve your issue, but i don’t know for sure.

Suggestions 2.1;A) I’ve recieived a trade that specified 50k credits for a woC, or multiple woc’s, so I’m pretty sure that’s implemented.
B) it is, but you can also split the trade into multiple parts, so it’s not a huge deal, just slightly more time consuming

2.2) No comment
2.3) No comment

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Xonia (boss)


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BattleCraft] invincible?

pierce ignores block/tough, so.. yea .

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Promotion] It Pays to Consume: Mother’s Edition

Well… On server three, Shadow has ultim ate demigod’s wings 2-3…

There’s also a few people who had the demon king.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Ask a kind of knowledgable player

I imagine it would help if you posted your class as well.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Beginning Spiral Knights Guide (Updated 12/11/2013)

For the charge spam in pvp, either holy avenger or gran faust has a better charge.
The really fast weapon tends to be better cause you can swing cloak swing cloak rinse repeat ad infinitium, or use a ranged weapon.

For “classes” there are no true classes, but there are three roles;
Bomber, Swordsman, and Gunner.

The wiki has a ton of good info. Look stuff up.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Vog Cub or Skolver?

Varies on what kind of weapon your using.

A slower weapon will probably benefit more from vog cub (i;e Divine avenger, surdasaka, gran faust)
A faster weapon will probably benefit more from the the damage (any three hit weapon, i think there’s faster weapons too)

The attack speed boost also means that you get a bonus to getting your shield up after the weapon swing, so it helps with defense too.

In that regard, I think vog is better over all, although the skolver will definitely be better on levels where there’s more piercing damage.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Who beated narbolax...

The paltry 8 chests and the 3 fruminous fangs. Be happy and move on.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Final Flourish or Barbarous Thorn Blade?

People can follow links and use the search function.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Leviathan Blade and Divine Avenger

Specific damage weapons will always be better than normal damage weapons. However, normal damage weapons are a decent base prior to getting specific damage weapons.

Gunners are reliant on specific damage weapon types because otherwise they do less damage than what is needed to kill efficiently. The only reason i recommended a normal damage weapon was because
1: he doesn’t seem to have many slots and
2: he seems to be leaning toward being a swordsman.

that being said,
Gremlin/slime→ weak to shadow
Construct/undead → weak to elemental
Beast/fiend → weak to piercing

Conversely, elemental weapons also have creatures they are resistant to.

Beast/gremlin → strong against elemental
fiend/undead→ strong against shadow
construct/slim→ strong against piercing

Assuming you know what each stratum’s theme is (in terms of monster type) you should always try to equip weapons that will be strong against that type.

If you cannot, equip a normal damage weapon, because although it may be slower, it’s reliable enough to get you through the level(usually) and it’s useful for all stratums.

Now this isn’t to say weapons that are weaker against a type of monster don’t work… they’re just a lot slower

Also, i agree that getting four weapon slows is the best way to play, but honestly, not everyone can get four weapon slots 100% of the time. When your working with two weapon slots, Getting a normal damage weapon first is a solid build which allows you to complete the rest of one’s arsenal.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Final Flourish or Barbarous Thorn Blade?

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Charge Time

1: Yes. Levels add to each other. 6 levels, medium = 2, 2+2+2= 6
2: Maximum is the maximum, so no.
3: Your trinket slot would be wasted.
unique variants.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Leviathan Blade and Divine Avenger

@ 7x

Every weapon has advantages and disadvantages depending on your play style.
Depending on what you want to be (arbitrarily divided into gunner/swordsman/bomber, for this purpose), you will want different weapons.

For swords, the Leviathan blade, Sudaruska and Triglav are the best all purpose weapons, because they do “Normal” damage, which as you can imagine, deals normal damage to all monsters.

It should be noted both Sud. and Tri. are slow two hit weapons and the leviathan is a three hit weapon.

Additionally, Sud and Tri have status effects and one hit charge attacks while the leviathan has a three hit charge attack, assuming the target is stationary.

Now then, about your original question of Holy Avenger vs Leviathan;
The general thing is Holy Avenger has an amazing charge attack. If you get it, you’ll be wanting to use this charge attack as much as possible, and thankfully, it doesn’t have all that much knock back into enemies.
HOWEVER, holy avenger also does reduced damage to beasts and gremlins, so on stratum’s with those types of enemies, you’ll generally want to use other weapons (although holy avenger will work, it’s slower at killing because of damage resistances)

Leviathan blade has a decent charge attack, is useful against all enemies and is relatively easy to get.

Based on that alone, unless you’re planning on having 3 weapons slots, the leviathan is what you’ll want to go for first, it’s cheaper (recipe wise, or easier to get anyway), and it has no damage reductions against any monsters

Holy avenger on the other hand is a good weapon, but expensive, and does reduced damage on two monster family types.

I would go for the leviathan first. Unless of course your planning on 3 weapons for most of the time, in which case pick whatever you’d like and learn the damage resistances.

As for a gun, Guns are significantly dependent on what level your facing. A good all around gun is the normal damage gun that the same person who sells the leviathan blade recipe sells (in recipes), but different guns will vary with use.

In other words, choose a gun that suits you.

For further reading, consult the wiki at..

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Topic: Spiral Knights / How the picked up MATERIALS are shared between the party?

Materials are given out randomly.

CRYSTAL SHARDS (you kill a crystal get those shards you carry on ur back, only 1 per player) Everyone gets the amount a shard is worth.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Is there any command to suicide in the game?

Use one character to kill all the stuff, then AFTER EVERYTHING IS DEAD, move the other character to the rare checkpoints where it’s needed to pass.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Is there any command to suicide in the game?

Solo in a party…?

Well, you could always go solo Left click portrait then click go solo.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Problem with AH

Wait a bit, then send in the bug report.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Weapon slots for 300ce FOREVER

Translation; For 300 Ce the extra weapon slots should be unlocked forever instead of just the month or whatever they are currently unlocked for

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Topic: Spiral Knights / WTB Divine Avenger

The recipies for 4* and 5* will cost about 50k Ah, give or take a couple k.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / How much would you pay for..

I’d sell a leviathan blade no Uv’s for 6k CE. 4k to unbind the damn thing, 2k to cover costs and a small profit.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / materials

No, item drops are whoever gets to it first. (actual items, like armor or weapons or stuff like that, but they are also exceedingly rare) The wiki even states it.

Once your tier 3 able, tier 2 is a joke to solo.