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Topic: Game Programming / Game Development Room (GDR)

Add some color to your own name so you don’t have to go looking for your last post when you go afk.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] there is no data online!!

Wow. Data is saved through the computer’s cookies. Data is not saved online, well, for this game that is. some games store the data through an online source.

Originally posted by Firestarter9000:

I do not see how switching a computer’s CPU would change .swf files.

He didn’t download the flash game, he is playing it online. By switching to a different CPU, he doesn’t use the same internet cookies as the other CPU.
And also, it is not Cookie cookie, but internet cookie:

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Rating the Towers

How did this thread go from rating towers to shredding each other based on strategies?

Originally posted by craftsman465:

Sadly Celebrim, I have to disagree. The game is MOSTLY all grinding. There is no achievement for rushing through with minimal levels. You can pretty much decimate if your high enough, and are smart enough with good placement.

Yes, grinding is the ONLY way you can level up apparently. I’ve never met someone who completed all the levels with brilliants and not go through a level twice. If so, post a screenie for proof.